Rowen Mortis

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Rowen Mortis

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Art given by Lone Badass:

Name: Rowen Mortis
Gender: Female
Race: Yazata
Year born: Spring, 2964
Actual age: 55
Age looks: 19
Weight: 100 lb's
Class Type: Magic and Assassin
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin for Hire
Personality: Quiet, curious, stubborn
Origin world: Liang
Vice: Masochism and keeping that secret from getting out

Weapons: Sniper rifle, whip with blades, razor wire garrot, claw gloves, Katana


Inherited magic:
~Dark Vision
~Shape shift
~Magic Shield
~Sense Magic

Learned Female Magic:
~Sleep Touch
~Dream Weave
~Tantric Energy
~Draining Kiss

Rowen was born into a rather underground family, mostly the males ran things as they were much more intimidating than the females. Her family is well known in the gang/drug rings and with her being the only female, she tends to get pushed to the side even though she is rather skilled herself. With her ability to fly and get in and out without being detected along with her long-distance kills, she is a rather effective hitwoman. Up until recently, she had a secret that she was personally embarrassed about and did not want to get out and now she was working to remove the evidence however she had too.
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