[Brockengeist - 3020] Mission 1: Prolude

It's 3015 GSC, the Wangdaio Colonies have fallen and have been under siege for 5 years. Communications lines between Shouwei Forces and the colony systems have been severed by a mysterious communications black out. The surviving colonists are being attacked from within and from the outside by various hostile forces: ferocious aliens, strange undead monstrosities, pirates and a violent betrayal from their own intelligence forces, the Heise. Starving, terrified and alone, the Wangdaio must save themselves as they struggle to survive or else be truly forgotten.
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[Brockengeist - 3020] Mission 1: Prolude

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Li woke to the droning rattle of the station’s air conditioner. He reluctantly opened his eyes to the dim glow of green numbers of 0300 projected on the ceiling above him. The air stank of rust, and mildew. He wrinkled his nose in disgust and made a note to talk to the engineers to see if they could do anything about it.

He waved his hand to dismiss the numerical display and groaned as he swung his legs over the side of his thin mattress to sit up. His cybernetics clacked, making the connection points ache. He blindly groped the top of nightstand, refusing to turn on the lights.

He felt a faint tickle against the sensors in his right hand as it brushed over a hard plastic handle. With a slight delay, his cybernetic hand closed over the screwdriver and brought it closer. He moved the screwdriver to his fleshy left hand and tightened a loose bolt in his right forearm before directing his attention to his cybernetic right leg- which also rattled until he tightened it.

“It’s time for maintenance!” Chimed the annoyingly chipper voice of his AI assistant.

“Got it, Diamond. Whatcha call what I’m doing?” Li muttered.

“Stalling,” she quipped.

“Whatever. Just tell me what’s on the docket for today,” he said with a roll of his eyes. He rotated his ankles and flexed his ‘netics.

“Sure, Boss! You’re open until 900 when the expedition brief is supposed to start. Then lunch, followed by meetings with the engineering department and Doc before dinner. Your day concludes with Lillian,” Diamond’s voice beamed as she projected the text version of the schedule against the wall.

Li thoughtfully pursed his lips together as he squinted at the projection. His eyes flicked down at the mention of ‘Lillian’ before he looked up again. “Pull the supply request list and query the department heads for updates,” he said after a long pause.

“Sure, but the readings say most of them are sleeping right now, Boss,” Diamond commented with a touch of exasperation. “They aren’t going to be happy if I wake ‘em up now.”

“I don’t care. Wake ‘em up. We need to get ready,” Li shook his head as he ran a hand through long black hair.

Diamond sighed, “Right, waking them up now. Anything else, Boss?”

“No, I can raise the lights myself,” Li replied as he set the screwdriver down on his nightstand and grabbed his gun holster.
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