Jord is the lone hospitable planet in the Jord system. It is considered a low technology planet with its human population using largely medieval era technological advances while the smaller Tatya hini population has space faring technology. Tatya hini live in isolation and allow themselves to be kept there out of fear of Minya hini and Jord's creators punishing them for interfering further in the Third Children's development.

It is a beautiful planet with cooler temperatures than the Earth but it does have hotter regions in the middle of the planet closer to the equator. There planet is rich in minerals that retain the energy of the Word and can allow people to utilize the power for magical or technological effects.

There is no unifying planetary government and the different kingdoms and groups live in opposition to one another. The Church of the Holy Sword is the organization that holds the most sway over Jord and they are the main driving force in the isolation of the Tatya hini and the Embers.

The transdimensional beings that created the system and other systems like it are a mystery to the universe at large and their intentions are largely unknown. The one species that would have a clearer vision of the intentions of the creators is lost to translation within the planet and the star.

Quick Play RP Guide to Jord

Type: Terrestial
System: Jord System
Stellar Radius: 95,198,742 km (X AU's) from the star
Surface Gravity: 0.53 g
Length of Day: 24 hrs
Length of Year: 305 days
Population: Billion
Satellites: 1 moon
Orbital Stations: N/A
Planetary Ring: N/A
Affiliation: Not Unified
  1. An unknown advanced alien race created the Jord System and Jord, installing The Word.
  2. This race creates Minya hini on Jord to populate the planet with life.
  3. Minya hini create Tatya hini and teach them how to use The Word.
  4. 0000 GSC: Tatya hini wage war against one another and heavily damage The Word.
  5. 0100 GSC: Saule and Mara, two of Minya hini, go to war with one another over how to resolve the damage caused by the The Second Children.
  6. 0900 GSC: Saule and Lamia discover a way to rebalance The Word and resolve the power drain caused by the Tatya hini's use of The Word.
  7. 1000 GSC: The creators return to find the system in disarray and punish Minya hini by removing them from the planet after they institute the Embers and Aphotic system to resolve the power load problems caused by the inhabitants of Jord utilizing The Word.
  8. 2018 GSC: The creators place the Third Children, humans, onto Jord from other planetary systems with no memory of life before Jord.
  9. 2019 GSC:Saule is imprisoned into the star of Jord System and Mara is bound into the core of Jord.
  10. 2020 GSC: Tatya hini are charged with guiding the Third Children.
  11. 2020-2200 GSC: Tatya hini and the Third live in relative peace for 200 years.
  12. 2201 GSC: The Third children convince the Tatya hini to teach them how to use The Word.
  13. 2588 GSC: The Third Children eventually turn on the Second and drive them into isolation.
  14. 2600 GSC: The Embers and Aphotic populations boom with the increased need to balance The Word.
  15. 2688 GSC: The Third Children in their fear and ignorance rally behind a man named Fleur and form The Church of the Holy Sword.
  16. 2718 GSC: The Church of the Holy Sword unifies the human populace to go to war against Embers and forces them behind the walls into isolation, selectively killing them until only a small number remains. The Church sees an increase in deaths caused by Aphotics and the damage caused by unrestrained magic use.
  17. 2748 GSC: The The Church of the Holy Sword places a murderous ban outlawing the use of The Word. They create the Order of the Resplendent Mother and the Brotherhood of the Flamen Saularis as a system of controls to brainwash and keep the Embers population small to still combat the Aphotics. Other human kingdoms rebel against the Church and form their own kingdoms. The Shin-Te and the Followers of Mara continue to practice their use of The Word.
  18. 2818 GSC: Saule and Mara implore The Second Children to find a way to save the Embers and The Word and grant them the seeds of space travel.
  19. 2918 GSC: Tatya hini perfect their technology and achieve space travel using Embers as a power source. Some of the technology developed is stolen by The Church of the Holy Sword but kept hidden from the human governments.
  20. 2928 GSC: Tatya hini suffer a massive loss of population due to the introduction of a new disease by the imprisoned Minya hini.
  21. 2948 GSC: Tatya hini learn to harness Embers for space flight in a way that won't kill them. The Elven population recovers and the disease fades away.
  22. 2958 GSC: More male Embers enter the system undetected by The Church of the Holy Sword.
  23. 2978 GSC: Tatya hini manage to gather a large enough population of liberated Embers to start a space faring colony. The Church of the Holy Sword learns of the plan and instigates another war against Tatya hini.

Jord's Culture

The Word is an advanced planetary power system embedded into Jord that the populace of the planet believes is a sentient being that seeded the planet with life and that flows through the universe. All magic on the planet comes from the Word's complex system and can be harnessed through the use of appropriate tools (technology) and incantation (coding scripts). There are natural regulators created by the Word to ensure that the system is balanced and keeps the planet alive. The Embers exist to restore energy and removing “dirty energy” from the system while the Aphotics to consume excess energy produced by the system and to destroy beings that tap heavily into The Word.

