Star Dragon: Aside - Dusk

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Star Dragon: Aside - Dusk

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Bronzi sat at the bar sipping on a Ginger beer looking at the local news coverage. In the days since the Duke's declaration of Independence, the Colony had gone abuzz. It was a mixture of sentiments. Half the people supported the Duke, and the other half were utterly against him. Then, of course, you had the few common-sense folk who were terrified. The few far-sighted people who knew that when a government declaris itself "Free" That they might get an answer.

The Bar aside from Bronzi was full of mercenaries. The rumor mill was that The Empress of Kowloon was mustering her forces in an effort to pacify Kotoku, and any other Duke who had chosen to rise up in rebellion. For Bronzi and the Star Dragon Mercenary Company, this meant work. Or the potential for work. The only problem with that was, the fighting had not started, and that elf woman they saved months ago had left them quite broke.

Bronzi crushed the Ginger Beer can and tossed in a nearby garbage can. He leered over the Bar and summoned a scantly clad bartender over by wiggling a claw from his right hand. "Aye, another one. how many Mercs have yer served?"

The Bartended turned and began reaching for another can of the beer. "Oh, it's been busy like this every day. Even on the prayer days. You can't walk two feet without bumping into one of you guys for hire."

Bronzi grunted in disapproval. "Fuck."

Aiyana was on a type of rest from the group- something that they did that let them rejuvinate basically before another crazy mission. For her, work was work and it was paying her decently well and she had a type of home. The elf would step into the bar as she did at random times and head off to the end of it, "Hey, hi, coffee, please? As strong as you got, thank you kindly." Aiyana told the bartender. The elf wasn't much of a drinker still but she liked to attempt to socialize with other people.

As she got her coffee though, a familiar voice made her pause and then lean forward some and just blink. Was that who she thought it was? The elf hadn't seen anyone from the party who had rescued her since she left. The woman had thanked them, refused much from them after the risks they took and Aiyana took to wandering and trying to find some sense of normal- whatever the hell that was.

Aiyana would lift up her mug and grab the duffle she carried with her and walked around, stopping a few feet from Bronzi, "Bronzi? That you?" The elf would ask, her tone not as timid or shy as it had once been when they first met.

Bronzi's head turned about when he heard his name. "Aiyana." He said smirking. Bronzi was a large man, and his hard facial features softened somewhat at seeing the lost puppy he had, against his better judgment, rescued. She looked healthier than the first time. "I'd wondered what happened to ya. Ya look good. Less bruised and naked. What n'tha blue hell are ya doin in these hea parts?"

The elf gave a small smile, she did look healthier. Her skin wasn't covered in dirt or bruises anymore and any scars she had were well hidden with layers of clothing, "Well...I kinda was hopping from tavern to bar and everywhere in between." she told him as she would sit on the stool next to him, dropping the duffle down on the floor. Her face flushed a little at that, "Yea, I try to wear more clothes now, fewer people who see me without clothes the better." The elf said with a little chuckle as she sipped her coffee, "Uhm, on a couple of days break from work, what are you doing here?" The elf asked as she leaned against the bar, her hand tucking some of her hair behind her pointed ear that just refused to stay in the braid.

Bronzi nodded as she spoke, and sipped his beer. "Work." Bronzi said answering Aiyana's question. "Tha local Duke declared emself the high presit acolyte of this world or whateva. An Empress Bhelith of Kowloon aint nuthin to laugh at. My Brother is one of er generals, and rumor mill has it, Kowloon is about to send these people a reminder of their oaths to the crown. Dat means work for us soldiers for hire."

"I'm guessin yer working for the religious nut jobs?" Bronzi said calmly. Though his gruff heavy voice carried, even in the crowded bar. This comment got good degree of looks from some of the patrons. "I hear tha people hea marry tha women folk off like cattle. Three-four, five wives."

Nodded at that, "Any luck?" She asked curiously. As he spoke of the Duke, however, she would just nod. She had heard about him and honestly, her care level was low but still she cared at least a little. "Well...least its work that will get you paid. One of these days, I'll pay you lot back for what you did for me." Aiyana told him as she took a sip of her coffee again.

"Religious nut jobs?No. I'm working for the Black Forge. The leader...he found me bar hoppin." She told him as she sipped her drink, "I am going to pass at being treated like that again, I will burn the next man who even thinks of treating me like cattle." Aiyana said, her voice turning cold as she shrunk into herself some- she still hadn't mentally gotten over everything but the elf learned to bottle it up pretty well.

