1-28: A clash of swords and rifles

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1-28: A clash of swords and rifles

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The Infantry Charge
Immediately following the Cessation of the Avenger

Gunfire turned the area around him into a beehive of whistling metal and colorful scalar energy discharges.

This was no war of spears and shields, but the rifle companies opened fire without orders, and the shield wall advancing did so piecemeal, after a small group that had begun to move. Someone had moved, and then another, and then the rest had scrambled to keep up so that the line would remain formed.

All the weapons, or at least a significant portion of them, were aimed in vengeance at the victor of the field as the hellish cries rang loud as the bark of the guns.

As Valériane's body hit the ground so did the apple Thaddeaus had been eating. His mouth lay open as the image sunk into his being. It only took a moment but would forever be burned into his being. Another comrade, another friend had been struck down. The grip on his shield tightened. Before he knew it, he was running towards the Black Army. As he ran forward, he pulled a dagger out from a pocket had made special in his armor. It was a long sharp looking dagger made of something not metal. Time to avenge her my old friend, may you strike true.

The shield wall company that Thaddeaus had been commanding was hot on his heels; they fired as they went. But took care to keep their shield locked to avoid unwanted casualties. They were slower than Thaddeus, and slower than Mizuki's rifle company.

The rifles themselves were advancing line by line, kneeling and volley firing into the enemy formation. Each time they did, the enemy fell, flopping onto the ground lifelessly, or being knocked back as their armor soaked the round fired into them.

Brigid, would find Azalea was enraged at the fall of Valériane. But they were maintaining their order, and advancing. Though not swiftly.

The Doctor watched with a mix of feelings. She wasn’t surprised by the outcome, but she was disappointed. This fight was probably going to happen no matter who won. At least the group who charged forward had created a momentary advantage for Azalea.

Thaddeaus slowed his pace enough to close the gap between him and the following shield wall. As he folded back into the front ranks of the shield wall he started to chant. It was not words, more just sounds. The banging against the shields followed as they moved towards where the body of Valériane rested. Prior to her falling, the men seemed uneasy, but now the gears started to click.

"Hold the line till we are to our commander. Dead or alive her body comes back with us!" Thad shouted out as orders to the group.

This is so dumb, Mizuki thought as she took a knee. "Scatter and keep out of each other's firing lines," she yelled, verbally kicking her troops into their drills. "Aim at the closest bastards and fire," she continued as she started firing across the field as an example.

Brigid looked around and found herself behind the line of rifles. She steeled herself for the fight and held her rifle forward. She saw that Mizuki had a rifle squad of her own so she took up a position with a group that looked leaderless.

“Okay ladies, on me! Let the assholes with the shields take the fire, we’ll use them as cover till we’re closer. If you get a clear shot, take it! Don’t try any of that video game headshot shit, aim for the torso.” Brigid shouted. She moved up behind the shield wall and followed at a crouch with the rifle group she’d adopted.

In front of them, Brigid, Mizuki, and Thaddeaus would see the sight. Valériane’s body lay in the middle of the flat grassy field almost directly in-between where they had been standing. Behind them was the chill river and the walls of their camp. In the distance was the beginnings of some rolling hills that would give to the silent white of the distant salt flats. The Black King was rushing back towards his own battle lines, and his own soldiers were in looser formations. He had seven full companies of men in the center, they were armed with pistols and various axes, clubs, spears, and other assorted hand weapons. Beside them either flank were four rifle companies. The melee soldiers were trotting down the field, clearly aiming on securing their commander's body the rifles were trotting forward as well and firing not in volley but at will. The return fire was light but accurate as the Black army closed the distance. Mizuki would feel the moisture of misting blood fleck across her cheek as the man was struck by an enemy bullet and dropped dead.

The shield wall advanced ponderously. The sound of their feet crushing the stiff grass below gave off a rhythmic crunching that accentuated the clattering of their interlocked shields. The rifles compensated by advancing in bursts. One line would move forward. Fire a volley, then a second would advance into a brisk jog and repeated, allowing the shield wall to keep the pace. Mizuki's own unit fanned out and more of them came to the front to maximize their volley. "Ma'am are we going to close to melee with the wall?" One of the men at arms called out as he held his shot.

