Back to the Creature 2: Judgement Day

Roleplay that occurs inside the setting of Shattered Universe.
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Back to the Creature 2: Judgement Day

Post by uso » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:16 pm


Creature was probably used to waking up naked in weird places, and this one seemed no weirder than most. The crater he was laying in was in the middle of a dirt road with a heavy tree canopy that blocked out nearly all of the starlight. The air was cold, a bit of arcing electricity crackling for just a moment and then subsiding into the background sounds of birds, bugs, and the vague notes of country-style music. Tucked into the forest just off the road were several motorized bikes parked out in-front of an establishment Creature could recognize as a bar due to the stumbling patron headed out the door and out into the forest. This 'patron' standing about 5 feet tall, green, pointy ears, and massively muscular. It might not have been a species he recognized, and all the same it seemed to ignore him on its way back home.

The only belongings that Creature appeared to have at the moment was a scrap of paper that was clutched in his hand. It looked like it had something written on it... in crayon... and probably by creature himself. A small stick figure, the name 'Heram Wazu', a pile of money, and what looked like a bunch of goons with guns with a big red X on them.

The year, was 2993.

One of many things Creature likely didn't know.
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Re: Back to the Creature 2: Judgement Day

Post by Tony » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:42 pm


Creature then woke up.

It was the truth. Creature had indeed woken up in this situation before. Specifically this situation, likely dozens of times. Getting to his feet, his immediate reaction was he needed to get his grotesqueness covered up swiftly before he had a swarm of doctors trying to fix him to no success.

Creature groggily stumbled towards the pointy-eared biker man. His HUD display indicated that the man's outfit, while not for Gartagen physiology was the proper fit. "Uhh. I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle." He rasped, his maimed hand clutching at his temple.
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