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Chapter 10: Hoshi and Co

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:34 pm
by uso
IAS Edward Deming,
Private Diplomatic Room.

Hoshiko was already there of course.

Not that Wazu had been dragging his feet. There was a lot to do, many diplomats to talk to, connections to make, offers to be extended... It all gave him ample time to consider how he would approach Taipan. They had already threatened two of his pet projects.

Pet People he corrected himself…

A moment or two went by before he realized he should be saying People and just leaving the pet part out of it all together. Semantics were important after all!

He took stock of what cards he had to play.
  • The Armistice He came out ahead either way. Either the Alliance goes without a major resource crisis, or he was in a position to profit heavily from a resource crisis. Hoshiko’s desperation for the Armistice was showing through during the general discussions. It was easily the best tool he had for concessions.
  • Zenigata and the Kiwomians He brought them into this, he couldn’t let them suffer because of it. Drones were already on the way to Zenigata’s home world. Token defenses might be enough to ward off an initial foray from Taipan, but those were dice he would rather not roll.
  • Other things Just trying to get a handle on the gaggle of nations here was too much for one person. People seemed to want stability, but everyone seemed to have gripes about their neighbors. Worse came to worse, setting off some massive disaster would be enough to draw attention away from his people. Perhaps offer up Hoshiko some grand crusade to keep her bloodlust entertained?
Perhaps that was not a very attractive option.

As he approached the Diplomatic room, he considered what would happen if she just pulled a gun on him? Certainly she could just punch his head off too, her type was supposed to be strong. There were emergency force fields in place, but they were designed to work only AFTER shooting started. Perhaps he needed more precautions?

There were only a few systems precise enough to only affect that room if things went wrong.

Increasing the artificial gravity around her? Certainly could work, it would aim the gun down at least… though upon consideration if she was aiming at his head or chest, she’d likely just end up shooting him in the stomach. Not an optimal outcome. She may also be strong enough to overcome the gravity. Then again, he could reverse the gravity, throw her up towards the ceiling if she tried to kill him.

It was a better solution… he’d integrate that protocol into the ship’s systems before finally heading into the diplomatic room with the delegate from Taipan.


There was the sudden realization that he should have spent more time on what he was going to say when he got in there. To buy a little time, he clipped his datapad back to his belt,

“...So how are we going to do this? Are we trading requests or threats?”

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Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:04 pm
by CadetNewb
Looking up from her half empty bowl of chocolate ice cream, half empty because she was unhappy, Hoshiko looked like she was actually considering what answer to go with.

"That would solely depend on the quality of your offer," the Taianese Vice Admiral finally replied. She then spooned up another mouthful of the frozen confectionery, gesturing for the man to take a seat as she licked the spoon clean. It was oddly childish of her to eat it that way, considering her usually near-emotionless and aloof demeanor. However, the small little tells he had gotten from her was telling a story that didn't quite line up with Taianese propaganda, or even Alliance propaganda, for that matter. Without another word, Hoshiko scooped up another spoonful of the gourmet ice cream before her as she waited for his reply.

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Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:18 pm
by uso
"Threats it is,"

Wazu noticed she was eating ice cream. It certainly seemed out of place for her. He expected her to just sit there with a frown on her face... it would be more in line with her earlier behavior. He had also expected her to jump at the opportunity to be direct and transparent but he didn't even get 'tell me yours first'... instead he got you better make it worth my time.

A new approach was needed.

"Do you know how many patents I have on energy systems alone? On mining equipment? On FTL effectors?

That's really important because if the Armistice comes to an end, demand for those things will skyrocket. Sure there may be a resource crunch, but I'm well positioned to make an amount of money that can only be described as unethical....And that's just what is going locally. Between my connections with the Alliance and my connections with the Garts I'm also perfectly positioned to sweep in and save the day by brokering a deal.

I've got every reason to torpedo this armistice deal."

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Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:59 pm
by CadetNewb
Hearing Wazu's threats, Hoshiko simply focused on eating her ice cream, and making the man wait until she was finished with her bowl before speaking again. The silence alone, intermittently broken by the gentle tink of her spoon against the porcelain bowl was ominous enough, but the fact that she didn't even bother looking at the man after he spoke made it very, very clear she was far less than pleased.

