Atraxians are a humanoid species, so named for the first known planet/system of this race to be found in.

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An Atraxian Female Atraxians are variety of earth toned animal/plant people that can reproduce via spores.

  • Height Range: 1“ to 12 feet on average, theoretically unlimited
  • Weight Range: ounces to 600 lbs on average, theoretically unlimited
  • Typically able to bench press: 250% their own weight
  • Typically able to lift: 180% their own weight


Can see in a wide band of the electromagnetic spectrum of light, from ultraviolet to infrared.


As a predatory species, the Atraxians have sensitive hearing. They have long pointed ears on the sides of their heads. These large ears function to focus even distant or minute sounds and direct them into the ear canal. Their sense of hearing was used in conjunction with their excellent sight in hunting as well as detecting and avoiding larger predators or rivals.


Being a predator that hunted by sight and sound, the average Atraxian has no better a sense of smell than your average human.


The Atraxians do not generally consider the taste of a thing before they eat it. As omnivores, and voracious ones at that, they will generally consume most anything/everything organic, including their “offspring” in times of scarcity.


Atraxians have round shaped bio luminescent eyes. They do not have a black pupil in the center of their eyes, rather a bio luminescent pupil, whose glow radiates out into intricate patterns in their iris. The sclera is most commonly white with red streaks. In some cases it can be black, or a darker version of whatever color their iris is.


Atraxians have long pointed ears which project out from the side of their head. These ears average four to six inches in length on adults and can stick out to the side or angle back closer to the head. These ears are free of any hair or fur.


Atraxians have four fingers and an opposable thumb. Their fingers and thumb are very strong. They are also tipped with strong claws to use for grabbing and securing prey.


The Atraxians have wide feet similarly shaped to those of a human, with long strong toes.


The Atraxians have leathery, tough skin that comes in a variety of earthen tones - yellows, reds, browns, etc. Albino Atraxians are extremely rare but are said to be destined for great things.

Skeletal Structure

The Atraxians have dense strong bones. They come from a world with higher gravity and these tougher bones are needed to support the weight of their large and powerful frames.


Atraxians have always been physically strong people. They have had to, as a predatory species living in the lands of a harsh world with high gravity. Their limbs and fingers are especially powerful.

Internal Organs

Internal arrangement is generally similar to most other humanoid species, heart and respiratory system in the chest, stomach, digestive tract, and other organs in the belly. As they grow, their organs grow larger as well to accommodate, Especially the heart.

While the Atraxians are a predatory species and obtain most of their energy from meat, they are omnivorous and can eat plants, grains, fruits and anything else they can get their hands on.

In harsh environs, an Atraxian can survive with high enough Carbon Dioxide, water, and Starlight exposure through their skin through a form of photosynthesis.

Atraxians are able to live and thrive in almost any environment hospitable to either plants or animals. Atraxians are a nomadic tribal species, thus their architecture reflects a sense of impromptu. Most structures can be broken down and loaded either upon the backs of the smaller Atraxians or other vehicles owned by the Warboss, and his subordinates, of the tribe.

The life cycle of an Atraxian starts when a male and a female Atraxian meet. The two will engage in a kind of mating ritual. They will fight, argue, joke around and eventually mate. Once the pair mate, they will mate for life and produce dozens of offspring in their lifetime. The female Atraxian will hold in her womb three to four underdeveloped larvae. She will swiftly give birth to the young, depositing them in a safe spot on the ground then leave them to it. The Larva sport no arms or legs and only vaguely have the face of the Atraxian. They will burrow underground several meters and absorb nutrients and moisture through their skin, As the larva are spread and co-mingle with other larva they will begin to compete for space, ensuring the strongest survive. Five month's after birth a new Child Atraxian will dig to the surface and began hunting and foraging for food. As they grow, both in height and intelligence, the Atraxian will feel the need to wander and eventually return to the clan or locate a new one.

