[Carol Octavius] Lost Tombs - A: Rumbling

An ancient map reveals the location of a tomb on the abandoned prison planet of Chateau D'Lf in the fierce LeLoup system. An experimental ship, an unknown treasure, and funding from the Magister's Consortium sends the Carol Octavius expeditionary ship off into the unknown. What secrets slumber in lost tombs? Will venturing into darkness silence that voices that threaten the sanity of the archaeologist that discovered it?
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[Carol Octavius] Lost Tombs - A: Rumbling

Post by Kim »

Deputized Security Team.

As they burst out of the labs, Mimi called up a floating projection of the security feeds near the armory. The screen before her was filled with static.

Alarms continued to wail as there was a loud boom accompanied by a telltale creak of metal from the rear of the ship. Everything violently shook and pitched them to the port side. Ahead of them they heard a cacophony of shouting. It stank of rotten eggs, charred meat, and burning metal. Everything was cast in a rotating crimson light. Mimi regained her feet and ran ahead, "It's this way! Octavia! Are you up?!" She yelled over the noise.

Before Rayshied a ghastly figure clad in white appeared. Whatever the interference was, it distorted the image of a young blonde woman who could have been Carol's older sister. "Secur.... Off... author... defens..." Her voice was distant barely audible about all of the noise. A green and red volumetric square appeared in front of Rayshied as they ran. The green button was marked with a spider and the Red a scorpion, they pulsed to keep in front of him. "Auth...?" He was meant to make some sort of choice. The air bristled with energy around him, it reminded him of a lightning storm.

At the rear, Catronia noticed something rippling under the deck plating. When it violently shifted to the left, the ship shuddered in response. The air was wispy to them, like it was filled with smoke. There was an acidic edge to it, like they had licked a battery.

Nenna with her heightened sense of smell was hit with a horrid bouquet of destruction and rot, like someone lit rotten eggs on fire. And they were all running towards whatever the smell was and she could TASTE it. It was burning, whatever it was. The stank was almost tangible, like they were walking into a thick cloud of something horrible. There was something else she could pick out, it stank of sweat- fear? There were lots of people ahead, she could unfortunately hear them in addition to the wail of the alarm system. Fire. Someone set off... something... she couldn't make it out. They were shouting directions to control whatever it was.

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Re: [Carol Octavius] Lost Tombs - A: Rumbling

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The vessel was alive with smell, sight, sound and motion; more like the bowels of some great beast than a cold, unthinking machine of a technological time. Explosions, shouting, shuddering, reeking - the whole vessel apepared ready to turn on itself and devour them alive. Rashayeid's pace quickened, his impressive height belying his freakish agility as his robes billowed behind him almost like a cape.

Amidst that, the ghostly shape of what he presumed was an AI spoke. His weapon primed and raised, aiming right at its chest. Its sudden appearance was contrated by its dim, rigid speech. It clearly wasn't a true sentient, at least not under these cirumstances.

"Rashayeid here; what I presume is a holographic AI has appeared - two buttons, green spider and red scorpion." He spoke over the coms, sweeping the area with his gun and waiting for a reply from his newfound seniors. "Advise."

The air seemed alive with raw power, electrifying against his skin. He wanted to go for the green but he had no idea what this thing was.

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Re: [Carol Octavius] Lost Tombs - A: Rumbling

Post by IncuBoye »

Rotten eggs. Battery acid. Burning metal. Catriona could hear the vague phantoms of screeching metal. Reality was twisting, internally. Memories were jumbling with the world around them. Pupils constricted as heart rate increased, pounding against the cage of ribs. A tight vise was being constricted on the doctor's head, an unseen force exerting pressure: Anxiety, perhaps. Hypervigilance? Adrenaline began to flow quickly into the bloodstream.

Catriona was glowing like a mild candle in the half-dark. Red markings blended in when things were lit up, but stood out the moment it was dark. Green eyes shifted about like laser sights.

It was happenstance that their eyes lingered behind. Something was moving beneath the flooring, or perhaps something was breaking beneath? They weren't trained enough to know what the hell was wrong with the ship, "Something's not right. Know where the emergency oxygen is? I think... There's something wrong with the atmospherics." Their eyes shift back to the group, making sure to keep pace, "... And I'm fairly certain... This ship's breaking. Not to be alarmist or anything."

Their eyes were less focused on the issues around them, and more towards the panels. As the rest of the group was handling one thing or another... Catriona was looking for emergency supplies.
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Re: [Carol Octavius] Lost Tombs - A: Rumbling

Post by Mike »

"H-hey guys," she managed as she jogged after them - feeling more or less useless and one hundred ten percent alert and aware of her mortality. "It uh, it gets worse."

She covered her nose. No sense in double checking. The answers seemed fairly obvious to her. She halted when the broken ass AI jumped up in front of them and, again, didn't pee herself. She had a big mushroom goliath in between her and danger. Danger could be anywhere she supposed but at just this moment it was opposite that five hundred pound monster and she was very comfortable with that state of affairs.

"I don't mean to interrupt this but how many of us are there? Aren't we the only ones on the ship? Because there's a lot of people up ahead... I can smell them."
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