Club Noise and a Mission

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Club Noise and a Mission

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The club was loud. Sura had never actually had the opportunity to go to a club. But here at Gemini Colony, it was a noted den of drugs, and party. Wealthy people came to this unaffiliated colony to unwind and take part in the colony city's famed night life.

Scantly clad women of all races were on the dance floor moving their bodies to the thump of the thunderous bass. Hopeful men, Human and otherwise joined them, or hung out on the wall hoping to have a chance to speak with one and get some idle flirting. Sura thus far was highly intimidated by all of this.

Most of the club patrons were far older than she was, and if not certainly more experienced and used to this crowded environment. To make matters worse Sura found she was the only Gartagen women in the club, and this only added to her anxiety. She looked down and saw the royal blue skin on her legs. "My dress is too short."

She checked her personal data assistant, and noted that Stoat had not sent her a personal message. He frowned. "He must be lifting."

It was then a drunk Human man sauntered up to Sura. "Heeeey girly, mind if I buy you a drink?"

Sura shifted to a defensive stance, with her hand on her hip. "Not really..."

The young man pressed forward invading her space. "Come on, just one drink!"

Somehow, Aiyana got goaded, bribed, or what have you into a club. She was not wholly sure this was the best place for her but she should try to relax- somehow. The elf was wearing a mid thigh length skirt as well as a black halter top, her long hair just hanging in a near french braid. Aiyana looked good but felt odd at the same time.

Glancing around, she noticed Sura being chatted at by some hopeful dude and it made her laugh a little and shake her head. Since she wasn't dancing yet, the elf went and got two drinks and then walked over, "I got our drinks." Aiyana said, slipping between the two with a brow raised at what was happening.

The thrumming beat of electronica stung Sheba's mind. Synapses started to fire, sensations began to flare. Pupils began to dilate. Body temperature began to rise. Heart rate slowed, yet blood pressure rose. A boiling began just beneath the skin.

"I told you, it's the good stuff." A swarthy Elf smiled, as he leaned forward from his perch on the wall, his fluorescent clothing nearly glowing in the dark.

Sheba let the remainder of the blue smoke leave through their nose. A slow nod is given, as their eyes turn to the club's dance chamber. The half lighting of this corner of the club served the two's purposes well. They let their eyes settle upon the elf, as they blankly stared at him, neurons misfiring as electrical connections within the brain lit up brighter than the strobes in the club itself.

A brief glimpse of the future. Each pulse of the strobe lights painting a distinct image. That same smiling Elf laying bloodied, body twisted in a gutter. His body's expiration date was coming up, and fast.

Sheba raised two fingers, plucking counterfeit credits from the chest of their latex dress, tipping it in the Elf's direction. The smile widened. The smile was returned, by Sheba's purple-- Now stained blue lips. Three cyan-colored plastic inhalers were passed to them, which would be immediately tucked away into the purse at Sheba's hip.

"Come again~!" Mewled the club-going Elf, as Sheba made their way to the bar. They only offered him a wave, back facing him. And that... Was when they passed Sura.

Some upstart human hoping to... Fraternize, aggressively. Sheba's dilated eyes stare for a moment. A ring on the man's hand. A vision of... Illicit love, in the bathroom, painting itself like stains in on the lights themselves. The mental aftertaste of a EXCEL high was always... Subject to the liquid lizard primalism in one's brain. So instead, they decided to do something that truly marked their soul as a motherless creation.

They slipped behind the man's back, hand slipping up his chest. Long-nailed fingers dug into his pecs as they murmured, just loud enough, "... Would be a real shame if your... Partner knew what you were doing to other women. Maybe you should... Gird your loins elsewhere, mayfly." Sheba's mouth mere inches from his earlobe.

Sura took the drink, and her talon like claws gingerly clasped the stem of the glass. She had no idea what it was. Sura sipped the beverage and wrinkled her nose. "What is this? Something the elf people like? Its rather...putrid...." She said taking another deeper sip.

