Space U-Boats - The Current Plan.

Build onto the existing setting or add new facets to the setting here: new races, factions, technology, etc.
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Space U-Boats - The Current Plan.

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Wiki Page

Here is the current wiki page as well as all of my tech notes on the vessel. It currently is in heavy WIP but the plan is currently working on my end.


  • Regular Space: Current metaphor for regular space. This is where planets, ships, and people live.
  • Normal Space: Same as above, but in the context of being taken somewhere where it isn’t normal.
  • Under Space: Separate, contained Plane of Reality fueled by a singularity core. Registers on systems configured to scan for minut gravitational singularities on almost an individual atomic scale.
  • Singularity: A Black Hole, in context one that is controlled and maintained.
The ship’s “cloaking” devices are attached to the vessel’s main core and drive systems, harnessing their combined energy to make shifts in dimensional systems. Each vessel’s core is designed differently from the rest of the Navy, using a singularity-like artifact similar to that of an Ember or other magically-based being without actually being a being. This device scrambles the vessel and space around it, hereto referred to as Normal Space, and places it in a separate plane described as Under Space. While in Under Space, the vessel requires any Normal Space transported with it to be used as a medium to move but also as an anchor to keep it attached to Normal Space.

To make the “dive” to Under Space, the vessel’s drive systems channel energy into the singularity core and raise a separate shield device that marks not only the vessel but also the space it is taking with it to maneuver with. Without this Normal Space, the ship will not be able to maneuver and will be consumed by the singularity and cause a very weak black-hole to form. This hole collapses between five and fifteen minutes and is only the diameter of about ten feet. While “submerged” this ship uses the Normal Space Pocket as if it would in regular spatial operation but with the caveat of only being able to move about 5 AU before the pocket collapses and forces the ship to “surface” and dump excess energy and cool off the Transfer Coils by exposing them to the vacuum.

While the vessel is in Under Space, in regular space the vessel with visually be consumed seem to run through an invisible wall and disappear. The vessel is now cloaked and anchored to a sphere of 5 AUs of diameter. The vessel can launch certain weapons that use miniaturized versions of it’s drive system as a one way launch of Normal Space energy. It appears on sensors as a sudden outward gravimetric force as the weapon exits a small singularity and continues on in reality. Every small singularity is approximately at an edge of the vessel’s Normal Space Pocket. In the Kaiserriech’s case, it is usually the peak of the forward or trailing arc.

When the vessel is surfaced, it appears to force it’s way out of a flat, transparent singularity and is only visible from one side, from the opposite side it appears as a dark sphere of black that eventually consumes itself. This is an extreme phenomena and is visible to the naked eye as well as to any sensor designed to pick up energy of nearly any kind used on a space-faring vessel. It is more volatile a process than submerging, as the vessel’s Transfer Coils must be cooled through venting or coolant stored inside the vessel. These coils are usually in the after quarter in between the core and the drive systems.

The only current planned weapon that is useable while in Under Space is a Under Space Torpedo. This torpedo is longer than normal and is noticeable on sensors as soon as it begins to emerge from its singularity, through its entire travel distance due to its core’s always-present radiation, to detonation or shutdown due to time.
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Re: Space U-Boats - The Current Plan.

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I think there are two main things to comment on here. The first is how to go about writing super tech, the second is about how you can't have stealth in space (but if you are, we can look at places where it is done well).

1) Black Box the Technology

Things should make sense in the setting regardless of what you do. If you're doing something like this then adding the details about how it does what it does doesn't improve it. You can remove everything related to the singularity core and transfer coils. Trying to explain the mechanics of an impossible machine is just going to cause problems because you're trying to explain something that innately just doesn't make sense.

The solution is to just focus on what the thing does. The thing has X effects, and requires Y inputs to do it. The mechanics of the thing are a black box that we don't explain and don't really want to get into. I would focus on how the device sends a ship to under-space, and the results of that.

2) Stealth in Space

There is no stealth in space, but if we're going to handwave past that part and do something that matches the U-boat analogy I think we should look at Mass Effect.

The Normandy uses some black-box tech to prevent any heat from leaving the ship, rendering it invisible (because there is nothing to detect). Of course, since heat can't leave the ship, if they leave the system on for too long everyone inside would be cooked alive. (There is also the problem of how you would move the ship under these conditions, but I'll skip past that for now).

To fit the U-boat analogy, a technology like this would render the ship invisible, but could only be used for a short amount of time before killing the crew. Ontop of this while 'submerged' in this technology the crew of the ship would be trying to minimize their energy expenditure by turning off systems, not moving around a lot, etc, to try and stretch the amount of time they have before the ship melts. I think its ultimately a better fit for the U-boat analogy without having to introduce a whole lot of new elements to the setting.
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