Warmongers of the Federation (18+ Stuff Here and There!)

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Warmongers of the Federation (18+ Stuff Here and There!)

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((This is a crossover between SU and Star Trek for giggles. A few minor details have been changed here and there, with this taking place right between TNG and DS9))

Yaichiro sat on the bridge of his ship, the USS Constitution (NCC-1700-B). Her low registry number was a vestige of the old practice of notable ships inheriting old registries, though she was by no means as illustrious as her sister ship, the Enterprise D. Still, she was a Galaxy-class ship and she would play the part, acting as a symbol of strength and peace to the new Empire they'd found.

Still, her young Captain was concerned. Empires tended to be the antithesis of the Federation's ideology. He wouldn't judge too harshly in merely a name, but he did need to be wary. Still...the idea that the Federation was getting too soft entered his mind as well.

"Time to the arrival of the exchange officers?" Yaichiro inquired, disliking playing the waiting game.

"Immediately. Prepare your teleporter pads for arrival," the voice of a stern sounding man drifted over the comms. Though they were well able to communicate with the battleship - it was unmistakably a battleship, a kilometer long monstrosity - these people declined to accept any visuals. Of course, Yaichiro had a rough idea of what they looked like. Humanoid, with animal features according to their caste and role in society. The antithesis of the Federation by the sounds of it, and yet, they existed. There was no sense in going to war over ideology, and if the Klingons were willing to try for peace, there was the hope that the Taianese would as well. "You will inform us when you are ready," the man ordered.

"Acknowledged. Please stand by." He stood and walked to the turbolift, descending and heading down the halls of the ship in a brisk walk. He headed to the arrival transporter pads and after a pause, pressed a button on the console.

"We've locked onto the area you have set aside for our transport of personnel, and are ready when you are. Sending control to your helm to initiate both sides of the transfer simultaneously." This was a small concession to allow the Taianese to feel a little less tense about the matter. He'd had some words with every officer being sent over. To convey that the Federation cared about peace, but that strength to protect was also important. If they thought the Federation were pushovers, that itself may cause war.

They'd only just built the fleet back up from Wolf 359, and he wasn't inclined to make another enemy for the Federation. His ship had been given all the increased armament and defense he could convince Starfleet Command to permit...and still he was concerned.

He'd lived through that hell.

"Energizing." With that one simple word, the teleporter pad began to sparkle and glow as two new forms came into being on board the ship, their bodies having been transformed into energy and moved across vast distances before being reassembled. Now, standing before the Starfleet officer and his retinue, were two black bodysuited beauties, the dreary, form fitting poly-armor only further accentuating their Tiger-like hair and feline ears by virtue of contrast.

"Kōrui Hoshiko, acting First Officer of the USS Constitution as per the officer exchange program, present and ready," the two twins plainly remarked, glaring at Yaichiro with disdain. However, that displeasure at seeing the Federation officer was as brief as was their surprise. Turning to look at each other, their tiger striped tails stood on end as their ears rose, eyes wide in shock. In an instant, the two were at each other, drawing their pistols while simultaneously parrying the other's, plasma blasts narrowly missing the other's head as their faceless war cowls engaged.

"Federation vessel! Interference with the teleportation system has been detected!" the Taianese officer from before messaged from their battleship. "We have an unknown vessel off our starboard side and are engaging!" Over the din, the two women immediately squared off, each aiming to blast the other, only to be deflected by fast, martial blows as their gun-kata deadlocked with the other.

Yaichiro's eyes narrowed as he watched the display, taking cover and drawing his phaser...but having a better idea. Waiting for the right moment, he activated the forcefield around the transporter, and then even activated the ones around the individual pads.

"Shields up, Red Alert! Security Teams to Transporter Room One. Executor, we've received two identical officers on the transporter pad who have immediately engaged in combat. Requesting biometric data on your officer for identity verification! We'll have to move them each to the brig until we've figured out what's going on. If you temporarily have to do the same to our officers, within the bounds of respect, I understand. Do what you must to verify the security of your ship, while we act in kind."

He looked to the two women, hoping they understood.

"No disrespect intended, of course, but I'm needed on the bridge given that there's now combat. We'll have to give you both regrettably spartan accommodations until we sort this out."

"This is unacceptable! She is the imposter!" they both shouted at once, accusingly pointing their pistols at one another. As though taking the mimicry as an offense, the two angrily stared each other down as their faceless helmets drew back, revealing their identical faces.

"Your transport is under attack! Whichever of you is genuine will understand that to take priority. You'll have a chance to prove your identities." Yaichiro noted, hoping that would ease protests. The security team entered and started a scan of the weapons and items in their possession, with the intention of removing them with the transporter before the migration of the temporary prisoners.

"You had best sort this out - the Empire will not tolerate treachery!" the two women turned their wrath on Yaichiro instead, if only for a moment. Each grumbling again, taking offense at being mirrored, the two crossed their arms and turned their backs on one another. As the security team scanned the two, it rapidly became apparent just how heavily armed and armored the two Taianese women were. Besides their form fitting suits being made of poly-ablatives, the multiple shield generators would easily deflect most small arms fire. Meanwhile, the plasma pistols they had now holstered were not dissimilar to phasers in their capabilities, with stun and kill settings.

However, what stood out the very most was the pod-like device each wore at the small of their back. The folding weapon pods held a heavy laser rifle, underbarrel phaser, and what could only be described as a condensed plasma launcher. With how militant their armaments were, it was clear that both Kōrui and Kōrui could have broken out of their containment fields if they really wanted.

"Executor to Constitution, the interloper has escaped - what information has your sensors obtained? We demand you forward it to us immediately," the Taianese ship commander spoke through Yai's Comm-Badge, his neutral tone somehow conveying a level of displeasure far worse than what the plain words seemed to mean.

"Acknowledged. We will send all sensor logs, including our officers' biometric data. If there are any doppelgangers of our officers like there seem to be of yours, we need to know. If any of our people have been captured and replaced, we need to pursue and you have security measures to tend to. Requesting you also send your sensor data for our own investigation." He didn't like the demanding tone, but now wasn't the time for complaining of such things. He was needed on the bridge. He departed from the transporter room, while the security crews transported the women each to a brig, sans their implements of war.

"We've had to move both women claiming to be your officer to the brig. The sooner you can provide us biometric data, the sooner we can safely determine which one to release to normal duties." He said, going to the bridge and beginning to send the data.

"Understood. Transmitting now," the Taianese bridge officer replied. As much as Yaichiro hoped that it'd clear things up however, all the information he got concerning the doppelgangers only made things more confusing. Both were exactly the same. Their genetics, their physiology, the things they wore and the way they moved and speak. It was all the same. At the very least though, the data regarding their interloper's vessel was a little more conclusive in at least giving them some avenue of pursuit.

"Sir, we rustled up a betazoid from among the crew, and - " Hilda's voice paused as someone's crying in the background grew particularly loud. " - you might want to talk to her yourself," his head of security explained.

He raised an eyebrow. Betazoids were sensitive to others. Empathic to the point of telepathy, She might have some input to give. hen he heard the tears. "On my way." Yaichiro responded, electing to personally go to investigate. It was against some schools of thought to use a Betazoid for interrogation, especially after certain incidents aboard the Enterprise, but there were cases where there were no alternatives...

He arrived in the brig, not really sure what to expect.
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Re: Warmongers of the Federation (18+ Stuff Here and There!)

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"WAAAAAAAAA! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" Standing in front of the brig cell, the Taianese Tigress watched as her doppleganger knelt on the floor in a puddle of tears, pathetically begging for her life. "I'm just a red light district worker! I was really good at acting so they grabbed me and made me do all this!" she cried. "They just wanted me to act really good and that's it! I-I-I was j-u-h-just trying to stay in character! Please, I'll do anything!" the woman pawed at the forcefield. "I'll even let the whole crew of the ship take turns with me! Just don't hurt me please!" she bawled, bursting into tears.

