Chapter Two: Indestructable

Revenge? Justice? Untouchables? The Black Forge is a group of independent vigilantes and mercenaries looking to right wrongs and keep those above the law subject to a law of higher ideals. Come join our group to right your wrongs and help others to do the same. Learn the Black Codex, and transcend your weaknesses.
The Black Forge, a collection of misfits all, attempts to survive in a hostile universe, by trading, fighting, and exploring while running low on spare parts, food, and keeping one step a head of the bank.
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Chapter Two: Indestructable

Post by Bullroarer4 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:31 pm

Atraxis IV
The Wastes

That morning, just before the sunrise, The Black Forge assembled at the star-port. Again, Dav used the rest of his currency to charter three Carry-all. The first to bring the company out into the wastes to locate a suitable wreckage for salvage. The second and third to retrieve the salvaged dropship and the company for return to Diej Prime. Based Upon how well they do, Diej Heavy industries was willing to offer a contract for Salvage protection. Essentially, the same job The Black Forge was doing for themselves, but for another with coin to spend. And coin they would need to repair and refit both the company of mecha and a dropship. For better or worse, Atraxis was going to be the home of The Black Forge for a little while.

Dav positioned his Tiger, "Dark Horse" under the carry-all. "Black Forge, assemble under the carry-all. Prepare to be harnessed by the transport. Hopefully we won’t have to do this too often. Our Home is out there, waiting for us to claim her." With his signal, the carryall deployed two arms and gently lifted the Mecha under the Carryall's wing.

The patchwork mech Muk called Doomcrakka settled in under the Carry-All. It was assembled from a hodgepodge of mech salvage, consisting of Lion legs, Tiger torso and cockpit, and the arms of a Puma. A kitchen sink welded to the cockpit had a small Atraxian riding in it who seemed to be having a reality good time. Spikes of scrap metal were similarly welded to seemingly random spots, and the blade of a bulldozer with a green skull spray-painted on it was attached below the cockpit.

Muk gave the signal for the Carry-All to lift his mech. He barely had room to move around in the cockpit to move. Born To Be Wild blasted at full volume into his cockpit from massive speakers, the bass causing his seat to vibrate.

Alex followed Dav to the carry-all. He similarly positioned his mech underneath the VTOL and allowed for it to be lifted underneath the craft. The sensors of the mech confirmed that the lock was solid and that he didn't need to worry about falling from the sky any time soon.

While piloting Beast, Xir activates a gravity point to gently lift and place Beast on top of the carry-all. While using the same kind of gravity point Beast secured itself to the top center of the carry-all while simultaneously reducing Beasts weight by almost half to not interfere with the carry-all’s maneuvering. Xir now had an additional vantage point for line of sight vision and uses of Beasts weapons if needed.

This was her first time with everyone, the normally social elf feeling a bit unsure at the moment, but she was pretty calm all things considered. She was still completely green to the machine she was driving and was pretty distracted by all the switches and buttons that was inside it, " Oh boy..." she mumbled to herself, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her pointed ear as she bit her lip some while looking over her notes that she took from a book she found last night.

Steven starting up his mech and, moving similarly to Dav, he moves his mecha next to Dav. Steven plugs his laptop into the system console to get better results looking for starships with mecha sensors.

As Joshua watches everyone load up and heading to the carry all he loaded his belongings that he took out and holster his handgun and climbed into his cockpit and connected his earpiece to the gunship and started the engine and place the gunship into hover mode and as he waiting to go he shuffling through his cd's to find a nice soundtrack to play until his turn he [ ... -S&index=1] he start to tap he finger and mouth the words turn his turn and slowly hover his away gently over to the carry all to be locked in place into the carry all.

Orange Flowed in to the cockpit, taking a second to look around and get use to the controls finding the correct controls Orange started up the mecha. Orange decided to start slow and just walk around and moving the arms till it was comfortable with everything walking over to the carryall to be hooked up.

