Aleksasha Whitemeadow

Aleksasha Bloodtree is a character controlled by GM Kim. She first appeared in Knights of Kowloon: Ch 1, Episode 16- The Battle of Kirikuu Ranch and is actively involved in the The Song of Whitemeadow.

Aleksasha Bloodtree Whitemeadow
Purchased by Tony from artist Kittew and gifted to Kim
Real Name Beriadanwen Agranorn
Species & Gender Elf, Female
Date of Birth 1/ 1/2948 GSC
Organization: Meadow Wing Forces
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: Peer (Knight Commander)
Current Placement: The Song of Whitemeadow
Personal Blazon
  • Hair: Long red hair that falls to her ankles, partly braided at the crown.
  • Eyes: Light green
  • Skin: Sun-kissed tan.
  • Height: 5'10“
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Body Measurements: 36-30-43
  • Bra: 32C

She was only a few inches shorter than the Taianese and was a rich contrast to the younger, Aniseth. Her form was full of rich colors, her copper hair fell past her knees in a silken curtain pulled out of her face and behind long sun-kissed ears by a braided crown. Pale jade eyes thoughtfully appraised them for a moment, taking a full measure of the man. Her full lips pressed together for a moment before drawing back into a charming smile at Isao.

Aleksasha's footsteps were light against the bridge's deck plate as she approached and her hips swayed with graceful showing of smooth, unblemished thigh to delicately slippered toes from the high slits in the the rich emerald silk gown as she walked towards them. The corseted bodice of her gown was delicately embroidered with leaves and accentuated her narrow waist, wide hips and ample bust.

Only the intricate brown leather gauntlets she wore gave a hint of who she might be, they bore the embossed symbol of a golden winged creature with bat-like wings, two powerful taloned feet and a serpent's body. If she was armed, it was not readily apparent in the smooth contours of the silk dress that adorned her body. Aniseth fixed her with a familiar, but somewhat rueful smile, perhaps lingering a bit overly long on her clothing. In the end, Aniseth looked back to the Knight, and did not say anything to interrupt, to modify, or to prevent her appearance and introduction.

When she was closer, the delicate clean scent of her perfume caressed their noses, reminscent of being caught standing in the middle of a meadow of wild flowers on a rainy, spring day.

Voice Sample: Ayako Kawasumi
Theme Song: We meet in dreams -Chris Haigh

Personality: Mysterious, aloof, seductive, and at times, incredibly contrary- it's hard to pin down what Aleksasha is actually thinking. She is professional in how she conducts her business and is not known to get romantically or sexually involved with the people she works with. She considers the men in her Free Company family and values their lives and needs over her own desires, willing to do anything for them. She abhors Elven traditions but is still bound by a strong sense of duty and honor.

“You've got an ugly soul.”

“No one that makes their path war has a pretty soul, Seth. I could have come in here without you knowing but I didn't. I could do a great many things but I don't because I see a great future for you beyond your safety of a gated city, of pretty finery, of dated traditions that are effectively killing our race. Our lives are so long! Why tie down to one partner when it's so difficult for us to conceive with our own kind? Why should we let our future die? Why should we stay locked away and lose everything if another outbreak occurs?”

“Because that is how the Gods designed us,” retorted Aniseth, who had decided to rub off the rest of his makeup. To his credit, or perhaps the credit of his parents, he was a rather beautiful child even without it, but he had clearly spent some time anyway. “And we are not staying locked up. Not anymore. I left Zaria because I…”

“The Gods left our planet and went elsewhere. We should've followed them sooner. We should have left Zaria before the Plague took out most of our people. Then we wouldn't need to trick people into bearing children, 31 years later.” Her anger as firmly placed against the situation more than Aniseth himself. “I do not want to waste away in some gilded cage, unable to experience flight because tradition and the Gods, who abandoned us, said so. My mother died in the plague, most of my clan died. I am one of the few left.”

Father: Theodas Agranorn (deceased)
Daughter: Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree
Daughter: Liruliniel Whitemeadow (Triplet - 20 in Redfall)
Son: Markos Whitemeadow (Triplet - 20 in Redfall)
Son: Andris Whitemeadow (Triplet - 20 in Redfall)
Daughter: Anastasyia Whitemeadow (15 in Redfall)
Husband: Aniseth Whitemeadow
Husband: Makarios Petrora (deceased)
Best Friend: Turold Mathias

Aleksasha doesn't talk much about her childhood on Liang in Red Grove. She left as soon as she was able and started talking odd jobs all over the sector falling into line with mercenary work, namely assassinations and bounty hunting. In the course of her wanderings, she fell in love with an married a human man, Makarios Petrora and had her daughter, Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree in year, a year after her husband was brutally killed during a mission. She left Lukina with her father in Red Grove unable to take the reminder of her lost love.

