Humans are a widely diverse and adaptive species that can easily interbreed with other humanoid species that have similar reproductive systems and physiology. A wise intergalactic scholar once described humans as “Mostly Harmless”1).

These humans originated on Sol system and have wandered into this sector of the galaxy through their own devices 2) and by the intervention of other alien species, such as what accorded on Jord. Their willful expansion into this particular star system is better detailed on the The Interstellar Alliance's history.

Humans are bipedal, highly intelligent and adaptive warm-blooded mammals. They overcome their physiological shortcomings through intense training; the use of technology and various other forms of innovation. They can be of any skin tone, have any hair color that they desire or any eye color or shape. They easily interbreed with other humanoid species and their half-breed offspring tend to have a blending of both species. Thanks to their advanced medical technology and inventiveness humans have made a great number of augmentations possible. For more information see the Human article on Wikipedia.

Humans are innovative and will find ways to survive by eating anything and everything that they can. They are capable of digesting most types of organic matter and are inventive enough to find ways to eat things that their biology prohibits them from eating. Most favor an omnivorous diet but some have strong preferences to specific types of diets that exclude certain types of organic material if they have the luxury of being picky. A starving human will eat whatever they find that they think they can digest.

Highly resilient, adaptive, innovative and more importantly, stubborn, humans are capable of living in any environment that they decide to inhabit.

Humans from Earth follow their historic ethnic cultures while the humans from Jord follow their own planetary identities.

Functional, comfortable and sometimes impractical in favor of the rule of cool, humans tend to wear whatever it is that they want or need for the situation at hand. Sometimes practicality wins out over fashion.

Humans hold no singular food culture but usually will indulge in whatever protein, carbohydrates, fat and sugar combinations that they can get a hold of. Survival will always supersede individual preference but when they are able to use fresh food sources, they will use that instead of artificial and unidentifiable nutritional blocks.

Humans have the capacity to speak or learn to speak a wide variety of Sol based languages or other alien languages that can be reproduced by human vocal cords. They are capable of communicating through written language, vocalizations, musical tones, and physical gestures. If they are unable to communicate through a method that suits them, humans are inventive enough to create new and sometimes, bizarre ways to communicate.

Humans tend to follow the naming conventions of their original Earth culture. For example, Japanese descendants write their surname first followed by their given name, for example, Natsumi Maya. Spanish descendants write their given names first followed by different family names such as María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García. The more traditional name their children after other family members while more contemporary parents might name their children after locations, expensive products or after popular culture trends.

The political affiliations of humans are complicated and vary based on their nationality, home systems, and religious beliefs.

Humans level of technology varies from faction to faction and world to world. The humans of the Interstellar Alliance are capable of FTL technology while the humans of Jord are not capable of flying outside of their atmosphere.

Human economics varies from faction to faction and world to world.

These are the baseline human species that exists today with cooler technology. This is provided for reference and completeness in the setting.

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