Locations Template For Beginners

Writing a place that's not a quite a whole planet? Maybe just a loose asteroid? Or a city on a planet? This template is here to help you get the best presentation for your little corner of the galaxy as possible. As always, these templates are guides rather than rules.

====== Location Name Here ======

This area is for your head paragraphs, explain the basics of the city and give an idea of the atmosphere and locale. Even the layout if it's interesting enough. Make sure to link what planet it's on and what nation if applicable. You might like to add an image of the place here if you have one.

==== Interesting Locations ====
A bullet point list of locations, if they're significant you might want to add subpages and link them here.

  * Example Location 1 A major feature
  * Example Location 2 The Cool Starport
  * Example Location 3 A Distinctive Bar

=== Example Location 1 A major feature ===
Use these sub-headers to further detail each interesting location, giving players enough information to play in or around them effectively and communicate the general goings on and surroundings. Especially if it's a major landmark they can see from a distance.

=== Example Location 2 The Cool Starport ===
Add as many headers as you need, but between three and six seems to be the sweet spot. Speaking of starports, it might be a good idea to give a basic description of one if your city or location has a major one, since it's likely the place players are going to first land. It might make a good, or a correct, impression.

=== Example Location 3 A Distinctive Bar ===
Players love these things. If you're writing anywhere civilized it might be a good idea to add at least one decent drinking den.

==== Districts/Sectors/Areas ====
This header is optional depending on the size of the location you're writing. A large city might be made of several districts with distinct flavors, while a town might have a right side and a wrong side of the tracks, or a jungle might have different terrain. Use this paragraph to give a brief layout of what each might contain.

=== District 1 ===
Use sub-headers to expand upon a district and give it the character it deserves, if you start going above three or four paragraphs consider making a sub-article in Interesting Locations instead.

===== Geography ====
This is the place to lay out the surrounding features your location occupies, if it be a space station, on a moon, a city, or just a large forest. Natural features that run through it, or landmarks that reside there.

==== Location and Climate / Conditions ====
If your location has weather and climate conditions describe them here, or if not such as a space station, any other interesting space phenomena or hazards.

==== History ====
Where does this location come from, or did anything interesting happen here? Expand, create, layout.

OOC Notes

Jimmy's Notes: Investigate adding a side bar Planet article style to show owner, population, and other critical information at a glance.

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