Green Thumb

Green Thumb is a dedicated marine with the Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion. Formally, she was a pilot with the Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion, though she was unable to keep up with her peers in terms of flight-combat abilities. This would lead to her moving to a support role as a marine. Her long history with Heram Wazu has shaped her career, leader her to accompany him on various operations and eventually end up as the leader of Green Squad.

Green Thumb is a character played by Uso.

Green Thumb
Species & Gender: Human female
Date of Birth: 2995 GSC
Organization: Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion
Occupation: Squad Leader
Rank: lieutenant
Current Placement: IAS Edward Deming
Call Sign: Green Thumb
Real Name: <redacted>
  • Height: 6'9“
  • Weight: 270 lb
  • Build: Amazonian
  • Skin Color: white/tan
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Reddish Brown


Green Thumb is best described as amazonian in nature. Tall, Strong, and a bit rough around the edges due to her preference not to wear shoes if at all possible.

She tends to use a carbon fiber dip to coat her toenails and the bottoms of her feet with high strength materials.

Professional Soldier, Part-time Gardener.

Green Thumb is a professional soldier for the most part: serious, reasonable, and straightforward.

She also tends to take a personal interest in people she meets, feeling compelled to help them in one way or another. This has made her a great candidate for a squad leader role focused on training newer recruits.

She also tends have a large number of potted plants with her as a hobby. This earned her the Call Sign 'Green Thumb' when she joined Green Squad.

Character Aspects

Slow and Steady

Green-Thumb is often takes some time to think about her situation before reacting. This results in her having rather slow reaction time, which led to numerous defeats in mock-fights during flight training with her classmates as she lacked the quick decision making of other pilots. This same careful action made her far more suited for work from the ground where her slower, more methodical pace, makes more sense for a squad leader role and she would find more success there.

Clipped Wings

A history of flight school and training in aircraft makes Green-Thumb a competent pilot, but only just barely. Despite her history with flight she is easily outclassed by more experienced, faster-thinking, pilots. She still enjoys flight, and has retained her call-sign much like the rest of the older members of Green-Squad.

Born in 2995, Green Thumb's family moved around often. This left her with few friends when growing up.

In 3013 Green Thumb would leave home to join the Foreign Legion, originally in the planetary aviation group. Though she progressed into an aviation unit, she would eventually wash out do to conflicts with her peers causing her to join the found forces.

It would take her several years to work her way up through the ranks and distinguish herself within the Marines enough to ear a promotion to squad leader. She would eventually find herself as the leader of Green Squad in 3015. Her ability to manage Heram Wazu, and the professionalism of her squad under most circumstances would result in her squad becoming the first choice for many delicate or difficult deployments.

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