When Lukina was old enough, she reclaimed her daughter and brought her on missions, furthering her daughter's mercenary training and incorporating her into her mercenary band co-lead by her friend Turold Mathias. By year, Aleksasha was able to form a fairly stable mercenary group into the Wyvern Free Company and was chartered by Bhelith of House Arleigh to accompany Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow to Heled to protect the colonists and train up the House of Whitemeadow Militia forces until a military force could be gathered.

“As a Bloodtree, we train in the elements with little clothing. Our shame is beaten from us with every cut. If you are embarrassed, you cannot fight and nudity is how most enemies tear away your humanity. We have to fight regardless of what is going on. You have to enjoy the moments when there isn't a battle, when death seems a distant nightmare.”

“You're inelven,” he declared miserably, leaning on his knees again.

“No. My clan is just different from yours. It doesn't make me or you wrong. It just means that I am less likely to see my gray years when I am unable to go further in my craft and I start to seek the end of my life. The stars have so much to offer than that gated city, those elven forests of safety. You can learn the value of living in the dirty hell of a blood torn battlefield,” The eleven knight continued. “We are honest though our hands are covered in blood and our faces in dirt.”

Shortly after being assigned to mentor Aniseth, she found herself betrothed to the young Lord and raged against it, teasing the man for a few days and seduced the knight, Sutauto Isao, that was to lead the House of Whitemeadow's militia. In an attempt to reconcile with Aniseth for lashing out at him, Aleksasha ended up giving a Blood Oath to execute her order to marry him and be faithful to him. She played a part in the later duel between Aniseth and Isao, providing Aniseth with the training to fire the Vekimen pistols he wanted to use to reclaim his honor.

“Will an oath on your family be the only thing that binds your black heart? Is that all I can expect out of you, for now and forever? Misery and duty?”

“You invoked duty when I had offered friendship and compromise, I am not a stagnant pool, I can promise nothing of what the tide will bring of the future. But you said you could not trust me by my words since my actions confuse you. My family oaths are something that you do understand and trust,” she replied as she reached behind her back to find the ties of her tunic.

He stared at her. He had the look of a man who had attempted to find his way out of a hole using the shovel instead of the ladder, but who hadn't exactly quite figured out the precise way to put it down that wouldn't make his situation worse. The ladder was also still several more feet up.

The tie and the knot worked free easily as the green leather fell away, leaving her bare save for her boots, sword belt and her gauntlets. She looked at Aniseth expectantly. “I have nothing to hide from you, my Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow. If it is your will that I will only be yours and be your betrothed, then it shall be that way until you free me from my oath.” She pulled her sword from its sheath and cut the palm of her hand. She offered the bloodied hand to him to take, as some part of an archaic ritual oath.

And he couldn't refuse it.

He didn't have a sword. Instead, wooden, as though caught up in the strings of some puppet show that had been bred into all elves, everywhere, since the dawn of their making, he found the awl that rested on the table behind him. Though his hands were a little calloused, they were still soft enough to prick with the sharp object of his ancestors. He winced, and didn't look at it, though in the end he managed it without butchering himself too badly. He set the awl back on the table, and then reached out to clasp Aleksasha's bloody hand. She was naked and it was hard to look at her, for him, for a traditional elf of traditional perception, but he did it.

“I accept your oath,” he said softly, “And return it to you in faith. If you will have me as yours, and your betrothed, I will be yours faithfully, until you free me of the oath, and I shall love you and no other, and should you choose, I shall keep faith with you as my wife from then, until the end of days, and the last star's dying.”
  1. Knights of Kowloon Ch 1 Episode 16: Battle of Kirikii Ranch- The Azalea Free Company and the Black Army Clash. (Aleksasha cameo)
  2. Song of Whitemeadow 1: Song of Love and Politics - The Deluge launches from Piyapon an takes on its crew. Aniseth mets his retainer, Isao. Cultures clash, drama ensues.
  3. Song of Whitemeadow Aside 1: A red tree in a white meadow - Pt 1 Occurs after the Battle of Kirikuu ranch, Pt 2 occurs after the first night in the Song of Love and Politics and Pt 3 occurs many years before the Song of Whitemeadow
  4. Song of Whitemeadow Aside 3: A Song of a Mother for her Daughter- Lord du Rochon comes to Heled to tutor Aniseth in the ways of war and has a heart to heart with Aleksasha.
  5. Song of Whitemeadow 3: Here we go a viking.- Aniseth decides on Isao's fate.
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  8. Song of Whitemeadow 4: Song of War's Rising - The Whitemeadow manor is on fire, Lord Aniseth feared dead/captured and Aleksasha is under suspicion as she tries to recover her husband.

Aleksasha was originally a NPC created by Kim on 2017/10/22 22:54 that became a full player character.
Artwork purchased by tony from artist Kittew and gifted to Kim.
Green Dress artwork by Farisato.

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