Bronzi turned in his stool. "Yep. Duke Tam is just outside of the system ready to strike. Kowloon shield is behind em. Lian Militias. Kowloon is gonna light this place up with everything its got. Look if yer Black Forge is workin fer this place? I'd get out if I were you."

"Look,them people that did that to ya. We got em. They ain't coming back. I know it don't change what happened to ya or yer friends. But its better than nothin. Ya don't owe us shit. Just live yer life. Find a good dude or chick and get a normie job. But, you sure are in the place fer it. That's all im sayin. And Yer and Elf. Bhelith the Black Spear is an Elf Empress. Word is, they aint too nice to the defeated."

A matted grey colored man with a toff of blue hair and white eyes came in looking for a freind his optical lenses scaning the room before laying sight to who hes looking for "oh hey bookworm whos your freinds?" Damion asked.

"Get out? Why? I mean...its teaching me how to run a mech when all I knew was my psionics and even then those failed me before." she told him as her fingers played with her mug a little.

"I know you guys did, I do but you still saved me before things could have been worse...well it wasn't good but I mean." she said before laughing a tiny bit, "I don't trust people really, not on a personal level so I'm not aiming to find a husband or something...I would like to have my own home again one day." She said before looking over at Damion, "Oh hey Tin Man, what's up?" She asked him before looking over at Bonzi, "This is one of my friends, Bonzi, Bonzi this is Tin Man, we work together." Aiyana would introduce them, shifting a bit in her chair to let them greet each other.

Damion looked over to Bronzi. "Nice to meet wouldn't happen to know of anyone who sells a good blade or two would you?" he asked while extending his hand to shake Bronzi's

Emerging from the ladies' room, Monika dried her hands on the sides of her skirt as she walked towards Bronzi's seat at the bar. She looked to Aiyana but did not recognize her in the split second she actually looked at her. Nor did she know the other fellow. She stayed quiet mostly besides trying to sit down and order a beer.

Bronzi being a Gartagen did not shake hands with humans. Mostly because they tried to squeeze and he would squeeze back and deliver the claws. He simply nodded. "I ain't from hea. Guess ya can get a weapon at a store or order it." Bronzi said to Tin Man.

Aiyana was naive. At times she has wisdom, then at others, she spoke like a child. Which Bronzi found unnerving. He was just a dumb ass grunt and had no right sharing his wisdom with others. "A mech can fail like anything. But I'm just lookin out for ya. Telling ya what's coming and who yer working with. Ain't nobody gonna listen when you tell em that shit"

"You an yer friends better wise up. I ain't gonna be able to save yer ass from Bhelith the Black Spear or a religious crazy man with 12 wives."

Then, Monika actually spoke up. "Rumor has it that the Shield might not waste lives and just start a bombardment with those guns they have on those boats in orbit. Then if they feel frisky she'll send in those armored blokes or waves of general infantry."

She turned to face Aiyana, whom she now recognized. "Ah, it's you! Glad to see you so... not like you were." She gave a warm smile by the time the bartender placed her beer in front of her.

Damion listened to the chatter "Well if it does get bad ill do what I can to get her to safety and outta there if it comes to it"

Aiyana was listening to them, trying to not just chuckle a bit at Bronzi and Tin Man as they interacted a bit.

From how things were with Aiyana's head, it sometimes varied on what she thought and did and right now, she was leaning towards just the following something to make her life normalish," I know a Mech can. I don't see what's going on that I'm missing...we go in, do a job and then leave." she said and then downed her coffee, "Sorry its...I'm still trying to piece things back together." Aiyana told him. She still wasn't all the way there.

That made her flinch, "Someone tries to make me their wife, I will burn them until they are ash." she warned simply. When Monika popped in and piped up, she would give a small at her, "Hi, I know. I have clothes on since last you saw me so I think that's what makes the difference." Aiyana would say jokingly.

"Tin, I'll be fine, I'm not worried really...If it comes to it, I'll just go into hiding and drop off the face of a planet again...not that I want to just keep hiding all over again but I don't plan on going through that bull again." Aiyana told them. She tapped her mug and got a refill of coffee, her fingers playing with it now as she started to quietly think for a moment.