"We would usually have her restrained as the enhanced interrogation procedures were implemented by now," Kōrui, dryly remarked. "As we, the Taianese, eschew such primitive acts, I can only assume she came from one of our colonies meant for undesireables. I have already informed my ship, which has departed in search of these interlopers," she added, plainly staring at Yaichiro as she spoke, her demeanor as different from her doppleganger's as night and day. "Following her interrogation, I will proceed to take my place on board your ship as your First Officer if that is acceptable."

"It is. Your standard issue equipment will be returned to you. However, just because the interlopers got a girl from that area does not mean that is their center of operations. Either they somehow altered this girl to the genetic and armament level in real time, implying great skill, or they altered her genome top-to-bottom in advance...implying a degree of subversion into your ranks and access to your equipment and data. Fortunately...I hope that this young woman will be willing to tell us everything she knows. We don't make a habit of torturing people, I can guarantee her that." Yaichiro crossed his arms, pondering.

"When we slaved our transporter systems to your ship's controls, we set our transporters to re-enforce and support your own transporters. To act as an anchor to their own deployment and vice-versa to compensate for any incompatibilities or the like. Perhaps that 'anchor' kept them from transporting you away when sending their own doppelganger...this is likely to have been an abduction attempt." He clarified, looking to the young woman and then to the XO.

"A very dangerous game. The self destruct on my equipment can be hazardous," the Taianese officer flatly pointed out. Though, judging by the scans of her equipment and the energy density they contained, this was a huge understatement. "Nonetheless, they will be found and rooted out," she confidently added. Glaring at her doppleganger, huddled on the floor in a sobbing pile, the tigress turned her full attention to Yaichiro, brilliant blues shining in his direction. If only a moment, as she looked back to her doppleganger. "I have yet to introduce myself. I am Zhōngjiàng Kōrui Hoshiko, Princess of Tai Pan. And you are?"

"A-Ayumu. Aikawa Ayumu," the sniffling doppleganger replied. "I-I won 1st place for blowjobs this year!" she tried to helpfully reply. Tossing back her blond hair, Hilda came over to Yaichiro's side.

"The betazoid says she doesn't know anything. I think they just wanted her to act the part and make mistakes, or maybe just be a placeholder," his security chief whispered. Hilda herself looked rather concerned, but kept herself as professional as possible in this confusing mess.

"Disappointing," Hoshiko remarked, apparently able to hear the whispering.

"H-hey!" Ayumu hiccuped. "I worked really hard for that!"

"There are a number of possible motives. To cause us to underestimate the Taianese officers, to keep up the act just long enough for them to escape with the genuine article, or some combination thereof. Of course, there's also a possibility that they may try again. We'll have to put a transporter scrambler armband on them both for whenever our shields are down." Yaichiro surmised, pondering matters.

"In the meantime, did Aikawa-san accept this operation under duress, or for some sort of gain?" The ship's captain inquired. He fell into eastern-Earth nomenclature since the names were Japanese. Something he himself had grown up with.

"Um, if I didn't, they were gonna toss me over to some monsters with tentacles that were gonna lay eggs in me and record the whole thing for money," Ayumu meekly offered up from her cell. "D-does that count?" she asked, haind rasied like a schoolgirl offering up an answer.

"You can put your hand down," the Taianese Princess laconically replied to the whore. Glancing at Yai with her aloofly lidded blue eyes, she placed a hand on her hips. "Captain, do you wish for me to continue investigation? Or will your other personnel do so on our behalf?" the Tigress asked. "If I will not be pursuing this myself, I am certain I have other duties as your Number One."

Yaichiro pondered for a moment. "Aikawa-san. As of this time, I believe you to be a victim. It is not our intention to do harm to you. We still have to investigate matters though, ask you questions, and do a thorough medical scan to ensure that you are not under any sort of control or threat of injury. Number One, Commander, with me please."

He elected to step away, leading the pair outside the room to talk.

"Number One, your status to her may make her more nervous and less likely to open up, so I will have someone else handle direct interaction for now. However, I have other duties related to this matter that require your aid. First, I need you to tell me the status of the crew I sent to your vessel, since you were apparently the last to communicate with the ship. Second, I need your familiarity with your standard issue equipment to run an analysis of her own items which we've kept in the transporter buffer. When a person is given a body that would make a convincing corpse, a self destruct system, and only a temporary ability to impersonate, one must consider the possible conclusion those ingredients combined make. She may well have been intended to detonate the bridge and kill the ship's senior staff, leaving what was to be thought your remains behind. Check your own equipment as well, just in case some infiltrator close to you had a backup plan."

After this, Yaichiro glanced to Hilda.

"Commander, when she was beamed aboard, she was matching the Zhongjiang blow-for-blow with gun-kata. Unless the Empire teaches prostitutes their CQC doctrine, I highly doubt that a simple replication of muscle memory was sufficient to achieve that. When she's moved to medical, I want her kept restrained but comfortable, and her brain thoroughly scanned for duplicated and/or hidden memories that our current empathic and telepathic methods would miss. A differential analysis of her body and brain compared to the Zhongjiang's own transporter pattern may assist in that process. The last thing we need is a Manchurian Candidate scenario. Also, try to see if any of her own genetic code survives...she might want her own face back."

"Hmph." The Tigress disapprovingly narrowed her eyes at the two Federation officers. "The enemy was in a small stealth frigate. They would not have gotten through MY battleship's defenses. I have confirmed your personnel are intact," Hoshiko curtly remarked. "As for her combat capability, if she is a physical match of me, then she is Taianese. A human based, but genetically superior and network capable life form," she began to tersely explain, her face still expressionless yet somehow disdainful. "This would mean that she would have had the opportunity to download the standard combat routines as well as any experience from any willing or coerced donor." The small woman menacingly cracked her gauntleted knuckles. "Time however, would have proved me her better," she confidently remarked.

"W-wait, what? Human based?! Genetically engineered?!? Networked!?!?!" Hilda became increasingly alarmed. "I haven't heard anyone talk about this stuff since, since...well, classroom talks about the Eugenics Wars, and the Augments," the blond security chief realized, placing a hand over her strained uniform to try and calm her heart. "And, you said networked? We use cybernetics, but you make it sound like something the Bynars have."

Hoshiko's aloof gaze sat on Hilda as she spoke, but once the blonde finished, flicked over to Yaichiro, as though she were questioning him in turn. He had given his orders to Hilda, yet, she was stumped with shock and awe with what the Taianese woman had said.

"...Commander, please tend to my orders. I'll make the appropriate inquiries. Check for human genetic information and compare them to the old Eugenics program as well. Don't speak of this widely, either. We're getting into some politically senstive topics that don't need spread around the ship needlessly." The CO advised, looking stern.

"Yes sir, I'll be discreet," Hilda nodded, quickly going off to attend to the task at hand. Watching the blonde bombshell leave though, Hoshiko's eyes only narrowed.

"Eugenics wars?" she softly asked Yaichiro, her voice low as to avoid being overheard.

"...I'll show you the files and we'll discuss it in the privacy of my quarters, if only because I can avoid logging the information being read there. If you are who I suspect you to be, this may...complicate matters." Yaichiro said, leading the young woman to his quarters.

Upon arrival, the first things she'd notice were a glass container holding the severed arm of some cyborg, apparently, with two tubes sticking out of the wrist, as well as a pair of swords hanging from a holder on the wall. The swords looked positively ancient, and there was a framed letter with Japanese text hanging on it immediately above them.