Lyon drags himself through the city, bringing up dust as he scoots into the dunes that threaten to swallow the oasis whole. His patchwork cloak struggles in the wind as he looks up to Alex and Xir's mechs, his right hand above his eyes to temper the harsh Atraxian rays. It's been years, and Lyon has yet to grow out of the comfortable shadows of Habu's craters. Uggh. He shakes his head of nostalgic memories, continuing to the carry-all amidst the furious clanking of mechs locking into place and of the roar of engines. Once onboard, Lyon silently sits behind Dav, pulling his hood down, his entire body leaning forward, awkwardly twiddling his thumbs.

Other hired hands piloted the spare machines under the carryall before disembarking. This Was likely going to take a few extra days and the hired hands were not up to embarking on a quest into the wastes.

With the Team loaded up, the Carry-all began to rise. Soon, the team was gliding over the desert. Dav took this opportunity to take a nap. He didn't trust the carry-all pilot to notify him if any dropship wrecks popped up on the metallic sensors. Dav told the team, "Take shifts monitoring and resting. There is no telling how long we will be in these cockpits. Muk, Alex. take the first watch, followed every two hours by Xir, Steven, then myself and Aiyana., finally by Orange and Lyon."

Muk’s music cut out and he heard Dav’s instructions. He tapped the microphone button and yelled, “AYE, BOSS! MUK WILL WATCH FOR SHINIES!”

"Gotcha." Alex responded, as he began to set up the sensors on his battleframe to scan the area below and around them for wreckage. He figured that the combat sensors of a battleframe might be a bit more accurate at identifying things than the general-purpose sensors of the carryall, which had sensors intended more for navigation. "I'll let you guys know if we spot anything."

As instructed, Xir relaxed and mostly interacted with Beast between shifts. During watch it maintained attention and focus on sensors and the environmental situations. Especially with how bad sand storms could be on Atraxis. Xir also does a little small talk with Steven sense they are in the same shift and doesn't want to bother those at rest.

Joshua paused his music to listen to Dav’s instructions. When Dav was done giving his instruction he noticed his name was not said by Dav and was joyful a little.

Grunting in acknowledgement, Lyon shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Without a data pad to amuse himself, and only the endless sands to stare at, he starts poking around in the cockpit, tapping at switches and dials that he was allowed to get his hands on, before his eyes lock onto the holographic display besides the pilot, He couldn't resist the thought. How much would that sell on the black market?

Hearing when her shift was, she would just nod, " Sure, that will give me time to try and learn what all these things do." she said with a small chuckle. Sitting back, she just looked out the windows, the sand not giving much for a view but in its own way it was a bit peaceful to the elf. It would be her first time in a desert like area and the heat didn't bug her too much- especially inside. While relaxing, she just looked around at everyone, learning their faces quietly as she didn't say much at the moment.

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Re: Chapter Two: Indestructable

Post by Bullroarer4 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:55 pm

Atraxis IV
The Wastes

Several days later, the cockpit of Dav's mecha, The Dark Horse, was littered with empty cheap ration cans and water bottles refilled with urine. With little to do other than worry about finances and the logistics of acquiring and refitting at least one space capable dropship, Dav chatted with his cockpit mate, giving his ride along a chance to tell his story.

[everybody can respond here if they wish. this would be flavor text describing the inside of your cockpit, or to describe the boredom of being locked into a cockpit for several days.]

For the past few days, the diffident rookie never took the opportunity to connect with Dav, much less throw up his messy history, replying only with grunts, mm-hmms, and head gestures. Instead, he put his efforts into making himself comfortable in the cockpit, as best he could, anyways. Even with years of experience squeezing into the storage hangars of starships, Lyon struggled to get into a position that accommodated the two stubs on his back, alas resorting to sitting sideways with his seatbelt awkwardly strapped over his shoulder and across his arm, then having to change position every few minutes to prevent the arm under from going completely numb.

For the past couple of days, the back of the gunship has a couple of bags of trash in the corner filled with ratio wrappers and bottles full of urine. The gunship smells like grease and gunpowder for the clean of all of Joshua's accessories as one would call them but after a while, he vented it out while jamming out to different CDs of rock and alternative music.

Orange decided to just morph parts of it body into different things while the days passed on in the cockpit of the mecha, Its first attempt was a sword than a spear, than it decided to try harder things like Xir's body parts, steadily trying parts of each of the crew members.