Bronzi snorted at Tim Man's bravery. "Brave. The hiding shit is a better idea. But you do you. Fuggin Frau has the right of it. "

"Shieeet" Bronzi said looking around. "I don't guess we'll be sticking around here much longer. Maybe take an escort job and we are out. Telling you about it. I ain't that desperate. Money ain't worth a real war."

Monika took a swig of her beer and pointed to Aiyana, "If there is one thing I learned from the Kaiser's Sharks, you always want to pick your fights, not hide from them. We never hid, we just pressed our advantage when it arose." She placed her hand down and motioned to the bar in general.

"Tell me, do you think this shack will survive this conflict?" She was waiting for anyone to answer.

Damion looked around the shack "possible but unlikely, plasma or high-end rail weapons would cripple it or plasma missiles would slag it, 90.5% casualty rate 80.9% given the mercenary's that reside here......but all in all my programming doesn't lead me to believe if conflict reached here that this shack would make it..."

"Exactly. I put in less than 48 hours, this shack will no longer exist. The Black Spear will not wait for anything. She never has. I already know that there is a fleet en route, so that clock is ticking." She gained a more solemn expression for a moment but took a sip of beer to clear it out. "Speaking of, when are we leaving Bronzi?"

"Two days." Bronzi said sipping his beer. "Aiyana. If ya change yer mind the Chimera departs in two days. Well find somethin fer ya to do. Pay sucks. Fuckin food is even worse. But ya get yer own room and I try to keep us out of heavy-duty military crap as much as we can."

Aiyana was just listening, quietly at that. It was like when she first arrived with them shell shocked but now she was just silent. Was there things going on that she didn't get or hadn't really paid attention to? That was very likely as she was never into political bullshit. Her eyes looked up at Bronzi and then over to Monika, these two folks had saved her- among others and now she was stuck," I agreed to a contract, I can't just back out." Aiyana told him. She did trust Bronzi but the elf had signed and made agreements.

Damion chuckled "i mean we signed a contract with space pirates, but were off duty atm so if you guys have a job in mind I wouldn't mind helping the crew she talks about constantly."

Monika squinted her eyes at Bronzi, "I guess you don't want to eat then eh? Hund."

Bronzi nearly laughed. Nearly. "A contract with space pirates. I'd uh. Yea." Bronzi said not really wishing to comment more. Bronzi figured Aiyana was simply not trusting him(Which her own admission suggested she did, Bronzi just doesn't think she does). Though chance had brought them together. He, however, could not fight for somebody who would not listen or use caution. "Do as ya like. If ya change yer mind we will be leavin in two days. Provided shit don't go down sooner."

Damion looks to Aiyana before looking back at bronzi "well like I said we're off duty plus I could probably convince the captain to let us off for a week or two that would be plenty of time for her to make a decision if she wants to rejoin you guys or stay and go on that date with Muk" Damion laughs

Damion. The Tin Man was missing the crux of the conversation. "That is what I'm sayin. Yer robot friend aint hearin what im sayin, and its gonna get ya killed girl. Yer Captian is bein a fool. What ever yall been doin for these holy rollin loonies? Its about to get repaid with fire and blood."

Damion shrugged "I was built for killing and assassinations ive only recently gained humanity thanks to bookworm but eh, if anything i can always go back to working for global robotics they have a few colonys needing security mercs anyway."

Bronzi grunted. "I didn't ask fer yer life story, boy."

Aiyana just turned and moved her mug and folded her arms to press her face against the bar counter, "Can I have a shot of whiskey now please?" She would ask as she just sat there while the two males argued. Great, what she had been doing- thinking it was good work was not and now she was at risk for getting thrown back into the same hell she escaped from. "All I wanted to do was put my life back together...not get thrown into another shit storm." The elf said as she took the shot and sat up, downing it in one gulp.

The elf made a face at it as she pushed the glass forward for another before running her fingers through her hair some, " do I find trouble...I swear I'm just bad luck at this point..." The elf grumbled at that as she was now just quietly thinking, "Two days...or less...hell bells I signed on for a mission thats happening soon...what am I going to do, just dip out? Run away- again...hell I've been running since you guys helped me." Aiyana told Bronzi and Monika.

"Mmm. It aint you. Its all of us." Bronzi said as he swigged his beer. "That's a choice you gotta make. Merc world? That's how we roll anyway. Ain't like I check resumes. Were all runnin from something. Ain't nobody special, as much as we wanna try to be. If yer lucky? Ya get to make these choices."