The man stepped forward, leering at Aiyana now. "Oh, I like older women too! I--" It was then that he was interrupted by Sheba touching his chest. The young man visibly tensed up at Sheba's venomous approach. "I have three wives." The man said softly." He turned to Sheba. "I'm looking for a fourth, maybe." He said, not really shrugging off Sheba, but implying something else.

"I...know a better party if you three lovelies are interested...?"

"Its just wine, nothing fancy." Aiyana told Sura with a little chuckle and roll of her eyes before stepping around her to just get away from the man.

At being called older, she just rubbed the bridge of her nose and shook her head, "Boy, you are not worth my time or energy." The elf said with a groan before taking a sip of her drink. She noticed someone else though creep up on the man and that just made her chuckle a bit.

"You have three wives...why would you want more? From the looks, you're looking to lose bits of yah if you keep this up." The elf said simply as she took another sip of her wine- now she understood why she didn'tgo out much, men were grabby. "I am going to give you a hard no, your too young for me." Aiyana said simply as her body did start to sway to the beat.

Sheba would keep behind the man, as the bassline of the musci throbbed in the club. Their thoughts rushed for a quick moment, an opportunity to make credits: And not just counterfeit! Sheba's heavily made-up eyes half lidded, however, the moment the Human made it known that he had multiple wives.

Leave it for Sheba to find the one ultra-progressive Human the moment they find easy blackmail. C'est la vie.

Their black-painted nails softly dig in against the man's chest, before they peer from behind his shoulder. The Human's novelty was slowly wearing off, and there were more interesting people in front of them: Though they were women, it seemed.

Sheba's hand slowly dragged down the man's chest, nails lightly raking across his sternum.

"Three? Marriage?" Sheba said, in playful aghast. Eyes rolling, they considered the concept of marriage. And worst? They considered the concept of monogamy. Humans were some form of masochists and sadists, "Big numbers for a coupling, Lumberfoot. Woefully small, for experience."

Attention turning to the two more interesting figures in the room, Sheba gave a smile. From behind the man, it was noticeable that their eyes were rolling, and they held a finger-gun to the side of their head. Clearly, they enjoyed this man's company to death! "What brings you two around here? Usually the only kinds I see around these parts are sad mayflies, like our friend here."

They sniff at the man's collar, for a moment, before letting a hot breath down the side of his shoulder. Their nose wrinkles, "Surely you've got a more interesting story than, ah... Trying to make a stone bleed."

At this point, they were having fun poking the man's ego. Almost like a challenge.

The situation was rather different for Sura. Gartagens were noted for being a very physical people. Sura her self recognized this physical expression of her feelings and sexuality than vocalizing it. She did this touchy feely intimacy with big Stoat, who at first seemed confused, then adapted to it. This elf man seemed right at home groping the human.

The human man sported goose skin at Sheba's flirtatiousness, and matched it by proceeding to return the favor by groping on Sheba's hip.

Sura looked at Aiyana. "Humans and elves are not that much different. Do the men commonly get romantic with each other?"

"Uh...well...I came to observe xeno-relationships and mating rituals." Sura said answering Sheba's question.

Aiyana did her best to avoid situations that would lead to her being backed into awkward corners or weird ones, this one was turning into a weird one but honestly also a bit humorous because of the new person.

The elf sipped her wine and the looked at Sura, "Men can be with men and so can women with women or a mix of men and women together from what I've heard. Physically elves are better built than humans though." She said, taking a slight jab at the human male.

"I was told I should learn to relax and have fun in settings like this." Aiyana said honestly. it was the truth, she would rather stay inside with a book or meditate or in the med bay but she somehow got swindled into coming here.

The music was good but the surprising male company was a little annoying but a mischievous glint filled her eyes as she lifted her glass over her lips, "Sura...I can make him drop without touching him...if you want." Aiyana said a bit impishly before taking a sip of her wine and then looking at the other one, "What brings you here then?"

