Chapter 25: Sales Meeting

With one disaster after another, the crew of the Edward Deming are stretched thin after another incident places their friends and family in danger...Some will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, though others may not be so eager to make a Faustian bargain.
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Chapter 25: Sales Meeting

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New Cambridge,
Planet Hawking,

Another day, another meeting. Though General Industries had fallen out of favor with the Alliance, that didn’t mean they could no longer find work there. In this case, that work came through Heram Wazu, an Alliance citizen with a track record of getting involved in international disputes.

In this circumstance, the dispute happened to be the homeworld of the Kiwomians, currently under occupation by Taipan, and caught up in the middle of a civil war.

“As you might understand, the Interstellar Alliance can’t bring much in the way of military forces. That leaves the locals to mostly fend for themselves. Both sides are leading rather messy operations against one another while Taipan looks on. Our relief mission is going to have to go through outside channels for protection and it would be optimal if we could hand off some of that protection to the locals at the completion of our tasks planetside.” Heram explained.

The meeting was taking place in one of New Cambridge City’s Arcologies, large structures that held nearly everything one would need for a city, the meeting itself taking place on a patio overlooking the ocean and the ports that had been freshly repaired after the incidents from earlier. The scars of having a river diverted through the city by the locals certainly had yet to heal completely, as much of the lower levels of the city were still flood-damaged.

By its network of contacts, General Industries caught wind of the ongoing conflict on home world of Kiwomian. Seeking to test its new models of arms and its own forces, General Industries has sent out a team of military representative from its own private army. The current active civil war on the planet has brought a tighter-security detail with the representatives for obvious reasons.

A data package and paper versions of that data was sent a few days before the meeting. All important personnel and other key-info was listed in the data. Peter M. Speers, Lieutenant General of Aviation. Black C. Maples, General of the Army. Isaac Keter, Chief Marshal of Aviation. Lastly was Jogan Sky, Admiral of the Fleet, and Caskt Glaceon, CEO of G.I. Their presence was known as the Committee for the top-military figures - although the Committee would not be at this meeting.

Caskt Glaceon is an interesting case. Besides being CEO of General Industries, Caskt is also the leader of the Industrial Laborer and Workers Union - a communist political party operating in the Freehold. Together with his political gathering of important figures, known as the Brown Shirts, along with a security team of ten, heads down a ruined hallway down to the patio that oversaw the wide ocean-ports of Planet Hawking. Entering into the site, the Brown Shirts sat themselves down. Caskt first speaks, “The Central Committee has an interest in aiding your goals, whatever that may be at the time. The Military Central Department has agreed to our statement as well, and will be involved in direct military intervention on your behalf. Any questions?”

Heram Wazu hardly looked like he was a military man… or a corporate man for that matter. The coat-jacket he had on looked more of an afterthought, though he did manage to wear matching brown belt and shoes… something that didn’t always happen in academia. His green shirt looked simple enough as well, but it was their clothing that caught his attention far more than his own. “You’re actually wearing brown shirts?” He asked, Heram was often willing to deal with less desirable elements, but even he had his limits, “You understand the implications of that right? ESPECIALLY when positioning yourself as a political movement?”

Caskt grins, “Everything will be under the cover of ‘sales of weapons and services’ to you. We have no real interest in backing our political motivations. For all intent and purposes, we’re here to test our current inventory of ordinance. It does not matter to us if you order a bombing on either forces. We’ll stay on the side-lines and just recover our results. Of course, all orders given will have go through our command, but our limits are loose. Just don’t ask us to do anything risky, and we’ll do the rest of the dirty work for you.”

“We just play Nazis on TV isn’t the best sales tactic.” Heram stated flatly, “While we need more flexibility than what the Alliance can provide, that doesn’t mean we’re looking for someone so… unapologetic.”

“You will be in command. All orders given by you will be followed. We’ll commit to the military interworks of our forces as to complete what you want. We’ll not do anything unless you command us to. Simple as that. Everything is free of cost. You will not need to pay back us in anything.”

“...” While not impressed, the price was certainly right. They also hadn’t exactly done anything wrong yet either other than poor taste in clothing and names. His intuition was telling him to let this one go, but at the same time he couldn’t just act on instinct without something to back it up. “What is the smallest unit you can send? We can evaluate you on a trial basis for now.”

Caskt thinks for a second. “Hhm, if you want the absolute smallest unit that can still conduct conventional operations then we can send in a small air-wing of ten, or so multi-fighters, with their maintenance and staff teams. We can either send you a brigade, made of one-thousand personnel, or a under-strength battalion of three-hundred for the very minimal. We can go smaller if you want.”

“I was thinking one, or perhaps one and enough spares to conduct a few operations. I’d need to get a feel for how you and your people operate before allowing anything larger to interact with our people.” Heram stated.

“Conventional operations or special operations?” Cakst asks in quick fashion.
“An air-unit, and whatever you would need to operate that unit properly.” Heram stated, “Your people will be under strict supervision the entire time, and while you will be expected to participate in combat operations it is intended that they be mostly defensive in nature.”

“How large of a space do you us to protect and how many civilians are in the area. We can also provide food, water, and aid to the people too - if you need.” Caskt says, coughing. He pulls forth a water bottle and drinks from it.

“Logistics is something we will be looking after ourselves for the time being. Actual arrival on site depends on cooperation with Taipan’s occupying force which itself requires some negotiations. Right now we don’t know how many people we will need to cover, or exactly how many supplies we will need as there are still a number of questions to be answered when we arrive on site. Though initial time frame for operations is one month.”

“One month? Well, we can issue a whole division or more to hold onto an area and protect everything in it. Do you want that?”

“No, I barely know you people and inviting a full division of a PMC that has yet to develop a reputation with me is not something that I think is wise. Lets see how you work with small units first and then you can be considered for scaling up.”

“Well, we’ll send in a company with unit attachments then. Do as you wish with them. Anything else?”

“That will be it,” Heram stated, “If you need a full company to support your single air unit then fine. Be sure you submit an inventory list and size/weight estimate so our freighter can prepare.”
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