"We've got guns, kid," the jet-skinned Kowloonian replied as she reloaded her rifle. "Until we run out of ammo, we keep shooting. What we will do is work around to flank 'em. Squad 1, we'll be moving further up the field when I say so. Everyone else cover their advance. Once they stop and set up some cover, Squad 2 is going to leapfrog with me to the next spot. Keep doing that until we're firing into their flanks and distracting them from our shield wall."

Once she had made sure that everyone understood the plan, she yelled, "Squad 1, advance," as she got up from her kneeling position and started running across the field, looking for a new spot to set up.

Doing her best not to flinch when one of her soldiers fell to a bullet, she nodded when she saw a small dip in the plain. "Set up here," she yelled, slowing her run as she crouched, joining the cover fire as the other men at arms set up their makeshift metal barriers. "Get ready to move, squad 2!" she yelled again as she got behind one of the barriers. "Good job guys, just have to keep it up."

Brigid's formation remained tight, and clustered around her as she barked her command. When she spoke about not pulling head shots they all chanted. "One shot! One Kill!" And cut loose a volley into the rifle company across the field. "Doc! You are running this outfit now? Shouldn’t you be back with the retreat?!" The Sergeant, a slender young Kowloonian man shouted out over the thumping of the footsteps as they advanced with the main line

"Double time," Thad shouted as they neared the Black Army. His group of 40 troops started to spread out, 3 deep and 13 wide with Thad leading in the center. Closer still the formation started to form into a wedge. The volley of shots ringing out all around them.

The Doctor laughed. “I’m not waiting around for the Black Army to shoot me from behind, Sergeant!” She called to the Kowloonian. Her group followed the shield wall, carefully maintaining cover.

“Right, when we’re close enough everyone throw a grenade at the enemy rifles on my signal. Spread out your targets so you do more damage. Let’s break the right flank open and get to their melee troops.” She said as quietly as she could on the noisy battlefield. Brigid followed the shields a little longer before she stood up and shouted, signaling the riflemen to toss their grenades. “Kill them for Slayer! Fire at will! NO MERCY!”

Position revealed, she opened fire on the closest group of enemies with guns. The sound of her rifle flinging hot death in two round bursts rang out. She looked around for cover and spotted a slight incline. “Set up cover there!” Brigid shouted.

The enemy ranged and melee infantry were slow to advance, as they were not motivated to take the middle of the field. Their rifles covered the advance of the melee infantry. However, the Black Army rifles were already taking heavy losses from the Azalean onslaught quickly. Seeing the losses, the enemy infantry formations began to advance ahead of the rifles, their large shields held forward as they moved. The Azalean infantry needed to advance quickly if they wanted to secure Valériane’s body before the enemy did.

Brigid’s shots felled two Black Army riflemen. Four of her shots connected with them in total, striking their center mass and chest areas. Her squad’s grenades were thrown spaced out among the enemy riflemen. They exploded near-simultaneously, momentarily stunning anyone wearing thick enough body armor. Anyone in the radius unfortunate enough to not be fully covered in armor was either bleeding out or dead. Some of the armored soldiers still wouldn’t be getting up for a few seconds. Mizuki’s shots struck two melee infantries and one rifleman. Eight of her shots connected with the throat, chest, and leg areas.

"Fuck," Mizuki said, as she looked at the Black Army's advance. "Squad 2, move it!" she yelled, waving the rest of her riflemen forward. She bit her lip as she reloaded her rifle and took a few shots as she waited for her troops to move up.

"Keep going, keep going," Mizuki yelled a few moments later, dashing to meet up with the last squad of troops, going slow because they had advanced with their cover deployed. "No, I'm not going to yell at you for this," she explained as the all-female militia squad looked at her, shame peeking through the fear in their eyes, "But we're going to go and do something more direct."

"Go another hundred feet or so!" the Kowloonian yelled at the advancing riflemen, before looking back at the confused women around her. "We're going to take these," she continued, pulling a couple of grenades off her bandoleer, "And toss them at those bastards. I want four of you to hold the cover up to shield us and the rest of you to take a grenade. Start moving," she added, pointing the group at the advancing Black Army troops. "If we don't, then we'll lose Val forever."

At the mention of their idol, four Huoshio troops steadied and took up the cover. "Go at a walk," Mizuki said as they started moving and she began to hand out grenades. "If anyone drops, leave them. We'll come back for them, but we need to move as fast as possible if we're going to save Val's body and keep everyone else safe. Even if I fall, you need to keep going. Got it?" The women nodded back, nervously handling their explosives.

