Chapter 2 Prologue: Welcome to the Jungle

Revenge? Justice? Untouchables? The Black Forge is a group of independent vigilantes and mercenaries looking to right wrongs and keep those above the law subject to a law of higher ideals. Come join our group to right your wrongs and help others to do the same. Learn the Black Codex, and transcend your weaknesses.
The Black Forge, a collection of misfits all, attempts to survive in a hostile universe, by trading, fighting, and exploring while running low on spare parts, food, and keeping one step a head of the bank.
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Chapter 2 Prologue: Welcome to the Jungle

Post by Bullroarer4 » Mon May 20, 2019 1:33 pm

Atraxis iv
Diej Prime Space Port

As the dusty clouds parted with the descent of the freighter, Fortunate Son, A large dome could be seen below. a bustling spaceport sat beside the protected area, various residential buildings intermeshed with tall skyscrapers, glittering jewels in an iron crown.
Dav Thanked the captain, now clad in mecha pilots boots as well as his other acroutrements. "Appreciate the swift and safe ride. I will get my boys to offload our cargo as soon as possible."

With the handful of credits left over from the sale of one of the prisitne Mecha, Dav had purchased a large amount of various foodstuffs to transport to Atraxis Iv as well as his new short company of mercenary mecha. The cargo Hold had nine mecha strapped down, with Xir's bio-mecha resting nearby. The Beast, as everyone had begun to affectionatly call it, slept curled up like a cat, tail wrapped around the torso. A small mountain of munitions and the foodstuffs had been pushed to the back of the cargo area to make space for Muk and his boyz to piece together their own mecha...if you could call it that.
A large, fat torso rested upon a pair of plantigrade legs with two thick arms attached at the shoulder. A number of Atraxians, both the average sized as well as a number of smaller, green hued ones swarmed over the machine. maybe this thing will work when he needed it to, he thought.

Muk looked up at his nearly completed mech with something like admiration. They had to strip out some of the electronics to actually make room for Muk inside the cockpit. Even with the AI removed, the cockpit didn’t allow much room for Muk to move around.

The small Atraxians swarmed over the torso, attaching various spiky bits and random salvaged bits of metal from the pirate base. They had already welded a bulldozer blade to the front of the mech, and one of the average sized ones was spray-painting a big green skull on it. He paused to spray a bit of the paint into his nose and then returned to work, gibbering to himself like a lunatic.

The sale of the foodstuffs would provide for a short stay on Atraxis while the company pursued their real goal here...salvaging a dropship and starship. This was the place to piece together a ship on the cheap...if you could survive the outlands. This was part of the reason Dav wanted the company of mecha first. Salvage here was dangerous work, not only because of the environment which was a hot dry mudball, but also because of the indigenous life forms...The Atraxians[link to atraxians]

Dav opened his commlink to his company, now over a dozen sentient beings from a variety of species. "Black forge, we will be landing soon. Secure your gear and prepare to move out. I have secured a warehouse near the spaceport for our selves as well as our gear. It isn;t a nice plush hostel like you may be used to on Vice. We will be roughing it a bit until we get a new home. I will grant a three day shore leave while we get settled, in rotation. Try to stay out of trouble, if you can."


Joshua spends his first hour doing his workout, kendo and shooting practice to make sure he doesnt get out of shape. after joshua done training and working out he returns to his room and cleans up his hair and body. he straps on his tacticle boots throws on a dark pair of uniform and straps on a tactical side holster and a throws on a dark gray v neck and a bullet pouch on his side. as he starts to leave he see muk and his friends an interesting mech and contuines his way toward the city to explore and site see. as he's walking out of the door, he puts his ear piece into his ear incase something happens he can rush back to the ship. he yells to the ship "ill be back guys im going to see the city ".


Xir goes out into the domed city, leaving Beast instructions to guard the team and the hanger that is staying behind. Xir takes the fist day to just walk the streets and observing the rich and poor sections equally and taking note of the observable cultural norms, buildings of note, and citizen behaviors.

Going over the schematics on his wrist pad Steven ponders how certain parts will work in his newly drawn schematic. He starts looking throughout the cities maps to look for mecha part shops. Wishing he had a place to build his mecha.

Xir comes across Steven as he is looking for shops and joins him. "Steven, you really should wait until after our salvaging in the planet wastes before spending good money on parts. I see you practically drooling to get your own mecha. Let me help you if I can." Xir noticably has improved it's communicating with it tentacles rubbing against its skull bones.

