Bhelith Arleigh

Bhelith “Blackspear” Arleigh, Duchess of Kowloon is an The Second Children originally from Liang (Tai Pan). She is the emplaced ruler of the Solarity of Kowloon, and rules the country with a black-ironed fist, keeping the disparate planets together through force of personality more than sheer politics.

Bhelith tu Andelles Arleigh
Bhelith Blackspear, artwork by Nicoy
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Born: 2884
Age: 136 1)
Affiliation: Solarity of Kowloon
Occupation: Warmaster
Rank: Duchess
House Emblem
  • Height: 6' 2” (cm)
  • Weight: 160lbs (kg)
  • Appearance: Bhelith is dark skinned of a 'nut brown' colour, with long raven hair that curls gently, her face is set with a pair of golden eyes that reflect the light like a pair of twin suns. On her forehead rests a square cut emerald jewel embedded into her flesh and bone.

Her body is that of a practiced warrior, heavier at the shoulders and strong around her waist and thighs. Defying the ethereal grace of her kind, her lithe beauty is more akin to that of a hunting cat's.

  • Personality: Bheliths thoughts are often of the past, of the old days and the old ways. While she is more open the change than many elves, she still clings to whatever culture survived the wars and tries to preserve it in any way she can. Conflicted with the knowledge they need to adapt to survive. She's a very direct thinker and always goes for the most direct solution to a problem.
  • Disposition: Bhelith's personality holds a country together, and she makes sure it's fierce and above reproach, dominating a room with her presence and making sure it bends to her wishes. She speaks softly with her deep voice to reach others calmly, casually, controlled. A voice to make people want to listen.

Bhelith has few known living blood relatives other than her own daughter, and her house is considered to be quite small. Instead she has adopted a number of daughters into her house instead to raise its political capability.

Important Relationships

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Bhelith claims she was raised in the priestess class of Liangi society, raised in ceremony and religious ritural and cycles. She only rose to prominence during the third Insurrection War, where she fought as knight under one of the major warlords until the Insurrection was defeated where she became famous for downing a Taianese starcruiser with a specially crafted and deeply enchanted black spear, giving her the name Blackspear.

She fled Liang after the third war to wander the sector, finding herself on Shara where she trained among the gartagans for years until the fourth Insurrection War called her back. Captured in battle, she was sentenced to execution as the Taianese desperately lashed out to end the wars once and for all. However, she was pulled from the cells and brought before the Emperor. nothing is written of what happened next, but afterwards Bhelith has never been seen without her forehead emerald and with the diadem of the newly formed nation of Kowloon on her head.

Bhelith forged a country from nothing with the very loose backing from Tai Pan, shoring up the survivors of the Wangdaio Colonies collapse and the elvish nations together to create the Solarity and keeping it together through her sheer force of will. Bhelith was heralded as a hero, a savior, a protector of elfkind, and a master strategist that would overthrow the yoke of Taianese oppression.

And then she died. In a cave. With many of her attendants around her. Perhaps Bhelith had not been all the things that were written about her, but one thing was true. Bhelith was the Solarity, its beating heart, and without her the whole country would collapse. Therefore, Bhelith had to come back to life, and the new Bhelith has some big shoes to fill.

Bhelith Arleigh has the following personal effects. These are items of value or personal importance to them, rather than general consumption.

  • White-Gold Rose - A family heirloom and hair-piece.
  • Large Crescent Moon of Beating.
  • Heavily modified suit of Tianshi power armor.

OOC Notes

Originally created by Mike, now mostly controlled by Jimmy. Bhelith is free to appear in any thread featuring the Solarity.

  • Bhelith Arleigh, still from A Song of Asteria comic, art by Nicoy.
  • Bhelith Arleigh, art by Farisato

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