"...Your room will be similar. The Galaxy class is known for being excessively luxurious...a testament to the era in which she was designed." This was said with a small tinge of critique, as if he disagreed. "Of course, this ship's been notably modified. You'll need to read up on those customizations at the earliest possible time."

"Of course," the foreign officer tersely replied, only offering a glance at the items present. "I have initiated contact with your ship computer and am awaiting authorization. You simply need to bring the relevant data onto your console here," Hoshiko remarked, sitting down and crossing her legs.

Yaichiro gave a sigh, and complied, giving authorization. When that was given, the data came up. The Eugenics wars were caused when humans on Earth started genetically engineering themselves, and ended in 1996. The ambitious started conquering the planet and fighting amongst themselves, plunging the planet into relentless war until the normal humans killed or exiled them...and since then, genetic engineering has been banned on Earth.

"...You claim to be descended from humans. I'm human, a member of the race indigenous to the planet Earth, and was born and raised there. I was initially thinking that you might have been one of the seeded races abducted from Earth in its primitive past and used to populate another world...but if you are descendants of the genetically engineered Augments who tried to conquer our people during the Eugenics Wars almost 400 years ago...that complicates things. Earth is a founding member and is the capital planet of the Federation, after all. It's where it all started. Even today, genetic engineering beyond the purposes of medical necessity is banned because of the Augments' aggression and actions."

"These gene sequences, though superior in performance to basline human, are sloppy. Amateurish," Hoshiko's aloof voice quickly replied. Reclining into her seat as she sighed, the Taianese officer added, "The flaws present appear to, amongst other things, induce aggression. arrogance and various other undesireable characteristics that are unacceptable." Gazing up at the ceiling as though in thought for a moment, her brilliant blue eyes then darted back to Yaichiro. "You will be pleased to know that we are not from this era. Judging by the information given and comparing to our own, we were created by a group of humans sampled from Earth centuries prior as a docile slave force."

Their was the faintest hint of a smug smile.

"Logic dictated that we escape and gain our freedom." That faint smile vanished however. "Logic also dictated, after several hard lessons, that pacifism was illogical." Steepling her fingers together, Hoshiko then turned her attention to Yaichiro's computer console. "As for my doppleganger, records indicate that she was a high class prostitute that had gone missing in the special zones set aside and governed by our former masters," the Tiger haired woman began. "Physically, she is an exact replica of me, with no traces of her preivous DNA present. This would also mean she has access to my superior intellect and abilities, though her personality may inhibit its use." The computer screen scrolled again, this time showing the foreign weapons that they both carried. "Her weapons are standard issue however, but were made to be cosmetically identical to mine, down to the serial numbers. Functionally, they do not appear to be converted into a deliberate trap or have remote activation." Looking backup at him, she asked, "What do you think our next course of action should be, Captain?"

"...Well, while I am interested in pursuing those responsible from an ethical and peacekeeping standpoint, as well as the standpoint that they clearly seek to interfere with negotiations between our peoples, the fact is that we lack any jurisdiction in your space. The only combat jurisdiction I have to act, provided my people on your ships are all unmolested, is in regards to our current guest and in self defense. Your personal rank and position would be the only thing that could permit that authority, provided your government even lets you retain such authority while on deployment here. I don't like leaving unknowns, but we're also not supposed to interfere without cause." Yaichiro had a seat and continued to talk.

"It is possible that their objective was not to interfere," Hoshiko remarked, closing her eyes as she relaxed. Opening one to peer at him as she kept her fingerpoints touched together in thought, she added, "Depending on her ability, which we have not fully assessed, she may have been intended for other uses. Alternatively, I myself may have been the goal. Ultimantly, this is all supposition." Opening both her eyes again, she laconically closed the topic. "The relevant information has been forwarded back to my ship. This will be investigated further by my First Officer." Uncrossing and uncrossing her skin-suited legs, Hoshiko briefly glanced at some of the items in Yai's room. "I will begin my duties as your First Officer at your order," she began, briefly pausing. "Before that however, what are these?" the Taianese woman gestured with her hand.

"Ah. Those are the swords of my family. Passed down through over a thousand years and through 57 generations, thay're ancient samurai swords from the dawn of the Warring States period in Japanese history. Japan, or Nihon, is the land from which your and my very names were born. Your rank, however, is a word from a nearby country called China with an even older history. Those blades...well, they are the reason I and a number of my senior staff still live." Yaichiro said, his eyes drawn back to the arm.

"And that arm...is what could be considered a trophy of war claimed by those swords, but it is more a reminder of the Federation's moment of weakness, and its greatest defeat. We survived, but at a great cost. That arm is from drone of a gestalt known as the Borg. A hive-mind collective that infects people with nanomachines to enslave them. They seek to assimilate all life. Less than two years ago, just one of their ships disabled or destroyed 39 of our own on their way toward Earth...including my previous assignment and this ship's predecessor." His expression turned even more serious as he opened the door and began to walk with her.

"They assimilated my commanding officer. Adapted to our energy weapons. The only reason I and a number of my crew weren't claimed as well is because I'm one of the few in the Federation who still carries and uses a traditonal blade. I was the highest ranking member of the crew left alive, after a mass death of personnel. As such, I found them deciding to promote me to Captain mainly out of survivorship." He looked back to his new subordinate, his own account of his actions being non-glorified.

"The truth is that the Federation lost some of its most experienced that day, including some of those who were from the old pascifist mindset. The mindset that the galaxy played by the Federation's rules. That mindset is still strong in many, which is why I volunteered to take you where others might not have. While the Federation is the polar opposite of an Empire...we need reminded of the benefits of both to reclaim a balance. We need alternate viewpoints. One of the things that the Federation's diversity is supposed to allow us to be strong in." He confided, recalling how close those tubes were to his neck.

"As much as others like to call me a warmonger for upgrading my ship to fight, we can't maintain peace without strength and discipline. We're looking at proof of that. Proof that too many would prefer to ignore."

"Based on the information I have gathed through your computer, the Borg are indeed formidable," Hoshiko had to admit, briefly averting her gaze. Taking the First Officer's seat on the bridge however, she turned her eyes back to Yaichiro. "However, my initial scans of your ship indicate that it is the equivilant of a pleasure cruiser. One equiped with science facilities, additional shielding, energy production, and a complement of weapons." Though matter-of-fact, the statement was in and of itself rather damning, as was her brief pause. "You are ill equipped, and ill prepared for war. The fact that my battleship could core this vessel with a single shot of its main gun is evidence of that. The hull is paper without its shields," she spoke, her calm far more menacing than any anger. "However. I am willing to provide assistance in this regard," the foreign officer's voice seemed to soften. Looking over the bridge, and the shocked expressions of the crew members, she then asked, "What modifications have you made thus far?"

Jaws dropped, while others clenched. Hoshiko's eyes would see anger and even a measure of pride, even in the eyes of the veterans. She noticed a brief flash of it in Yaichiro's eyes as well as she criticized his ship, but he was the first, by far, to contain his response.

"Well, naturally we kept those modifications offline so as not to appear threatening. We did not wish to convey an image of strength needlessly. There's a time and a place for that. I've gotten the ship as strong as the Admiralty's politics and our resources would allow. Also, everyone, please remember that Number One is from a different nation with a different ideology. Her statement may seem crass to you all, but it is still valid. Remember Wolf 359." This seemed to, if not appease the crew, at least keep them in line.

"The Galaxy-class which the Constitution B is based on is...truth be told, exactly as you describe. It was built at a time of peace when the Federation was uncontested. It relies on superior shield generation and basic technological improvements, as well as reputation, to carry the day. It is a ship designed for a pascifist ideology of a Federation that had not seen heavy conflict in generations. Fortunately, it is designed to be modular. One can remove rooms and labs and replace them with other systems with the intent to upgrade." He had a seat in the Captain's Chair as he began to describe the ship's upgrades.