"Do not threaten me," the Tigress warned him, finally setting her spoon down. "Else, you will discover that having merchandise destroyed, or yourself killed as detrimental to savoring profit," she plainly replied to him. With the petite woman staring at him with her expressionless face, her brilliant blue eyes locked on to him like an auto-turret while a pair of heavily armed guards waited outside, the words had far more gravity than they would have coming out of any other national representative. "Politely make your offer."

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:20 am
by uso
Maybe this was just her only mode? Empty posturing for dominance? He wanted to just raise the stakes, but he knew that gut reaction was wrong. It was based on that instant reaction to her phrasing, constantly trying to put him on the back foot.

Heram stared her down as much as he could.

His eyes did wander, a series of saccades rather than her unmoving stare.

He was only human, he lacked that laser focus.

Reluctantly, a cooler mindset would prevail.

"Fuck off from my people,"

Well... a slightly cooler mindset at least. He crossed his arms and continued without bothering to hide his displeased tone.

"The Kiwomians, the Adlet. Taipan keeps their distance from them and lets the Alliance manage relations with them. In exchange I don't go out of my way to ruin the Armistice."

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:31 am
by zach
Work had been continuing to pool in for Diana over the past hours since the Summit, chances to speak with the Valorians and the Reich were rare opportunities she did not intend to forget about anytime soon. Yet it was continually growing more apparent that this Summit might serve to do more damage than good, especially for major players like the Alliance. For now it was simply a mattering of hoping that the various other representatives of the Alliance would continue to work towards stoking out any potential conflicts that could brew in the coming hours, rather than starting them.

Diana had taken a moment to herself, returning to the central greeting area of the ship and grabbing a small smorgasbord of food from the various stations that had been set up to serve the cuisine needs of the various Representatives. She had been looking through her notes from her interview with Yetara, sorting out relevant and irrelevant information into separate sections while attempting to dig her fork into the skin of a dish that looked almost like a jellyfish but with a much darker pigmentation to it. Her datapad quietly buzzed when she received a message from Heram that indicated that it was time to meet with Zhongjiang Hoshiko and Diana's appetite for her dinner quickly abandoned her.

She rose from her seat and disposed of the remains of the jellyfish-like dish and hurried into the nearest restroom, grateful to find that the room was empty for the moment at least. She rests her fingers on the edge of the eggshell colored sink and turns on the cold water, letting it flow for a moment before reaching her hands in and splashing some water on her face. "You will be fine Diana, you've met with that...Woman once and now without the Kiwomians to cause trouble with the Tai Pan, hopefully things will go smoother this time around. I just gotta hope that Heram is able to maintain his composure again with Hoshiko." Diana whispered to herself before washing off her face and exiting the restroom.

Diana walked over to the room where Heram had stated that the meeting between them and Hoshiko would take place and it seemed that in her small delay to maintain her composure, Heram had gone ahead without her. The words she could hear the two speaking as she walked closer to the door simply made for a deeper and deeper pit to start forming in Diana's stomach. She walked over to the armed guard before the door and turned her gaze towards him for a moment before entering into the room. She waits till Heram finishes speaking to cut in, walking over to the side of Wazu and shooting him a look of confusion before meeting eyes with Hoshiko. "If I might cut into this before someone says something that we will all regret, can we not try to resolve this in the manner that befits the intention of the Summit. We came here under the pretense of trying to establish some type of responsive intergalactic community and I hope that ideal has been lost in these past few hours. Can we not simply sit down and discuss the Adlet, the Kiwomians, this Armistice, and anything else as civilized people?" Diana spoke in a focused but somewhat nervous tone, she needed to nip this in the bud before something major broke out of this and hopefully appealing to the ideals of this Summit would relax Wazu at the very least.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:58 pm
by CadetNewb
When Diana walked into the room, she immediately saw the deadpan look of displeasure on Hoshiko's face as the Tigress sat opposite Wazu, and immediately knew that things were far, far worse than they looked. Everything about Hoshiko thus far had either subtly or not so subtly telegraphed her utter displeasure, from isolating herself in a private room from the get-go, to asking for various comfort foods, including the now empty bowl of ice cream. It was all too likely that the Taianese Tigress had retreated to her den here to either eat ice cream or maul some mofo, and she was all out of ice cream.

