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Chapter 18: New Blood

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 3:59 pm
by uso
AV-304 transport,
On Route to the IAS Edward Deming,

The small shuttle was cramped in the interior, minimal head space, but at least the display screens provided a great view of the exterior.

"We'll be docking soon, better keep your eyes open cuz you aren't gonna see this group again!" The pilot laughed, remotely controlling the shuttle from a seat beside Geiben. The man had on a green pressure suit, along with a Calvary hat and aviators like he was desperate to be in an old-timey war movie, but he knew what his passenger should be looking at. Sure enough the Edward Deming herself would start to creep into view, growing from a small blue-red dot into a full star ship as the shuttle approached.

But the scene was dominated by the nearby starships.

Warships from Taipan, the Ersetu, even a massive world ship from the Konglong and giant space-creature that ferried the Valorians could be seen in close proximity.

The Deming was tiny in comparison.

The shuttle would make its final turn to slow itself down as it passed by the other larger ships, moving towards the underside of the Edward Deming. The shuttle's angular shape passing by the arrays of communications and survey gear on the underside of the ship before slowly moving to dock in one of the landing bays near the top.

When the side doors of the shuttle opened, there was already someone waiting for him.

"Geiben right? I'm Green-Thumb. Current Acting Captain."

The woman in front of him was massive. She stood a few inches short of 7 feet tall. Even under her olive-green marine uniform she looked positively amazonian.

"My responsibilities here include getting you up to speed on how to run a ship, and hopefully turning over the responsibilities for this ship to you once I'm satisfied with your performance."

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:30 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
Remember what you're here for, Folami. Geiben puts up a professional smile, and salutes. Standing at a little over 6 feet, he's clearly shorter than the Amazonian, but in good physical condition, thanks to youth on the oceans and of course, the last decade in the navy, suffering no small amount of physical hardship. Covering the scars and bruises he accumulated as a rebellious teenager is a standard, Binafisk manufactured bio suit, designed and fabricated on Pacifica, over that being a white naval uniform with navy blue stripes, the colors of his homeworld, colors he wears with pride. Only on that is the emblem of the IAS, woven into the upper left corner of the front of the suit.

"Understood, ma'am, it'll be an honor serving under you."

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:03 pm
by uso
"Don't get used to it." Green-Thumb said, eventually returning the salute so that they could get going, "There aren't enough captains to go around, so for the past month I have been pulling double-duty as Captain of the Edward Deming and lead for its Foreign Legion Marine detachment.

And I am hoping to turn over the captain position as quickly as possible so I can focus on my main duties.

... and uh...

I suppose you should know what you're in for? I assume someone walked you through the basics right? Orienting yourself in space? Moving about in zero G? The crew here is solid, and they won't let you make any stupid mistakes... but the way things are going we're going to need a good captain fast and not just someone who gives orders."

Green-Thumb looked at him silently for a moment, trying to put together an example...

"It is like being a good chef. You have to know more than cooking... you need to know how to put things on a plate... and how to deal with things that are not expected... and then there are people yelling at you."

She thought back to what she had seen in those cooking shows. He probably wouldn't need to deal with other chefs. There also likely wouldn't be specialty ingredients he needed to work with?... She decided to just drop this analogy before she could torture it anymore.

"The IAS Edward Deming is officially tasked to Green Squad of the Foreign Legion. It is a Hayden Class Survey ship, meaning we aren't very heavily armed or armored.

Unofficially, Green-Squad is basically baby-sitting Heram Wazu. The man attracts trouble, and moves about quickly. The International Summit going on now is his doing.

I have to balance the personal security of the Diplomats and Heads of State on-board the ship right now with dozens of warships from just as many different nations with ... well it sounds like Wazu is about to go to war with Taipan over the Adlet."

Green Thumb put her hands on her hips,

"This is all a bit of an info dump huh? Wanna just go see the ship?"

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:57 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
So the briefing was, unfortunately, true. "Of course ma'am, lead the way." Geiben nods, bringing one arm out letting Green-Thumb walk him through the ship.

"I think I understand your chef analogy, ma'am. I spent quite a bit of downtime working with engineers. If you let me, I can actually oversee some improvements to the ship, given idle time." He smiles pridefully. "You don't have to worry about my capabilities. Kilina (of Pacifica) bio-engineering and ergonomics has come a long way." He clicks his heels, turning his maglocks on, before turning them off again. "No, I'll be fine in that regard ---"

He pauses, remaining silent as he continues walking, alas gathering the courage to speak up. "To be honest, ma'am, the IAS Edward Deming wasn't my first choice, to say the least, and politics is beyond me." He knits his eyebrows. State of the art warcraft from other nations and what does this ship have to protect itself? A few turrets and some missile pods. "I think I'll have to agree with your assessment of Mr. Wazu. Based on what he's inviting, he certainly lives up to his namesake."

