Side Mission: Dr. Knowledgebot Enters the Battle

With one disaster after another, the crew of the Edward Deming are stretched thin after another incident places their friends and family in danger...Some will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, though others may not be so eager to make a Faustian bargain.
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Side Mission: Dr. Knowledgebot Enters the Battle

Post by uso » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:50 pm

Planet Hawking,
Fort Barrera,

Fresh from getting a degree in information science, the now Dr. Knowledgebot had been offered a position aboard the IAS Edward Deming, a planetary survey ship that was working very closely with many of those from New Cambridge University.

However before being sent up to the ship, Dr. Knoweldgebot was taken by shuttle to Fort Barrera for initial training.

Fort Barrera itself was a long strip of pavement, flanked on either side by large warehouse structures. It was setup north of New Cambridge, with forests and swamps surrounding it. A small town had sprung up nearby, and not too far to the west was a beach, but the Dr. wouldn’t really have time to find out about the specifics. As soon as the sleek red stiletto of a shuttle landed, they would be greeted by another scientist…

“I am Dr. Caxia, specializing in Biology, Engineering, and Neurology.” The voice that came from the doctor was decidedly soft and feminine, processed through speakers on what would be considered Caxia’s ‘head’, a rounded saucer like portion on the top of their body with various sensors, projectors, and speakers integrated into the top. There was a robotic neck that traveled down to connect the head to the cylindrical tube body. A body which had 8 arms positioned all around it that folded in close to the main body like a cape. Three robotic legs anchored Caxia to the ground, bringing the scientist up close to Dr. Knowledgebot as soon as it landed.

Caxia was very interested to see the Kowledgebot’s construction.

“It is rare for a fully synthetic to be granted a Doctorate from the university. I imagine you were able to pass your Turning Screening with exceptional marks. The M.I.S.E. must have been easy for a knowledge-repository construct, but I am very interested in seeing the results of your Hutter-Ebert Screening.” Caxia stated, now using a flat tone as they examined Dr. Knowedgebot. Caxia was a Cyborg, having far more robotic parts than human at this point. At no point did they have to demonstrate the ability to solve problems through the M.I.S.E (Minimum Intelligent Signal Exam) or show that they could hold a human conversation to the degree required for the Hutter-Ebert screening… all of which Dr. Knowledgebot had to do in order to prove that they were Sentient enough to be treated like a person.

Dr. Knowledgebot found its surroundings fascinating, most particularly the being before it. She, according to voice alone, seemed to have begun human, but along the way decided to become more like itself. It wondered why she had chosen this path, or if she had chosen it at all. It responded, it’s even tone of voice ever neutral, politely. “I passed with flying colors of course. Humans are a great source of Knowledge, even in their limited minds they hold entire lives worth of information. It is imperative to be able to speak with them. You can check my scores, you will find me a pleasant conversationalist.” It produces a Datapad of his scores, perhaps a minute hint of pride in its neutral voice as it holds it forward.

One of Caxia’s hands would reach out to the pad, waving over it for a moment to sync up and download the test results. Results that would leave the cyborg speechless for a few moments as they thought about the results. “You must let me examine your brain some time. I would love to see how your natural-language centers work.” The scientists’ arms nearly reached out, moving slightly as if acting on the native instinct to disassemble and study, though backing away long before making contact. “Heram was the one that requested you. He is currently on the beach for ‘shore leave’. The ship’s current captain is an elf named Somnya, she will be on the beach soon. They will want to talk to you I am sure, however I do not recommend the beach as the particulate there can cause problems. I have brought spray for that though.”

One of Caxia’s arms would rotate out from behind their body, holding up a small spray-can which was used to spray some of the joints on her arm, an invisible sealant adhering to the body to repell sand.

“You may take some if you wish. Heram wants you to construct a long term storage device while onboard, and he will provide you the details. I only need to ascertain how much preparation you need before you can operate in space. Have you been rated for zero-gravity operations? And do you have repair schematics or backups in place should you be exposed to hard vacuum?”

“I came prepared for the Void. I have magnetized my ambulatory apparatuses to negate the effects of zero gravity, preventing me from floating off into Nothingness. Alongside this, I have among my personal effects a briefcase containing schematics and backups for repair. A backup is also kept at New Cambridge University, though I will be unable to update it from afar. Luckily, I don’t plan on catastrophic failure.”

“Have you considered cooling system requirements when operating outside of an atmospheric environment as well as micro growth in circuitry from being exposed to a hard vacuum?” Caxia asked, pausing before adding, “It is not expected that you will be exploded, however it is required that I ask.”

Caxia paused a bit before continuing in the same deadpan voice as before.

“The ship has managed to remain casualty-free for quite some time.”

“Quite some time”, simply meant not in a while, which indicated that there had been casualties at one point. May be a good story there. “I do not produce much heat, I will remain unharmed by the lack of atmosphere. I understand required questions, and I don’t plan on exploding. That would be a hamper to my work.”

“Final Question: Do you have any special needs that should be considered before we go on an extended duration trip away from the planet? We can arrange for extra FTL-Bandwidth for updating of your remote backups of course.” Caxia stated.

“That will be all I require, it will be quite advantageous. Thank you.” He nods his head politely.
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