"I would like to speak civilly, but Mister Wazu is threatening to sabotage the armistice, and I am uncertain if I should have him killed him now, or allow him to do so, and then have him killed," the unusually petite Tigress calmly replied, her honesty utterly brutal with the other woman. "Perhaps you have more polite words for me Miss Doherty?"

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:14 pm
by uso
"I suppose I have my answer then," Wazu replied, his attention going back to his datapad while he stepped aside.

Time to let Diana take a crack at it.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:19 pm
by zach
Diana's eyes shot towards Wazu for a moment and then she started to glance about the room, this was a bad situation and the top priority for now had to be trying to mitigate Hoshiko's anger....As wretched as the prospect is. Diana quickly scans Hoshiko's face and finds both nothing and everything in the deadpan expression upon the Zhongjiang's face and quickly averted her gaze. She looked at the table in front of Hoshiko and saw the empty bowl of ice cream and that bowl might serve to be the one out that Diana had in that moment. Hoshiko is a woman who likes to feel powerful, above the beings that were supposedly below the Tai Pan and that seemed to be the best angle to play in order to mitigate the damage that might already have been done.

Diana bows her head gently towards Hoshiko and then quickly steps towards Heram, leaning close to whisper into his ear. "Look, I understand that tensions are high right now but I need you to do something to ensure that Hoshiko might actually listen to us. Please go and grab her a fresh ice cream, I think it might be the only means that she is going to listen Heram, please." Diana whispered in a somewhat pleading tone, this was the one chance they might have had and she needed him to play along.

Diana turned back towards Hoshiko and takes a gentle breathe before she speaks, slowly growing more and more aware of the thumping sound of her heart beaming through her ears. "Dearest Zhongjiang Hoshiko, I plead with you to please not harm Heram and please instead accept my sincerest apologies in all regards. I hope we can instead agree to speak peacefully about such issues of species and the armistice as a whole. If you are of course willing Zhongjiang Hoshiko, would you be willing to speak your terms regarding the Kiwomians and the Adlet at the least and anyway we could convince you to belay or stop the Tai Pan's incursions upon those people?"

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:54 pm
by CadetNewb
There was no point in whispering around Hoshiko, of which, the faint twitch of her orange and black furred ear was a small but clear tell. But, perhaps more importantly, was the way her eyes so, so subtly widened when Diana addressed her. Looking away from both Wazu and the woman for a moment, the Taianese tigress seemed to think on her choice of words first.

"Simple politeness is all that is required," her flat, plain tone of voice began, eyes locked on the woman. "You, of all people, should not be calling me 'dearest' considering your feelings towards me." She then glanced away tapping a finger on the table in thought before returning her cool blue gaze to Diana. "I believe calling me 'dearest' makes us both uncomfortable," she added, an admission of her own feelings, which was exceedingly rare from any of the Taianese other than the Roosters. They always suppressed it, held it under control, after all. "In regards to the armistice, it is in the interest of both our nations that it remain intact due to the strategic value of the resources, to which I hope you are aware," the Vice Admiral began to explain. "Which is why, I believe my previously mentioned considerations would be publicly condemned, but otherwise be effectively overlooked." With the way she spoke, it was very clear she was not lying. Wazu had come very close to being killed, and Diana had just saved him.

Though, that may have been as far as her ability could go.