A slow roll of the eyes is given. Sheba was rapidly losing interest in the larger man groping at their hip. They quirk their painted lips to the side, as Sura started speaking. 'Men'? Surely she wasn't speaking on behalf of Sheba, whose face was painted and their body dressed in such a way. A brief shift of the brows is given.

For a brief moment, Sheba's paranoia skyrocketed. Maybe it was a slip that she had their file. For a long while, Sheba's amber eyes stared daggers into Sura.

The strobing lights brought on a headache. Sheba's initial aftertaste high was waning, as the honeymoon phase of the drug reached its conclusion. While they were still under the influence, the initial bloom of sensory stimulation had bled out. The world wasn't as colorful as it was, despite the lights of the club making sure to try and contest that idea.

A hand slid along the man's wrist, inviting it beneath their skirt. In truth... This was to placate him, for a moment. If guns were about to be drawn, they'd at least have a human shield.

"Elves?" Queried Sheba. Pointed ears sticking out from their raven black hair. A brief smile crossed their lips, "I don't believe I'm an 'elf'." Clearly, they were teasing, the lilt in their voice was comical.

Sura tilted her head at Sheba. "You smell like man. And something else." She remarked with a soft nod. Gartagens had a very acute sense of smell. It was something the species had noted that their sense of smell was far superior to that of most other sentient species, and often an advantage. Sura smiled. "Nah...we are here for a reason."

Blair stared down at the crowd. It was far too loud, too crowded. Her glowing tattoos and spots pulsed in rhythm to the bass of the music. She squinted her gold eyes as she searched for the much shorter women of the Chimera. She spotted them at the bar. Her brother had convinced her to adorn herself in club attire but compromised on form fitting black leggings and boots with a halter top. Her wavy cyan hair was wrangled up into a ponytail.

Ilya stood beside his sister and grinned. "It's not that bad!" He shouted over the din. His tail grasped hers for the briefest of moments as he grabbed her hand. "It'll be faster to dance over there," his golden eyes glowed mischievously. "Besides, I doubt anything here on tap will be strong enough!" His attire was more standard Taianese low fashion that favored the sleek silhouettes of the upper classes- black slacks, boots, with an open gold button down shirt. His brief flashes of chocolate brown skin were heavily accented with glowing cyan tattooed lines and a scattering of glowing gold freckles. His cyan hair was loose between his straight horns.

Reluctantly, Blair accepted her brother's hand and they half danced, half dodged through the crowd to get to the bar. Both uninterested in the offerings of the crowd.

The little man eyed up Sura, AIyana, and Sheba. He then essentially performed an Irish exit, and inched his way out of the group as they began talking amongst them selves. Sura sipped her drink again and her PDA started going off. She sucked in some air in frustration. AIyana caught a glimpse of what was happening. It was "Stoat <3"




Sura shook her head. She smiled at Sheba. "Well, thank you for the rescue, but me and my friend are meeting up with other friends...there they are. Aiyana, tell the twins we are ready for the lead."

A thin smile crossed Sheba's lips as they goosed the passing man's arse. A roll of the shoulders is given, as the half-elf slips back. Sheba did, at this point in time, take a sniff of their body for a moment, as though trying to sense whatever the woman smelled. Not having her sense of smell however, the attempt was largely fruitless. Sheba could only smell cheap perfume and trace amounts of... That inhalant.

Sheba simply gives a slow shrug, once the woman professed her thanks over the rescue. They didn't bother trying to interject with the idea that they were, in fact, high as balls, and did that more out of personal humor than anything nearly as altruistic.

"No problem." Was all that was offered. Why bother to ruin the nice implication with an ugly truth? That's not as fun as letting things saturate in the 'story' of it all.

Amber eyes glance to the side, as they til their head. Letting out a breath, their gaze settles on the doors to the restroom nearby, "Unless there's something you lot need... I think I need to go powder my nose a bit."

Ilya smiled as they sashayed to a halt beside their friends. He gave the man a strange look and shrugged. "There you ladies are! I'm surprised you're not out there dancing."