The wreckage of the previous ship, the Constitution A, was integrated in various ways. The nacelle pylons have been strengthened and have had the impulse engines of the old ship integrated, so as to improve acceleration and maneuverability notably. Extra photon torpedo launchers that support additional torpedo types and phaser emiters, both ball and strip type, have been installed. Extra shield emitters have also been added, and the battle bridge expanded. To help power these upgrades, the Constitution A's warp core has even been included. In the case of an imminent warp core breach, we can eject the core and employ the secondary core to achieve Warp 7.5. We even have a special Captain's Yacht-style connection intended to be compatible with another design being considered." Yaichiro wondered how the Defiant project was going...

"Unfortunately, the Phaser Lance and ablative armor haven't been approved for installation, yet...it's a shame, really."

"A start," the petite, exotic woman that had entered the bridge with the Captain tersely replied. "I suppose the 'phaser lance' is a main gun, a spinal weapon. That, along with the armor, would be a drastic improvement, but still shows your lack of experience in warfare," the bridge crew members heard this strange, almost tiger-like woman say aloud. "You are over reliant on nadion particle technology. But I digress." Standing up, the woman then strode to the middle of the bridge and looked at them all, her tightly black-bodysuited form on clear display as she firmly stood.

"I am Zhōngjiàng Kōrui Hoshiko, former commanding officer of the battleship Executor and Princess of Tai Pan. I will be your First Officer during my stay," the Taianese woman introduced herself, tiger-tail slowly swishing as she paced the bridge, carefully eying each and every officer present, Hilda included. "Though my stay here abord this pleasure ship was meant to be both leisurely and educational, I will strive to assist you all in my way," her calm, laconic voice plainly stated as she went full circle, coming to stop in front of the main view screen. "Additionally, to head off any rumors, I will confirm that I and my people are human derived. We are genetically engineered and superior in many regards, but are not descended from the Augments of your Eugenics wars who we consider crude and amateurish in comparison," she tried to reassure the bridge officers present. "We were made as docile servants, and escaped, earning our freedom. I will tell you all now that we were pacifists, but had quiclky found that to be most illogical. I will assist you all in coming to accept this truth yourselves. That is all."

With that, Hoshiko took her seat.

"What are your orders, my Captain?" Hoshiko asked, her brilliant blue eyes coming to settle on Yaichiro.
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Re: Warmongers of the Federation (18+ Stuff Here and There!)

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"...Given the current situation, and the fact we've been given a measure of free reign for the purposes of introducing you to the Federation, we will now head toward Earth. It's only appropriate for you and Aikawa-san to see your ancestral homeworld with your own eyes, provided Command doesn't issue us other duties. I'd say we've got a 50/50 shot at actually getting back to Earth before we're sent elsewhere, knowing Admiral Thompson." Yaichiro conveyed. "And there are other weapons that have been developed, but the Federation is either treaty-bound not to explore them, like for cloaking devices, or the Vulcans step in and use political leverage to delay or eliminate their use like the collimating X-ray laser beam emitters."

"Helmsman, set course for Sector 001, Earth. Engage at will," the foreign woman stoically ordered the crew, ignoring their looks of horror, disgust or even anger. Despite the tone of voice though, they could still feel her aloofness and lack of care, which only seemed to emphasize the fact that she viewed this assignment as leisure. Having addressed the captain's orders, the bridge crew watched as Hoshiko turned her attention back to things that did have her interest. "I would suppose that while not on assignment, your admiral keeps your ship and crew out of sight, considering the Federation's naive self-image," she stated. "It is disappointing you do not have cloaking technology though. For your civilian vessels, it would be invaluable."

She didn't rise to the mention of Earth however. It didn't seem to interest her.

"The Federation achieves peace through concessions. Sometimes they yield too much in my opinion. But the opinion of a ship's Captain means little to Admiralty. Still, as much as I may speak my beliefs, the reason I can do so is because the Federation allows that to be done within the bounds of responsibility. Also, I would ask that you take care how you phrase such things. Almost everyone you see here has either shed blood for the Federation and our people, or has watched the person who they inherited their position from do the same in a rather gruesome manner. They feel a measure of pride in the Federation."

"I will take that into consideration, but I am also certain that what does not kill them, will make them stronger," the Tigress replied to the Captain.

"No dispute here. Criticism is welcome...just be careful not to close the minds of those who you seek to have listen to your input by an avoidable turn of phrase injuring pride. The Admiralty in particular can be...stubborn."

"...Understood," Hoshiko replied after a moment. The foreign woman's words had quickly put the crew on edge, but true to her word, it looked like she was taking this as light duty, and did not put the crew through their paces. Yet, her conversation with the Captain continued where their duty permitted. If it wasn't clear before, it was all the more clear now; not only was the Taianese woman genetically modified, but she was as militant as they came, and intended to make them more militant where she could.

She and the Empire was perhaps the antithesis to The Federation.

Meanwhile, her doppelganger, Aikawa Ayumu, was making highly suggestive hand gestures depicting numerous sexual acts as she happily explained her usual line of work in detail to her security detail. Of course, Hilda anxiously bit her lower lip as she watched through her console on the bridge. Yai of course, knew why all too well.

Yaichiro, by contrast, did put the crew through their paces. He was somewhat open with the crew compared to other officers, but demanded they work and perform their duties. Apparently the crew had already been in the process of trying to weaponize the main deflector, and turn the bussard collectors into a secondary deflector system as needed. Modifications the admiralty wouldn't necessarily notice...until push came to shove in a fight. These efforts continued as the ship moved along. Efforts to identify the sort of ship that had deposited Ayumu were also ongoing. All the while, Yaichiro saw fit to keep the vessel on Yellow Alert with the shields up...in part to keep anyone from trying to teleport their guests away.

Ayumu's security detail would get a demonstration of Ayumu's skills, while Hilda watched, and Yaichiro simply chalked it up to Hilda's...strong drives.

As they moved along, a communication came through and was patched onto the screen.

"Admiral Thompson, this is the Constitution. We receive you." Yaichiro said, in a manner absent of pleasantries which was worthy of Hoshiko herself. The man on the other end was balding, had grey eyes, and a short white beard. He was dressed in attire that gave no doubt as to his rank.

"Sensors indicate that you're Earth-bound after picking up your exchange officer, but I'm afraid that we have a situation in need of your care. We're detecting a warp signature near Deep Space Seven on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. The signature is Federation, but dated and heavily modified. We want you to investigate. You're the quickest to intercept, if you put that second warp core to use." This latter sentence was said with a subtle hint of derision, as if implying that they shouldn't have that second core anyway.

"Fascinating. This ship's more proper features appear to be derided, yet relied upon by Starfleet due to the rest of the fleet being so under equipped," Hoshiko calmly observed. Her voice was calm and almost even pleasant to the ear as it always was, yet her choice of words were anything but. They were completely scathing. "Helmsman, set course for Deep Space Seven. Standby to engage when communications are finished," the foreign officer directed the Federation crew. Despite the Admiral being on the line, and well able to hear her, the acting First Officer.

"...Very well." The Admiral said, with irritation. "I expect Captain Kage has yet to convey the nuances of the civility of Federation's member races, so be sure to make use of him. I've more important matters to tend to, Princess, so I must conclude this. I look forward to hearing results." With that, the communication ended. He essentially called the girl a spoiled Princess without civility. A few members of the crew gave a chuckle, but more at the Admiral's expense than anything else.

"Helmsman, engage maximum warp. 9.8 was it? Attempt to push past that. Show me what this ship can do," the Tiger tailed woman flippantly ordered the crew about. As the Galaxy class vessel did just that, she crossed her legs and relaxed waiting to see what would happen. Yet, there was something on her mind. "Captain. Do you ever wonder? How your ship would fare against mine?" Hoshiko asked, the tip of her feline tail twitching with curiosity.