"As for these Kiwomians and Adlets, they have both presented themselves as potential threats," she calmly spoke, glancing out the doorway and into the area beyond as though to see if they were present. Her eyes quickly went back to Diana however. "The first had a delegate which became intoxicated and borderline violent, with a bodyguard that not only did not prioritize protecting his charge, but improperly addressed a delegate of another nation. They are clearly unstable, and a potential risk to all neighboring nations, Tai Pan included. The second, presented with an individual who reacted violently to our simple conversation." The memory of the Adlet bursting into what could only be described as an angry tirade was still fresh in their minds. "Regardless of the circumstances, they are clearly a potential threat as well. Both must be analyzed, their level of danger to Tai Pan assessed." Pausing, Hoshiko took in a deep breath, and made it very clear what was on her mind. "This matter is solely between Tai Pan, and themselves. If they wish for amicable relations with my nation and people, they must speak, so that I may listen."

In other words, she was telling Diana and Wazu to mind their own business.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:18 pm
by uso
Wazu didn't see Diana's approach as going any better than his own, but she had yet to finish her play. For now he would assist.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment,"

He had an Armistice to torpedo... and ice cream to get. The first part was simple. He would need to arrange a conversation with Vishta in the Gartagen Union... also with the Alliance's own ambassador. A talk with the Queen of Eretsu might also be beneficial in a bid to bring more pressure against Taipan. The Kiwomians and the Adlet would need weapons... lots of weapons.

The ice cream was a different challenge altogether. Giving Wazu plenty to consider as he went to the main table and picked up a bowl. Was is possible to get ice cream sarcastically? Maybe get the worst ice cream possible for a tiger-type? Then again, all ice cream was supposed to be bad for tigers... there was no telling which flavor would be especially well suited for his goal of aggravating Hoshiko. It would take him a good moment or two to think about Diana, and forcefully remember that he was supporting her goal now rather than acting on his own gut instinct.

One hand scooped chocolate with a ribbon of fudge.

The other quickly typed out a message on his datapad.

It wouldn't be long before he was back in the Diplomatic room, offering the bowl and spoon to Hoshiko.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:49 pm
by zach
Diana felt a small twinge of relief in her heart at the prospect of Heram not being in as much danger with Hoshiko as he was a few moments ago. He was the man who had managed to set up this Summit and him getting killed here by the Tai Pan Representative would at best serve to be a humiliating and debilitating blow towards any notion of galactic peace. At worst it might have sparked an international incident between the Alliance and the Tai Pan and neither of those were particularly appealing options.

Diana was also quite relieved to see Heram leave the room and return with the ice cream, even if the danger to him had passed any type of anger directed towards him by the Zhongjiang would simply create more pitfalls on the path of negotiations. She had to force herself to hide a small chuckle at seeing the ice cream and the notion behind Heram's choice of flavor and topping, it would have almost been appetizing if the intent behind it was not so...Venomous. "Thank you Heram." She said in a kind tone, glad he had at least decided to help her in this rather than remain angry at Hoshiko.

Diana turned back towards the Zhongjiang,"My sincerest apologies Zhongjiang Hoshiko, I did not meant to discomfort you in the slightest. The armistice and the negations surround it is something that I feel Mr.Wazu is much more apt to discuss in a wholly peaceful manner and works towards the maintaining of the agreement." She did not dare attempt to negotiate or discuss any terms in regards to such an event, it was far above her station and one misstep could blow the whole armistice up, it would be better if Heram dealt with that, it was his field of work in a sense at least. Diana felt her brow narrow slightly as the intentions of Hoshiko's comments towards the Adlet and the Kiwomians became more and more clear.