"I have no reason to not believe or trust you on this Bronzi...shit though...I don't want to land where I started and then there wouldn't be anyone who would risk their neck to save my ass." she said downing the shot, "No offense Tin but this is just...hell...I might leave...I should keep myself from landing as someone's wife that I don't want to be wife to." She said as she rubbed the scar at the back of her head that was hidden by her hair.

Damion nodded "yah sorry for telling it you garts aren't the patient type after all." looking back to the smaller elf "its ok bookworm this life isn't for everyone if you ever want out let me know i can see what i can do....." jittering slightly "sorry what were we talking about?"

Bronzi stood up. "Ya. I beleive ya bot. You are sorry."

"Were headin back to tha Chimera. Probably gonna pick up an Alliance job. If ya wanna come. Ya can come. Like I said, we lift off in two days."

Bronzi paused and looked at Aiyana. "You ain't stealin my quarter dis tiem. I only did that kause I felt bad. You can have one of the steerage closets."

"You have a better bed." She teased a little but her face was pale at the moment as she down another shot, "Hey, just because I'm small, doesn't mean that is remotely comfortable." she told him with a chuckle.

"How about I offer to cook this time around? I still need a little time but yea...things aren't sounding too good and I don't want to be some holy man's wife...I like my ears and psionics active and no...yea." she said shaking her head some as her fingers went to rub her temples some. How did this go to hell?

Bronzi looked at Monika. "Guess we don't need you anymore. Yer fired." Bronzi shrugged at Aiyana. "Kind of been like this. Only place that ain't a shit hole is them Alliance fucks."

Monika huffed at Bronzi and slapped him, "Schwienhund. You don't just fire a lady." She turned to Aiyana, "I can always use your help in the galley. Gods know I need it."

That made her smile a little, "I can cook but I'm still better at healing and using other mental means." she told them as she rubbed her temples. She was stressed and reliving slight nightmares while awake- great. The elf tapped her glass for another shot, "What's my luck in running into you lot again though after all these months." Aiyana said with a small laugh, "How about a topic switch for a moment and tell me who all is with you guys."

"Sounds good. Medical has been a storage closet for two years now." Bronzi said after being slapped. He really didnt react to it.

Bronzi thumbed the handle of his pistol. "Monika hea. That muscle-bound meathead I forget his name, but he pisses me off. That boy can't keep his clothes on. Spoons, and the rest of the clan. Sura, Vitalia and all the droids are runnin the ship. Oh and Midknight stayed on."

Damion checked his watch "well stay safe bookworm I gotta go back to the fold and help fit the other mechs with the new plating i made a month back."

"You know I'll be safe...I still have to get my shit and at least talk to Dev...I owe him that much at least." she told him as she undid her hair from the braid to fix it, "Seems I'd recognize a few of them at least and as long as I have a place to crash, healing doesn't take too much out of me...most times." she said with a shrug as she down the next shot of whiskey, flinching at the burn still.

Bronzi nodded. "Like I said. Two days were out. If ya ain't there i'll take dat fer what it is."

"Two days...anyway I can find another way to contact you if say he doesn't let me leave?" She asked, prepared for a flip side of things. Aiyana didn't think Dev would do that to her but she couldn't be sure for things right now.

"If that's a concern, den maybe you should just leave now." Bronzi said as he slipped some Kowloon currency bars on to the bar top. Anyway. Uh. Good luck wit dat. If ya end up in trouble. I derno."

Bronzi nodded to Aiyana, and motioned to Monika that he was leaving. He then started exiting the Bar.

"Give us a call if you need the help, yea? Pirates can be fickle folk." She placed an amount of coin on the bar top and gave Aiyana a wink. "I'll make sure you sleep in a bunk where it's warm. That offer stands."

With that, she turned, stood up, and began walking after Bronzi, patting down dust off of her skirt.

Aiyana looked at them as she braided her hair and unbraided it and then braided it again out of nervous habit, "Alright...two days." she said before giving a little smile at Monika, "Yea, thanks...I guess its a good thing I stopped in for coffee but now I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do." she said as she turned to her, pulling out a pen and paper and writing down her personal com number and handing it to Monika, "Just encase you lot can get in contact with me again." Aiyana said as she leaned against the bar counter now.

Monika took the slip of paper and pocketed it as she left. "Will do."
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