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:01 am
by uso
"Let me guess, you wanted some big battleship?" Green-Thumb chuckled, leading Geiben down a rather hap hazard corridor. There were panels in the walls and floor that concealed storage spaces. Additional boxes of supplies were also strapped down tightly to the walls and floor, making some of the corridors a bit of a squeeze. The corridors were all mostly white, though they would turn at odd angles. They had clearly been torn down and rebuilt multiple times over the lifetime of the ship, each one having been designed slightly different, built by different teams, maintained by different crews of engineers over the years.

"...Engineers is a start, but you will need to need to get your political chops if you want a bigger ship. We're competing with other ships for new crew members... and if you're gonna run the show you'll have to get used to procurement. Getting what we need, before we need it... uh... without really know what our next mission will be."

Green-Thumb would briefly stop as they reached another wide intersection. The crossing hallway was fairly wide, and wound upward in a giant ring.

"This is the workout room by the way. The hallway goes around the ship and is oriented for spin gravity... " Green Thumb would rotate her wrist around to demonstrate what she meant, "Means you can go for a run here even in zero G." There were other machines, resistance weights, and other training gear here.

"Luckily, Wazu also produces a good amount of technology. We should have a conversation with him. When it comes to changing things around he's the best one to talk to."

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:29 am
by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben nods, looking at the spin gravity section of the ship. All par for the course, any exploratory ship without such a feature wouldn't get past the preliminary conceptual phase. It's a good thing too. Kilinan biotechnology is pretty good, but it's nice not to have to always deal with the awkward aspects of it. A bigger battleship though...

He shakes his head. "I'll make do, ma'am. Just concerned about our safety, given the powers that be here. I wanted to be stationed in orbit above Pacifica, but this seems to be where the frontlines are at the moment. Procurement of enhancements from Mr. Wazu would seem wise, in this case, before hell breaks loose --- pray to our forefathers that day never comes.

Regardless, I'll talk to our crew later and see what we need, and what can be done." He pulls out his data pad, briefly looks at the table of crew names and occupations, before looking back at Green Thumb.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:29 am
by uso
"Safety comes from a lot of things. Careful surveillance and vetting of the individuals that come on this ship is part of that, at least for the international summit.... how much do you know about combat anyways?

It has been a while since we've had a serious starship on starship fight. I don't honestly know what they are teaching you guys anymore. Is it Onion-Model stuff?"

The pair of them would move past one of the doorways, two more marines were standing there armed with rifles and bulky looking space suits.

"The summit is going on back there, so we aren't allowing any of the other crew in.... but a bit deeper into the ship is..."

The pair would continue, snaking through another passage that angled downward before opening up another heavy door, sliding it inwards to expose a rather large room with a massive wrap-around window towards the front. Various work-stations were setup here all facing forward, many of them manned. Their displays showing a variety of things from the exterior of the ship to the areas of the International Summit that were safe to monitor.

The wrap around window itself would look out onto the docking areas of the IAS Edward Deming, and if one looked up they could see shuttles still latched into the ship's docking bays.

"This room is also oriented for spin gravity. It used to be planetary observation but we've converted it into a CIC for the time being. We've got a more secure room in the center of the ship for the Primary CIC, but it is currently being rebuilt. 'Course the ship isn't spinning right now so we're using artificial gravity to keep everyone from floating away..."


The crew compliment didn't inspire much confidence perhaps...

There was a small compliment of engineers and support staff. A skeleton crew that could keep the ship operational and carry out the day to day needs. There didn't even seem to be tactical team available to run the ship's weapons or manage any space-based combat.

The marines were a different story. Green-Thumb was listed as the Marine Squad Leader. There were four other 'marines' from the Legion with her as well. There also appeared to be a small number of support staff, engineers, and technicians. There even appeared to be a few auxiliaries included among the marines such as Esscast.

But at least the science group seemed well staffed.

Heram Wazu was on the list of course.

There was a Doris Miller listed as an occult expert.

Quarum Wazu was on the list as an anthropologist.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:56 am
by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben frowns at the lack of extensive support staff. With all these high level politicians on board, that last thing they need is not enough manpower to due with major breakdowns in the systems. Hopefully there's a large enough drone compliment to compensate. Another thing he'll have to check up on. "I'm well-versed enough in the updated naval tactics, ma'am, though given this ship's capabilities, our best bet is to hit and run as far as we can. This is no combat vessel, and we'll only do a disfavor to the escort fleet by staying in the kill-zone."

"Hmm..." He jots some notes down on his data pad, then reads through the roster one more time. "David Maverock is listed as a Second Lieutenant combat technician. Is he available to speak to at some point?"

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:09 pm
by uso
"He's been assigned to planetary work for the time being. The River Incident has put a big demand on the pool of avalible technical and security staff so we're having to fight the other branches extra hard for recruits to send here."

Green-Thumb closed her eyes for a moment. She would need to explain what the river incident was, since this guy just got here. She'd probably have to explain why the security detachment handled itself so poorly. She'd need to explain just who the Grawla are and....

