A Change of Policy

Roleplay that occurs inside the setting of Shattered Universe.
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A Change of Policy

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“So, how did the party go? Still jealous that you got to rub elbows with the top brass and all of them.” Officer Phillip Trupmann said with a hint of jealousy as he unlocked the squad car, “I mean id ask if there were any roaches in the food but you know they were the guests of honor haha.”

“Oh shut it Trupmann, it wasn’t that bad just another dog and pony show you know how it goes. Yes sir , Its great to be on the force! No Ma’am it doesn’t effect me being the best female in the precinct, and no im not looking for any relationships sir, Powers that be those senators can be real pigs.” Officer Judy Mendez retorted with a huff, not necessarily directed at Truppman, “Plus, I think I got food poisoning or something, can’t remember the last half of the party and I woke up the next day hunched over my toilet bowl..”

“Tisk tisk Mendez, drinking in uniform is a no no.” Truppman said with a hit of mischief in his voice. Before Mendez could chirp back he turned the squad car on, the dull roar of the engine filling the cab before the sounds of all the tech started up filled the void.

Mornings usually started like this, the pair had been working together for the past 5 years and had grown accustomed to each others normal hi jinks and morning banter.

“So what’s on the plate for today Mendez. Traffic Duty? Meter Maid? Or are we actually doing something exciting for a change like talking to kids about staying off the streets?”

“Something exciting actually. One of the Senators went missing last night after the get together. Brass says it might be related to that rise in gang activity.”

“Pretty ballsy of some petty thugs, not thinking its something bigger?”

“Thats what were supposed to look into Truppman, I’m betting that the Senator just got a little to drunk and ended up screwing up getting is ‘off the books’ fix.”

Mendez shook her head, it was always something like that with the political officials they had to look into. They find them doing something they just passed a law against and they have to keep it hush hush. As much as she hoped it was that, gang activity was on the rise and they were getting more and more brave. The people in charge were blaming it on the arrival of the Valsh’Nar Empire emissaries, the local populace not knowing what to do and generally freaking out, but they had been on the planet for the past few months so the initial shock should have ended by now. It hadn't however, but the Insectoids were more than happy to help their newly discovered neighbors quell some of the worse riots by deploying some of their own personal troops in support.

Needless to say that didn’t help the situation, the Karshvick as they were called, only exacerbated the situation as the local populace wasn’t used to seeing giant space cockroaches. In their defense however the Karshvick were ruthlessly efficient in what they did and any attempted retaliation against them was quickly put down and cleaned up.

“Any leads on where our missing politician might be?” Truppman said as the car rounded a corner where a handful of protesters stood, “Or are we high and dry on ideas again?”

Mendez snorted as she looked at her data slate, “Believe it or not, brass has their shit together. He was last seen in the Packing district being led into an old sewer drain by a couple of thugs. Looks like when you offer a cash reward for any information everyone's security cameras suddenly work in that part of town”

“No shit, not when were looking for drug dealers or any other illegal stuff they don’t. Cameras of convenience if I've ever seen one.”

The Packing district was notorious for its shady dealings and crime rate. The city had gone to more trying to contain the mess inside than to actually fix it, which for the most part had work barring the occasional incident where people who shouldn’t be in there had decided to take a trip be it their idea or not. Officers Mendez and Truppman were apart of an idea to try and tackle some of the issues that went on in the Packing District, a novel idea dreamed up by someone in the government to tackle high risk high reward situations like apprehending a known drug lord kingpin or trying to track down a missing VIP last scene in the area. The task force was effective enough to keep around, but for the most part once someone went into the district they might as well be considered gone forever.

Today’s case seemed like any other one regarding a VIP, they were last scene either being escorted into the district or entering it by their own terms and hadn't checked back in or showed up for work afterwards. Usually more units were called but for some reason they wanted to keep this one more under wraps and had only requested the one team to come in. One thing about this particular mission stood out to Mendez as she scanned over the dossier, relaying important bits to Trupmann as they popped up, is that the Senator they were after was one of the ones at the Banquet she was at the day before. A pure coincidence she thought as they entered the Packing District, the large industrial building starting to take up more and more of the skyline as the smoke from them started to blot out the sun in tow.

“Anything about the people who saw him missing?” Trupmann quizzically asked, “We’re not dealing with another bait and switch are we? Not a fan of nearly getting my head blown in by someone behind me trying to rank up in some shady organization.”

“Not that I can tell, not really any ties to any of the syndicates around here, also not too deep in the jungle so not a huge risk from us not having an escape route if things get hectic”

“That’s a first, well I’ll take a lucky break when I can.”

As the squad car continued its rapid excursion through the narrow streets of the Packing District, Officer Mendez flipped though the other missing people reports. As she scrolled she started to notice a pattern.

“Hey Truppman” She piped up, a hint of curiosity in her voice, “Have you had a chance to look over the missing people reports? A lot of elves and half elves are popping up.”

“Huh, that's strange. Granted we don’t look into them, maybe we have another trafficking cartel on our hands again.”

“Yeah, maybe. Next left should lead us right to the entrance and the building the footage was from.”

With a nod Officer Truppman veered the car onto the entryway to the Industrial Packing Buildings back lot. As the cruiser rolled to a stop, both officers quickly stepped out of the car hands floating over their holstered weapons not knowing if anything was waiting for them. After a moment of quiet, save for the sounds of a heavy industrial park playing out its dismal tune in the background, the pair made their way towards the sewer entrance.

To say it was a sewer was a misnomer, the grated drainpipe used to carry industrial waste by a series of large trucks but had been left dielectric for at least a decade. The district used to function with these series of tunnels criss crossing underneath the whole place but were either now rarely used by the plants or shut down and were home to the various gangs and other seedy people and creatures that called the place home. This particular pipe was no exception, out front several vagrants surrounding an out of place car.

“Hey, you guys.” Truppman shouted as he approached the squatters. At the sight of an Officer several got up and sprinted away as fast as they could, a handful staid either with nothing to hide or so strung out they they couldn’t move, “Did any of you guys see what happened here, and who's car this is?”

At first no one answered, or at least coherently, a few mumbled answers about utter nonsense from one of the tripped out vagrants.

“I saw what happened” A more disheveled looking one answered, “Car pulled up and then one of them kids from that tunnel crew came out of the sewer towards the car.”

As Officer Truppman jotted down the information, questioning the man trying to get all the details. According to him the Senators car had arrived late that night around 3AM. Nothing too out of the ordinary according to the vagrant but then, after being there for around fifteen minutes a few gang members came out of the sewer towards the car and tapped on the window. The window rolled down and a few words were exchanged before the rest of the gang stormed out of the sewer rushing the car and pulled the senator out and dragged him into the sewers. As the man finished his story the officers thanked him for his helpfulness before going back to their own squad car to discuss what had they had uncovered.

“Seems like an open and shut case to me Mendez, Senator had a bad drug deal and he paid for it.”

“That’s why I don’t trust it, the car is perfectly fine there's no signs of a struggle, not to mention the lack of blood anywhere.”
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