Congratulations! You have decided to play as a half-elf and now you really don't truly belong anywhere! You are straddling two worlds, you are too human for full acceptance among the Tatya hini and you are too “elf” or “alien” for full acceptance among the humans. So now you have to figure out how to adapt to being trapped between worlds and finding (or rather making) your own path since none exists for you.

Onward to the beginning of your adventure!
Painting featuring Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree by ryky

To start, you should create a character sheet to contain the basic information about the character you want to write. The wiki exists as a quick reference guide for players and Gamemasters to look at when interacting with your character to get a feel for what they look like and who they are. I personally refrain from placing any information that I want to have discovered in game from the wiki but if there is something important you want the GM to know, private message them through the forums or the Discord.

To start your character you should consider a name for them. Half-elves are named in the tradition of their family culture with a given name and a family name. If their names seem too Elvish, they'll adopt more appropriate names to better blend into the culture around them.

For instance, “Tharneth Heririel” might assume the name of “Wan Lei” to interact with Taianese society or “Erika Wolfe” for The Interstellar Alliance.

Half-elves are given names by their parents at birth. The culture of Jord lends to Northern European, specifically Slavic (Latvian, Russian) names but Half-Elves in The Interstellar Alliance could be named from any nationality while those from Liang (Tai Pan) and Empire of Tai Pan favor Asiatic names.

Male Given Name Examples Female Given Name Examples
Flardryn Isilynor
Paul Erika
Ren Sakura
Hagen Lychee
Cluhur ach Jennifer
Ichiro Lymsleia
Alliance Elven Taianese
Jones Daethyra Morita
Lee Enroris Lee
Louvel Shakalyn Yamato
Wolfe Uladi Lei
Nguyen Zumsandoral Ziyi

If you get truly stuck, I recommend the using a Name generator.

  1. Create a new page by typing or copying the following url into your browser.
    http://www.shattered-universe.com/doku.php?id=character:<your character name>
  2. Change <your character name> to your character's name
  3. Click Create Page.
  4. In another window open the Sample Character Page
  5. Click “Edit”
  6. Copy the code section from the page and paste it into your new page.
  7. Click “Save” on YOUR page.
  8. Close the Sample character page, selecting cancel to discard your edits.
  9. Click Edit on your page to start filling in the fields with your character's information.

Half-elves tend to have slightly elongated pointed ears that are only slightly longer than a regular Human's. They are not as long lived as full blooded elves, reaching physical maturity at around 20 years old but they tend to be stronger and more physically resilient than elves with a lower affinity for naturally using magic unless they are descended from Embers.

  • Height : Half-elves can be of any human ranged height.
  • Weight : Half-elves have a high metabolism but are capable of putting on weight, but tend to be lighter than the average human.
  • Appearance: Half-elves can have any hair or skin color. Half-elves of Ember descent will have sapphire eyes but will need to use tools and specific training to use the Word as Elves do.
For example: “At first glance, Lukina is a slender young woman just barely out of her teenage years. Her large green eyes and red hair worn in messy braids with layered bangs coupled with her Elven heritage giving her a youthful appearance. Her ears are slightly elongated into broad tips, merely hinting at her mixed Human and Elf ancestry.”

What type of person are you? Likes, dislikes, goals in life? How do you interact with the world around or how do they see you? How do you want your character to be perceived versus who they actually are?

For example: “Reserved, judgmental, secretive, Lukina tends to keep to herself, preferring to relax up in a tree when she has a choice in the matter. She's a woman of relatively few words when she's working a mission but will lighten up when there'​s time for her to get a good impression of the situation. She doesn'​t talk about her family or history much, preferring to keep the conversation on more current affairs or Alliance popular culture.” ​

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what you want to do with your character. You can use all or none of these if it doesn't suit your character concept.

For example, Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree was born in Red Grove on Liang (Tai Pan) within the Empire of Tai Pan to widowed elf, Aleksasha Whitemeadow. She was raised by her elf grandfather on Liang and was eventually taken off planet and out of system to be a mercenary with her mother's company, eventually ending up in the Wangdaio Colonies. In the Colonies, she joined the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces where she participated in combating the Heise insurgency and Xeno invasion during the blackout until she was evacuated to the The Interstellar Alliance. She served in the Instellar Marine Corps as a scout sniper for several years before she eventually wandered back to old Wangdaio territory that had been renamed the Solarity of Kowloon. On the Kowloon capital planet of Piyapon, she became the knight of Bhelith Arleigh and ended up working with the Azalea Free Company.

You don't have to touch all of these areas for your character or have a similar backstory, but it's just an example of the type of story you could build if you wanted a character with a large amount of practical combat experience in a short amount of time. If you want to know more about Lukina's adventures check out her profile page and Knights of Kowloon.