"Uh, You guys there? Everything's loaded up and I'm heading out. 'Course If I don't see my accounts getting fat by the time I get there we're calling this whole thing off!"

...Right. That. Just one more thing that could easily be the end of someone's career coming from an open communication line to a freighter just leaving the system. Green-Thumb would then glance over at Green-Horn, a younger red-head that was watching over Heram Wazu as he went about his diplomacy. Maybe she would...

"OMG ROYAL WEDDING!" Green-Horn shouted loudly.

"I'll... I'll circle back around to all of that," Green-Thumb promised. "I think we need to focus on the immediate problem. The ambassador from Taipan is threatening the Adlet. Wazu has hired a PMC to go and defend their homeworld... but Taipan is supposed to be our ally. If they don't back down we'll find ourselves in a shooting war real quick and the Alliance didn't exactly sign off on this plan either.

This is a perfect storm of 'someone's going to end their career over this.' We have maybe a few hours before shit really hits the fan and I'm hoping the diplomats are able to defuse the situation."

She would turn her attention to the young woman setting at one of the nearby consoles, "Who's up to what?"

Some words were quickly exchanged, before Green-Thumb turned her attention back to Geiben.

"And now it looks like Wazu has some scheme to marry the Gartagen Empress? Which I suppose solves some problems by making others. We'll need to get the ship prepared for a long duration mission, and restock the marine detachment with equipment suitable for VIP protection detail. How familiar are you with the Hayden-Class anyways?"

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:43 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben looks there, stunned for a few seconds by the sudden, drastic change in events. This was just supposed to be overseeing the ship while diplomats do there work, was it not?

Recovering, he alas answers Green-Thumb's question. "Enough to know that this ship won't survive the first firefight we get into, ma'am, I've trained in the simulations. Though seeing we can't even keep a technician on board, we don't have the luxury of a Paladin class to help us."

He looks at his data pad to check the ship's inventory. It'll have to do. "I am at your command, ma'am. Say the word and I'll make the ship ready."

Hesitating, he asks, "If I may though, how did Mr. Wazu manage to get away with all of this? I mean, this is an Alliance ship!"

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:48 pm
by uso
"He's going to do this regardless." Green-Thumb responded.

"The Alliance can leave him be, end up surprised when he does something like this, let him get killed or captured...

... Or we can stick a group of marines on him. Keep him out of trouble. And get a say in what he is doing."

Of course, it was more complicated than that... quite a bit so too. There was certainly a question of where to start.

"He has quite a few friends in high places. He has designed technology that's in use all over the Alliance... many of the latest improvements for the Hayden Class come from him as well. Much of this star system's energy infrastructure also comes from his designs. Even the guns and drones used by our marine group are designs he put together. Needless to say the Alliance prefers Wazu be working for us, his usefulness outweighs the troubles he tends to bring."

Green-Thumb would head over to a nearby console. There were six of them in this room, three were still unused, all facing forward towards the large observation window.

"This will be a good time to figure out what you'll need soon. We've got 5 S1 series combat drones dedicated to this ship right now, and a number of smaller anti-ship missiles, a handful of small beam weapons... start figuring out what changes you want to make to the ship and I can help walk you through procurement / deployment once I have the marine unit squared away."

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:07 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
"Understood, ma'am." Geiben taps his data pad a few times, thinking. Weapons and armor is always nice, but given this ship's weak hull, redundancy is probably cheaper and more considerate for the crew and the passengers.

"I'll compile a list of specific improvements in 12 hours. Installation of additional airlocks at key locations and a separate bridge are a good start. It doesn't have to be anything fancy; just another room for the leadership to work in. Considering the time restriction, additional anti-ballistic missiles is our best bet, but I would prefer dedicated point defense turrets."

"Are there any other people on the ship that I should talk to?"

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:19 pm
by uso
"You should get acquainted with the rest of our diplomatic team. Zenigata has proven himself useful beyond just the diplomatic stuff. Both he and Frank should be around... I think they both need a bit of a break from being in there with the other politicians." Green-Thumb said, checking the console and opening up a private channel to Zenigata.

"Zenigata, Can you make your way towards the Planetary Observation area? I have someone I would like you to meet."

She would turn her attention back towards her guest as she began filling in her own commands. "If he asks, we are completely committed to defending him and his people. However if it isn't something you want to risk your career over I understand, but for the moment lets keep that between us when Zenigata is around.

Be sure to forward your list of recommendations to our engineering group. As for getting ahold of missiles, we have a stockpile at Fort Barrera. Normally I would say we can reload there but we may be under time constraints. I'll have them loaded on a support ship and ferried out here."

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:41 pm
by Readlliea
The adlet had been helping out in the medical wing, figuring he could put his normal skills to use. It helped him in all have a task to be focused upon. It was something that did him more good. The only time that getting stuck in his head was actually useful! Standing there, he was currently checking out his first aid kit. He had to restock it some time back and he was just making sure he had actually restocked it with everything that was meant to be in here.