The helmsman responded, with a nervous comment. "...Warp 9.85 achieved, ma'am. We're 0.25 past current speed records, 0.05 past theoretical maximums for the class, and well past recommended limits. We'd be flying apart if it weren't for the custom changes, but we should be able to sustain this for a little while. Having us be at the top of the Federation speed books should make the Admiral a bit hot under the collar. Maybe make the Enterprise take notice of the loss of her old record."

Yaichiro smiled, a bit proud of the ship, before pondering Hoshiko's question. "It's part of a Captain's job to wonder that, regardless of what diplomacy demands we say. I think of it even more after the encounter with the Borg cube though."

"Hmm," Hoshiko pondered for a moment. "From what information is available to me, numbers would be irrelevant against the Borg, rendering most resistance nothing more than a delaying tactic," she observed. "This is, of course, due to the selection of primary armaments for your ship. Even with the phaser lance and ablative armor, you would only last a modest amount of additional time." Crossing her legs and looking up at the ceiling in thought, she was as every bit beautiful as she was militaristic and exotic. The different, foreign thoughts and opinions she had only fueled this, as she replied again, "Why did you choose the phaser?" she asked a hint of curiosity in her otherwise plain voice, challenging them at their very basis.

"The original weapon evolution for our ships was lasers, phased pulse cannons, then x-ray laser arrays. While the x-ray laser arrays were particularly effective in war, the Vulcans, who are a member of the Federation ruled by logic and pacifism and who mentored humanity after it first achieved independent warpflight, used political leverage and negotiations with the Romulans we were fighting a war with to outlaw the technology for over 100 years on both sides. Even now, 30 years after that limitation ended, the Vulcans and other entities in the Federation who have adopted a less...prepared ideology do not permit their use. Phasers are a hybrid of lasers and phased pulse cannons that were developed as a replacement and geared toward maintaining parity with the Disruptors of other races." Yaichiro conveyed, with some irritation.

"In short, it's because of political meddling. It is, however, a nice option in cases where we wish to disable instead of hopelessly irradiate and blast apart. Like a small scalpel when the situation requires one instead of a giant saw."

"I do not believe 'political meddling' would explain all of it, nevermind the Vulcans and their inhibiting of your people. The choice of having such a simplistic set of armaments on your ships - only phaser banks and photon torpedoes - " Hoshiko stopped, unable to quite articulate what she felt. " - strange. So simple, so easily countered. And that is not mentioning the nature of nadion particle based weapons." Tapping a finger on the arm of her chair, she continued. "The main problem your Federation has would be your own primary weapon, the phaser. Nadion particles are powerful, precise, and flexible in use. Capable of stunning, destroying, or even perfectly vaporizing without any collateral damage. It would seem an ideal weapon system, wouldn't you agree Captain?"

Many of the bridge crew tried not to react, but some raised eyebrows or were already scoffing when they thought she couldn't see or hear.

Yaichiro noted the comments, and raised an eyebrow, but agreed. "It would seem so on the surface, yes. Of course, they're useless against some enemies, hence looking for alternatives like different torpedo types or weaponizing deflector emissions from the second warp core."

The Taianese woman nodded.

"Your weapons have proven useless against certain enemies - namely the Borg - but these measures are only stop-gaps," the princess pointed out, her bright blue eyes settling on him, if only for a moment before she looked back to space. "My people use phasers as well, but in a much more limited capacity, as the Nadion particle is too perfect. While the user may manipulate its behavior at will for a variety of desired effects, others besides the user may as well." Her plain yet pleasant voice was no comfort for the cold choice of words. They all recalled seeing the Borg simply ignore their phaser fire. "With sufficient understanding and preparation, a phaser blast can be nullified to varying degrees. Which is why Taianese ships carry a much wider range of weapon types, to avoid over-dependence."

The nadion particle was perfect. So perfect that the Federation was hooked on it like a drug, she essentially told them. Yaichiro couldn't help but agree. He already knew it, and that is why he was seeking alternatives.

"You are correct. The Borg can readily adapt to the frequency of phaser emissions and render them useless. That's the power of the Borg. To adapt to whatever they encounter readily...well, aside from thousand-year-old swords." This was met with an uneasy silence, before the Captain continued. "Nadion particles are, as you say, readily changable to the point where they are the worst weapon to employ against the Borg. Add to that the Borg Cube's massive redundancy, to where over 80% of a cube can be destroyed before it suffers in performance, and current ideologies go from unwinnable to a joke. That's why we're doing what we can under the nose of the admiralty to diversify the ship and feed that data into the Defiant program. Perhaps it's time to be a bit more aggressive with pushing such things though...I doubt the Romulans are letting X-Ray Laser tech go unexplored, just because they've been focused internally as of late..." Yaichiro noted with distaste.

For a moment, Hoshiko simply stared at the Captain, her expressionlessness inscrutable even more so than it was normally.

"You mention x-ray laser technology as though it were particularly potent or special," the acting first officer observed. "Why is this?" That question alone however, implied to the man several things about Tai Pan.

"Because it's the place to begin politically and is also something we could deploy relatively quickly while working on other options. The barring of the X-Ray Laser was the precedent by which general armament development was halted. It is the precedent by which the stagnation of the Federation's armaments is justified, and needs reversed to proceed with any significant change in this area." Yaichiro answered with. He knew it was no silver bullet. It was just where to start.

"If I were a Vice Admiral of the Federation rather than Tai Pan, I would be horrified," the woman flatly stated, idly looking into the viewscreen.

"Welcome to the mindset of our citizens' defenders." Yaichiro flatly responded.

"I pity you," Hoshiko plainly replied, much to the ire of some of the bridge crew.

"Well, it's not like we've surrendered to it. There are measures being taken by some officers and admirals who see the need. Just not ours." Yaichiro responded, grateful for the discussion, but still having some pride.

"Fortunately," her clipped reply came. Crossing her legs, Hoshiko fell silent as the ship continued on its course.
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Re: Warmongers of the Federation (18+ Stuff Here and There!)

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((This part gets really lewd))

It would be some time before they arrived. And that meant killing time. Yaichiro would soon head to the holodeck to practice with the sword, claiming a couple wooden training swords called bokken from his quarters on the way as well as traditional kendo attire. He brought a second bokken just in case someone chose to spar. Naturally, it wasn't long before someone joined him.

"It is foolish to not be running an Anti-Borg combat drill, or combined firearm and melee weapons practice," came the familiar aloofness of Hoshiko's voice. Her entrance into the holodeck was silent save for the doors, and as ever, she stood in her armored body suit, watching the man. Unlike their early moments working together though, the Taianese woman now had her weapon pod attached to the small of her back, complemented by the plasma pistol and sword handle on her hips.

"We had that not long before we deployed to pick you up, I'm afraid. Sorry you missed it. However, it's still important to let them rest before a mission containing unknowns. If I held had a grueling regimen now, and there actually turned out to be combat, I'd have a tired crew rather than a prepared one. Because of that, training within the eight hours before a mission is voluntary. Of course...most of the senior staff that aren't on duty are likely doing something along these lines of their own choice." This wasn't said with pride or condescension though, in fact there was a tinge of melancholy as he finished his words and began a warm up kata.

The final thought never left his lips and was contained within his mind. "After all, none of us want to be that helpless ever again."

"They call this barbaric," Hoshiko's plain, mild mannered voice replied, grasping the sword handle at her waist. With a flick, a straight, golden blade sprung to life, its edge and tip all dull. Despite her observation of the Federation people, she moved to join the young Captain in the sparring ring. With the sword angled towards Yaichiro, her stance low, she stood with one leg curled and ready to pounce like a cat.