Heartstone is a naturally occurring crystalline mineral in Jord System that holds energy from the The Word. Heartstone is used as a power source for offworld technology or for magic. It varies in color from a white opalescence to a black opalescence with the black heartstones being rarer and holding the most energy while the white heartstones are the most common and hold the lowest amount of battery. Once the energy from the Heartstone is expended, it can be recharged by either an Embers, an electrical current, or by thermal energy (i.e. placing it in a fire). The stones are favored as jewelry and signs of affluence.

  • The Council of the the First- Loose Council of Tatya hini elders, located on the floating city beyond the Northern Reach
  • The Dragon Throne - Largest kingdom of Jord, endorsed by the Church
  • The Republic of Leviathan- Cluster of Islands south of the main land
  • Children of the Wind- the Free peoples of Jord, wanderers, rumored to have a city beyond the eastern desert
Artist: Ryky

The Kingdom of Drassin, which stretches east from the Sea of Tears into the Waste of Gelgarrath, contains several kingdoms which are loosely allied together to make an alliance against the northern provinces of mountainous, freezing Hvrentra, and to protect each other from the regular raiding of the barbarians that reside within the Havador Mountains, pushed southwards by the proliferation of Aphotics which tend to be created around the furthest reaches of the northland.

Drassin has six major provinces. From west to east, these, are; Westfallion, Aventra, Coventrias, Dardanelles, Sotarra, and Harrow. Of these six, most distinct is Westfallion, which contains the Church of the Holy Sword at the very southern tip of its peninsula at the base of the Mountain of St. Fleur, next to the city of Mounte Verde, the capital of Westfallion.

It is ruled by the King of Drassin, who is both advised and chosen by the Pillar of the Fleur.

Westfallion, the Holy Mount

Perhaps the most notable location in Drassin is the province of Westfallion. Geographically, it is cut off from the other three kingdoms by the Bay of Auseklis, which is treacherous to cross. Further complicating the kingdom’s isolation is the very near threat of incursion from Hyrentra. Of the three kingdoms, Westfallion has the most contact with elves – and almost all of it hostile. Westfallion is famous across all three provinces for its regular crusades into the Havador range of mountains, against a dragon that is said to reside there. Though it is not commonly known among the humans of the realm, their primary antagonist is the village of Debesskoka, which resides in the shadow of one of the northern mountains directly in the path of most of their crusades. The resultant enmity has endeared itself to the populace and spawns such sayings as “Never trust an elf.”

Once, it is said that the elves and humans of Westfallion lived in relative peace with each other, but after that peace failed the land route to Aventra was famously closed to Westfallion by an event known as the Disaster of Koliada, where an entire company of Westfallion knights was caught attempting to traverse the pass in summer, and yet was caught in a sudden snowstorm that is blamed on the elves. The company of soldiers was wiped nearly to a man, and changed the landscape to make the pass dangerous thereafter. The passes afterwards were abandoned, and the pass is now dotted with the ruins of both human fortresses and elven floating settlements, the latter being most often found sank into the coast.

Although the Lords of Mounte Verde are the legal rulers of the province from antiquity, the Fleur – the clergy – and the Pillar run the country by point of fact, basing themselves out of it and finding it most convenient to crusade from the port city of Mounte Verde.

Aventra, the Seafearers

With the Bay of Auseklis to its west, and with its plains bound neighbor Coventrias to the east, Aventra is the smallest of the six countries but perhaps the most wealthy. Known for its shipbuilding and for plying the oceans, which it controls down to the very reaches of the southern border in a narrow sliver, Aventra makes its fortune in caravans heading in either direction and holds the sea-lanes without challenge. It sells Coventrias's metal westwards, and returns with elvish artifacts and holy equipment to the main continent to sell eastwards, to the provinces less capable of defending themselves from the predictions of the barbarians encamped to their north or to their south with which they vie for control near ceaselessly.

Coventrias, of the Plains

Coventrias is located in the rain basin, and is arable and quite suitable for farms and farming. Most of the food in Drassin comes from the herds and fields of Coventrias, and they are prolific agriculturalists. Border lords have pushed their dominion almost as far north as the peaks, and have quelled their southern borders along the warm, dark rainforests nestled against the southern mountain range, and they are known for their martial prowess as a result. Each citizen of Coventrias is required to give a son or a daughter to their collective armed forces, and although their training does not match the training offered in Westfallion to knights or squires, they make up for their lack of professional soldiery in sheer weight of numbers.

The Lords of Coventrias keep their citizens under a relatively tight, but fair, system of feudal governance, and freeholding is not frowned upon so long as the families keep the Covent Pledge of military service. Beyond that, any man might grow wealthy in Coventrias, and any woman might find her talents put to the use she seeks them put to. They are an industrious people on the whole, conscious of their own exceptional industry by comparison with the other countries.

Dardanelles, the Horse Riders

Directly to the east of Coventrias, and to the west of the deserts of Sotarra is a rocky and inhospitable land of rolling hills and broad dales and scattered forests where the men and women of Dardanelles make their living from horseback.

Sotarra, the Desert People

Harrow, the Blasted Land

  • Hvrentra: “Northlands”: Mountainous, arctic conditions, arctic plains and coniferous forests
  • Drassin: temperate conditions, plains, forests, marshes, a couple of deserts; “Midlands”
  • Solrassou: Hot, tropical conditions, lots of deciduous forests ; “Southlands”

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