Jimmy's Year 1 Update

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Jimmy's Year 1 Update

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Jimmy’s Year 1 Update

I’m not sure exactly, but it’s been roughly one year since I became staff on Shattered Universe, so I think it’s time I show my delusions of competency and present some of the work that’s been done in that time. Boy what a year it has been for us all. I am glad to see many of us undertaking improving ourselves, or plying our trade and advancing, and those still learning.

First, the complete rework of the Tai Pan Empire is almost feature complete, requiring only military sections to be completed, which will be in the pipeline shortly. Great effort has been expended in the history, culture, and make up the of Empire, and in the process creating and refining several templates within the wiki itself. Along with planet articles, locations articles, and working out new formats for each. Even the Nations and Organizations page got a revamp.

An itemized list for the curious
• Taianese Species Article (rewrite)
• Dragon Form (minor edits)
• Tiger Form (rewrite)
• Rabbit Form (rewrite)
• Kammee (rewrite)
• Jongwu (rewrite)
• Yazata Ahura (rewrite)
• Yazata Mazda (created)
• Empire of Tai Pan (rewrite)
• Government of Tai Pan (created)
• Taianese Culture (created)
• Planet Liang (rewrite)
• 9 Location articles for Liang (created and rewrite)
• Sanshin Kawa, Tai Pan capital city, plus three sub-articles. (created)
• Tanbou Ciela (created)
• Cesuna (created)
• Planet Rizen (created)
• Planet Scarborough (created)
• Story Arcs (spring cleaning)
• New Members Guide (major edits)
• Primer to roleplay (created)
• Rules (rewrite)
• 3 Beginner Friendly Templates for PC’s, Templates, and Locations (created)
• Nations and Organizations (revamp)
• Solarity of Kowloon (Revamp)
• Rules update

So, what’s coming now?
There’s still plenty of necessary work to be done, right now much of the development effort is being focused on making Tai Pan, Kowloon, and the Alliance the best they can be, and make them a little engine of roleplay can feed other nations in the setting. It’s early days yet, but things you can look forward to in the coming year include

• Multiple planet and system page reformats and revamps.
• Revamp of the Interstellar Alliance.
• More locations and improving our current ones for more places for characters to visit.
• Roleplaying tools to improve feedback and safety of members.
• Work on the Character creation page and the guides within it.
• Revamp of the Technology, Magic and Pysonic pages.
• Timeline revamp and new Era system to let players more easily play backwards or forwards in the timeline.
• Hopefully many more.

These changes will hopefully form the basis going forwards and make sure we're presenting the content we have as best as we can when we resume general advertising for new players. That phase might still be a little over the horizon, but the glimmers of it still shine. I want to thank our staff for the work they put in both on site and off of it, I want to thank our players for their patience and presence while we hibernate and rebuild ourselves, and I want to thank all the people I've tugged the sleeves of for help, advice, and critiques.

I wish you all luck, success, and good company in the next year as well.

GM of two-time simming award winning plot, Mudwater PD. Thank you players, thank you award site.
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