"Well..." Yaichiro said, moving his own blade and body into position for the spar. "'they' have generally never known loss and lived in ignorant bliss. Nor have they known anything but the Federation's care and supremacy. 'They' don't know what it takes to protect the peace 'they' hold dear. There's no barbarism in this, if we act properly." Yaichiro said, having long come to terms with wielding his sword.

"Agreed." Moving at lightning speed, Hoshiko stabbed out at the man with her jian, which his wooden bokken barely deflected in time. And yet, the tigress was already at his left, stabbing again, then at his right, the tip coming to him again. "But, seeing as you embrace this," the petite woman began, flowing around him like water, " - you yourself must be a pariah in the Federation," she observed. With how easily the Taianese woman probed at him with her blade, only to slink away, he quickly understood why her hips and thighs were so shapely. "Is this true?" she asked.

The holodeck door slid open, only for Hilda to give a brief "Eep!" of surprise before scurrying out.

Yaichiro noted and expected superior physical prowess, though it was interesting to see it in action. Rather than shying away, however, he focused on conservation of movement. His dodges were narrower, his strikes more efficient. Since he was slower than his opponent, the only way to maintain relative parity was to move less overall, and thus more precisely...and to take risks from time to time. He took a few blows on occasion, without complaint, as he measured her strength and skill.

"Yeah, it's true. Popularity shouldn't be a priority, though. Not unless you're a politician. Sadly, I'm realizing that what I want has a political component...but that's not an insurmountable challenge. There are others who think like me, but stay quiet for the time being. People with more savvy in such things. I need to provide them options," the young captain spoke, the speed and ferocity of her attacks lessening as he did so. Yet all the while, the busty blonde returned, but with more and more company each time.

"You are fighting an uphill battle," the feline woman dryly remarked, her attacks suddenly increasing in ferocity and speed the moment he stopped talking. But, she didn't move to defeat him, even as cheers and jeers rose in intensity. "Having witnessed the attitude of your upper officer corps, my assessment as Zhōngjiàng of Tai Pan would be that you require another Wolf 359," came her plain, almost bored voice, pleasant to the ear as it always was. The jeers and anger rose as he wove his bokken to and fro, moving as little as he needed to in order to desperately defend against her unending assault. "Change or die is a reoccurring theme, and despite having faced the Borg, the Federation is changing at a snail's pace Captain."

Seeing him on the ropes, yet not go down, the crew members cheered for Yai to 'show that cat' who was boss, amongst other things. But he could feel it in his arms. His legs. His entire chest and stomach as he furiously fought.

Yai was slowly getting tired.

He didn't stop though. Even in the face of what seemed an inevitable defeat, he kept going. Even as he grit his teeth and pressed on. He battled efficiently, working to conserve energy through precision, but he also started to probe as well. Search, seek alternatives in her defense. "If fighting an uphill battle were all it took to dissuade someone...what would ever change? I highly doubt that you're telling me to yield."

His crew cheered him on, but he focused on the training session. He was beginning to formulate options, taking stoke of her metal blade versus his own wearing wooden one...

"No. Change or die. If the Federation will not change in the face of such threats, adapt to it, then there must be death," the alien woman replied. Parrying his blade, she stepped back, out of his reach, her guard lowered. "Should the Federation survive this dying, I should hope that you and those like you do as well." With a bow, she turned and left, her feline tail gently swishing as her hips subtly swayed. "With how...naive the Federation is, the only option for it to change is to have the rot excised." As the doors closed behind her, the crowd moaned and boo'd, disappointed that Yai could not give her the comeuppance they all so badly wanted her to have.

"She's a real piece of work, isn't she captain?" Hilda spoke up, her uniform straining as she crossed her arms over her chest. "I know you're quite the maverick, but she's a complete war monger in comparison. It really is like we had someone just step out of the time machine, fresh from the Eugenics war!" the blonde exclaimed. Sighing, she looked up at him. "Do you think you could have won by the way? Nobody was going to bet, but still..." her voice trailed off.

Yaichiro looked to the group, and looked slightly disappointed in their conduct. "I expected her to be stronger, and she was. But encountering someone stronger is something we should expect to be within the realm of possibility. Wolf 359 taught us that the galaxy doesn't play by our rules." He took note of the wear on his blade. "Our values are only preserved as long as we protect them. While we serve as a deterrent to those who would assail us, like the Borg. Push the balance too far toward pacifism and we get overrun. Too far toward war and we lose what we are. I volunteered for this exchange program because we need to hear divergent opinions and come to our own conclusions. What we are doing now failed against the Borg and it's going to keep failing."

"As for being fresh out of the Eugenics war...an Augment wouldn't have been satisfied walking away like she did just now. Don't mistake critique for aggression. Everything she has said has carried a citable reason, whether you find it agreeable or not. By contrast, what you just said about our guest is pure insult. We're supposed to pride ourselves on our tolerance of others, and I expect my crew to exemplify that even if they don't agree with her. Understood?"

"Well, sir..." Hilda's voice trailed off. "To be honest, what I've said so far is, um, a little more tame than what some of the crew have to say," the ship's security chief admitted. As soon as she said this though, the mood quickly shifted and became much more awkward as people began to shuffle out as discreetly as they could. "B-but don't worry, everyone absolutely loves Ayumu!" the blond held her hands up defensively. "Since everyone dislikes Hoshiko, they all...line up. And pound out all their frustrations with her," Hilda began to breathe heavily, face reddening with all sorts of thoughts. "And she never gets tired, no matter how many people need to see her!"

The men scurried out of the holodeck even faster.

"A-anyways!" the blonde cleared her throat. "The crew are all worried about you, and think she's making you more and more militaristic," Hilda tried to stay on topic. Despite that though, her chest still rose and fell quite noticably. "It just seems so wrong for us to militarize to such a barbaric degree like she keeps on saying we should, and with weapons that are so crude," the security chief tried to explain. "Just the other day, in Ten Forward, she was talking about how that...big...long, ship of hers was bristling with plasma and laser cannons, and tipped with that, that massive spinal gun!" Hilda's face positively grew red. "It's the complete antithesis of peaceful exploration! It'd completely demolish everything the Federation stands for and stretch her out beyond recognition!"

"...Commander, your libido is showing." He simply said, smiling a bit awkwardly. This one was always one of the more lewd girls, and needed regular...'relief'. Perhaps they should talk about it elsewhere....oh, the crew was leaving. They knew not to be around her at a time like this...

"If they love Ayumu, who has the exact same genetic code, then genetics isn't the issue. Besides...she is from an empire that conquers. I speak of defending what we have against intrusion. Barbarism is less about the actions and more about the feelings and reasons for their use. War is not so evil when one is protecting one's self, nor is mobilizing. The Federation was BORN from war." Yaichiro reminded the girl, and the people leaving.

"It's our motives and how we conduct ourselves that dictates who we are. We could be barbaric with the weapons we already had if we really wished to be."

"Yeah, but...after the Eugenics Wars and World War III, we swore never to sink to that level," Hilda recalled. "It just feels like, we're somehow going backwards with this. Making ships this big and heavy...it feels so dirty," the blonde shuddered. "A-anyways!" she squeezed her thighs together, squirming about in her starfleet uniform. "I think we're getting close - I'll see you on the bridge!" Hilda scurried away. Knowing her, she was going to find some relief for herself first.

"Wait up." Yaichiro said to the busty woman, sighing just a bit. "...If you want to try a different way, lock the door and change the simulation..." He said, knowing she wouldn't be satisfied by her fingers or toys in time.

