[Alarie] Preamble

Hammered by strife, the Alarie of the now non-existent Wangdiao colonies struggle to hold on to what civilization they have left. The inner Lihana system, currently decades and centuries behind in technology, attempt to rebuild under a military dictatorship while the outer Aezimon system embroils itself in a cold civil war admist the gas giant's many moons and asteroids. Those who remain are to continue to eke out a living as a mysterious comet, Kharon-Xi, returns to the inner system. Whether it be the system's savior or Pandora's Box, the Alarie are the sole wielders of their fate now.
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[Alarie] Preamble

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The year is 3019. The entirety of the Alarie system still struggles to recover from the destruction caused by the Blackout. While the people of Aezimon, despite their vast wealth of water and fusion fuels, threaten to tear each other asunder, those of the Lihana system struggle to rebuild with what little they have left in the way of industry. Much of the inner system's water, culminated on Habu, have been vaporized into orbit, thanks to the Spear of Aezimon's orbital bombardment. In desperation, the people of Lihana bring their focus to a comet known as Kharon-Xi that is making it's periodic entrance into the system. While rich in water and metals, the comet is a harbinger of doom. It was in orbit of Kharon-Xi where the WCS Mortis, a Shouwei corvette, lost contact with the rest of the fleet during the war. But Lihana has no other choice. The government now sends its newest mining vessel, the James W. Marshall, a supposedly sturdy ship using technologies decades, if not centuries, old. It is to be escorted by the WCS Falkner, a stripped down corvette, and to be refueled by the WCS Toki. Success will mean a decade saved in the reconstruction efforts, but failure will result in a further hemorrhage of resources the inner system can ill afford.

Hey folks, I'll be the GM for [Alarie], (hopefully) a series of stories based in the Wangdiao star system of the same name, though I hesitate to call it that anymore. To recall the greater story thus far, the Wangdiao colonies, for the lack of a better term, have gone to hell, thanks to the combination of communication jamming, brutish military actions by the Heise, and the rampage of biological monsters, be it manmade or natural. These series of apocalyptic events are collectively called the Blackout.

For the Alarie system, the Blackout entailed millions dead in the inner system, including those on Lihana's floating cloud cities, moonbases on Habu, and the numerous space habitats in the Venusian planet's orbit. With the destruction of key infrastructure, technological progress has ground to a halt, with the society rationing what remains of their technologies and utilizing relatively archaic methods.

Which brings us to my style of storytelling in general. Those who've interacted with me on the SU discord will know that I am very much hard sci-fi oriented. The stone-age nature of the post-Blackout Wangdiao colonies allows me to explore the grittier aspects of science fiction, where comfortable Earth-like gravity in space, for example, is a luxury rather than the norm; while still maintaining consistency with the current Canon. This of course means the likes of laser cannons and energy shields still exist, but they're a rare sight, and when they do show up, they'll be quite powerful compared to everything else.

For now, I'm going to limit available factions to the Shouwei and Lihana civilians. For races, they're going to be primarily Alliance humans, slightly anthropomorphic Taianese, and elves. Other races are available within reason, but are a significant minority in the Alarie system. When creating and playing your characters, consider the following:
  • The Alarie system was planned to be settled for a decade, and later actually colonized for a decade, with the Blackout taking up 5 years of that decade. What was your character’s livelihood before coming to this far out system? What was it like in system, before the Blackout? What was it like during the Blackout?
  • The Blackout led to a significant deterioration of quality of life. How is your character currently coping with the lack of commodities once considered givens?
  • Currently, the inner system is under a military dictatorship ruled by what remains of the local Shouwei leadership, with Admiral Teresa St. John at the spearhead. What are your character's political views? Do they think the rule under an iron fist is necessary for recovery, or is it purely a power grab in the absence of a greater political presence?
  • The forces of Aezimon, people who dwell on moons and asteroids in the gas giant's orbit, the same people who nearly brought the inner system to its knees, have mostly kept to fighting amongst themselves now. How does your character view them? Do they think the people should be forgiven, or do they deserve a similar fate of conquest?
My goal is to post as frequently as possible, at least once per week. I'd like to write as much detail into the setting as possible, and I encourage you to do the same by writing about the small things your character does on a daily basis. These are people, after all. They can't be heroing or villaining around everyday. They still have to deal with the mundane inconveniences of life, big or small. Which reminds me… currency exists in this setting. For Lihana, it takes the form of “Bi”. I won't keep track of how much your character has, but they do need it to stay fed and maintain their equipment.
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