LukinaRegarded as a 3rd Class citizen of Empire of Tai Pan, you were only allowed to do menial labor work or are begrudgingly allowed into disposable auxiliary military forces. Your education was likely okay but most of the more prominent or glamorous education programs were reserved for Second Class citizens. Your family, if you knew your parents, was likely able to support itself but without willingness to completely alter everyone's physiology meant that a 3rd class status would all your family would be able to attain. The only way to be truly successful with Tai Pan is to surrender your entire identity as a human and elf, altering your DNA to become Taianese. You had objections to this so you left or you are trying to break through the glass ceiling.


You were likely born outside the walls of the Gated Elven cities and lived on the fringes of human and elf societies on the Liang (Tai Pan). You mentally mature faster than your physical appearance so you've had to deal with the frustration of not being considered an adult for far longer than you care to admit. Your parents likely met as a result of the unsuccessful Wars of Succession and your presence is likely the reminder of a fallen love to your family or as an embarrassing reminder of a bloody history that the elven council would like to forget. If you were given an elven name, you probably picked a human one to get interviews for work.


You probably were dumped here in Tai Pan's efforts to get rid of 3rd class citizens or ran here to get a chance to start a new life under the leadership of a legendary elf! Kowloon seems to be a vortex of weird and exotic alien species, so you might be able to find or make your own place in history here.

If you grew up in one of the Alliance colonies you had access to reasonable health care, a fair government with good welfare programs and opportunities for a well rounded education. You could have lived on one of the farming or mining colonies or even on a space station. The Alliance has great pride in their Navy, Army and Marine forces though they are mostly peacekeepers and explorers in modern times. There is also a law enforcement branch, the Marshal Corps of the Interstellar Alliance that attempts to mediate arguments and keep the peace in this region of space.

You being a half-elf was likely looked on strangely by the adults and you might have been bullied or teased growing up for being different, but you had a shot at every opportunity that your human friends did. As an adult, you had to suffer through the fantasies of being an exotic find but, you still have a chance to be whatever you'd like to be.

* You being a half-elf on Jord puts you in an awkward position. The tatya hini elders looked at you strangely but treated you kindly, though they seemed to regard you as inferior to their children though they rarely told that to your face. There was always some vain hope that you might be an Ember but that never happened, your ears were not human enough. If you were lucky, you could have some aptitude for illusion magic and could have infiltrated human society and co-mingled in secret as a human.

* If you were born to a human mother, she did her best to hide you from her village. You were likely hidden among the Children of the Wind to avoid extermination at the hands of the local templars. Life with the nomads isn't too bad, they didn't seem to care about your origins and helped you find your place among them.

* You could have left Jord with the tatya hini ships headed for elsewhere with the hopes of saving the species and Embers from the reach of The Church of the Holy Sword. Aliens are strange beings. Perhaps, you can go find out where all of the Minya hini disappeared to since no one else seems to be asking that question or who the Creators of the Minya hini even are.

You have no clue where you come from either from injury, trauma or whatever. All you know if that you don't fit in and you want to make it work. The universe is yours to explore. Perhaps, you will run across someone that knows you.

The Wangdaio Colonies came into existence in 3008 GSC from a handful of Third Class citizens of Tai Pan that had left the Empire proper for better prospects in the outer colonies, far from the heart of the Empire's power. The colonies fell in 3010 GSC after the disappearance of Prime Minister Ayana Morita and the mysterious black out that jammed all communications in the region. Most colonists did not begin to be rescued or evacuated until 3015 GSC, leaving many colonists on their own to fight the ravenous hordes of xenos, pirates, and the Heise insurgency that hit the region.

* You could be a colonist that was left on their own too long that eventually made his way to safety under his own power. Or you could have been part of the survivors rescued by Admiral "Ember" Connelly in 3015.

* You could be a member of the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces that attempted to keep order and keep the colonists safe from all those that sought to do them harm.

* You could have been one of the Heise that thought they were fighting for a better future for the Colonies or someone that realized that the insurgency was a bad idea.

Most times skills on a character sheet are just placeholders. Your character could be trained to do anything. I would be brief when you describe what they can do. The trick here is that this a freeform system so you should give yourself room to write in a story about what they can do. If they are experts in astrophysics and you barely passed physics, it might be an idea to do a lot of research or do some handwaving when you write scenes involving the skill. You can pick skills that have no practical use if it helps round out your character's personality like underwater basket weaving or making things into pointy sticks.

For example: “Lukina has the following notable skills:

  • Tree Climbing/​Jumping:​ Her odd upbringing has given Lukina the necessarily upper body strength and conditioning to climb most surfaces with and without equipment. ​ Her favored climbing surface is trees but can climb most surfaces with the appropriate free climbing equipment, i.e. a glass building. She is also able to leap across large gaps and keep her balance, longer distances requiring the use of equipment to safely clear.
  • Scouting: Skilled at tracking, hunting, making improvised weapons, surviving from the land and using terrain to navigate the land with and without the use of maps. Also skilled at making maps.
  • Sniping: Skilled at minimizing her visual impact when conducting over watch or shooting from a high vantage point. Good at timing her shots and calculating appropriate trajectories for rate of fire from a myriad of standard and alternative firing positions.” ​
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