Brigid "Peitho" Lilfaris

Brigid “Peitho” Lilfaris is a player character played by ArsenicJohn.

Brigid “Peitho” Lilfaris
Species & Gender: Yazata Female
Year of Birth: 2990 GSC
Organization: Empire of Tai Pan
Occupation: Auxiliary Soldier
Rank: Èrděng Bīng (二等兵)
Current Placement: The Gentle Breeze
Theme Songs
Don't Cha

Height: 5'7 1/2“ / 171.5 cm

Weight: 161 lbss / 73 kg

Measurements: 42-30-39 36F

Build and Skin Color: Although of average height, Brigid's curves and muscles make her stand out. Her skin is fair with small freckles dotting her skin here and there.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her round, deep-set eyes are a sparkling blue the color of the sky on a warm summer day. She has an oval face with high cheekbones dotted with a light dusting of freckles.

Hair Color and Style: Dark red shoulder-length waves, often pulled back into a loose ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: Her noticeable Yazata features are sharp fangs, black claw-tipped fingers, leathery black bat-like wings, pointed ears, and small black horns on her head. She has a crow tattoo on the back of her neck. She tends to favor a very human appearance with her Yazata features disguised. If she needs to fight or conserve mana, she reverts to full Yazata form.

Likes: Sex, strong men, intelligent women, archery, horses

Dislikes: Elves, weak men, slimy creatures, being rejected, Halifelism

Brigid “Peitho” Lilfaris was born in 2990 in Kunai no Machi.

Born between the Second and Third War of Secession to a bestial Atar and a feminine Ahura, she grew up as normal as any Ahura in Kunai no Machi. Following the tradition in her family, she was taught the Yazata equivalent of ninjutsu, focusing on espionage and seduction, similar to a kunoichi. Although the destruction of the Mana Node violently removed the Yazata from the pocket dimension, a growing population of the Yazata that had lived their entire lives on Liang saw it less as a cataclysm and more as liberation from the endless job of guiding the affairs of others. Brigid fell under the influence of these yazatas as a teenager.

She rejected Halifelism in its entirety, seeking to find her way alone. With her newfound freedom to be whoever she wanted, she refused to bow to any higher beings. Although she liked some of the Taianese philosophy of logic, she still enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. Desiring to see more of the world and decide who and what she wanted to be, she set out for Meili de baoshi to attempt to enlist in the Imperial Military.

Brigid was shocked to learn that even Second Class citizens with better than human genetics weren’t allowed. Since she couldn't join the military, she signed up with Azalea Company. With no actual combat experience, she was placed with the infantry. Her natural talent got her command of a small squad, and she fought in a few significant battles. Shortly after one of the most famous battles in Azalea's storied history, a strange Rooster woman came to her and offered her hope for becoming Second Class. Brigid was still not sure if she wanted to be. She realized that she would never get another chance like this, so she reluctantly accepted the offer.

Now she's on a strange planet called Gygaxia with dragons and zombies, working with an angel, a former Valkyrie, a couple of human girls, two tall Jongwu, another Yazata, and an airheaded blue priestess.

Brigid is able to cast the following spells with varying degrees of proficiency.


  • Dark Vision
  • Shapeshift
  • Fire
  • Magic Shield
  • Sense Magic
  • Blasphemy

Learned Magic

  • Charm
  • Glamour
  • Sleep's Touch
  • Dream Weave
  • Tantric Energy
  • Cure
  • Draining Kiss
  • Magic Resistance
  • Regeneration

Brigid “Peitho” Lilfaris has the following:

Several pairs of tight-fitting clothes
Some other stuff

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