Nations and Organizations

The Pioneer Sector is vast and filled with many nations and the organizations that support them, those represented here are the major and (hopefully) most of the minor entities that are interactable within the setting made to support players.

This sub-sector is teeming with traffic and cultural exchange as the powers within it, while officially aligned, vie for leadership of the bloc. There are many civilized and populated worlds thanks to a combination of elven and human terraforming, most of the human population within the sector resides here as well as the Atraxians.

This sub-sector is made up of wary neighbors who may or may not be allied at any one time, but often feel more threatened by the central powers than each other much of the time.

This sub-sector is made up of a diverse mix of nations, from isolationist to trade moguls, information and resources flow in and out of the sector on a constant basis.

This sub-sector is populated by hardy survivors and remnant nations of Wangdaio holding on for survival. Navigation is extremely difficult through this sector due to artificial means, as well as pirates and other threats can make transit in and out extremely dangerous.

Shouwei Yue Ziyi's Heise

This area of space is a vast expanse of galactic wilderness, the expansionist insectoid Valsh Nar Empire occupies the far end, while the mysterious and protective Remnant Assembly is a friendly place for most traders and wanderers.

These nations or organizations are either constantly on the move, cut off from the greater galactic community, or otherwise occupied for diplomacy.

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