An aging Taianese space station located in the orbit of Piyapon and charged with monitoring Solarity of Kowloon. The station is notoriolously under-funded and undermanned. It is incapable of combating the criminal element that has taken hold of parts of the station. The station is considered a career death sentence and is currently manned by Admiral Ember Connelly. Wangdiao refugees still trying to get back on their feet have taken up residence here.

It is not the safest place to live and the internal politics of the station and the crime families within are complicated.

This station is the last surviving tatya hini living station. It was originally rooted to Liang before the Tai Pan occupation and later conquest and the tether was severed, leaving it to drift in Liang's orbit until Tai Pan relocated it by tugs to the orbit of Piyapon. Its shape is reminiscent of a lotus blossom. The main corridors and lifts are in the “stem” while the various living and functional areas are beneath the solar panel petals surrounding the station's seeds in the seedpod proper.

There are 8 districts of control within Shizi Station with Admiral Connelly's forces controlling the central district and the main access corridors. She only maintains control of the central and 3 other cardinal direction districts while the rival gangs and organizations control the others. A relative non-interference clause is in effect to allow the station to maintain its ability to function since it relies on illegally obtained materials and supplies to keep running in the absence of funding and supplies from Tai Pan.

DOGA artwork of Shizi station by Arieg.

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