Figments of Fantasia | Returning Enemies

Many thousands of years ago, different species were scooped up from around the universe, altered and then placed on a primitive planet to do battle with one another. Over the generations, new species emerged and the battles raged on despite having moments of respite. On the continent of Uyria, Orcs have landed on the shores of a human kingdom and war has broken out. Meanwhile, the ice trolls have gotten bolder and are conducting skirmishes against Stormforge, the capital of Belegrod, seat of the dwarven clan, Hillguard. Will you rise to the call of the war drums or cut your own path to glory!
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Figments of Fantasia | Returning Enemies

Post by Khamnin » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:39 pm

The Forest / 24 Miles From the Forgotten Grotto

"They were spotted just inside the northern forest...near the Forgotten Grotto." A woman said, pointing towards the map in front of the group. A flower grew up out of the map- on the location, the woman was referring to. Violet flowers looked as if they grew naturally onto the woman in the shape of a slim fitting dress. The woman, named Adra, had tanned skin with long, dark brown hair flowing freely behind her. Her emerald eyes darted from one person to another in the room, awaiting responses.

The group of three was standing inside a four-walled, roofless building. The walls looked as if a bunch of roots just shot out of the ground and twisted together. In the center of the building was a large, flat wooden circle. It looked as if someone cut a very large tree perfectly smooth. A map of the local area was built into it.

"No one has had contact with the Imperium since they took over the Centaur lands almost two decades ago...for what reason would they suddenly scout out our forest?" Azkaet, a stouter elf responded, looking around to his comrades. He wore hefty, intricate, white wood armor.

"They tried to push south before and were unable to reach our forces...they must think they have something to tip the odds in their favor." The third elf, Phasvi, added.
Adra looked worryingly at the marked map again before speaking, "I sent Branwyn of the Aravan Clan to investigate further, and if dispose of the intrusion. Humans must learn they can no longer pursue their crusade."

Forgotten Grotto

The pattering of dozens of hooves could be heard drumming on the forest floor as part of the Earthbound Herd made their way through the forest.

"We are getting close..." An elderly Centaur said, his eyes glistening over and turning into a cloudy white. The herd all stopped moving for several minutes as the elderly Centaur froze.
His arm would raise, pointing east. "There. They are settling down in what seems to be an old Elvish settlement." The elderly Centaur, Arcoros, said.

"This must be quick and clean, I am sure the Elves will not appreciate us trespassing in their sacred forest." He added with a huff, looking to his fellow herdsmen with a nod before they started to gallop eastward.
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Re: Figments of Fantasia | Returning Enemies

Post by ArsenicJohn » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:53 pm

Forgotten Grotto

Branwyn watched the forest floor from the branches of a great oak tree. Elves in dark armor filled the trees, some wielding bows and others carrying sharpened spears. Two of their number stood below with their hands pressed to the tree Branwyn sat in. These wore lighter armor and were wrapped in cloaks that seemed to be made from giant leaves.

She knew that the intruders would have to come through here. The Druids had spoken to the forest and encouraged the trees to rearrange themselves. The forest may not be able to see what approached, but it could feel the heavy steps of a large group of hoofed animals.
Her ears perked up, the sound of the intruders reaching her ears though they were still a good distance away.

When they reached fifty yards from her position she whistled to signal the others and readied her bow. To unsuspecting intruders, it would sound like a bird call. The other elves prepared their weapons, those with spears moving to hang from vines halfway down the trees.

Beneath the great oak the ground began to rumble. When the Centaurs were within twenty yards giant roots sprang out of the ground, writhing like the tentacles of a sea monster. The roots moved to block the path of the intruders, leaving them nowhere to go but back the way they came.
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