This form of reproduction has been called an infestation by some. In truth it is a kind of colonization and xenoforming of a world, little Atraxians start to grow and multiply or subspecies are deposited as well. Including the diminutive(Name here) and the gargantuan Atraniars. If the tribe moves on to another world, these young will mature and likely form a tribe of their own, and swiftly begin competing with the natives of the world they are on…

Efficient and powerful are what classifies the Atraxian biological cycle. Atraxians have a drawback for their efficiency and sheer physicality. The mature swiftly, though they do not live nearly as long as other species. Their fast metabolic rate means that a long-lived Atraxian is usually fifty years of age.

Generally rough and warlike species. Leadership is earned through a simple though efficient meritocracy. All members, Male or Female are viewed as equal in every sense, as such every member tribe is wholly and similarly devoted to the gathering and consumption of resources. Value is measured in slaves, alien trinkets and money, which Atraxians are constantly striving and scheming to collect. Often a victor in battle will take the collective possessions of his or her enemies. The humiliation of a rival for a particular item or slave will also involve forcibly removing rival's ears and or nose. To be called “Noseless or earless” is a grave insult and those who are missing either are generally outcasts until their appendages grow back. Feats of strength and competition are favorite pastimes, as the traits of violence and athleticism are encouraged. The three exceptions to this brutish behavior are the tribe's shamans, mechanics, and witch-doctors. As Atraxians pass their knowledge by apprenticeship to the next generation, these keepers of the various skilled knowledge are alienated and ignored, left to pursue their respective technical drive to store and grow the tribe's knowledge. The Atraxian language appears to be based around runes and glyphs.

Atraxian Culture

the general look of this species is “cobbled together”. Equipment looks very worn, piecemeal, and is prone to break down easily and often. threadbare clothing, often taken from their victims, is the most common. scraps of metal are also worn, as armor as well as trophies of conquest. as an Atraxian grows in stature and size, they will carry more and more trophies, even having a mechanically inclined Atraxian fashion a sort of ad-hoc power frame enabling the wearer to carry even more trophies. The largest of the Atraxians may have extensive full body modifications allowing for thousands of pounds of armor, skulls, chains of teeth, weapons, and other trophies adorning his body.

Atraxians foods still tend to lean more towards cooked meats and fermented drinks over vegetables and fruits. A sample meal might consist of roast worm, spice beer, and heavy biscuits.

The Atraxians also are fond of their alcoholic drinks. They enjoy beers from grains and tubers, rums and other fermented drinks. It is not uncommon for an Atraxian to consume a large amount of alcohol with meals. Atraxians will feast as often as they can with the largest eating first, though the smaller Atraxians will steal what they can get as often as they can get it.

For the Atraxian, politics is simple: the strongest rule over the weak. The larger Atraxians bully/kill the smaller ones forming tribal units of descending size/strength. When many tribes come together under the banner of a particularly cunning or strong clan leader. More information about the Atraxian Clans.

Atraxians do have the technical skill and industry to support a unique industrial base. Though the earliest records and attempts to catalog them done by the tatya hini suggest this technology has changed little in the past thousand years. Atraxian entertainment is at best described as crude by comparison to the local cultures in this region of space.

Their weaponry and armor, however, is another matter. Rugged and easy to repair is what Atraxian gear is famed for. Atraxian fire armors are neither laser, plasma, or mass driver based. Atraxian weapons are gyro jet based. Their armor is typically heavy armored plates fused together and beaten into shape by the individual. Close combat weapons tend to be clubs and axes, with heavy metal shields.

Space ships are not well armored, however, most Atraxian ships are designed to enter into the atmosphere, allowing for quick raids, and quick escapes. When encountering other nations they often rely on overwhelming numbers and boarding actions of enemy starships for victory.

When tribes are led by a particularly wise Warlord, low-level barter or trade may occur. Silver coins are used as their currency, often traded for another tribes excess weaponry, loot, slaves, or other foodstuffs. Of particular note is the Dark Sun Clan, who are famed for having access to a wealth of star metal. This wealth is often used to purchase better sources of technology and Atraxian manpower in the form of more intelligent mechanics and witch-doctors.

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