She was a woman who enjoyed being told to mind her own business in the slightest it was simply not something that was in her nature, especially in regards to the suffering of other species at the hands of the Tai Pan. Yet she was aware that she needed to continue seeming as pleasant as possible, despite Hoshiko's knowledge of her disposition, she had to continue to remain as pleasant as possible. "Zhongjiang Hoshiko, I wholly respect and understand the discomfort you and your people would have towards the Kiwomians and the Adlet after the conduct of their various representatives this evening. I implore you to consider talking with these races and trying to gauge their threat to the Tai Pan through their intentions and words, through peaceful and non-harmful means. They are good people and I think you will find that the actions or mistakes of a few do not stand for their views or ideals of the whole of their race." Diana spoke in a professional and somewhat subservient tone, meeting Hoshiko's gaze and hoping this angle might work, despite the ice water running in her veins at having to pretend to respect the views of the Tai Pan.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:20 pm
by CadetNewb
"Their decision on whether or not to approach me again will speak volumes in and of itself in regards to their intent," Hoshiko blandly replied, her tone of voice offering little to go off of. Taking the ice cream from Wazu, she wordlessly began to scoop up another mouthful and finishing that, spoke again. "Putting these smaller issues aside, what is it you wish to discuss with me Miss Doherty? I am under the impression you are interested in keeping the armistice intact?" she asked. "I find this unusual, as Mister Wazu has implied that he would profit if it fails," the Taianese woman pointed out, spooning up another mouthful of the chocolate ice cream that was toxic to house cats. "This is accurate as well, considering his holdings would allow him to profit significantly from renewed conflict, as he would sell to both sides," her suit's speakers continued to talk. "I recall one of my officers, Sakamoto, having purchased goods from you before ," Hoshiko turned her gaze on Wazu.

"A product of acceptable quality."

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:29 pm
by zach
Diana felt her toes clench and had to tighten her stomach to hold in her breathe, she had been aware that Heram had dealings with the Tai Pan, he had been direct about such since the very beginning of this job. Yet to mention that he would stand to profit from the ending of the armistice to someone like Hoshiko seemed utterly baffling. There was no point in pondering on what Heram's intentions were right now, now she had to try and play her angle the best she could and hope it would work. Diana looked towards the ground for a moment and then locked her eyes with Hoshiko once more, "I do believe that the intention that Mister Wazu and all of us who have worked to bring this Summit together is the continual progress towards peace in the galaxy Representative Hoshiko. Despite ideals of profit, the conflict over Paradise's resources has found a temporary resolution through this armistice and all that stems to come from the ending of it is more death and pain on both sides. No faction would wish to enter into a conflict that stems to be sheer brutality on both sides, the ending of the armistice will be nothing but wasteful and draining for both the Alliance and the Tai Pan and that is why I believe that the armistice needs to remain intact."

Diana took a breathe after speaking, keeping her gaze on Hoshiko and keeping her posture firm, despite the feeling of pins and needles running up her leg. More conflict was senseless right now and she would speak to that, no matter what.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:04 pm
by uso
"I will consider that a stellar consumer review." Wazu replied, "Certainly the goal is to reach a diplomatic solution. We both have things we want from this meeting."

He would continue to let Diana take the lead for now. He certainly didn't need her to push the Armistice towards an extension... but so long as she could bring the topic back around to his concerns: The Kiwomains and the Adlet, everything would be fine. Even so, the initial plan had failed. His confidence in the backup plan was certainly failing. The time the other two used to speak would be best used considering his third and fourth tier options.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:37 pm
by Tony
A voice rang out interrupting the negotiations. It was that Junior ambassador that was in the group discussion. "Shara is mobilizing its fleet." Ambassador Strand did not take a seat, but rather she lit a small short cigarette and took a deep puff. "At present, the Alliance Navy is in no position to oppose them in open conflict. Nor is the Taianese Navy."

"The only thing keeping them at bay is the fact Both of us have been inflating our fleet numbers at regular intervals, and have both used the other as a threat. As for the Kiwomeaneans, looks we in the Diplomatic corps can't ignore the diplomatic slights towards Tai Pan. If they attack the Empire, the Alliance will abide by the Cassius Belli."

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:48 pm
by CadetNewb
"Mister Wazu had lead me to believe otherwise," Hoshiko coolly replied, ignoring both the man's remark as well as the junior ambassador's. Or at least, at first. She stopped spooning more of the ice cream to talk to Diana properly this time, rather than let her suit's speakers mimic her voice. "Since he threatened to sabotage the armistice, I would believe that he prioritized whatever goals he had with these Kiwomians and Adlets." Her voice calm and peaceful, almost serene for once as she slowly stirred the ice cream about. Bringing another spoonful of it up, her brilliant blue eyes carefully looked over it as she added, "With the armistice, you can expect me to do what I can to have it upheld. I do not want war," the Taianese woman tried to reassure Diana. "I cannot speak for Mister Wazu here however," she gestured the frozen confection at him. "As for these two lesser nations, what happens to them, is entirely up to them. More importantly, I cannot speak for the Gartagens either," she finally addressed the newcomer's statement. "I strongly suspect they have vast stockpiles of the valuable resources and are simply unable to even use them due to the state of their nation," the Taianese Vice Admiral observed.