"Oh, and don't pull the pins until I say so," she said with a small smile. "Don't want to get blown up by accident."

Thaddaeus shouted out to the group. "Hold the line, we break once we are over Val's body." The line was moving at a quick pace but slow enough as to not break rank. Based on the distance it would be close as to who gets to her down body first. Either way Thad had no plans of backing down.

Some of the line was armed with rifles and would put shots down range from between the breaks in the shield wall. Thad made good use of his gun blade to aim for those who looked to be in command. The Black Army was already caught by surprise and wished to keep the confusion as high as possible.

Thad took a moment to check his surroundings. He took notice of the squads under command of Mizuki and the new formation they had taken. A smile crossed his face as the rifles looked to be replaced with something else. "Get ready for the thunder." He yelled to the troops. "Let’s not fall behind and push right up and into the enemy. Hold your surprise till the very end." Thad shouted as he also let out a laugh.

The Kishargal cavalry force formed a screen between the objective and the enemy forces. The infantry would have plenty of cover and time to pick up their fallen commander.

The Azalean lines were highly disciplined. Morale improved when the big Kishargal cavalry force arrived, the colorful and tall riders, looking elaborate and exquisite on their large mounts.

Thad’s shots connected with one of the lieutenants. However, his armor saved him from bodily harm, and he only feel to the ground with the wind knocked out of him. Thaddaeus would have ample opportunity to fire a few more shots at his stunned form.

"Well, looks like our job got a little easier," Mizuki said, peeking out to take a few potshots before ducking back behind cover. "You two, hand your grenades to someone else and fire at the bastards some. Might as well make it more of an impact when we do throw our grenades."

Brigid’s squad set up barricades on top of the tiny hill. She crouched behind one of the barricades, peeking up for a second to get a good look at the situation. It looked like the cavalry had arrived to protect Mizuki’s infantry. Brigid’s group was pressing very close to the right flank of the enemy. “Keep putting pressure on the rifles! I want four of you on the melee guys, don’t them close on us.” She ordered. “Fire at will, remember.”

The Doctor and her whole squad popped up and opened fire on the enemy, mostly targeting the ranged infantry. They ducked down before the enemy could return fire. Once enemy fire died down they popped up and blasted the Black Army again.

Thad saw that now was the time to push. With the enemy blocked he would have no issue going for Val's lifeless body. He put two more rounds into the downed lieutenant. He slung the gun blade around his shoulder and pressed forward at a quick jog. "Pick it up, let us go grab our down hero and be back in time for giving the enemy some more love." The formation was slightly broken as the team pressed forward almost coming into sight of where Val lay.

Thaddaeus’s two shots effectively killed the lieutenant, his form slumping over and hitting the ground as his weapons fell to the side.

When Thaddaeus arrived at the spot where Valériane had fallen, he did not see her body. She was missing, along with her two chakrams. The only things left was a spear, a glaive, and a longsword, which were laid on the ground in a neat formation.

Quite simply, Valériane was gone.

Brigid’s squad was doing well against the ranged enemy infantry, holding them back with suppressive fire and occasional headshots, that served to demoralize the enemy. Mizuki also scored a headshot, and her squad was doing similarly well.

Thaddeaus kept looking around as they marched forward. They had to have reached where she dropped. "Got eyes on her!?" Thad shouted out. A moment later his bannerman caught sight of weapons. Thad broke rank and quickly bolted for them. There was no Val to be found but these had to be hers.

He grabbed up what he believed to be her weapons, attaching them where he could on himself. The sword he clipped to his belt and the glaive he stabbed into the ground. He slung the tower shield over his back and sheathed the gun blade back on his belt. He tossed the spear to his bannerman to keep track of. "Fuck, she is not here." He said as he pulled the glaive out of the ground.

He called out over the radio. "Anyone got eyes on Val, she isn't where we thought she was."

"She's what?" Mizuki said, putting her arm up to halt her group. "Put the cover down while we figure out where we're going," she continued, before she popped her head out and started looking around for the body of their late commander. "Maybe Lukina got her or something?"

