Chapter 08: Reich it or not

With one disaster after another, the crew of the Edward Deming are stretched thin after another incident places their friends and family in danger...Some will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, though others may not be so eager to make a Faustian bargain.
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Chapter 08: Reich it or not

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It had only been a few hours since the Summit had let out, yet while the Ambassadors bickered over petty squabbles and played their games of intrigue in an attempt to garner an advantage over one another, there were people in the galaxy who were suffering greatly. Ever since the New Cambridge River incident, a majority of the citizens on that colony had lost their homes, business, and their whole way of life. After the meeting with Yetara, Diana had found herself quickly pulled into attempting to amend this quickly rising crisis within the galaxy.

Reports that had come in from the past few days had indicated that food shortages were on the rise across the planet, along with an outbreak of various diseases within the injured, likely stemming from prolonged interment within the the ice cold waters. Reports of people dying from starvation or illness were increasing every few hours and the Alliance was stretched thin across the whole of the colony. Available resources were being expended to fix one problem only to find another crisis breaking out right after, all the while people were growing sicker, hungrier, and angrier by the minute. It was clear that outside help would be the only means to mend this wound before a true crisis broke out within the Hawking system.

Heram spoke with Diana about needing to try and negotiate for resources with one of the various Ambassadors still remaining on the I.A.S Edward Deming, better yet one of the few Ambassadors who may still consider offering aid to the Alliance’s people. After a short period of discussion and ruling out various people to turn too, both Diana and Heram had reached the conclusion that trying to plea to the Reich was likely the best option. The Reich seemed the most affable in regards to their opinion of the Alliance and Ambassador Kohle seemed to be one that could most likely be convinced to offer aid or at the least have reasonable terms in regards to negotiations.

Heram had led Diana to one of the private rooms on the back of the ship, some of the other Representatives either having retreated to speak amongst their entourage or otherwise appear out of sight for the moment. The private room that Diana and Heram entered was of amicable size, with comfortable seating and a moderately sized table between the seats. She quickly dimmed the lights slightly to offer a slightly more cooling and comfortable air to the room.

On the far wall, just past the table was a medium sized projector that was mounted onto the wall, reaching into her bag and pulling out her datapad. She walks over to the projector and starts to connect the datapad to the projector, inputting the connections codes as she starts to skim through the photos she had archived within her files. She turns towards Heram while she waits for the connection to finalize. “Heram, if you wouldn’t mind going to grab Ambassador Kohle while I set up the visual aids? I will be done with this by the time you get back.” She sends Heram a small smile as she starts to sort through the photos saved onto her datapad.

“Hm?!” Heram had been lost in thought, working on something on his datapad as he got another ship ready for the trip to Dr. Zenigata’s home world. It would take him a few moments to process what Diana had said, then for his attention to turn to the matter at hand.

“Sure. Let me go hunt them down…”

He would send a message to Kohle, asking for his location:


Do you have time to talk privately? There are some additional issues more directly related to the Reich and the I.A. that would best be discussed without other parties involved.
Heram Wazu.

Wazu was met by a somewhat hurried text.
Ambassador Wazu,

Ambassador Kohle is already behind schedule, define these matters.

S.M.S. VON DER TANN - Interstellare Marine 1st Fleet
Kohle, S.M.S. Von Der Tann,

Our diplomat, Diana, wishes to discuss options for trade, mutual security, and which of our interests align relating to the other nations in attendance.

- Heram Wazu
Ambassador Kohle will be arriving with his detail, Admiral Lurssen wishes to remind you that the Von Der Tann is a military flagship, and will have to return to Reich as soon as possible. Thank you.”

S.M.S. Von Der Tann.

Within the span of ten minutes, Ambassador Kohle and two Reich marines were onboard. Kohle looked more tired than when he had first come aboard, and he definitely looked more irritable. He took his time, but did his best to arrive quickly, puffing in a small cigar as he walked. “This had better be worth the time it is taking me…”

Diana had been quick enough to prepare the projector for the Ambassador when he arrived, she simply had to hope that he would be willing to listen. As she read the communication that Kohle had arrived onboard Edward Deming, she quickly hurried to walk to the doorway of the private room. She watched as Kohle and the Reich marines entered the foyer and moved to greet them, approaching the two at a somewhat brisk pace.

She bows slightly as she walks towards the Ambassador and his escort, “Thank you for coming Ambassador Kohle, I can promise you that the purpose of this meeting is well worth your time and I thank you for hearing us out. To summarize, a few days back the Alliance colony of New Cambridge on the planet Hawking was assaulted by the terroristic efforts of the Grawla population. The Grawla blew up one of the major dams and flooded a majority of the colony and recovery efforts since have been...Grim.”