"Bandages, disinfectant..." Zenigata muttered as he went through it, only for the sound of a private call coming in brought him out of it.

Sure, on my way. Zenigata replied to the message.

Close the box, the adlet returned it to the strap around his waist. Ever since the big meeting he did, part of him debated on giving up wearing all the clothes to fit in out here. The lab coat was always going to be there but...the shirt and pants. Debtation still in all honesty. However today, he was once again wearing those brown pants and a grey shirt, from the waist down were canine legs and the clicking of his claws upon the metal floor would sound off down the halls as he moved around the place. Black and white fur clearly noticeable, a straight tail flowed behind him as he stuck his hands into his pockets.

To the new person, it might be their first time seeing a Adlet; considering how adlets weren't at all space travelers let alone having normal tech. From the waist up, he was that of a human man. Skin that was darker than white but not dark enough to be considered brown or black, his long black hair was left to flow freely but it only reached his shoulders. Dark brown eyes landed upon the man who stood a few inches taller; as Zenigata was six ft. A hand emerged from his pocket and he waved.

"Greetings, I'm Doctor Zenigata." Zenigata introduced as he closed the distance and offered a hand to Geiben.

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:53 am
by Lone_badass
Esscast followed close behind Zen wearing snow pattern bdu's and a white beret with half his face covered by a colph his service pistol in its holster on his chest his toned frame a great compliment to his all around average height but at first glance some might wonder why a old guy would be here "I'm His bodygaurd, names Esscast." He calmly and evenly stated.

Esscast saluted Green thumb before standing in attention only giving a brief glance to zen. small neon purple veins poked up above the colph barely noticeable something he thought to do to keep from startling others.

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:49 am
by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben salutes Esscast, then goes to shake Zenigata's hands. Xenos are nothing new to him, as he was forced to study much of non-human species during his education. Furthermore, much of human conflict has been weakly justified by "the Other". Now is certainly not the time to revive Terran plagues that haunted humanity for centuries.

"Commander Geiben Folami, it'll be a pleasure working with you. So you partake both as this ship's medical officer and a diplomat?" He scans Zenigata and Esscast, and smiles professionally. They seem friendly enough. Given the manpower shortage, hopefully they're more than just competent as well.

(Geiben Folami is tanned brown, short, curly dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, wearing a white naval uniform with blue stripes on it. He carries his data pad and a holstered pistol that's kept back. He wears fairly sturdy boots featuring maglocks.)

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:47 am
by Readlliea
In all honesty, the outfit was a bit...strange on Esscast. Something about that white hat hanging partially off their head was...funny. However the purplish vein was probably why that hat was tilted off to the side. Though a brow was raised.

"Whose bodyguard?" Zenigata questioned, not having been informed of this.

Shaking the newcomer's hand, he gave a small nod of his head, and took his hand back.

"Yes. Lately I've been doing more diplomacy than I'd like considering....I didn't really get off to a good start." Zenigata said with a nervous chuckle. "I'm still more comfortable with medicine. It's nice to meet you though Mr. Folami.

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:53 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
Mister? Geiben shrugs it off, instead his smile turns sympathetic to the doctor's displeasure of politics. "Likewise, doctor. I suppose we're a small crew here, so Geiben will suffice. How long have you been on the ship? Captain Green Thumb already informed me much, but perhaps you can provide me your own insight." He taps on his data pad, then brings his hands behind his back and looks intently at Zenigata.

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:16 pm
by uso
"Acting captain!" Green-Thumb corrected without taking her eyes off the displays in-front of her, still trying to get out ahead of the work that would inevitably be coming.

"Don't put that Voodoo on me. I'm not looking to join the Naval Career Track."

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:24 pm
by Readlliea
No response from Esscast, alright. He'd have to talk to him later or hope the man would answer him later on. For now, greeting the newer person was a priority in a way. So his dark brown gaze was cast at Geiben.

"Well...I'm not the best person to ask about the ship. I may have been on here for a while but...I'm still a dunce with ships." Zenigata explained nervously. "My apologizes for the mix up on your name, I was merely trying to be polite."

Oh what could he tell him? Telling him about his blunder wasn't a good idea. Having the young man view the adlet negatively already wasn't really desired. Sure, Geiben could dislike him with time but...hopefully he could avoid having someone else throw that in his face. The adlet's mind did that enough as it was.

"Is there something specific you were wanting to know?" Zenigata asked.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:49 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
"I see." Geiben nods, understanding. "You are a doctor though, right? Perhaps you can walk me through the ship's medical facilities? I'd like a gauge on our capabilities here."

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:06 pm
by Readlliea
"Yes, I am a doctor." Zenigata replied. "Truth be told the medical area is a mess, not well organized yet. So gauging anything will be tricky. But come along."

That doesn't mean I know everything though.... Zenigata's thoughts went off in his head as he gestured for Geiben to follow.

