Moth and the flame

Nestled in a nebula on the far side of the galaxy is a small planetary system circling a red dwarf with a single habitable low technology planet, Jord. Magic, called "The Word", is the life blood of Jord and is regulated by the radiant Embers and the dark Aphotics. The elves struggle to appease their Gods and guide humanity along a righteous path to balance the Word. While humanity led by the Church of the Holy Sword seeks to exterminate the elder race for corrupting Jord and disrupting the balance. Only Elves and the Children of the Wind have taken to the skies while the humans under the rule of the Church remain earthbound. Outside hands placed humans on Jord thousands of years ago and it feels as if something is manipulating them still to an unknown end.
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Moth and the flame

Post by Kim » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:09 pm


Forest shadows loomed omniously overhead in the waning light of the new moon. Distant hooves rumbled like thunder, echoing loudly in the dark rider’s ears. His cloak had fallen away from his face was the wind whipped around him as he urged his horse faster. Fear dwindled his chances of outrunning the templars on their Warders. He wasn’t ready to surrender, not yet. He was so close to finding her, he could feel it. Those damned templars would ruin everything!

His eyes blazed angrily as he murmured ancient words that tasted of ash.


Eight armored riders slowed and wheeled as they rounded the bend in the forest. Sweat trickled down their faces behind visored helmets. A concerned murmur grew among them. The lead horseman turned his head slights towards the petite woman clad in crimson and orange that sat uncomfortably behind him. Her slender gloved fingers were clenched around his waist..

“Where?” The templar demanded.

A small butterfly illuminated the shadows and darted forward. “That way,” she quickly replied, “That will guide the way. He’s hiding.”

With a nod and a shout the riders gave chase, seeking the light that broke through the unsettling darkness of the forest.

A jolt of frigid cold down his spine made Vladimarts stop his horse. He panted, attempting to catch his breath.

There! Did I imagine it? Is she closer than I thought?

He glanced backward and saw a light coming towards him. His heart sunk.

Damn it all, of course the templars dragged an Ember along to hunt me down!

He urged the horse forward again. I can’t get distracted! If they catch me, it’s over for nothing!
His thoughts were conflicted, he could sense that the woman was close but he didn’t know where she was. Or was that the presence of another wielder of the Word nearby? Everything the Church had taught him said that Word users were drawn together. Good or bad, and that’s why using the Word was dangerous. Aphotics would come if he wasn’t careful.

Vladimarts shivered at the thought. Aphotics were fear and death manifested. Only an Ember could truly destroy an Aphotic though a skilled templar might survive such an encounter.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t be careful? It might be my best chance.

His hand trembled, as the thundering hooves grew closer, his pause had been enough to allow her pursuers to close the gap. He inwardly cursed and reached mentally outward reaching for the largest thread that connected the Word to the forest.

Tyr forgive me for what I am about to do.


The Ember’s hand shifted from the templar’s waist to the back of his cuirass. His attention was forward in pursuit of the marker but he turned his head slightly at her touch.

“What’s wrong, Apoline?”

Her voice trembled despite the power that resonated in it, “It’s coming.”

Lucius grimaced behind his visor and signalled for the others to stop. Silence grew between them as armor and hooves settled. Apoline slipped from Lucius’s horse and paced a circle around the small contingent of templars.

She felt their unease and heard the racing of their hearts. Once their eyes had been on her back, uncertain of her ability but today, their eyes were watching the darkness beyond. Their faith in her gave her shield strength. It would buy them precious time in the fight to come.

Her sight showed her a world of color and light in the darkness. All around her were the pulsing threads the Word that gave everything life. She searched beyond for the blight that was coming for the rogue mage but would find them first. Her presence would be the candle that drew the Apothic like a moth- her light was brighter than any human mage.
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