"I hope this means even in death her body seeks revenge. Welp, we will push those Black Knights back to hell where they came from till we find her," Thad commented, partly over the radio and partly to his team. He stepped forward making his way to the Kishargal cavalry line. There was work still to be done.

The central column of the enemy infantry began speeding up. Thaddeus and Mizuki would see him. Eight and a half feet tall. Thighs the size of tree trunks. Arms with steely muscle that tensed with each stride. Clad head to foot heavy thick black colored metal plate armor. In his hands was a monstrous double bladed neriminium battle axe. It was that ogre that creature fought when Valériane was taken. He held his axe up in the air waved it around in a circle, bellowing a savage guttural roar. The Infantry stopped marching and broke into a full forced charge, mimicking his thunderous roar.

Thaddeaus caught sight of him instantly. He remembered the guy from camp. "Ah, he finally showed up, big tall fuck himself." He said with a sneer. His eyes narrowed as he gauged the distance from himself to ogre brute. Val was heavy on his mind as he passed the glaive to the bannerman. He grabbed the spear and bolted forward in long strides. His men following behind him in quick step. The spear left his fingertips as he let out a mighty roar. A roar so mighty the Black Army mistook it for Kuma. The spear bounced through the air, collision course for the smile on that ogre's face.

Mizuki shook her head at her boyfriend's brazen assault, but kept up her fire and ordered her squad to do the same, hoping to pin down any other melee fighters and keep them from attacking Thad. "Get closer," she yelled, patting the shield team's backs to get them moving again. After they got into throwing range, she said, "Pull pins...cook them for a few seconds...Now throw!" The Kowloonian chucked her grenade into the coming wall of Black Army soldiers, before looking at the other throwers to make sure they had gotten rid of their explosives.

This meant that she wasn't looking at the explosions when the grenades went off, their fragments ripping into the Black Army's frontline, sending a score or more soldiers to the ground dead or wounded, which tripped up another few scores of their comrades, turning their charge into a disorganized mess. "Good job, good job," she said, smirking as she patted the shield team again. "Start backing up, all throwers get your guns out again and start shooting."

“You guys take the ogre, I can’t stand up to him without a PA.” Brigid called out. “Don’t let up on those rifles!” She ordered her squad and popped up to empty her magazine, aiming for the nearest melee troops. “Get ready to fire on the melee infantry when I give the signal. The ones targeting the melee now, switch to covering fire for everyone else.”

The ogre's face was hidden by a heavy helmet and mask. The Spear that was seen. The monstrous man let go of his axe with his right hand, and held it by the weapon's shaft closest to the blade. Then the spear came to the point that Thaddeus though it would land the massive man was deceptively fast, and clearly using his Adrenal pumps because that massive hand snatched the spear out of the air. He spun it in his hand securing it and continued to rush with his men. He then chucked it right back at Thaddeus. Then he rushed in.

Thad was no fool and figured the big lug might be able to grab the spear out of the air. The grenade had already cooked for a second before he tossed it towards the ogre. The spear caught the offhand side of Thad and broke off his armor covering his shoulder. The spear continued and smashed into the shield of a troop next to him. He had no time to look and hoped his was alive on the other side of it.

Thad continued forward, spinning and flexing the shoulder and arm that was bruised but lighter. His bannerman tossed the glaive just in time for him to hunker down into a charge with it. "PULL THE PINS." The soft sound of metal clanging against free was heard as six men on the front line pulled the claymore pins on their shields.

The grenades went off, detonating and setting off ball bearings in all directions. Some of the incoming soldiers fell, and the smoke from the explosions consumed the area. The claymores went off showering the area before them in directed explosive. But the cries continued through it all. Black army troopers fell, and crashed to the ground, but the ones behind them surged forward and crashed into those heavy shields. The shield wall buckled, and Thaddeaus, and Brigid’s men all began yelling and rooting as the clatter of metal made it impossible to hear what was going on. But they held. Then the weapons from the black army thrusted through the gaps. Shoulders and arms were sliced and stabbed. Cries of pain and anger filled the area.

It was then Thaddeus saw the business end of an axe crash into a shield next to him. The shield bearer collapsed, falling in, screeching as his arm had been broken. That massive ogre was on him, and his armor was pockmarked with battle damage, but he seemed otherwise unphased.

