444 aka "Usually Smashes Once"
Featured Character: 444 (One Year Old)
Played By Uso, Play of the Month
Artwork by Lavalung

A long time ago1), some people were on a ship and they left some place to go to some other place. It didn't go where they wanted it to go because someone had messed with the ship or whatever.

A lot later2), but still long ago, the ship appeared out in space somewhere. They found a bunch of things like the float-turtles, feather-things, Hug-monsters, small-people, and a buncha others. Bunches and bunches. These other creatures had all sorts of ways to smash things too! The people on the ship weren't very good at smashing. Some of them even wear inflated bags all the time so they don't get sick and die from the air! They can die from AIR! They are so weak, you smash them just a little bit and they get all upset, take away your TV, and don't give you juice boxes. Its amazing they didn't get smashed right away by these other things! Anyways, that's why they made me 3). I'm the greatest. I can smash anything.

Its now, and the people that made me are getting all upset with these other people who are much better at smashing than they are. The blue guys with the weird legs who like it hot are angry too. The tall people with the cool hats? Angry. Little green ones that live in the jungle nearby? Angry. Big green and grey ones with all the muscles? Angry. I'mma get to smash them in their stupid faces soon… OH! And I'm gonna get one of those hats. Its going to be awesome!

You could try and make everyone less angry with one another, I hear the old people talking about that all the time… probably because they get smashed so easily. I'm just gonna smash stuff!

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2378 GSC
200 years later
444 is an Echoni, handle with caution.
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