"If that is true, and they view humanity and the Taianese as invasive, they may view war as favorable," Hoshiko pointed out, finally devouring that spoonful of ice cream. If what she said was true, it was no wonder she wanted ice cream.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:19 pm
by uso
"I asked both of them to attend, and consider myself directly responsible for what may happen to them because of it."

Wazu remembered to cross his arms by this point, helping to convey his 'dislike' of the situation. The intention being to signal to Diana at the very least so that she may attempt some kind of diplomatic translation of intent. This was supposed to have been the 'useful back-channel' for solving these exact kind of disputes and Hoshiko was turning it into another round of toothless talking.

Perhaps he should have gone through Sakamoto instead.

"I told Dr. Zenigata that everything would be ok, and I do not expect anyone could make a liar out of me for it."

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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:50 pm
by zach
Diana caught Wazu's signal out of the corner of her eye and she knew that she needed to find to peddle this back to the moot point of discussion, it was clear that Hoshiko was keen to keep the conversation going in small circles and Wazu's clear vexation at the situation at large was not helping. The input of the junior Ambassador's statement of where the Alliance would stand sent a shiver down Diana's spine...Seemed that the Alliance had continued to make it a habit of abandoning people to the Tai Pan. She takes a small breathe and then returns her gaze towards Hoshiko, "With all due respect intended Zhongjiang Hoshiko, none of us in this room desire war, despite what some may stand to gain for it. The intention behind the inclusions of these private rooms was to facilitate peaceful talks between nations to resolve issues such as yours with the Kiwomians and the Adlet. I ask that you please be willing to speak with the Kiwomians and Adlet representatives and allow them to speak their case with you and thus allow these rooms to make due their true purpose and curb costly and wasteful conflicts before they begin. We can arrange discussions with the envoys at earliest convenience if needed. "

Diana spoke in a pleading and driven tone, despite her feelings that the Kiwomians at the very least deserved some form of rebuttal for their conduct this evening, and this was not even to discuss Dr.Zenigata. She knew that she needed to try and alleviate Hoshiko and thusly the Tai Pan's wraith upon these people and attempts possibly even pillage the resources of their worlds. Conflict was not what was meant to come from this Summit, increased suffering and death was not the intention and Diana was willing to do whatever she could to avoid a slaughter.

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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:50 pm
by CadetNewb
In a very human gesture, Hoshiko briefly looked up to the ceiling for salvation.

"A misunderstanding then," the Taianese woman laconically replied, her cool blue gaze returning to the two. "My door is open," she added, gesturing to the private room's entrance. True to her word, it was open, and had remained open for every moment that she had been there. Even though the Guards sent a message, they also did not stop Wazu and Diana from entering either, and the same went for the others. Looking down at her ice cream again, the faintest, faintest hints of displeasure, discomfort or perhaps sadness on her face, the orange and black haired woman spoke again. "They had convinced me that they were potential threats to Tai Pan, and had to be assessed by any means necessary." Looking up from her frozen confectionery, having not found what she looked for, Hoshiko added, "You may not appeal on their behalf, as they are responsible for themselves. Therefore, they must appeal to me, and attempt to convince me that this is not the case." Finally deciding to set aside her ice cream, one of her guards moved to take the bowls away, an extension of her will.

"I may be a Tiger of the Destroyer Caste, but I am not unreasonable," she calmly spoke to the two, her voice just a little more gentle than before. "Are there any other issues you wish to discuss?"

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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:41 pm
by uso
Well, that was that... Wazu wasn't going to just let Zenigata and the Kiwomians walk back into the situation. Zenigata wasn't in the mental state to cut a deal, and the Kiwomians weren't exactly able to talk either.

There appeared to be little to accomplish by staying here, Wazu would head to his next meeting.