Click, clack, click, clack. THe sound of his black claws against the metal floor would sound off with each step he took through the halls. His tail flowing behind him before it would give a twitch. Truthfully, Zenigata had gotten used to the sound that he couldn't control. Only way to stop that sound was to either declaw him; impossible to do, or remove the metal floor. Also impossible to do. He wasn't sure if Esscast was tagging along or not.

"So as we walk, anything else you wish to speak of?" Zenigata offered.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:10 pm
by uso
"I should tag along for that too." Wazu added, messaging the two over the line he was sharing with Green-Horn at the time. "I think we have a few auto-surgery systems down there but we really need to work on a more standardized medical setup that can be shared across alliance ships. Its one of the things on the list of improvements for the Hayden class that I really haven't gotten around to yet.

We also have an isolation area towards the nose of the ship that the engineers put in place after that run in with the SS Pandora. There aren't a whole lot of medical supplies in there either but it'll work as a quarantine if we ever need that again."

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:14 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
(To Wazu)
"Seems to be a trend on this ship, Mr. Wazu." The captain then elaborates. "I mean no disrespect, you've done quite a bit of work keeping this old ship relevant. I imagine it's been difficult."

(To Zen)
Geiben walks down the hall, following Zenigata"Yes, uhm..." Geiben looks down at Zen's feet, then looks back up at the doctor. "If you don't mind me asking, what are you, exactly? I've never met your kind before." His face spells genuine curiosity, more than anything else.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:21 pm
by Readlliea
Keeping something old able to work was a challenge, renovating it was another fully. So he could understand Wazu's struggles. There were times back home that well...the tribe had to change some things. Rebuilding the Shaman's hut to make it larger was a challenge; even more so since the Shaman insisted that the hut was fine as it was. Oh the moons of listening to the Kaskae and him argue. Sweet Ancestors know how annoying that was.

"Oh. I'm a Adlet." Zenigata answered as he looked to Geiben. "To my knowledge my home planet doesn't have a name, we just call it home since my species has no ability for space travel or technology. You can say we're primitive or like the native americans long long ago. We adlets are a combination of dog and man, our skill is being great sprinters. It's a biological function that allows for us to hunt and keep up with our prey or escape predators with a faster speed than a human can do."

The black and white fur was hidden under Zen's brown pants save for the fur sticking out of his pants around his paws and tail. Though it felt talk about his kind in a positive way.

"Our legs are designed like those of a dog, our feet er...paws are still digigrade." Zenigata added after a moment. "So they work as animal legs more than what human legs would if we had those instead. OUr senses are still those of a human though and our tail is a important part of ourselves as well. Their main purpose is helping us with our balance but it's also vital for body language."

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:35 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
"Interesting..." Geiben looks attentively. "Do you know if you evolved like this naturally, or if you are the offspring of an... existing species? I mean, like you said, you have both canine and human characteristics, and your intelligence is certainly not lacking." He comes to a thought.

"Are there more of your kind off your planet? How did you first learn of the interstellar community? What---" The captain forces himself to a halt, and recomposes himself. "Sorry, I shouldn't be asking so many questions as a fellow officer. "If you're willing to share, however, I am all ears."

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:06 pm
by Readlliea
"To our knowledge and what the Ancestors have told us, we came about due to the union of Ijirqang and Niviarsiang." Zenigata started, recalling the ancient fairy tale that the Shaman would tell the pups of the village who had no living mothers to tell them. "Niviarsiang was a young tribal woman, she refused to marry any man from her tribe. She refused every human suitor throughout the land. Her father still tried but she rejected all of them. Ijirqang was a ancient dog spirit, a old guardian that roamed the ancestoral plain alone with no pack and no owner to hunt with for eternity. In their loneliness, the two met. Niviarsiang would rather be with the spirit of a lonely dog than any man on the planet, beneath the starlight and moon as the Ancestral lights danced above them. The ancestors granted Ijirqang life once more but...since he was always a dog, they could only bring him back as one. A massive white dog with red spots upon his coat."

Taking a breathe, he exhaled. It was certainly a long and old tale. He didn't want to leave Geiben no time to take in anything. His tail gave a swish behind him as he walked.

"With renewed life, the two married. Ten children came into this world from their physical bonding and five were the very first adlets, our beginning and our very first ancestors." Zenigata finished as he paused, as much as the story was nice....he always wished he could've heard his mother say it...rather than the kind shaman.

His tail went still and lifeless behind him as that pain hit. Granted...he had got to talk to her spirit wasn't the same. The only thing to bring him out of it was hearing Geiben's voice once more. Turning, he allowed his dark brown gaze to land on the man. A soft smile spreading to the adlet's face.

"You are's really nice to talk about my kind in a good way to others with how...hectic and horrible things have gone lately." Zenigata admitted. "As for your second question, no. I am currently the only one off planet, my Kaskae saw it fit to send me with Mr. Wazu as part of the deal and well....Mr. Wazu appeared on our planet one day. A hunting party of my tribe found him and...of course as a outside, the Kaske was informed of the strange possible new danger. Somehow, Mr. Wazu made a deal with my kaskae. The tribe would have modern medicine and a few machines only in exchange for a diplomat, as the child of was only fitting I'd be sent on diplomatic relations."