"HOLD THE LINE!!" Thad yelled while spitting in the general direction of the ogre. His stance was low and allowed him to quickly react to his new foe. He brushed off one of the Black Knights troops with a slash. The follow through was a stab right at the underside of the ogre's arm. "HAAAAA!!" Thad screamed as he stabbed at the black demon.

The steel clattered as it struck the massive ogre's thick armor leaving a notable scratch in the paint. The metal glittered as it had been disrupted. The ogre bellowed back, and sent the blade of his axe out in a lightning fast side to side slice. The axe cleaved on of his own men in half, then knocked some of the shield wall back, before swiping at Thaddeus in response.

The enemy infantry lines appeared to be preparing for another charge. However, the lines suddenly pulled back, evidently following some inaudible directive. As the ogre and Thaddaeus engaged in a duel, in the distance, the Azalean infantry formations would hear a deep rumble of hoof falls.

There was an approaching formation of heavy Black Army cavalry, armed with massive polearms, swords, assault rifles, shields and machine guns. Riders and mounts were clad in thick black armor, strong enough to protect against kinetic impacts.

The formation was comprised of fifty riders and was fast approaching the infantry groups that were commanded by Brigid, Mizuki, and Thaddaeus...

"Well, fuck," Mizuki said as she watched the cavalry coming towards them. "Squad one," she yelled at her spread-out formation, "fire at the mounts." Hopefully some of the shots will get through, she thought before taking off her bandolier of grenades and looking at the squad with her. "Take a grenade and then focus your fire on the nearest mounts. Keep up the fire until I say so, then chuck the grenades. We have to break their charge or we're going to be fucked." She then turned most of her attention to the coming cavalry, firing at the closest riders, with a special emphasis on any with guns of their own.

Thad knew better than to brawl with the brute on his terms. He dodged the blows by keeping low and under foot of the ogre. His focus was on the joints of the armor knowing this would be the weakest spot to try and break through. The tip of the glaive was pin point and gave great leverage for Thad. Between the side to slices Thad would stab right along his arms, aiming for the soft targets on this guy.

There was a clash, as the ogre blocked each of Thaddeus' strikes until the smaller man landed one. The glaive caught the massive man in the crack of his armor where his shoulder met his breastplate. When the glaive came back, Thaddeus saw red on the tip of the weapon before a faster strike bashed Thaddeus in the chest from the butt of the axe. It was brute force, but Thaddeus felt the strength of the monstrous ogre slam into him. The wind flew from his lungs and a blunt pain would radiate through his chest. Such a blow would have caved in the chest cavity of a lesser being.

Brigid heard the cavalry long before she saw them. “Fuck. Everyone spread out more! Follow Mizuki’s lead, break the charge!” She ordered. “Save grenades until they get close enough. Everyone focus fire on the cavalry.”

For her own part, she stood up and switched to full auto, aiming to take down the enemy mounts, especially any carrying important-looking people. Her squad spread out their barricades more and opened on the enemy as well. The sound of automatic fire drowned out everything else.

Thaddeaus stumbled backwards a good few feet from the impact. He gasped as he worked to regain in breath but knew he would have to push through it. His lungs burned as he went low on the ogre. He aimed at the inside of his leg, high where the leg met the groin.

That axe came down and smacked Thaddeus' blade away. The ogre lurched forward suddenly and send a shoulder butt into Thaddeus that would feel like a freight train had struck him. "Come on little man, FIGHT ME!" He bellowed with his booming bass toned voice.

Thad staggered back from the blow. Just as he had partly recovered from the first he was again on the defensive. "FUCK OFF, maybe little but my dick is more of a man than you ever will be." Thad yelled out to taunt the brute. He tossed the glaive to the ground and pulled out the sword he had picked up and his gun blade. He lunged into him, pulling the trigger on the gun blade as he thrusted with it and slashed with the other sword.

The round from the gun blade exploded out and slammed into the chest armor of the ogre. The slug struck him in the chest leaving a thick round crater in the armor, causing him to jolt back. Thad's sword slammed down onto the collar bone of the ogre. When the sword pulled back it had blood on it. The ogre caught his footing and sent the shaft of his Axe into Thad's face with a quick snapping motion.

The axe caught Thad right across the face. Blood dripped from his nose and he spit out blood from his mouth. A few other cuts started to bleed on his face from the blow. He was dazed but motivated. He saw the blood on his weapons and knew he was not undead at least. He dropped the sword and two handed the gun blade. Blood running down his face he lunged forward to swipe again at the OGRE. His aim was for the inside of his leg.