Blair rolled her glowing eyes and wrinkled her nose. "If you all are quite done with dealing with drunks, we have the info we need to pay the bills." She settled with her back to the bar and kept her gaze fixed on all the people between her and the exit. "We took longer because Ilya was trying to talk Stoat out to get more protein powder and visit a heavier duty gym."

Ilya chuckled with a flush of gold intensifying against the dark brown of his cheeks, "It's not like that... I mean, the gym has better prospects is all."

Sheba's ears rang with the words Ilya had spoken to the two new strangers. 'Pay the Bills." His precognitive abilities were seemingly triggered. It was a brief flicker of a possibility into his near future. It was him self purchasing large quantity of narcotics. What ever the future held for him, these people lead him to a path of indulgence in his habit.

Aiyana just gave a smile at Sheba, “No, I don’t think you are as well but I was meaning this…man wasn’t. He wouldn’t have the stamina needed for an elf anyways.” She said, letting the little bit of alcohol sway her words a bit as she teased and poked fun at the human male.

When the man finally left, she just laughed and shook her head some as she downed her wine before glancing over at the PDA in Sura’s hand and all but laughed again, it was Sura’s boyfriend.

After a moment she looked at Sura and nodded, “Sure, I can do that. Tell him to not chug too many protein drinks, they’ll go straight to his head.” Aiyana said chuckling as she teased the two of them- well one at the moment before she went off in the direction she had been pointed to for the Twins.

It would take the elf a few moments, slipping around people and slapping away a hand or two that tried to catch a quick feel- nope, she was not in that mood, for sure, to be groped by men or women at the moment. As she made it to the Twins, "Oh, we're done just wanted to poke a little fun at him though, where's the harm in that?" Aiyana said with a small shrug before groaning at the mention of gyms and working out- what was wrong with good ol' fashion yoga? Why did everything have to be about protein powders that tasted like someone ground up chalk,"Either way, let's find a more...calm area to talk, shall we?" The elf ask Sura and the Twins, her body still swaying a bit to the music.

As Sheba turned about face, their eyes started to twitch. It was as though their retinas were lightly vibrating the aqueous humor. Synapses began to align, connections were beginning to form in a beautiful pattern that created an image. They paused in their tracks, and for a moment, their gaze had a bit of a hazy texture to it.

Sheba was a creature of habit, of vice, and of nonsense chaotic impulse.

Glancing to the side, they returned their gaze to the group. Eyes slowly blinking, they catch the tail end of the statements made their direction. Brows furrowing, they rest their hand against their hip before they slowly blink, very quickly regaining their bearings. A quantity of the Good Stuff of that caliber was... A temptation that they could not resist.

"Though..." Sheba began, amber eyes glinting over towards Aiyana. A slow cant of the head is given, as they knit their painted lips to the side, a single hand reaching into their dress's slit, before pulling out a datapad, "I think I'll hang out with you lot. Something tells me that creep won't be happy slinking in the corner for the rest of the night."

Blair puffed out her cheeks in response to Sheba's comment, "Most aren't. They don't like being told no. A bullet between the eyes is usually easier to express your disinterest," she mused.

"It's against regulations to do that," Ilya scoffed as he rolled his eyes at his twin. He shifted his gaze back to Aiyana, "Yeah, I we found a private room down the hallway where we can go.Had to convince the guy to reserve it for us," he sighed. "No rest for the wicked, is the saying, right? I'm no good with Earth expressions."

Blair continued the line of thought, "These people are boring. The other things are far more interesting. Let's get to it and be done with... this," she gestured to the club. Her tail flicked in disgust, punctuating her statement. "Sura, it's for Alastor."

The DJ changed over. The genre that followed was the same, electronica with a heavy base, but the quality had changed a little. It didn't hit quite the same way. Some of the ephemeral quality, the blood-burning quality, had dissipated with the new mix, leaving just the noise and the sound and the volume as a reminder.