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:52 am
by Ray_Of_Meep
The commander looks at the doctor sympathetically. It's a mythical tale, to be sure, but all that matters is that it binds these people together as family. Right... family...

Geiben briefly considers his own ancestry, his mother tracing her lineage back to tribes along the Rhine River of Terran Germany, with his father that of the Nile of Egypt. Dark ages they may have been, locked away on the Terran gravity well, denied the riches of the universe, his ancestors nonetheless managed to develop and grow, much thanks to the care for their tribes. Of course, it was this exact tribalism that constantly held them back from achieving their potential, but in the early period humanity's dark ages, it was all that kept them alive.

The commander observes Zentiaga's tail, a necessary part of his body language. Whoever this man may be, he certainly has went through no small amount of hardship. Geiben offers his hand. "Thank you for sharing your people's story. Know that you have a friend here on this ship." He smiles. "Now, we still need to examine those med bays, do we not?"

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:43 am
by uso
When they reached the medical bay, they found that much of it had recently been converted.

It wasn't that long ago that the ship had to deal with the SS Pandora, a ship carrying people who broke away from the rest of humanity quite a while ago to focus on their genetic research project. When disaster struck those people needed to be evacuated and the IAS Edward Deming was the first ship on the scene. Unfortunately, just how extensive the biological threat was had been unknown at the time.

The pharmacy cabinets towards the rear area were still intact, along with two of the auto-surgery tables: Stretchers with complex field manipulation devices under them that could automatically diagnose and repair physical injuries quickly.

The rest of the room seemed to have been quickly converted.

There was a plastic airlock setup in the middle of the room with make-shift decontamination sprays on either side. Inside of this plastic airlock area were several more tables, each with grow lights, small transparent isolation tanks, and various biological samples that were all being studied. While the medical bay was normally fairly large, it looked like most of it had been converted into a makeshift biology lab for the time being complete with someone inside who was suited up in a puffy yellow decontamination suit... though it was clear her attention was focused on her work rather than the two new visitors who just arrived in the medical bay.

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:55 am
by Readlliea
The black and white appendage made a small motion, sort of like a wag.

"You're welcome. It was nice being able to tell it." Zenigata replied as he accepted the other's hand.

With a nod, Zenigata let go and started to lead the way once more. The medical bay wasn't much, but it was what Zenigata was used to looking at on this ship. Although the person in the yellow suit was different. Tilting his head in a curious manner, his tail raised somewhat. Showing his curious and confused state.

"Excuse me, Miss?" Zenigata spoke up. "Everything alright in here?"

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:27 pm
by uso
The woman in the decontamination suit looked like she was about to turn towards them... before the loud sound of something rustling just behind the table could be heard. In moments, a short, six-armed creature jumped up onto a stepping stool right next to the plastic wall that separated the biological specimen area and the 'normal' med-bay.


It was certainly enthusiastic!

The creature's inflated suit was topped by a large transparent plastic bubble so the creature could see out. Its head head two large eyes on either side that seemed far more insectoid that human. The tiny I'ee looked like a massively over-sized wasp, stuck inside a plastic bag, with an LED display taped onto the chest of the plastic-bag suit. After all, it was nearly impossible for see what emotions a Wasp was experiencing, so the LED light board was showing a friendly smiling face!

"I AM SOFFY! I STUDY THE SMALLFRIENDS HERE!" The small creature was only about 4 feet tall, and was enthusiastically waving to both of the new arrivals. "EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT HERE! SMALLFREINDS ARE FINE AND SAFE! THEY WON'T HARM BIGFRIENDS!"

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:51 pm
by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben takes a few steps back, with a face of sheer confusion. "Uh... doctor, explanation?" He then looks at the lady and the wasp. "What are your names? And what do you mean by small friends?" Granted, he almost doesn't want to know.

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by Readlliea
Zenigata jumped slightly at the other person who showed up, relaxing somewhat as he gave a sigh. Oh boy...this was going to be...strange. Now due to the whole diplomatic thing, he hadn't really gotten to meet others. So time to start doing that.

"I can only assume you two are studying something very small in nature, some microorganism." Zenigata spoke up.

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by uso
The woman seemed like she was about to speak, but the I'ee's enthusiasm was overwhelming,

"YES! SMALLFRIENDS ARE MICROORGANISMS! They are also Viruses! And sometimes they are other things! BUT THEY ARE SO SMALL!"

The I'ee seemed practically giddy with energy, pressing her blue-glove-covered claws at the end of her appendages together as she stood on her rear-most two legs. She half danced, one foot to another, as she looked over at the door to the airlock, then to her new friends that had come to visit! Of course she couldn't abandon her work to go meet them 'in person' right now which seemed to be causing a bit of anxiety. Her compound eyes still scanning about.

