While Magic is traditionally channeling force and energy originating from outside oneself to alter reality, with only a few exceptions, those known as psychics, psions, psykers and the like channel a force or energy that acts as an extension of themselves. Much like an extra limb, it reaches out to grasp and change the world around the user. Though typically more limited in range in comparison to magic and do not give as much initial power, it contrasts in that psionics are capable of far more nuance as a natural extension of oneself, and instead scale with a person's understanding of the world and its workings. Manifestations of psychic potential vary in power and range however, but often depend on the circumstances and context from which they do, and often far more so than magic.

Though the precise origins are unknown, many theorize that psionics manifest as a natural part of evolution, albeit a step that is so radical in its impact that it is revolutionary. The proponents of this theory believe that psionics would eventually occur should a species continue to push their mental boundaries, as they note that some cases or manifestations not only occur naturally in certain species, but in those cases, it can be inherited. Meanwhile, others theorize that psionics are closely linked to other reality warping events such as FTL drives, as it is known that psionics can manifest in individuals that survive critical malfunctions of said FTL drives or other hazardous spatial anomalies.

Whatever the origin or cause however, psionics are a powerful and very useful asset regardless of circumstance.

Though the following list of powers is not all inclusive, the vast majority of psychic abilities and their users start off relatively weak, being limited in not only how much they can affect reality, but also how far, with only those that are a cut above the rest being able to act on objects beyond line of sight after creatively combining or using several powers at once. Additionally, all of these abilities exact a toll on the user, usually accelerating their metabolic rates to fuel their increased brain activity. Depletion of a body's caloric reserves, followed by the wasting of muscles are a potential long term complication should a psychic not be managing themselves properly. However, acute, short term consequences can include both physical and mental fatigue or exhaustion. More severe overuse of psionic abilities may lead to the dissolving or degradation of non-vital tissues and organs, which often manifests as hemoptysis1), haemolacria2) or epistaxis3). Meanwhile, sudden and sharp overuse along with continued intense overuse may also result in partial or complete loss of consciousness or even death.

  • Telekinesis: The ability to move or manipulate both animate and inanimate objects without physical interaction. Sensory input on the object to be manipulated, such as sight, is not required, but without it, any efforts at 'blind telekinesis' will resemble blind groping without the benefit of feedback and cost significantly higher amounts of energy. A direct line of sight and short distance is the most energy efficient. Though distance and power are more taxing, precision is not, but requires dedicated and prolonged training.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to produce and direct thermal energy, with some of the most advanced users being able to enhance the destructive process with the use of oxidization, creating particularly destructive combustion. Increased distance and power are more taxing to the user, and like with telekinesis, has precision being gained through dedicated training. Direct line of sight or other sensory input is required for any degree of accuracy and is excessively energy inefficient without.
  • Mind to Mind Interaction: The ability to perceive unguarded emotions, and to invade minds in order to perceive otherwise hidden thoughts and memories. Intrusions for additional information beyond vague emotions, regardless of psionic status, are always detected and can be actively fought against. Attacking or defending requires mental fortitude and sufficient energy, with non-psions being capable of training their mental defenses.
  • Psychometry: The ability to learn about an object's details and general information with psionic abilities. Though the ability becomes more taxing across further distances or with more detail being drawn, it can be reliably substituted for the traditional five senses of touch, taste, smell, temperature or vision. The ability is most energy efficient and provides the highest level of detail on physical contact however.
  • Teleportation: The ability to transfer or move energy or matter from one location to another without traversing the physical space between the two points. Highly energy intensive, the ability also requires users to 'swap' with any matter present at the location that they are teleporting to, with failure to account for all matter at the location being potentially lethal. “Telesplicing” is the most gruesome and infamous outcome, where individuals are fused with solid objects, sometimes killing them instantly or resulting in long and drawn out deaths. Due to the nature of the ability, an extra-sensory power or technology to analyze and comprehend must be used in conjunction with some types of teleportation. It is very closely related to the same principles and mechanisms as some FTL drives.
  • Precognition: The ability to perceive events in the future. Its energy expenditure becomes exceptionally higher the further into the future an individual attempts to look, with the information becoming more and more inaccurate as well, due to the numerous alternate timelines and possibilities. Requires a working understanding of temporal theory.
  • Postcognition: The ability to perceive events in the past. Like with precognition, its energy expenditure becomes exceptionally higher the further into the past an individual attempts to look, with the information becoming more and more inaccurate as well, due to the numerous alternate timelines of the past. Requires a working understanding of temporal theory.
  • Psi-Shield: The ability to defend oneself from physical or mental harm. Though physical defense is a sister ability to telekinesis, defending against energy based attacks is a sister ability of pyrokinesis, and in addition, both require the ability to not only understand, but also to perceive these attacks. As a result, the vast majority of novice and even some intermediate psikers have an easier time protecting against physical attacks, but are often unable to guard against directed energy weapons, leading to them being the anti-psiker weapons of choice. Defense against psionic attacks center on an individual's ability to nullify, counter or mitigate outside psionic activity that is directly threatening, and in addition, to also guard one's mind from assault as well.
  • Psi-Healing: The ability to manipulate living tissue and heal injuries. A distant cousin of telekinesis, individuals must manipulate wounds and the surrounding flesh, but due to varying levels of aptitude, have varying results. The ability to perceive and understand an individual's biology down to a near-cellular level is necessary, with the addition of surgical and biological knowledge being ideal. Novices with limited understanding and perception may only be able to create crude scar tissue over wounds to seal them as they directly manipulate the tissue at cellular or near cellular levels. However, more experienced and capable individuals may bind damaged deep tissue together so that they may heal more ideally, or stop bleeding arteries and the like. The most experienced and capable however, may pool together their collective psionic power and knowledge to actively repair tissue on a cellular level and further supplement this by using their own or the wounded individual's own energy to accelerate the healing process.
  • Phase Shift:

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