Before it could stand much investigation though, the reason for the shift slipped up behind Sura and hugged her with an overflowing enthusiasm.

"Sura! I thought it was you. I was going to find you in Port, but this works too I guess."

The half elf let her go and stepped back, which gave the others a good look at her. Short black hair showed the silver rings in her ears in the flashy lights; long bangs hung like a taunt over dark-rimmed green eyes, and a whole blush of freckles matched the dark lip gloss.

Her outfit screamed punk - fishnets and shorts and hardcore combat boots, all of it black, and over that, an open sleeveless robe thrown back over her shoulders, magical symbology dimly glowing in the neon. The public declaration of what she was - a mage. The metal staff in her other hand told what type; the Song. She had been using it on stage as an impromptu prop, but based on the comparison, the previous overlay to the current, it had probably had something to do with the club's mood.

She slipped into the chair on the other side of Sura and waved for a drink.

"Heading out?" she asked, loud over the music. "Bronzi around too? These part of your crew?"

Sura smiled at what she could only describe as her "Katta." Or sister. She shook her head no, and then no again. "Dad is back at the ship. We are here on business." She said in an effort to speak over the music.

It was when Blair mentioned Alastor that Sure switched her attention. "The Bounty Hunting society? I don't understand, why are they being so....why would they ask us out here...Unless it was worth alot...Whats the price tag? What's the job?"

Ilya replied to Sura, "Not here. Let's get to the room so we don't have to tell, it's a big pot." He started pushing through the crowd again, waiting a moment as he lead the way to the private room they had reserved. His golden eyes searching the crowd for someone. He shook his head as he waited.

Blair offered a thin smile to Sura, "We're members," she yelled back. "Drag your friend with you if you please." Her tail flicked as she followed after her twin, eager to get away from the crowded dance floor.

Aiyana would give a nod to that, “Perfect, less noise at least and we won’t have to shout to hear each other.” she said with a nod. It was rather interesting and a little funny listening to the twins, the elf nodding some, “That one I even know- its a good one I‌ think. Though I think it depends on your definition of wicked.” Aiyana mused over as she would follow the duo.

The elf was surprised, not poorly so, at seeing another elf but if Sura knew them, she figured they had to at least be decent to a good person.

The questions made Aiyana look around some, just to make sure no one was listening in on them in the club before nodding, “Let me grab another drink.” She told them as she would slip off to the bar and get another glass of red wine before easily catching up with the group.

Aiyana did manage to get right back at the tail end of what one of the twins said about being a member of a bounty hunting group- That made her raise an eyebrow but she wouldn’t ask anything as the elf sipped her wine and followed off to the back room. When they did manage to get into the private room, Aiyana would find a chair or couch- something- to sit on and pull off the god awful heels she was wearing, “So…what’s going on then? And why here of all places to meet?”

Ilya led the way with Blair sheparding them forward through the crowd from the dance floor and into a less crowded hallway. Ilya took a moment and scanned the hall before veering left and heading up a hidden stairwell. The lights were dim and the hallway stank of stale beer and dirty mop water. The golden spots on his tail glowed calmly as it waved behind him, acting as a little flag for the others to follow.

Ilya took another left and pushed a red door open to reveal a cleanish room with black walls and garish red furniture under a silver disco ball. A large screen sat on the left wall and a series of five wireless microphones sat on a large smooth red table in the middle of a large red vinyl booth. The din of the thumping music had dulled to the thunder of the bass downstairs through the floor. The room smelled of stale cigarette smoke mingled with floral air freshener.

"Ah yes, now we can talk. Please sit, this room will provide us some privacy. We can order drinks or food up if the stench haven't put you off," Ilya offered. Blair sent a message to the other members of the crew to join them in this room to get the mission briefing.

Vitalia picked up the control for the karaoke, which seemed to serve as the call for the lower staff members as well. She ordered chips. Afterwards, she stood up beneath the disco ball, and reached up with the head of her staff, tapping it. Tink. Tink.