"Lots of Smallfriends were on the SS Pandora when we saved all the Bigfriends on it. LOTS OF NEW SMALLFRIENDS! Not native to this area of space at all. Many were made in a lab! We cleaned it all up of course! Made sure that no Smallfriends were hiding among the Bigfriends we rescued from the ship. The ones we did find are being studied here until we're ready to send them to another facility."

The I'ee looked at the two of them for a few moments... or at least its face was pointed at them... or rather it's head. It was hard to tell exactly what it was looking at with how its eyes worked. Its face certainly looked nothing like a human's either.

"Do you want to see the Smallfriends?! If you put on a suit you can come look at them!"

It seemed like quite a while had passed, and now the other woman was able to get in another word, "I'm Laura Ivanoski... Research assistant for Soffy Oo'Tut. I should apologize for the mess we have made of your medical bay, but space has been at a premium since the front of the ship was converted to an isolation ward. We should have this all turned back into a proper medical bay in about a week."

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by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben puts his hand up, waving off the apology. "No worries, doctor." He smiles at the energetic Wasp. A happy go-lucky crew member is always welcome, to a point, anyways. People need boost to morale like this. Can't run a ship of people if all the people ever do is act like robots. "That won't be necessary, doctor, I was just checking up on you two. Thanks for informing me of the med bay's current condition. I read a bit about the SS Pandora. Quite the quagmire Captain Green Thumb brought you into. Glad to see you're doing fine right now." He sighs. One day he'll have to deal with a situation just as troubling, if not more so.

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by Readlliea
"IT's all good, the medbay is needed for many uses after all; even more so with a lack of space." Zenigata replied. "Perhaps later on I'll see if I can help you two out though? Right now I'm just helping showing Geiben around."

Course, that was for only as long as Geiben wanted him tagging along to show others around.

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by uso
Wazu quickly dashed into the room, still wearing his suit-jacket from the International Summit that was still going on not too far away. His look was methodically chosen. His shoes and belt were a matching brown, and imported from outside of the alliance. The brand chosen for quality of construction and the hefty price-tag as a sign to those in the knew that this man could afford such things. His suit jacket was a dark grey. His shirt and slacks similarly uncomplicated, allowing others to more easily steal the spotlight when it came to dress.

He was supposed to be a host and moderator after all,

"Hey, I've got a few minutes before people know I'm missing I think." He said, his words coming fast. He would quickly place his datapad down on one of the nearby stretchers.

"HI BIGFRIEND!" Soffy would shout from her space inside of the quarantine area.

"Hi Soffy!" Came the response, Wazu allowing a few moments to wave at the half-sized biologist before continuing,

"I wanted to replace a lot of the side-areas on the Edward Deming with storage space for containerized star ship components. That would easily let us slot-in additional weapons, equipment, and small rooms as needed. In this case we'd be looking at medical isolation rooms and additional auto-surgery bays. We could use quite a bit more space here though, and I wanted to break this place up into an actual medical lab AND a maintenance area for ship crew, something with observation rooms, and pressurized environmental rooms that could be adjusted to fit whatever is needed at the time. I was also thinking of maybe a bank of auto-surgery tables in case we have a large influx of injured. Or maybe include one table in each room just in case?"

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by Ray_Of_Meep
Geiben nods. "I think that's a good idea, Mr. Wazu. Having modularity is never a bad idea." He looks around in the room, then turns back to the ship's eccentric owner. "May I ask for an additional command room? I'd like the redundancy in the event that the main bridge is destroyed; the Demming's defensive capabilities aren't too great, after all."

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by uso
Wazu nodded, "I've been stalled on that.... and Dr. Zenigata feel free to chime in on anything you might need. Medical bays are not my strong-suit and I would appreciate any input you have,"

His pace of speech remained fast,

"RIght now we are using the observation deck as the CIC. But I do agree we need to refurbish the primary CIC in the center of the ship. Protection is always a concern of course, though I've been trying to avoid adding physical armor since it seems we get the least protection-per-mass out of carbon-carbon armor when applied as a physical barrier... but the protection of the Deming is slapped together and not a fully comprehensive package. That is one of the reasons we're escorted by S1 drones anytime we go anywhere. I don't feel bad about losing those.

Interior layout of the CIC is also important. I was thinking of a circular table with a central 3d display but there are a number of other options that make better use of the 3d space. Certainly the over-under style would make better use of the space in the room, reversing gravity on the ceiling so we can fit additional workstations there. Similarly we could place workstations facing the walls or in a theater configuration so they are all facing a central screen."

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by Readlliea
The arrival of Wazu was surprising. The suit look though...Zenigata didn't think that was comfortable. Listening to the others talk, he wasn't too sure on what to chime in with. Sure, what did the medical bay need? Well...he had a feeling Wazu already knew in all honesty.

"Well we need more space in here for patients if we ever had the ill luck of a lot of injuried crew members or soliders." Zenigata said. "So a overall expansion would be good to have for the medical bay as a whole. That way our microbiologist can have a space all to their own in order to work with less risk of patients accidentally getting afflicted with something. Which I don't believe will happen but it is a risk having the two things going on so close together."