“My hope for this meeting is to see if the Reich would consider sending supplies to the displaced colonist of New Cambridge. Food and medical supplies would be the main priority for transportation and distribution amongst the colonists. Mr.Wazu and I are of course wholly willing to negotiate towards any terms you would put on the table.” Diana speaks in a focused and professional tone, meeting eyes with Ambassador Kohle as she speaks. She then steps to the side, gesturing towards the room she had exited from. “If you would be willing to join us in the room over there, I believe I can further showcase to you the brevity of the situation at hand.”

Khole narrowed his eyes, but walked forward with his detail into the private room. All seemed well enough, except Kohle did not sit. He simply stood, looking towards the projector’s wall. The man’s tired features were evident as he turned his head to face Diana. “As former Ambassador the the Alliance, I give my sentiments. Though I can not give aide from my position minus my thoughts. There is no easy way to say this, so I will try my best. The Reich’s fuel shortage has all Imperial vessels heavily regulated in travel distance. So unless you can secure ships to make the long trek from the Alliance to the Reich, there isn’t much I can do.” His face was as solemn as it had been throughout the summit, and his marines were ever more so.

“Perhaps we could secure more efficient travel for you?” Heram offered, his interest peaked, his attention being pulled back away from his Datapad. “I am certain that we could cut the fuel expenditures of your fleet, and improve your transportation infrastructure in such a way that fuel gains would offset losses and pay for whatever assistance you can render,”

For a moment, Diana had felt her heart sink. She was glad that Khole had seemed sympathetic towards the people of New Cambridge at the very least. It would be better than the cool reception they would receive from someone like the Tai Pan or worse. Yet it was quickly becoming apparent that no amount of images or such would be able to sway an issue of fuel, a field in which she was not educated within in the slightest. She had turned towards Heram and hoped that he might be able to salvage the situation and she was not disappointed with what he said. “Yes...Yes of course, if the proper supplies could be transported to the people of New Cambridge through Mr.Wazu’s proposal of aid, we would be more than willing to do so.”

“At any rate, I would need to clear it with the Reichsmarineamt on Reich, which then has to go on to the Kaiser himself. While I was granted authority for the summit as Prinz of Hesse, that is all I have, or rather had, the authority for. It will be a gamble, but with I assume the Alliance paying off the fuel cost, it may clear. I cannot guarantee it, but I give my word that it will make it to the Kaiser’s ears.” Kohle seemed sincere, maybe even a little more than he had been earlier. Maybe this was a good thing, as in the Reich the Kaiser was the utmost commander-and-chief. Kaiser Friedrich III was like his father before him, quite compassionate. On the other hand, this might fall flat from the recent discussions between the Alliance and Kohle. Everything would hinge on him.

“What will it take to make this happen?” Heram asked, his attention moving fully toward Kohle, “Taipan sees you as a nuisance and wants to block you out. The Gartagens see you as a speed bump. The other smaller powers are all too collectively busy with their own problems to get it together on the world stage.

That leaves the Alliance as your best opportunity for forging a workable coalition that will give you access to the resources and political clout you need to not be absorbed.

You must have a plan for your Reich long term. Your lack of options means it has to involve working with the Interstellar Alliance.

So let’s lay the groundwork for that here.”
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Re: Chapter 08: Reich it or not

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“So let’s clear the air, so to speak.” Kohle’s voice was suddenly ice. “The Alliance has left quite a bitter taste in my mouth, but you have been anything but bitter. While I will keep my suspicions to myself to keep things that way, I have a feeling that this is playing out like a well thought out plan to someone.” He finished his last sentence with a sly grin.

His voice then returned to its regular, diplomatic tone as he twisted his right wrist about the room. “My primary issue, besides the lack of fuel, is that I do not think that the Alliance government would sanction Reich liners with naval charters into their space willingly, Herr. Wazu, so that is your first hurdle.”

“That would be a topic better suited for me to discuss internally. A direct path, to the planet Hawking at least, should be a viable first step. I’ll need some time to get things in order on my end before we can move forward on that front.

What else concerns you?” This meeting at least seemed to be going quite well. Much as Kohle suspected, “I must admit, this time things are going to plan.”

Kohle nodded with another grin, “The Kaiser will have the final say, and he may use this as a show that even when you view us poorly, we are still human behind all these flags and dialects. The other Alliance ambassador seems to forget this, it seems, or maybe it’s all hidden behind his more bureaucratic mind.”

The Reich’s ambassador’s eyes met Heram’s with a suddenly equal view, something different than the entirety of the day before. “No matter what happens, Herr Wazu, Frau Diana, I am truly sorry for what has happened on New Cambridge. I understand it may sound hollow but as I have said it is not my full decision.”

He stood up a little straighter and then finally looked to both of them. “My primary concern is what happens with the ships themselves. If they are met at the border and denied entry, any of the Marine’s ships will simply return to the Kaiserreich. Though a merchant ship may get through.”

“I think we’re at a good stopping point then. I’ll need to talk to my people and get something more official setup while I’m sure you’ll also need to bring the offer before your own. Is there anything else we need to discuss?” Wazu asked.
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