The sound gradually muffled, the din below having gone almost completely and eerily quiet, until she was satisfied, and then she sat down again and propped her heeled boots up.

"I can't do anything about the smell, though," she apologized to Ilya.

The thrumming bass was beginning to slam itself into Sheba's frontal lobes. It was like a cat being trapped within a box, the hyper-stimulation sending their mind into a temporary frenzy. For just the briefest of moments, Sheba's body operated much like a machine of flesh, following along with the group, with pupils beyond dilated.

Terms were being thrown around in the group. Mentions of bounties, parents. The smell of stale sweat was beginning to make itself known upon Sheba's senses. Suddenly... The dance floor went from a beautiful mash of thrumming life to a cesspool of a disgusting broth.

A two-finger salute was given in the direction of the permissive party that allowed them to follow. Though Sheba didn't give a damn if the pestering man followed them, it was a good way to assure some level of... Connection, at least for the time. A smile crossed their lips, as they crossed the threshold and into the room itself.

The distant smell of smoke. It was almost nostalgic. It brought back fond childhood memories... Like almost having a stroke from pushing their PSI usage.

Finding a decent wall to lean against, Sheba simply ended up along the entry wall of the karaoke room. The small of their back made contact with metal, sending a shudder up their spine. But it was not the miracles of minor temperature shock upon the body that caught the charlatan's attention-- It was something far, far more interesting.

Sheba's eyes traced up to Vitalia, as she committed to the action. The dulling of outside noise graced their eardrums. A look of curiosity is given, but as they cross their arms over their midsection, it's clear that the half-elf was comfortable enough watching from a distance-- For now, at least. Vitalia looked back at her briefly, but just offered a whimsical smile to the interest.

The crew's resident Frauline walked into the room about five minute after the message sent, seeming to appear from nowhere. Whether she was actually somewhere in the club or just waiting outside was not evident. She was dressed in a dark colored dress wearing mid-height heels and fancy jewelry that she never had worn with the crew before.

Her voice was sultry and somewhat slurred underneath her accent. "I just want out of here, so let us say how the Alliancey people say and talk like a turkey."

Aiyana watched as people filed in and took their spots, she herself would just order another drink and that would be it. The elf let her gaze look around at everyone as she found a chair and sat down, smoothing her skirt a bit as her ankles crossed.

That was a good statement, she did want out of this place but she also wanted to know what their next job was going to be- hopefully it wasn't to dissuade silly human men who thought they had a chance with an alien.

"The smell could be worse but it's tolerable since we have a purpose here. So, what is it?" Aiyana would ask curiously as she sipped her wine while leaning against the arm of her chair.

Irkalla had slipped into the room quietly and was leaning against the back wall now, an impressive feat for a nine foot tall woman with glowing hair and markings. Clasped in her hand was a jug of ale, not a cup, not a mug, those would have just been too small for her. Not that she was overly impressed by this ale. It was weak, watered down and generally meh.

The kishargal shrugged as she listened to the others speaking, half way listening really, her glowing eyes glancing down into her jug as she wished it was a proper ale from one of the pubs she enjoyed back in Kurumtamtu. She really should have been paying more attention to the goings on, but, well, she didn't at the moment, she figured it was the lackluster drink. She took a long gulp from the jug anyways.

Ilya flashed Irkalla a bright smile and glanced back to the rest of the group. He cleared his throat a bit and began to speak. "All right, so here's the job. Blair and I have accepted a bounty from Alastor, we will be joining in the long standing hunt for Yue Ziyi. The purse is quite large from gathering interest all this time."

As Ilya spoke Blair projected an image of the Dragon Caste from her RCOM. She also forwarded them the file they had on the former Prince and military leader of the Wangdaio Colonies. Yue scowled at them with a look of smug superiority. His scales and horns glistened gold. His build was far more muscular than any other Dragon form they had ever seen, his arms exposed in a sleeveless red silk martial artist's tunic. Emerald and rubies gleamed from his golden antlers. He exuded wealth, power, and privilege edged with an undercurrent of cruelty.