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by Ray_Of_Meep
"It does seem like a bad idea to have the two close together." Geiben chimes in with Zenigata, though his mind is clearly somewhere else. "Can you bring me to our weapons bay? I want to check on our crew and our defensive capabilities. I already talked to Captain Green-Thumb. There's no way we'll be dealing with capital ships, our only hope is to disengage. However, we're more likely to run into smaller, pirate groups, in which case we'll need point defense against missiles and anti-ship missiles of our own."

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by uso
"Yes." Wazu stated, "But we will need to make it quick." He would immidately pick up his datapad and head towards the door,

"BYE BIGFRIENDS!" Soffy would shout out from her little research area, hopping up on her little step-stool to wave at her new friends as they left.

"I will need to be back at the summit as soon as possible. I think the rest of our diplomatic team can avoid disaster for a few minutes while I'm gone.

It will be difficult for us to dedicate space just for one thing. Which is why I think having a series of multi-purpose rooms would be advantageous. Having more space for containerized components would also let us swap out for more medical wards if we really need it... but I think we need to put together a dedicated medical ship soon. The sheer influx of people from the SS Pandora was something the Deming was never going to be able to handle.

That aside, we're replacing the Laser Turrets on the exterior with Cold Laser Coupled Particle Beam Turrets. They run a lot cooler and need a bit better thermal management than regular lasers but the spot size at distance is absolutely fantastic. Same punch as the old laser turrets at a smaller size, weight, and energy cost. The beams are Cessium-Iodine, but we can easily store enough of that on-board to fire as many shots as we'd ever need. The beams are also only .5c but I don't think that will matter with the threats we are likely to face."

The side-weapons bay was easy to access from their hallways, though there was a 'Caution, Zero-G' sign on the doorway. When the airtight door slid open, one could feel the slight breeze forming from where the artificial gravity sections of the ship ended and the zero-g sections began. Just inside were racks and racks of equipment, cables and pipes that lead along every surface, and a trio of large particle accelerators in a ring.

Wazu had hoped the other two had kept up,

"I'm gonna push for the Alliance to put these things on just about all of their laser-turret armed ships. With the exception of some specific laser-armed ships they are much more efficient weapons.

Our missiles are back that way." He said, moving just inside the anti-gravity area and floating over to a handhold above one of the accelerators. His finger pointing towards the 'top' part of the ship. "64 Launch Cells, M-A-A-S systems with Casaba-Howitzer warheads. Enough for any single engagement I'd think. I also want to replace the two nose-launch-bays for probes with some self-assembling systems that can put together new MAAS weapon configurations on the fly..."

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by Ray_Of_Meep
"Understood." Geiben activates his maglocks to walk normally, choosing a surface, walking along and looking around. He would've liked more, more turrets, more pods, better armor and shields, but considering this is a surveyor above all, he really can't ask for much. Besides, what Mr. Wazu has done with this ship is truly remarkable, a rescue mission for a great deal of people, and now this international summit. The commander quietly grows respect for the man, though he doesn't show it, instead maintaining a professional attitude.

"I think we'll do just fine after the rearmament, given the primary objectives of this ship." Geiben comes back down into the gravity section of the ship and talks to Wazu. "What are our hyperdrive capabilities then? I'd like to disengage from an encounter at a moment's notice."

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by uso
"It is fast enough. There hasn't been much change in the engine design since the late 2900s. It'll work fine for an emergency jump so long as there's enough time to charge and configure the drive... which is why we keep the S1 drones out far enough to give us warning time. If someone starts shooting at them its generally a good idea to leave the area," Wazu replied.

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by Readlliea
"You guys can go check that out." Zenigata said. "I'm just gonna keep away from that stuff."

Zenigata had no interest in checking out the weapons bay. It wasn't his scene as he gave a small sigh and took a seat. At least the biologist was in a good mood. Some part of him wondered though, if things were going to go alright. It was hard to see. With Wazu and Geiben gone, Zenigata gave a wave goodbye to Soffy and Lauren before walking out. For now, he was probably just going to return to his quarters.

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by Ray_Of_Meep
"Fair enough." Geiben nods, then waves at the doctor. "Thank you for showing me the med bay, I'll see you later, doctor." He then readdresses Mr. Wazu. "Now then, is there any other area of importance I should know of for this ship? Perhaps you can bring me to meet the rest of the crew?"

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by uso
"I've got more than a dozen diplomats waiting on me. Maybe Green-Thumb can help with that... but I need to be getting back," He said, pushing off from his handhold to reach the doorway, moving forward enough for the artificial gravity to pull him towards the floor. "The planetary survey equipment is always something I'm thinking on improving, and the launch bays could use some attention. Though ground vehicles and the like are Green-Thumb's area of expertise I think."

He turned his attention to his datapad, forward his contact information to Geiben,

"If you have any ideas let me know!"