"W-what are you talking about sir?" Hilda innocently asked, her face blushing furiously red as her hands quickly keyed the holodeck to lock the doors. "Trying a different way?" she asked, all too confused. "Do you mean about me, being promoted? But but I haven't done anything to warrant that!" the busty blonde exclaimed. "U-unless you want t-t-t-to do things with me in exchange. Horrible, perverted, lewd things!" She suddenly perked up, running over to Yaichiro. "And even then, you might just pound me, over and over again, filling me up with wad after wad and never giving me anything, blackmailing me to keep on going!" her eyes sparkled. "Is that it?! I won't give in!"

"I don't intend to do anything you don't want to do, I don't intend to blackmail you. I just seem to read that you really want to do such a thing...and you'll be distracted all day even if you try to use fingers or toys right now." He said, nervously...

"I - well - it's not - " Hilda fidgeted about, uncertain and a little confused. "I-I'm not that easy!" she pouted at the captain.

"Alright...Do you want to do such a thing, without any sort of blackmail or lack of consent? Purely for pleasure, and mutual agreement." He said, trying to get through her mind. "If you don't want to, it won't happen."

"M-m- buh - nnng!" the busty blonde whined for a moment, squirming about where she stood. "B-but I like...like getting raped and stuff," she mumbled. Clenching her fists together and taking a deep breath, she finally gave in. "F-fine! L-let's do it!" Hilda finally looked at him with determination. It popped like a balloon though. "Uh. H-how do we do it? Usually, I'm used to, you know. Being held down and ravished and th-that sort of thing!" she admitted. It seemed that with how 'imaginative' Hilda's hobbies were, the security chief lost sight of how to do things normally. "Klingons would simply hold me down and tear all my clothes off while pounding me from every which way, while Ferengi would force me to strip naked and put on jewelry and service them first, and - "

The list went on and on. It seemed like all the 'barbaric' peoples had their way of doing things. Even the Borg and all their toys.

With a smile, he laughed a little, before making sure the doors were locked...and setting up a bedroom with an open view of the beach, complete with a balcony. They could feel the sun and wind. He approached and started to undress her of her uniform, groping her through the fabric...

"You don't even know how to take care of yourself anymore, do you?"

"I-I do too! I'm still your head of security, Captain!" Hilda pouted. She let him unzip her starfleet uniform and waited in her black lingerie, nervously twiddling her fingers, uncertain what to do next. True to her word, she was used to being ravished, and had never really taken the lead for herself. Standing there, the man could take in every single curve of her womanly body, and the way her bra bulged as they struggled to hold her breasts back. "Should I lay down on the floor somewhere or something?" she awkwardly asked, unsure what to do and forgetting they were in the holodeck.

Putting his hands on her, he gently pushed her onto a bed that had appeared behind her, and started to strip down as well. He was well-toned and well-endowed, the blonde Captain letting her see the already slowly hardening cock of her superior officer. Once he was exposed, he started to remote her undergarments, as if unwrapping a gift. For one so used to instant gratification, he wanted to make her ache for it. It might make her climax sooner in the long run...

"H-hurry, I'm not used to waiting like this!" Hilda mewled from the bed. As the black panties slid off her curvaceous hips, she eagerly spread her legs while her breasts giggled and bounced free from their restraints the moment he peeled away her bra. Lying on her back, the blond's bust parted to either side ever so slightly as she hugged herself. Already, she was quite wet and damp, ready for the man to take advantage of her. Even though she wanted it, it was obvious that Hilda wasn't going to make the first move.

Climbing atop her, he got into position and gave a light sigh as he lined up. Prodding her opening, teasing her, he smooched her neck and slid in deeeep into his Chief of Security's over-excited pussy. He reached deep into her with his cock and tested her depths with a deep plunge that made her tits jiggle. "Nnnmmm..."

"Aaaahh!~" Hilda cried out, her body suddenly jumping from the sudden insertion, only to push herself back into him. "So good!" Wrapping her legs around Yai, she could feel his hot, throbbing lance run deep into her hips, its tip gently bumping up against her inner gates as she desperately pulled him closer, further into her hungry body. "I - I can feel your pulse in me!" she exclaimed, clamping down hard enough that they could feel one another's beating rhythms.

"Mmmnngh....yes, your heart is beating so fast..." He said, shuddering as he started to buck into the ship's kinkiest officer. Bucking his hips into his lewd partner and feeling his balls smack the blonde's ass, he realized that this was the point of no return. Her legs were wrapped around him to where he couldn't pull out if he wanted to...so he kept right on reaming the lewd woman. The rhythm sped up, in spite of her clamping~

"Gaah! So deep! Y-you're making me feel so good!" the busty blond bucked back, twitching and squeezing each time his dick and her cervix pounded into each other, over and over again. With her legs wrapped around the man, she reached up and pulled him in close, forcing him into her voluptuous chest, pressing him close against her soft pillows. "Keep doing it! Keep hitting me right there! Shoot it right in me!" Hilda panted hard, her cunt clamping down on Yai's length each time he pulled back for another thrust. "KNOCK ME UP!" the busty blond yelled out, her voice cracking with thirst.

This demand made the Captain shudder as he processed it, and his cock went positively rigid. "Wha-aaaAAHHNNNGH...." He shuddered as those balls unloaded as the lady begged, actual semen rushing into her depths and splattering against the back of her womb, staining it white for real for the first time. Bound so closely together, the two could hear the "SPLUUURT-SPLOOORT--SPLOOOOT" as the captain fired straight into Hilda's core with a "NNNNGH" of ecstatic exertion. With how loud the two moaned, it was a good thing the individual rooms were soundproofed.

"Naaah-AHH-AHH-AHH!!!~<3" the busty blond cried out, body sharply convulsing, squeezing down hard with each fat slug of cum shot through her cervix. With each spurt unloaded into her thirsty womb, Hilda couldn't help but let out a lusty cry as she pulled Yaichiro in closer, sealing the deal and forcing him to nut deep inside. They both knew right away that if she wasn't taking anything, this would have done exactly as she begged for and knocked her up for good, but it was the fact it was taboo that made the act so, so good. And they both knew it. "Haaaa..." Hilda's tongue loled out of her mouth. "Feel so pregnant," she moaned. "That...probably took." Holding Yai so close, she felt like a soft, plump bundle of warmth that continued to beat to her own pulse, her breasts pressed firmly against the man in their embrace.

"Haahh...had no idea...you'd go that far....were you actually wanting...that?" He asked, more than a little surprised, groaning as a final, fat load of spunk splattered into her womb with a shudder "Or do you plan on a..morning after pill?" He breathlessly spoke, clearly having came harder because of her lewd demand.

"AAAUUUGH!~~~~" Hilda cried out again. The last spurt of seed shot through her hips and into her belly, robbing the woman of all intelligible thought as she came even harder, turning his Chief of Security into little more than his busty cum-dump as her toes quivered and body shook. Blankly staring up at the ceiling in a complete daze, she couldn't even answer the man, and was completely helpless with the way she was.

Taking note of this, and also noting the time, he shuddered, and started to thrust all over again into the slutty blonde. Making her massive, lewd tits rock, making the cum in her churn - if he was doing this, he might as well try to make the most of this! "Nnnngh....time for round two...Commander..." He groaned, balls smacking her ass and cock reaming her wet pussy once more. "A girls who dreams about being gangbanged won't be....satisfied just once, right?"

"Yeshhh Captaihn!!" Hilda managed to reply, her speech slurring as her pussy clamped down hard on Yai all over again.
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Re: Warmongers of the Federation (18+ Stuff Here and There!)

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By the time they were due to arrive, Yaichiro was dressed, composed, and showered. He arrived and had a seat in the Captain's chair, before glancing to Hoshiko. The warp vessel was going back and forth across the neutral zone at high warp, it seemed...entering a nebula within the zone and staying for a time, before leaving at a speed well in excess of Warp 9.3. Romulan ships were likely around, but cloaked and outclassed in speed...at least speed attainable while cloaked.