Alex's backside hurt. The cockpit of these battle frames was well designed, but there was only so much that they could do to make it comfortable for days at a time. Food containers had piled up, crawling out of the small plastic bag that was intended to hold trash, and the entire cockpit now smelled like cheap processed meats and energy drinks.

Muk was bored out of his mind after two days of this. He had never been in one room with nothing to do for this long. The first day he sang drinking songs with the Traxling called Kortezz and listened to music. After day one he spent most of the time sleeping out of sheer boredom.

During his time stuck in the cockpit, he had filled up several buckets with a greenish brown liquid. He ate all the ration bars by the third day before deciding to eat Kortezz.

Over the few days Xir talked with the crew through comms about its vast journey through the galaxy. The multitude of different races and cultures it has seen. Strangely no explanation of why it did so much travel was never mentioned and was actively avoided when asked.

As Steven looked over a multitude of cockpit styles and forms. He comes into a circular console system for maximum efficiency when driving the mecha, especially with the new paint job of this beauty.

Aiyana liked the conversations that went on through the com systems, it helped teach her more than what she knew- every so often putting in her two cents about her people but never much about herself really since she was still getting to know everyone but so far no one had pried. Talking about easy topics like what type of planet this was or what races were about were much easier and helped stave off too much boredom from the length of this travel.


The next day, the metallic sensors began to ring in the cockpit of Alex's mecha, indications of a cluster of several large metallic objects below. Even from 10,000 feet, several large furrows could be seen below in the dunes.

"Heads up people," Alex said over comms, "We've got something on the sensors. Not sure what they are yet, but they're definitely big."

Dav responded, "Roger that, Alex." Opening a comm link to the carry-all captain, Dav spoke, "Captain Bernard. This is our destination. set us down two klicks short of the convoy up ahead. Hover and release us and our supplies."

As the Carryall to begin it's [url]descent[/url] and to hover low half a mile short of the targets, Dav thought, hopefully the Atraxians would deal, but this deployment location would allow the company to assemble and strike quickly with surprise, if necessary.

As the Carry-all grew closer to the targets, what initially looked like several ball bearings grew to appear as three spheroid dropships being rolled/dragged with huge chains by several piles of scrap on legs as several dozen armed vehicles of various makes painted in an orangish red, drove in circles around the caravan, creating a cloud of sand.

The scrap mecha-men sported various totems, scaffolding, and weapons. Dozens of desert hued figures covered the mecha, cheering and chanting, waving weapons and making lewd gestures towards the approaching carry-all.

Landing behind a dune not far from the caravan, Dav was released from the carry-all, landing on the sand dunes with all the weight of a falling building. Flexing his legs to absorb the impact, Dav's mecha Dark Horse remained upright, sinking several meters. releasing the safeties on his weapons, he opened the aft hatch. Satisfied to the loyalty and shared interest, at least while out in a wasteland, Dav said "Lyon, pilot the remaining supply mecha. Be ready to bring the additional ammunition up to the combat mecha. I'm trusting you with a very important job. Please don't let me down.”, The other mecha were released as well as Joshua's gunship after Dav's mecha.

Opening comms to the rest of the team, Dav said, "Let's see if we can convince the natives to part with one of their dropships. Be ready for a fight, though. They aren't known for their kindness or reasonability."

"Understood" Steven says to Dav, Steven reach above him to switch on the EMC. Making sure that they can’t target him as much but better to be safe than sorry in these kinds of situations. Steven scan the spheroids, hoping that those things have all the parts in them. Steven says in his head "I hope those things have all the parts in it, because it will he hell trying to find all of them here." He readies his weapon just in case things go south for the group. Steven puma moves towards the spheroids with Dav providing backup.

"Alright, sir." Lyon got up from his seat, using a split second to stretch out his numbed limbs, then fixes his cloak before heading out through the aft hatch opened. Climbing down from Dark Horse, then light-jogging across the troublesome sand that protests his every step by giving way, the scoundrel stops in front of the Lion Class Battle Frame. Or it would be, if it had any armaments on it. As it stands now, the blocky, sluggish mech didn't have much else going for it other than its thick hull, retaining only the basic exterior features of a mech: a pair of legs, arms with a sad excuse for hands, and cameras dotted all over the prismatic, central body. Just like back at home. Lyon gave a small, nostalgic smile, knocking twice on one of the mech's feet, which were as high as he was tall.