"I believe that the OGREs and the new Kowloon Premier Ran have added into the funds. They want him brought in alive to stand trial for his crimes against the Wangdaio Colonies," Ilya continued after taking a moment to appreciate Yue's handsome image. "He is considered armed and dangerous. He was in command of the Shouwei Intelligence Forces, the Eodum or the Heise, so we assume he might have command of at least one unit. We are here tonight looking for someone that has a lead to his whereabouts.

"Yue has been unlocated since the blackout in 3010. If he is dead, they want most of a skeleton to prove it. If we can find the lead, it'll save us time." Ilya motioned for Blair and she switched the image to a curvy blonde human woman wearing a skin tight dress.

"This is Shoki. We are looking for her. She may look human but she's something far older. We need to approach her with caution but she's willing to help for a price. She's supposed to be here somewhere, dancing. Any questions so far?"

The core principles of Sheba's existence. Act like you belong. Don't ask questions you can't infer the answer to. Their eyes slowly skimmed the room, before settling on the person speaking. Slowly, they looked down at their nails, flicking out the back of their fingers and simply observing the reflections, they listen to what's being said without adding a single thing to it. No murmuring, no questions.

All Sheba knew was that there was going to be the Good Stuff somewhere down the line.

Yue popped on the screen. Suddenly, Sheba's thumb fingernail entered between their lips as they began to idly put pressure on it between their jaws. He had everything that Sheba looked for when it came to... 'Opportunities'. Wealth. Not a bad face. Corrupt. Though it was presented as a means of bringing him to trial for war crimes... Sheba's mind couldn't help but wonder what 'other' parties would pay for him. Or what power possessing him would bring.

A brow quirks. Sheba slowly blinks as they tilt their head to the side, as the next one is brought up. Not fully human. Sheba could relate, being the spawn of a Tatya Hini and a human. But this was... A legend, wasn't it? Their brows quirked confusedly. Glancing around them, they considered the people here-- Was this a ghost hunting expedition, or a para-judicial roundup?

Aiyana would listen quietly, opening the file to look at Yue's file, flicking through things before glancing up and then back down, "So, we find the girl, talk to her for a price- do we even know what she will be asking for said price or is it up in the air?" The elf asked. Dangerous missions were something she was used to but talking and gaining information from a human who isn't a human in essence was going to be tricky for sure.

She would keep flicking through the information, trying to store away as much information about both of them as others asked questions.

The elf would bite at her lip, adjusting herself slight in the chair as she was thinking quietly to herself, highling bits of information as she listened to the others.

Blair flushed a light shade of gold as he nodded, "Yes, we know her price. It's more... personal than monetary. Shoki trades in dreams and memories. Supposedly, she traded for the information but no one has returned from hunting down this bounty. Either people have given up and hidden their faces or they've met an unfortunate end. Just as the search for Prime Minister Morita has been fruitless over the years."

Monika broke her silence with an unsatisfied "hmmph." Blue eyes darted between both Ilya and the projected mages. "So... do we find the dancing bitch and trade her someone's dreams or whatever, and then go dragon hunting?"

The Frau then attempted to stand but then somewhat slumped back in her chair, looking somewhat confused. "Is that it?"

A slow glance to the responding parties is all Sheba offered. Aiyana was the first, as she brought up the subject of payment. Their brows furrowed for a moment in thought, before slowly nodding along with the woman.

'Dreams and memories', Blair said. A frown crossed Sheba's lips. A distinct fear that this was about to become an episode of the 'Pixie Dust Crusaders' or some brightly animated shlock was creeping in, but stranger things happened.

There were stranger things, Sheba decided. Casting a glance between those present, they simply listen, for a moment longer.

Vitalia lit a cigarette. This seemed pretty straightforward to her. She looked down Sura's way, to check her soul-sister's mood, and then up to the screen with the Prime Minister and the bouncy dream-stealing god-girl.

