Welcome to Shattered Universe!

Please excuse our dust as we are still in the process of building our setting!

We are a community of writers and artists that are focused on making an original enjoyable collaborative roleplaying experience in the science - fantasy genre.

Science- Fantasy genre as defined by Wikipedia:
A science fantasy is a cross-genre within the umbrella of speculative fiction which simultaneously draws upon and/or combines tropes and elements from both science fiction and fantasy. It also sometimes incorporates elements of horror fiction.

This means that you can have a classic magic user in the same story as someone with a laser gun on a spaceship. We define magic in this setting as higher end technology that is still beyond the comprehension of the species within the setting. This is a best of both worlds scenario where newer worlds with regular magic users can exist alongside a more technologically advanced race and still be able to defend themselves. For instance: a Shield Spell stopping bullets and lasers. The only limit to what you can create is your own imagination.

Roleplay happens as either:

  • Play by post on the forums where people respond to one another.
  • Joint post where roleplay occurs on a chat program or a collaborative writing pad.

Since we are a collaborative roleplaying community this means that game play happens in text format and there are no physical stats to track on your character sheet nor are there any dice rolls to determine failure and success of actions. All posts should be written in past tense and third person.

  • IC: Denotes In Character posts which facilitates roleplay.
  • OOC: Out of Character - posts which facilitate planning, coordination or out of character commentary of roleplay.

Any questions about joining a plot should be directed in a OOC post in an OOC thread or coordinated by Private Message on the forums or through the Channel Discord. All roleplay should be in IC posts on the forums!

GM and Players

  • Game Master - A person that is running a storyline (plot) for 1 or more players.
  • Player - A person that is writing in a plot.
  • Character - A point of view character controlled by a player.
  • Non-player character - A character meant to be a part of the setting to flesh out the world or to help advance the plot or develop a character.

Most scenarios are run by a Game Master that guides a story along a path who can moderate between player conflicts and between player and environment effects. Usually, GMs will decide how well a player succeeds by how well they write their post. If it is a simple interaction between players, actions tend to resolve more naturally as the writing progresses or the players can discuss an outcome as they are writing.

A group of colonists from Sol System, the Interstellar Alliance have dared to traverse across the Milky Way Galaxy for a frontier far beyond Earth's reach. Here, on the opposite side of the Milky way in the Spiral Sector, they have set their roots down, only to discover the worlds rife with beings both familiar and alien. The Second Children, whom the humans arrogantly insist on calling Elves, are waning, scattered across the worlds, abandoned by their gods, and in a precarious state despite their inexplicable ability to create miracles. Meanwhile, the Atraxians are threatening to spread across the sector like a disease. All is not lost however. Polite, honorable and proper, the Kishargal have set sail amongst the stars, but, are woefully behind in technology. However, there are the other fragments of humanity's legacy that had arrived long before. Once the manufactured slaves of Earth, these figments of the past had come to the Spiral Galaxy long before the human colonists and created The Empire of Tai Pan - genetically superior, they remember their past with humanity well, and not fondly.

Surrounded by many more potential friends and foes alike, the sector is on the verge of war.

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We use a variety of software for all the graphics we make of our own but otherwise our users commission artists to create artwork for them. We only use artwork: we create, get permission to use, that is gifted to us, or purchase/commission from an artist.

Some of the programs that we use are as follows 1) :

Listing these does not mean they give us money for advertising. :(
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