[Knights of Kowloon CH 4: 1] The New Prisinor

Roleplay that occurs inside the setting of Shattered Universe.
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[Knights of Kowloon CH 4: 1] The New Prisinor

Post by Tony » Mon Sep 30, 2019 10:12 am

"Does anybody have any crackers!?"

The voice reverberated through the cavern. It was a haggard, husky voice. The electronic thrum of a translator gave the voice the standard accent as it called out once more. "Crackers?! Please? I need Crackers!"

Dallas and Lukina were the only survivors of the group that had been taken, prisoner. It had been months since they had been free. Their clothing had worn out and was little more than cloth wraps strewn about their bodies. Food had limited, and sparse, which the metabolism of the Half-elf had not taken kindly to. Lukina having taken on a ghastly thin appearance. Dallas's bones protruded and he has visibly emaciated himself, though not as far along as Lukina.

The pair sat in the chilly cavern, mining ice. When that voice hit them directly. "Crackers? Do you two have any...crackers?" it said with that electronic thrum.
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Re: [Knights of Kowloon CH 4: 1] The New Inmate

Post by Ham » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:18 pm

Dallas rubbed freezing sweat from his forehead with a ragged and jittery left arm. He attempted to stand up straight as he heard the translator's words. "We don't... are you new here?" His voice was a broken, gravelly shroud of what it had been. His sunken eyes attempted to find the figure to find who spoke. "We don't have anything. Get back to work." He continued to try and see the figure.

He turned back to continue mining the ice as his eyes were too weakened to see beyond the single light they had illuminating the cavern. He could see the light about three hundred meters back and the figures mining there but no further. He didn't know if the voice belonged to one of them or someone who had walked all the way here from the mouth of the cavern.

He looked to Lukina and forced a warm smile, "Let's get back to work, if we an break this vein in we can probably get back to the warmers in an hour or two." He'd been trying to be her encouragement throughout the hell that this had been. He no longer cared that they would never be rescued. He just wanted to keep her spirits up enough. He'd even began giving her parts of his ration once he noticed her strength failing.

The Ranger looked back over his shoulder to the figure. "Is there a problem, guy? Or did you not hear me?"
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Re: [Knights of Kowloon CH 4: 1] The New Prisinor

Post by Kim » Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:33 pm

The silence in her commslink and her telepathic bond to Bhelith left a void in her thoughts she never realized that she missed. The cold was a refreshing change for Lukina vice the insufferable inferno deeper in the mines. She didn't relish the idea of going back towards the heat. "At least the ice provides something to drink, I don't care if it's contaminated any more." She shoved a few loose dirty, greasy strands of hair back behind her ear. Time had lost its meaning beyond the breaks in work. Her ear pricked to the voice.

She turned to look towards the newcomer. "Maybe they have some news of the outside. I think I have a small piece of cracker left... they haven't changed tact yet, dump in new blood but not provide more provisions to keep us going," she rasped. Her nose wrinkled in disgust, knowing that it was more likely that the self-designated King of the mining pits was hoarding any supplied. "It's not much, more like a sliver of disappointment but I am willing to trade it for news or rumors, Stranger."
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