Liang (Tai Pan)

Planet Liang
Capital: Sanshin Kawa
Major Species: Taianese, Elves, Yazata Ahura
Controlled by: Empire of Tai Pan

The capital planet of the Empire of Tai Pan, and home to many Taianese, Kammee, The Second Children, Yazata Ahura, and Humans, who call it either Tai Pan or Liang depending on which you talk to. Liang is an extremely habitable planet orbiting a main sequence red dwarf, and is the seventh planet from its star. The planet has noticeable scars from war, large oceans, and scattered landmass across its surface.

  • Ashgrove – Home of the southern Yazata
  • Celestial Ruins – The shattered remains of the celestial cities, where the Hane clan of Yazata resided until the cities fell with the destruction of the mana node.
  • Kunai No Machi – Underground Yazata city.
  • Haneheim – Home of the winged Yazata
  • Highgarden Orbital Platform - Capital space port in orbit, often the point of entry for foreigners and a major fleet base.
  • Lake Zaria - Almost a small sea, the body of water named after the island at its center.
  • Sanshin Kawa - Capital of Tai Pan

  • Port Iwo – Main port of volcanic island covered with black volcanic sand.
  • Celestial Ruins – Small hunting town known for its iconic red trees at the edges of the gated elven city.
  • Zaria – Gated elven city.

Liang is an oxygen rich planet more than comfortable to breathe by any human compatible species, further terraforming by its various ruling species has currently settled the planet on a sub-tropical climate around the equatorial band, providing cool winters and mild summers for human adjacent species and acceptable for most others.

Much of the equator is covered in dense forest, tropical or otherwise, with onshore winds leaving steppes around various mountain sides. In the poles small icecaps have a high global tide, tilting the land to sea ratio high, resulting in large oceans of mild salinity and large shallow seas over this doggerland.

However, with the destruction of the mana node, noticeable desertification is occurring in parts of the steppes.

What passes for a main continent in this highly aquatic planet is inhabited densely almost all the local species that reside here, the land on this continent is sprawled with might once have been tall ranges, but are now valleys and troughs where weather events squeeze through making hundreds of micro-climates along a singular valley alone. Rain on this continent falls hard and frequently at certain times of the year, making the land particularly desirable for most agriculture. Specialist crops can be grown upon the large hills and sides of the ranges for elevation and thermal conditions.

The network of valleys also segregates large parts of the continent, making direct travel overland difficult without following the lay of valleys and gullies. Tunnels have been dug along the busiest routes but at great cost.

The scattered outlaying sub-continents range from sub-tropical to taiga, with a small amount of landmass bordering each of the poles north and south.

The Second Children have lived on Liang for as long as they remember, each of the other races on the planet has a different story but the elves insist they were first. They learned to use the energy of the planet to create magic and discover its principles. At this time technology would be regarded at a medieval level, most complicated constructs being forged through magic rather than machine.

Others arrived in time, Yazata from the same gods that brought the elves, humans from the alliance and Embers migrating from Jord, with different stories and settling the planet. The humans brought their technology with them, and the Embers secluded themselves on the northern continent of Iger with its frigid climate.

When the Taianese first arrived it was not regarded as a major upset, but over the course of decades relations broke down, mistrust festered, and finally war came. It was brutal, as genocidal conflict often is. Who started it became lost as the Taianese were pushed to the brink of destruction, and in their desperation, in their will to survive, they took drastic action.

The nuclear strike on the mana node wiped out the cream of elvish war fighting, and irreparably changed things for all who live there to this day. Magic on Liang died in a flash of fire and slaughter. I wish I could say that this was the last major war on the planet between those that lived there, but it wouldn’t be a story if things didn’t continue.

Without a heck of a lot left to resist them left, the Taianese took the mantle of planet leadership by force, applying increasingly harsh jackbootery through the course of four insurrection wars for control of the planet. None of these ended particularly well for anyone who wasn’t Tai Pan, but even the Taianese did not emerge unscathed from any of these conflicts.

Then the Plagues came, scouring entire cities empty of life and spreading fear through the rest. The Taianese response was by now characteristically brutal. Locking down entire regions and waiting for the plague to run its course, superstition and fear running rampant as the plague ran rampant through the elf population. Coincidentally the Taianese proved more resilient to the scourge than the other races, to the point that much of what hadn’t been destroyed by wars was laid barren by a new threat. Leaving the new Taianese masters to move in and utilize those lands and resources.

Arguably, all of this affected the Taianese as well, deeply. Emperors broke and were replaced and broke again, the Taianese world view was shaken and overthrown again and again. They were forced to go from pacifistic settlers to imperialist overlords of an entire planet, and then beyond.

The elves became a broken people, retreating into their cities and havens. Some would renounce weapons entirely, giving up all resistance in the face of hopelessness, and banishing all their kin who would leave their walls. Their leadership scoured clean of any that could lead any resistance to their occupation.

The humans either fled the planet back to the Alliance or became citizens of the new empire, towards a fate unknown. No one heard much from those too stubborn to leave, especially not after the Plagues.

The Yazata, ever self-absorbed, where left to reside on their reservations. Mostly unhindered, loosely watched. Many continuing their cultural habits but taking advantage of technology to spread their influence across the stars.

No one heard much from the Embers on Iger. Perhaps the destruction of the mana node killed them, perhaps it changed something about them. Perhaps nothing really changed, no one bothered them, and they were too busy enjoying not being hunted on Jord.

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