The ogre side stepped the blow, shifting his body so that Thaddeus' own glided past him. The ogre slammed into Thaddeus and sent him end over end across the ground. The great black warrior thundered across the battle field flourishing his as his men clashed with the shield wall. "Half ogre? Only half a man!" He roared with a booming laugh. "When I am done with you, perhaps I'll find whatever women you are with and show her what a real man feels like."

Thaddeaus was quick to snap back up on his feet after a few rolls. He again spat a little blood on the ground as he stood up. "Best keep your mind on the fight else going to remove what you aim to show her and make us equal." He sneered out at the ogre as he pulled the shield from his back and bull rushed him. The tall tower shield with spikes charged towards him. He slid his gunblade in the gun slot on the shield and fired off rounds.

With each step That took, a round blasted into the ogre’s armor. Chunks of the ogre’s armor blew off and hit the men around him. With three steps, Thad was pushed back at the ogre.

The heavy cavalry moved faster, and dropped their lances in unison. Mizuki's troops began firing irregularly at them. The rounds pattered off their armor. A few of the riders jolted as the rounds went through. A few of the steeds stumbled and fell from the charge. Brigid's infantry group had been flanked, and their shields were occupied with the enemy infantry what were shoved against them. "Yes, Ma'am!" The sergeant called out in response to her. The infantry who had been phalanxed up fanned out which opened to the enemy infantry. The infantry closed in and engaged the shield wall as individuals when they attempted to shift their formation. Screams of pain and death reverberated as the black army pressed forward.

The cavalry moved, and bypassed Brigid's unit, heading directly at Mizuki's formation who was laying waste to the black army unchallenged...

Thaddeus' shots hit the advancing ogre. The hits left large craters and battered his armor plates, one shot went through into the giant's belly... The ogre advanced and then broke into a run. Using his momentum, he swung his axe with both hands, the blade crashed into Thaddeus' shield with a thunderous crack. Thaddeus’ hand stung sharply, and his fingers buckled as his arm broke and his shield bent inward.

Brigid watched her squad start to get pushed back. If we hold position most of them will likely die, she thought. We might buy Thad some time, but how does that effect the battlefield? She took a second to glance over at Thad’s squad. It didn’t look like he was doing so well against the ogre from what she could tell.

“Fuck it! Throw grenades and fall back, Valériane’s body isn’t here anyway!” Brigid shouted. “Reverse what we did before, everyone duck and run! Stand and lay down covering fire for the rest every so often. When you’re empty run like hell.” She took her own advice and ducked a little, running about 15 feet before turning and standing to fire a barrage over the heads of her retreating squad.

"AYE MA'AM!" The sergeant shouted. He followed up by issuing out the orders. The grenades were thrown and began detonating just behind the enemy's front line. "FALL BACK! FALL BACK!" He yelled. The troops began doing just that. The back ranks broke and ran. The rank behind them did the same. They did it leap frog style and laid down some fire, but there was no pursuit. The enemy force rounded off, moved over the bodies of the dead and crashed into Thaddeus' Unit.

Thaddeus unit saw Brigid's own giving orders to retreat and were shaken. The massive ogre was brutalizing their commander. "Retreat! Retreat! FALL BACK THEY HAVE US OVERRUN!" It was then Thaddeus’ unit broke formation and began retreating. The other Shield wall units soon followed suits, disengaging from the fight. The big ogre however was not allowing Thaddeus to make his escape....

"Shit, shit, shit, shit," Mizuki muttered as she watched the infantry start to dissolve and the cavalry continue to come at her formation. "Fuck this," she yelled as she stood up, "Fix bayonets and form up on this shield in a square. Keep firing at the cavalry and anyone with grenades hold them until they're in range. I'll be right back."

She then ran out twenty feet or so towards the retreating shield wall, stopped and shouted, "Hey, you fucking cowards! Unless you want to disgrace the memory of Valériane and destroy the honor of the Azalea Company, you get back in there and help Thaddeus or form up on me! I will not retreat until we finish this fucking fight!" She then turned around and went back to her formation, joining the nascent square as she put her own bayonet on her rifle. "Stand your ground. For Valériane!" she said as she aimed at the charging cavalry again, firing at the closest cavalryman.