"If you'll excuse me,"

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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:42 pm
by Gunsight1
Ambassadors Pullings and his jr. assistant ambassador walked up to the door to Hoshiko's chamber just as Wazu was departing. The ambassador raised an eyebrow at the departing man.

"You seem to have started without us?" he inquired, glancing at his wrist watch as they passed.

He then pressed the chime to the door. "Ambassador Pullings to see the Ambassador to Tai Pan" he said into the door's mic.

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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:33 pm
by CadetNewb
"You may enter," Hoshiko's voice called through the open doorway.

Though Wazu had left, Diana and of course, Hoshiko still remained. As they entered, the unusually petite Tiger Form looked up at the from her cozy seat at her table with her bright blue eyes. As per usual though, she didn't say anything else. It would be up to them to initiate things with her.

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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:09 pm
by Gunsight1
Pullings and his assistant stepped into the chamber, the senior ambassador and nodded in greeting to Hoshi and Diana. "Good afternoon" he said, then settled into the chair across from Hoshi

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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:48 pm
by CadetNewb
"Jiǔyǎng," the Taianese Vice Admiral formally greeted the Alliance Ambassador. Dressed in her yellow cheongsam, the unusually petite Tigress looked up at the man from her seat as she remained seated. "What manner of business brings you here?" the woman plainly asked the man. She didn't seem too interested in speaking with them, but that was to be expected given the circumstances. Crossing her poly-armored legs, Hoshiko reclined into her seat again as she waited for their answer.

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:14 am
by Gunsight1
Ambassador Pullings frowned slightly at the response from the Taianese representative.

"The armistice treaty, as we have been scheduled to discuss since before this summit was fully organized." he said flatly. He would be very surprised if she had someone not know, or forgotten this fact, since this meeting had been planned out for over a year now, and would be taking place even if this summit between all the major powers had not been organized to take place. Something fishy was going on and it did not sit well in the pit of his stomach.

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:58 pm
by CadetNewb
"Perhaps I phrased that poorly," the Vice Admiral realized, carefully observing the man with her poker face. "I meant to ask, why you are bothering me?" Though the small tigress's voice was as plain and emotionless as it always was, her choice of words was unmistakably annoyed. "You are already aware that it is within the interest of both Tai Pan and The Alliance to preserve the armistice, and that I will do my best in keeping it intact," Hoshiko pointed out to him. The daggers she stared at Pullings dared him to say otherwise, but even so, she searched the man.

"Or, is there something off?" the woman's demeanor subtly relented, just a little.

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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:57 pm
by Gunsight1
Pullings set his datapad down on the table and laced his fingers together. "I am bothering you, as you put it, because our governments have an interest in preserving and extending the armistice between ourselves and the Cartagan Union and have both decided that details of the treaty require renegotiation and adjustment before it can be submitted to continue" he explained. 'I will also remind you, that if it were not for the Alliance's intervention and negotiation of this treaty, your Empire of Tai Pan would have stood to loose much in lives and materiel."

"Now, if you see this as a waste of your time, I will return to my capital and the Alliance will postpone continuation of the armistice negotiations until your government feels inclined to take this matter seriously and send an actual diplomat, rather than an unqualified military officer play acting as an ambassador." he said coolly.

Re: Chapter 10: Hoshi and Co

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by CadetNewb
"I see. That is your reply," the small Tigress observed. "If it has not been made clear by now, I will make it so," Hoshiko began in front of Diana and Pullings. "Tai Pan wishes for the armistice to remain intact, but believes that this is highly unlikely given the circumstances revolving around the Gartagen Union, and as a result, did not plan to send a delegate believing negotiations would be hopeless." Whether or not this was news to either of them, the Tigress did not know, but she did not finish there. "As a result, I volunteered, and here I am," the woman began to finish, upturned hands gesturing to them all here at their private room. "You can expect me to make attempts at preserving the armistice, and even 'play ball' with you, but as a Rooster may say, my bag of tricks is not very deep when it comes to This."

Her bleak painting finished, Hoshiko watched the man for his reaction.