She looked kind of cool, Vitalia decided to herself, huffing acrid smoke into the already stale room. It seemed like an improvement.

"I like that sort of thing," she told the briefing pair, "And this sounds cool and all. But, whose dreams are we going to throw down with? If I understand that sort of magic correctly, they'll lose them. They're kiiiiinda important to a person's psyche."

Sura listened calmly, her sharp mind working. Vitalia would sense that Sura was nervous as all get out. Specifically Sura had not, and truthfully did not want to have to kill anybody and was hoping that Yue was dead. Vitalia could see this on Sura's face. She knew of Yue, but the story was escaping her. "Why." Sura said speaking up after Vitalia. "Why is a bounty on this man? Screwing around in peoples heads is often more dangerous than dealing with them in the physical world..."

She looked at Vitalia, then to everybody else listening. "If we do this...I'd like to make sure its for the right reasons.

Ilya nodded to Monika, "Yes." He took a deep breath at Sura's question and began, "Yue betrayed the Wangdaio Colonies and turned the military against the Prime Minister, his partner. The civil war ripped apart the Colonies and scattered survivors. Many innocent people died because their military could not defend them when their allies turned their guns on them. The Prime Minister and her new born son disappeared shortly after her home was destroyed. Admiral Connelly was able to discover that Ayana Morita and Edmund were alive when they were taken. Yue is the worst sort, he betrayed his family by encouraging the Colonies to leave Tai Pan and then burned it all down."

He folded his arms across his chest, "The OGRE have hope that Ayana and her son are still alive. The file says they found pieces of Ayana but not her full body in a Heise vessel outside of LeLoup when she was last seen on St. Yves. Tai Pan is only mildly interested in bringing treason charges on Yue, he is of the Destoyer caste but... he broke the law by altering himself to look like a Dragon, so they want him executed. The OGRE want him alive. The Chancellor of Kowloon wants him alive, and the purse is bigger if we turn him into Kowloon."

"I heard rumor of how he used women if you are wanting the full list of why he needs to be taken out of the universe," Blair added with a scowl. "He's the worst sort of man."

Ilya considered Vitalia's question, "We, Blair and I, took this mission so we are willing to part with the memories for the information."

The cost of a memory. Sheba had many memories: Many that would likely be interesting to watch from a third party's perspective, but none of which truly held much value. Conning a man out of his bi-weekly pay using a polished piece of metal and a marker was entertaining, but it wasn't the sort of thing that was innately something they'd grasp onto.

A brow rose, as the half-elf simply soaked in the information. It was a strange thing, one that made their teeth bite down on their bottom lip, "A... Criminal of war, a mystic memory-stealer, and some sort of conspiracy. Not the worst start to a briefing I've heard."

A slow up nod was tossed in Ilya's general direction, eyes lingering upon the person for a moment longer. Eyes slowly glanced across the general form before the shoulders set back and rolled, not having much to add to that, "Can toss in some of my own memories. No harm, if it means better pay."

As Sheba searched his memories, he got a sudden flood of new "memories" in his head. It was of the man. A larger Gartagen, blue like this young girl were fighting. The Man standing before Sheba, and smiling at him.. It was a stutter, frantic and disjointed.

A blink. Confusion. Sheba's eyes slowly dilated as the vision crossed their mind. This was... Strange. Not like the usual means of premonition that they got, it was... A memory, of sort. A gargaten? Blue? Large. Fighting a woman. Smiling, as the vision collapsed upon itself, like some distant echo from a long-dead mind. And yet, Sheba still stood, calm and casual as their pupils constricted, vision returning to the world that truly existed.

It was unnerving, something that forced them to portray a single nervous tic, setting their shoulders back and slowly popping the joint.

Monika shook her head. "Beside these, shall I say, mind games there is a lot of... left overs in the former Colonial space. It rough too, the Interstellare Marine turned back numerous scout ships once they heard the talk, or lack thereof, in the wires."

She huffed, "Rumors mention that space is cursed, but as long as I'm still paid? Meh, curses are just words."
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