Whispers of the Past: Dark Phoenix

Whisper, a knight under Lord Du Rochon, goes on a quest to find answers about his past and family, with a need to avenge his family's murder. What truths await on Neridto Chi in the Wolves' Den star system?
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Whispers of the Past: Dark Phoenix

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Kowloon cluster\ Vexa 5\ desert badlands.

The sands reflected heat like mirrors, the scorching temperature making it extremely uncomfortable to almost being unbearable. Solitary amongst the dunes built against a miniature mountain of rock, was small fortress of a compound. The walls crudely constructed of rock and mortar like some medieval temple's keep. Stone structures lined the side and rear walls. A sort of latrine and bath on the left, a bunk house against the rear wall, and a mess against the left. Up higher on the rock face, accessible by man made stone steps, was a officers living space built into a cave.

Troops in outdated and patch work gear that was colored like the sands trained and garrisoned in center of the courtyard, 50 in total. Most used far outdated rifles and crudely fashioned explosives, their actions done with a zealous enthusiasm. A lone figure in black uniform that was rather older, but well kept, stood on top of the wall above the main gate. The ex-angel watched as her more then willing pawns worked below.

A rather large man carrying a old and outdated lmg and dressed in a dark patch up trench coat gassmask adorn to his face walks up to the front gate "I come bringing news for you seraphina"

The wall sentinels would aim their guns down at him before Seraphina turned around to see who it was. The uniform told her all she needed to know.

"Put your guns away you fools.", she said waving at them dismissively.

"Yes Lady Bernhardt!"

"Well Major, took your sweet time coming around for a visit. And what news do you bring me this day?", Seraphina asked with a slight grin.

The large man chuckled "I'm not a major anymore ma'am haven't been one for a long time, but I digress you need to see this to believe it " he says holding up a few photos he has taken in his travles "they live and I can prove it to you " he says actually sounding excited for once in a vary long time

"What are you on about? Well get in here, I can't vead them from up here. Open the gates!", she says before barking the final sentence as an order to those on gate watch.

Seraphina Von Bernhardt was not one to find enjoyment in much anymore. The woman was much older in her years then her youthful appearance could say. Magic was a curious thing and she had paid a price for it in the end. However old ways died, or simply burnt out, that was life. She thought this to herself as she descended the steps with no particular urgency.

"Now, again, What are you on about?", she asked bored as she reached the inside area of the gate.

Frank handed her the photos both of them show pictures of ty in his armor and Sonia meeting with other people
"I originally thought they were impostors but when I went to take the shot the one looking like our leader looked directly to my hidden position and shook his head, no one could have known I was there but him"

Frank said his voice shaking with both excitement and surprise

She looked at them incredulously at first, but lingered on the picture of Sonia for a moment. She looked at the next photo, Ty staring directly at the camera. Her face which had at first a doubtful scowl, now settled into a less then pure smile.

"And where are they now?", Sera asked.

Frank shook his head coughed "not sure but after trailing them for a long bit they seem to be heading to this planets direction before I changed corse to bring you the news"

FeamF nearly sounded like he was about to cry "I found them Sera there alive"

"Get a hold of yourself. I am over joyed to, but we must remain steady as the Emporer's chosen.", she half scolded, "I will remain here with small of those faithful that I've built. With luck they'll here from the locals and head here."

Frank nodded "I'll keep you updated on their wareabouts till they arrive then heck mabie if they decide to stay for a bit you and Sonia could make up for lost time" he joked

"Be careful Frank, my tempev is short, and I have little patients for jokes. But....yes....Maybe ve can.", Sera replied some what peeved.

Frank noded and looked at the two gaurda in the room "if you two don't want to die don't make fun of me wearing a mask under your breath"

Frank looked back at Sera "sorry ma'am, didn't mean to strike a nerve"

"Du bist ein guter Soldat, verderbe es nicht. Freut euch, die neue Ordnung steht am Horizont der Wiedergeburt.", she answered with a grin, before handing back the photos.

Frank nodded " well I'll be off then general oh I brought you this' said handing her a box "Fraulein left it at their last position addressed to you."

Inside is the knife she promised to return to sera the night before her "death"

Seraphina somber in expression took the knife from the box, looking at it with an odd detached expression. There was slight hints of some hidden emotion, but was trying hard not show. "Go then. Leave me to my work, much must be done, and even more prepared.", she said after simply slipping the blade into an empty sheath.

"Viel Glück und wachsam bleiben. Bis wir uns wiedersehen ... alter Freund. Ab jetzt mit dir."
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