Muk Skullcrusha

Muk Skullcrusha is a Atraxians of the Brain Bashas Clan from Atraxis IV (Atraxis). He is a character controlled by ArsenicJohn.

Muk Skullcrusha
Species: Atraxian
Gender: Asexual
Year of Birth: 6/25/2969
Age: 49
Height: 12'1”
Weight: 1000 lbs
Occupation: Mech Pilot
Rank: Mercenary
Current Placement: Black Forge

Muk is a menacing mass of dark green muscle. He has sharp teeth, some rotten and black, and two large tusks. His eyes glow red and the sclera is black. As an unusually old Atraxian, Muk has grown to a height that Traxlings envy. He is twice the size of the average humanoid. His left arm ends at the forearm where a primitive steel prosthetic ends with a crab-like metal pincer.

Atraxians aren’t known for their social skills and Muk is no exception. He has been known to be ruthless and quick-tempered. Many have dismissed Muk because of this, though they later came to regret it. The difference between Muk and other Atraxians is cunning. He has a natural aptitude for military tactics as well as the intelligence and willpower to adapt to change. This applies to his everyday interactions. He often plays to stereotypes to create advantages. Although crushing his enemies is his favorite hobby, one can’t fight all the time. When Muk isn’t crushing skulls he enjoys playing dice games, drinking alcohol, and feasting.

Muk escaped Atraxis many years ago. He eventually ended up on board the Star Traveler where he and his boys waited for a better opportunity. The second that the contract with Chuan expired, Muk jumped ship. For the next six months, he signed up with a mercenary company and fought in various small skirmishes. The company ended up taking a job on Vice. Unfortunately for the mercs, the job went south. Most of Muk’s boys died with the company. Muk survived, but his left hand was mangled. With his witch doctor dead, Muk turned to Braindaggah to fix his hand. His solution was to amputate and graft on a mechanical pincer. With his wallet growing thin Muk headed to the Kings Deck to find work.

Skills Learned

Muk has the following notable skills:
Intimidation +4
Tactics +3
Leadership (Atraxian) +3
Ranged Weapon Proficiency +3
Scavenging +2
Melee Weapon Proficiency +2
Mech Piloting +2
Mech Gunnery +2
Gambling +1
Armor Repair +1
Power Armor Operations +1
Interrogation +1

Muk is connected to:
Chuan Yates (Former Employer)
Gurk Godshreddah (”Father”/Rival) Deceased(?)
Rotbag (Deceased)
Braindaggah [Mech Engineering +1]

Muk has the following personal effects:
1 Big Choppa
1 Kustom Klaw
1 Kustom Shoota (BFG)
1 Kustom Eavy Arma
7 Bois
4 Traxling
1 Datapad
1 Atraxian Outback Outfit
1 Machete
Barbfang (Corgi/Husky mix)

In the case ArsenicJohn becomes inactive:

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