Creating A Kishargal Character

Congratulations! You have decided to play as a Kishargal and now you really love tea and the monarchy! You are a member of one of the oldest empires in the sector, which comes with both its perks and its cons. While the prestigious works of the Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu have excelled with some of the younger empires, such as the The Interstellar Alliance, other empires such as the Empire of Tai Pan and the First Limais Empire view you as more of an obstacle to their expansion. Did I also mention you are really tall and have a nice tail?

  1. Create a new page by typing or copying the following url into your browser.<your character name>
  2. Change <your character name> to your character's name
  3. Click Create Page.
  4. Open the following page for the template for a Kishargal character sheet.
  5. Copy the code section from the page and paste it into your new page.

To start the creating you need to first come up with a name for your character. Kishargal have two names, their given name first, then followed by their family name. In some cases, a Kishargal may have a second given name, this would be placed between the first and the family name. Their clan name comes third, which is then followed by the clan name, unless they are clanless. When creating a name from scratch, Kishargal names should reference Sumerian and Gaelic names when looking for reference.

Order of a Kishargal Name <Given Name><Second Given Name><Family Name><Clan Name>

Kishargal are given names by their parents at birth and sometimes a second given name, usually a name drawn from the family past.

Male Given Name Examples Female Given Name Examples
Abin Aeve
Adarr Alil
Aryle Amarenzu
Balar Aruru
Calam Atish
Caid Caer
Duhal Deior
Ellar Ealamassi
Gannd Fioah
Hadanish Isah
Ibin Kanath
Krennak Nin
Nergal Ninsun
Sargon Nishaba
Tomaz Radjni
  • Ahearn
  • Dor-Urgun
  • Ishme-Dagan
  • qin-Sharri

Major Clans

  • Barkemp
  • Kinnon
  • Leod

Minor Clans

  • Allist
  • Douall
  • Dunken
  • Gaerl
  • Gallve
  • Inness
  • Loch
  • Quarrie
  • Rasman
  • Styn

Refer to the appearence section of the Kishargal species page for more detail.

Kishargal usually stand between 8' to 10' tall

The average weight range for a female Kishargal 300 to 460lbs in 1g (450-690lbs in Ersetu 1.5g) and 350 to 500lbs in 1g (525-750lbs in Ersetu 1.5g) for a male.

Both male and female Kishargal tend to have strong builds, natural to arboreal species. They have powerful arms and legs meant to propel them through trees. As with many other species, body shape has a wide range from slim and delicate to muscular to curvey to round.

Kishargal skin coloration has a wide veriety. Tendding to be darker colors, blues, reds, purples for Kidshargal from the colder regions of Ersetu, while those from warmer regions more commonly have lighter skins in the pinks, golds or light blues

All Kishaegal have skin patterns. Bio luminescent bright colors, blues, purples, pinks, greens, yellows, reds. These patterns can be stripes, spots or a combination of the two and are usually inherited as a combination of their parents patterns

Kishargal have almond shaped bio luminescent eyes. They do not have a black pupil in the center of their eyes, rather a bio luminescent pupil, who's glow radiates out into intricate patterns in their iris. The sclera is most commonly white, but in some cases can be black, or a darker version of whatever color their iris is. Their irises can come in nearly any color, most common is blues, reds, greens, purples, yellows.

Bio luminescent bright colors of a wide variety, commonly in the blues, greens, purples, reds and yellows. This applies to eyebrows as well as facial hair on males.

The Kishargal have long pointed ears which project out from the side of their head. These ears average four to six inches in length on adults and can stick out to the side, or angle back closer to the head. These ears are free of any hair or fur.

Kishargal horns come in many verities of shapes and colors. They usually curver out and back from the head but can also curve down, forward or in some cases just straight out to the sides. The horns grow out from the skull just above their ears. As with their skin and Bio luminescence, their horns have a wide variety. Usually those with darker skin will have horns starting at a darker shade of their skin tone or black, that fades near the tip. Those with lighter skins will have similar close to skin tone horns, though fading to almost white at the tips, though this is not always the case. There are examples of individuals with light skin and dark horns and dark skin and light horns

The Kishargal have long prehensile tails. The tail is an extension of their spine and is tipped with a sharp arrowhead shaped barb. The tail is usually between two to four inches thick on the average adult and tapers down to the tip where the barb projects. Their tails can be hairless, or covered in a short furr.

Kishargal have four fingers and an opposable thumb. Their fingers and thumb very strong and are tipped with strong retractable climbing claws use for scaling trees

The Kishargal have wide feet with long strong toes, which, like their fingers are tipped with retractable climbing claws.

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