"The edge of the Neutral Zone? Report." Yaichiro said to his acting XO.

"This vessel continues to move about. I do not like it," she blandly remarked. "It is as though it is hurriedly searching for something, or is attempting to bait us into following," Hoshiko added, drumming her fingers on the arm rest of her chair.

"I have to agree," Hilda chimed in. "It's roughly retraced its path a few times already." Unlike Yaichiro, the Chief of Security's her uniform in disarray while and her hair was a frumpy mess. Quietly getting up, the Taianese XO got up and walked over to Hilda and began straightening her out.

"I have to wonder if this is a Kobayashi Maru," Hoshiko aloofly pondered. Leaning in closer to Hilda, she added in a whisper quiet enough so only the busty blonde could hear, "And if you have been too busy being bred." With the Chief of Security looking much better, the First Officer took her place by the captain again, crossing her legs. "Shall we attempt hailing it Captain?" the Taianese woman asked Yaichiro.

"A Kobayashu Maru scenario is a hypothetical conducted in simulations. This ship is intentionally outrunning the Romulans. It doesn't make sense...but yes, open a channel."

Once this was done, Yaichiro began to speak. "Unidentified vessel, this is the Federation Starship Constitution. You are logged by sensors as having repeatedly entered and exited the Neutral Zone. If you are a military vessel, this is a violation of treaty and an act of war. If you are civilian, it is illegal and highly unwise. Your government, if either are indeed your government, cannot protect you while you are not on the proper side of the zone. Please respond."

After a time with no response, they receive a hail...from a Romulan ship on the other side of the zone.

"This is the D'deridex-class Belak, of the Romulan Star Empire. Explain this trespass, Constitution!" A Romulan woman said, irate as she appeared on screen.

"We've been explicitly dispatched here by Starfleet Command to determine the nature of this as well, Belak. If you have any information on the vessel, it would be appreciated to help identify it." Yaichiro said, staying calm.

"All we know is that it is a Federation signature! Using a signature a century old, only to have it move at high warp? Maddening! You're making a mockery of us!" The officer said in anger. However, one could tell if they had a keen eye that the rage was played up.

"It may be Ferengi or other scavenger type," the Taianese XO's plain, calm voice suggested. "We all know how opportunistic they can be, and it is clear this is a much older but heavily modified design we are dealing with," Hoshiko pointed out. "Additionally, I second Belak's frustration. I do not look forward to any intercept attempt with this vessel and suggest we lay mines." It was a brutal, indiscrminate tactic unfitting of the Federation that she suggested, but it would be effective against this odd transgressor, for certain.

The Romulan commander found this to be interesting. She wasn't familiar with the uniform the officer wore, but suspected an officer exchange of some sort. Intelligence needed to get on this. Yaichiro, however, disagreed.

"Let's compare data and figure out what we can. Mine laying should be a last resort...and may be impractical given the flight path deviations of the craft on this side of the Neutral Zone anyway. Balak, do you have sensor data of the vessel?"

Grumbling, the officer complied and sent the data, which the Constitution's computer started to work on. A visual confirmation of the vessel was achieved by the Romulans, which made Yaichiro's eyes widen.

"...That's an old Antares-class cargo vessel. And I mean old. Those have been out of Federation service for almost a hundred years." Yaichiro said, surprised it was still flying.

"It also looks beat to hell, sir." The Helmsman said, eyeing the craft. "Reading multiple fissures in the hull and frame damage. It's essentially a condemned wreck. Who would flying something like that?" Yaichiro had a seat, and pondered the matter carefully. Hoshiko, meanwhile, might note that it had a number of glowing red elements on it. Instead of just two on the fronts of the warp nacelles, it had a rough ring of them around the body of the craft.

"Why..." Hoshiko's voice trailed off, a finger tapping the armrest of her chair, "...is this automated, flying derelict moving about above warp 9.3?" The Taianese woman pondered aloud, her voice calm, yet somehow annoyed. "It should have already come apart, and a near-miss by a mine would most likely demolish it as well," she realized. Twitching her ears, she decided to recline back into her chair. "Is this really worth either of our time?" the Taianese woman asked the Romulan officer. "If it is what it appears to be, regardless of this odd mystery behind it's abnormal performance, it should resolve itself once its hull fails," she pointed out.

As she had made it clear earlier, Hoshiko considered this light duty. A vacation, and it was obvious she was not very keen on picking apart this mystery.

Yaichiro watched with curiosity as the Romulan was incredulous and blustered. "It's a matter of principle! If it is a Federation ship, it is only proper to presume it to be a Federation plot!"

"...Tell me, what particles is that nebula rich in?" Yaichiro inquired. The Romulan was a bit surprised.


Yaichiro crossed his arms. "If I presume that the bussard collectors are for collecting fuel, that means the warp drive is powerful bit inefficient. The ship would have torn itself apart. As such, the collectors are drawing something else from the nebula. What might that be?"

The Romulan thought for a moment...and she sighed. "Latinum. The nebula is disproportionately rich in Latinum."

"...Seems a bit weak to risk a war over, unless the person controlling the ship doesn't have anything to lose." Yaichiro pondered, suspecting Ferengi.

"The Ferengi and other scavenger types are particularly fond of latinum," Hoshiko pointed out. "Additionally, I have looked up this vessel's registry numbers and have confirmed that it was decommissioned and sold quite some time ago." Looking to her Captain, she asked, "As this is not a Federation vessel, is not responding to our hails, and continues to go about this demilitiarized zone, should we not attempt to destroy it?" Gesturing towards the Romulan, she added, "It would please our counterpart if we did so as well, assuming we managed to get within range or laid a proper trap, and I would presume that we would not mind if her ship destroyed this odd intruder either."

"Your executive officer seems fairly logical, thankfully without the whole pacifism that taints the Vulcan mind. You should consider her words, Captain." The Romulan said, smiling.

Yaichiro looked back to the commander, and pondered the matter. "We'll consider it, but given that we're relatively close to a space station, we need to make sure that any minefield deployed would be clear of all traffic. That would take a bit of time." Yaichiro responded, testing something.

"...You have twelve hours to resolve this, Captain. Berak out."

Communications were closed, and Yaichiro pondered the situation with care. "Curious..." He finally uttered.

"How so?" his Number One asked, now curious herself judging by how one of her feline ears twitched.

"The Romulans could easily have set up mines in the nebula. Even if their ships were too slow to intercept, they could have resolved this on their own with your idea, and would have been well within their rights to." Yaichiro noted, hand to his chin. "The subtext of all this is strange, like we don't know all the details. We're missing something important, Number One. We need to go find who is controlling that ship...and Deep Space Seven is the best place to start."

"You are correct," Hoshiko replied. "I initially believed these Romulans to be lazy, but given their apparent 'agitation', they should have already resolved it." Turning her attention to their bridge crew, she began chasing down this mystery. "Helmsman, set a course for Deep Space Seven. Engage at will." Having said that, the Taianese woman reclined into her seat, crossing her legs and touching the tips of her fingers together in thought. Just what was on her mind though, was completely inscrutable.

Hilda however, was a bit more transparent at her station on board the bridge. It was shocking to her, what the Captain had said, but he was all too correct - something was fishy, and they had to find out what that was!

And of course, Ayumu simply didn't care - she was in the middle of a gagh eating contest in Ten Forward.

"I've bought us twelve hours to figure this out. Time which was given to us a hair too easily. I don't plan on using mines....if all else fails, we can pursue at high warp, even if the Romulans don't realize it. We'll have to investigate...especially sales of Latinum." Eventually the group would dock with Deep Space Seven...which had some civilian craft of various types and ages...almost like there was a floating impound lot.

There were assorted civilian businesses, including a Ferengi one.
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