[E11 - Unknown GSC] Nova

It's 3015 GSC, the Wangdaio Colonies have fallen and have been under siege for 5 years. Communications lines between Shouwei Forces and the colony systems have been severed by a mysterious communications black out. The surviving colonists are being attacked from within and from the outside by various hostile forces: ferocious aliens, strange undead monstrosities, pirates and a violent betrayal from their own intelligence forces, the Heise. Starving, terrified and alone, the Wangdaio must save themselves as they struggle to survive or else be truly forgotten.
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[E11 - Unknown GSC] Nova

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Unnur’s body felt cold as the energy of the Taianese warship flowed through the power cells of her ship and into her. She could see the brilliance of the stars around her gleaming. It was cold and silent floating there in the void. She couldn’t see the metal of the ship anymore, nor the glare of her helmet’s HUD in front of her eyes, just the massive ship firing on them as she floated before it.

At the back of her mind she could hear the shouting of her crew, the warning alarms of the ship’s computer and her suit. She couldn’t contain it. The ship couldn’t bleed off the energy fast enough nor could it deflect it all. They were going to die. The fear curled around her, slithering up from her feet and settled around her neck.

What did the Helka tell her?

Leaving the convent is to accept death.

But she lived. She found herself in the world, filled with inner peace, with companionship and a purpose.

What did her false spirit guide tell her?

Leaving Jord is to accept death. To turn against the Church of the Holy Sword is to accept death.

But she lived. She found herself among the stars, emboldened by her companions to live free.

What did the Tai-pan tell her?

Fighting is death. Only surrender and slavery will allow life.

She saw it clearly. She was not meant to draw in this much energy- the auxiliary cells built into the Ijoma suit, and into the ship were overflowing. The other Embers on the ship couldn’t bleed it off fast enough as they helped switch the polarity to deflect the energy blasts from the enemy vessel.

Let go.
The serpent whispered.

The serpent brushed its frigid scales against her cheek. It was reassuring. She could feel it starting. The bubbling, and boiling of her blood. She finally looked down at her hands inside the ship, it was like she was watching from outside her body. It was all melting away. Her containment suit, her skin, there was nothing but the radiance. The serpent slipped away.

Life cannot be taken away. There is a choice.
She remembered the Shin-te’s words. There should have been agony, her body was tearing itself apart. She was dying. She felt a scream rising up in what was left of her throat, her eyes were wide, dry, there was no moisture left in her body to cry.

Let go.
The voice whispered, insistent.

She could see the rest of the crew trying to reach her in the cockpit. She could see Him, Kamon. He was screaming, they were all screaming. They were all going to die. They couldn’t endure this battle alone.

They are going to live.
Unnur decided.

Life cannot be taken, it can only be given.

She opened up her soul as the wellspring of her power ripped itself free of the trappings of her body. The limiters were gone, her fears were gone, there was only life and the fire.

There is only acceptance.

The brilliance erupted from the cockpit and rippled through the ship in a shockwave, enveloping the entire ship, driving away all darkness and fear. The aftershocks threatened to shake the hull apart.

The ship’s alarms screamed as the radiance faded, leaving only the red warning lights of the bridge. The crew finally managed to rip open the doors of the cockpit to pull Unnur out and found nothing. She was gone.

The viewscreen revealed they were nestled in a nebula. The Taianese ships were gone. The ship was whole, they were safe.

They pulled up their ship’s displays and stared. “We… were thrown through a gate? We’re on the other side of the sector in Alliance space.”

Kamon tried to sense Unnur. She couldn’t have just disappeared. They didn’t have that sort of power, did they? She was all around him. Her essence was in everything but he couldn’t reach her, he couldn’t touch her.

His heart sank to the deck as he grabbed onto the pilot’s chair to keep from falling. It was still warm. She was just there. He had been so close. He missed his chance to save her, to love her. Saule had called her home.
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