The infantry called back. "We were ordered to do so. General retreat was called." One of the troopers said. Another one followed up. "Yeah, pass it on!" They did not pause, but kept running from the battle.

Thad looked out towards his troops as he spun up into the air from the great impact of the war axe against his shield. Before his eyes he seen the ranks breaking much like his arm. He smiled and knew what had to be done. As he spun around again and reached the top of his upward motion he released hold of the shield. He knew he was not far from the ogre, since he had hoped he would clash against his shield. As gravity worked it's magic and Thad began to fall back down to earth. The shield was blocking view of Thad so the ogre would see nothing of what was happening. As the shield rolled out of sight Thad had reverse grabbed his sword and was going for a full downward strike. He had hit him in the collar bone already and he aimed to continue that love as the blade thrusting downward.

The cavalry continued taking hits and Mizuki's men mounted their bayonets. Mizuki's shot hit a mark right in the visor. He went limp on his mount and began to slouch as blood flowed from his helmet to his chest. Forming into a wall. The cavalry closed into firing range and loosed the salvo of plasma bolts from their tips of their Lances in unison. The blasts struck causing small fiery explosions in Mizuki's men. Her men retaliated, firing back at the cavalry, and closing in the gaps from their casualties.

Thaddeus landed, colliding with the ogre, who felt much like landing on a lump of rock. Thaddeus' arm crunched and he felt more pain shoot through his body. Thaddeus sword bit into flesh and struck inside of the ogre what felt like metal. Thaddeus would then hear another crunch on the right side of his body. Looking he'd see that the ogre's axe was slammed into his ribs, and bit through his own armor and into his body. "Not bad boy." The ogre said smiling from under his helmet. He then reared back, and sent an armored headbutt into Thaddeus' own, sending the Half-ogre tumbling down off him and into the dirt. "But you are going to need to learn to hit harder than that." He said swinging his axe and killing another of his own troops who was stupid enough to move too close.

Thad landed half on his feet and half not. A smile crossed his face as he looked up at the ogre. "Wish granted," as Thad hit a switch button on this belt. As Thad landed the blow on the ogre sight was blocked for what his broken arm had reached for. It was useless anymore to fight against this brute but perfectly fine to grab the explosive he had put in his belt before the battle. While he missed the mark to slip it into the gap of his armor due to his counter attack it still was enough to make a point. As it exploded the ogre's helmet was blown from his shoulders. Sadly, his head did not fly along with it.

The explosion went off, and a cloud of smoke soon whisked away. The Ogre's blackened face stood with blood streaming from his nose, and burns on his face. He ripped the remains of his helmet off. He then rushed forward and delivered a heavy strike to Thaddeus' face with the heft of his axe knocking him into a daze. "Oh, I am VERY impressed." He said calmly. "I think you will be a worthy fucking addition." He said looming over the fallen Thaddeus.

Thaddeus' troops falling back, Mizuki's troops holding against a cavalry charge. The ogre was moving to carry Thad off this battle field as a prisoner.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," the Kowloonian growled as she reloaded again. She was on her last few magazines, her formation not doing much better. "Fall back, Azalea. Fall back in formation! Break the formation and we all die. Fall back!" she said, tears starting to form as she started leading a tactical retreat to keep the cavalry off them.

Mizuki's soldiers, stood, and met the cavalry charge. With her call of retreat rounding it off, the more stubborn elements of Azalea cracked, and broke. She would see the Great Ogre take her lover in his arms and heft him over his shoulder, then move back to the bulk of his men. He barked out orders commanding them to stand their ground and let the cowards flee.

Thad could tell things were looking bad. His troops had left him and he was injured from the ogre monster. But his fighting spirit had not left him. The haunting laughs echoed in his head. Years ago, he had admired the group that would later become the Black Knights. He wanted nothing more than to be a knight. The harsh truth is that they were anything but knightly.

His mind was in a daze from the blow but his legs were still under him. The world was spinning but heard the taunting words of the ogre. Using the last of his might he leaped up and forward. The light of the sun reflecting off the blade he pulled from behind his back. He felt it connect with the ogre following the sound of his voice. He knew he hit flesh but could not see well. "Kuma sends his regards you fuck." He said with a smile as his grip on the Kuma dagger released and he fell back to the ground.
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