Climbing into the cockpit, the scoundrel is first greeted by a wave of fumes, a mix of vaporized alcohol, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene. Drugs and booze, no surprises there. Lyon fans away the fumes as he inspects the rest of the cockpit. No effort was made to clean out the place, with a bottle wedged beneath the foot rest, ashes next to the armrest, dotting the seat itself, and dried up and crumpled tissue paper scattered across the floor. Hopefully it was just some guy with a cold, most likely not. Lyon comes over to the seat, dusting away the ashes before sitting down straight, avoiding leaning his stubby back into the chair.

"Engines coming online... now." Lyon comments to himself amidst the whirling of machinery underneath him as the Lion Class comes to life. "Sensor arrays online." The walls surrounding him light up, giving a complete view of the outside through the Mech's cameras. At the bottom left corner of Lyon's eyes, a rectangular frame pops up, displaying the structural integrity of the mech, along with pressure and temperature readings. Glancing at them, he nods. "Hydraulics are green." He grips the controls. "... Preliminary motion calibration... initiated."

The 14-meter-tall beast lumbered forward, one foot pushed into the sand, sinking, and sinking... before it slips backward, causing the main body to be thrown forward, threatening the entire mech to fall face down. "Crat!" Lyon grits his teeth and pulls the controls back, frantically trying to regain control over the vehicle. Slamming buttons, he activates the Lion Class' RCS thrusters, causing it to spew forth two large jets of gas forward to stabilize itself. Lyon sighs, wiping off sweat with his cloak. "That was not P.M.C..." Still shaking somewhat, he goes through the actual P.M.C motions, spending a few minutes to get accustomed to the mech, before moving it towards the large crates of ammo, taking the magazines containing beer-bottle sized bullets and mag-locking them to the mech's forearms and around its waist. "Alright..." He exhales, then opens comms with the rest of the team, talking to them for the first time. "I-I'll be staying behind this dune here. Yell when you're running low."

The order to get ready was met with a small nod from her, " Copy that." she said into her coms. She didn't do too much in the way of fighting, but she could relatively hold her own when need be- even though she was mainly here to heal or back-up, the elf still readied herself. The tips of her fingers tingle with a familiar warmth as she now mentally prepared herself for some sort of trouble.

This would be Alex's first real battle. His hands clenched and unclenched in both anticipation and stress. He checked and rechecked all of his weapons and systems before dropping down from the carryall. "Do we have any kind of plan for this?" He asked over the comms channels, as he activated his ECM.

Relieved to finally be doing something, Muk watched as they drew closer to the spheres. He looked at the totems, rage rising to the surface of his primitive brain. Muk knew the totems well. He thumbed the intercom. “Oy, bossman! Muk knows dem boys. Dey’s da Brain Bashas,” he spat out. “Gurk Godshredda’s boys. Muk has a gift for em, ya get me?” He switched his intercom off and shut down incoming comms from Dav and the rest of the Black Forge.

As soon as his mech was upright on the ground, it charged forward as fast as it would go in the sand. He turned on the external speakers and roared, “Brain Bashas! Muk Skullcrusha is comin’ for ya!”

"I guess not..." Alex muttered, just audible over the radio.

With the flick of a switch, Joshua attempted to ignite his engines. The engines sputtered as the VTOL gunship descended, coming to a sudden stop when it hit the soft sand dune.

Orange decided it was not going to be the last to run to the group so it readied the mecha’s weapons and started after Muk going as fast as it could.

Xir activated Beast' s chameleon camo skin to the sandy tan color of the dune and Beast ... :bio-mecha performed a gravity point jump from the top of the landed carryall to the edge of the dune peak to get a focused look at the enemy roughly two kilometers away. Since Beast isn't compatible with standard tech for a camera link view with the other party members, Xir is forced to describe what it sees of the enemy positions, firepower, and numbers.

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