Story Arcs

Roleplay on Shattered Universe is broken up by individual storylines and arcs that can occur at any point of time within the universe of the setting. These timelines are fluid and can intersect with each other depending on the desires of the writers. Anyone contributing a story should feel free to write it in any time period appropriate for their setting. Below is a list and short description of some of the stories within the setting of Shattered Universe.

Some of these stories interact with the bigger world story of the setting but not all of them do. The consequences of the decisions of some of the players in this storylines send ripples through the bigger meta-story of Shattered Universe.

Keep it in alphabetical order! Also, ignore stuff like “The” and ship prefixes for the order.

  • Port Endeavour A deep space outpost located in neutral space, jointly operated by the Interstellar Alliance and Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu, Port Endeavour is the the first in a new experimental joint venture between the two star nations to jointly operate a series of outposts along the trade routs between the Alliance and the Dominion to function as ports of call, safe havens, trade ports and diplomatic contact points and promote the betterment of relations between the humans, kishargal and their neighbors.
  • Mudwater Paranormal: No one quite remembers why the city of Mudwater on one of the Alliances most backwater planets had a Paranormal division, but they might be reminded sooner than they realize.
  • U-99: You may never know when there are eyes on you, especially from the Kaiser's Unterraumsbootes: The Kaiserreich's crack stealth ships. U-99 is the Ninety-Ninth boat to leave the yards, and is one on a special mission within Taianese space. It's orders are to loiter in Taianese space as a first strike asset against the Taianese. Will they have to launch their weapons against their targets? The sector may never know.

Inactive Plot Archive

  • Inactive Plots: Archive of former plots in Shattered Universe Page is WIP
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