"Good idea, Xir, Thank you for the advice and help. Would you like to look for parts with me?" Steven has a noticeable big smile looking at Xir with sincerity.

Xir For takes a good look at Steven up and down and says " Sure but before we go anywhere you should hide that pistol better. Firearms are illegal in the colony. We don't want trouble if security notices. Plus the parts shopping might give us ideas what to look for when we leave the colony to salvage from with scrap yards in the desert."

"But I'm also wanting to explore this first day too." Says Xir. "There are a couple places I want to go to tomorrow and investigate more specifically."

Steven responds, "Well, that's nice to know for future reference" then, sarcastically, asks Xir "You think we would get a security notice if we rolled up in one of those puppies?" nodding to the battleframes not far off. Starting to notice Muks new mech, he begins to think about letting him join knowing that he would be delighted to add more parts to his giant.

After letting out a noticeable nod, Steven responds with a "Yeah, would you mind if I go with you, I hope a extra party of one is ok?"

Xir responds "You are more then welcome, Steven, and lets definitely take Muk with us exploring too. Not only if we need some extra muscles but also to keep an eye on him to try and stay out of trouble."

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Re: Chapter 2 Prologue: Welcome to the Jungle

Post by Bullroarer4 » Mon May 27, 2019 6:00 pm

Atraxis iv
Diej Prime space port
The next day

Always on the look out for new members, Dav headed into the city to hit the usual dive bars and youth hostels. Those in need of work and brotherhood usually could be found in the seediest places.

Dav Siddled up to the bar of one of the older basement drinking establishments, The Sand Dune. "Hey Barkeep, I'll take one special and a local beer" Dav ordered. With it being earlier in the local afternoon, the bar had several patrons.

Amongst the patrons, a small figure curls up in one corner of the bar, nestled against the walls. Underneath their brown, ragged cloak, they stare at the rather fit gentleman coming into this rather rundown bar. With a dark, weary eye, they watch as the man asks for two drinks, glued on to the movement of the man's hand as he pays the bartender with his energy chips. Their balled up posture remains unchanged, but then their innards groan underneath their cloak. Quietly, after a minute of hesitation, the figure pulls themself up from the corner, dragging their way to the bar, then sits a stool away from Dav, still staring at where he put his credit chips hungrily, waiting for the right time to strike.

Orange was flowing around the city in a black shaggy cloak from bar to bar looking for work with no aveil upon coming to The Sand Dune. Orange entered The Sand Dune an headed to the bar to enquire about work. Orange flowed up onto a barstool beside Dav. Forming a speaking apparatus, Orange said,"Hey barkeep, know anybody looking to hire?"

Dav was surprised the slime could speak. The barkeep shook his head, wordlessly going back to watching a seriel on a data tablet. Before the slime could move off, Dav slid the special in front of the slime. "Hey buddy. Have one on me. I'm looking to hire. What can you do?"

Orange looks at the man an accepts the offer of a drink. Orange responds " Well i might not look it but i can pilot a Mech, im also an expert Lingustic. Im willing to do any job for the right price. Will this be traveling work or stationary?" Orange downs the offered drink.

Dav thought a moment while nursing his drink. Finally he responded, "We are shipping out to the wastes in a few days. You're welcome to come prove yourself if you can get one of my mecha out to the space port."

Orange Responded, " Ill gladly prove what i can do. Just lead the way."

Dav and the jello began to leave the Sand Dune.

As Dav let's up to leave, the figure's eyes light up. They immediately go for the Captain's credit chips as he stands up, making a sleight of hand, then bolting towards the door, regradless if they grabbed something or not.

Orange Notices the figure and sends a overflowing arm shape of gel towards the figure, attemting to latch on their arm for a lunch break.

But the figure was quick...abnormally quick. With a slight shift, the figure dodged the pseudopod and continued to bolt for the door.

Dav, seeing some talent sprinting for the door with some of his coin, raced off in pursuit. "Orange slime, make your way to the star port and ask for the black forge barracks, tell the guys at black forge Dav sent you. They will get you settled." Dav yelled as he sprinted after the figure.

Orange replys " Very well" as he heads out toward the star port.

The theif throws themselves out of the tavern's door, standing in the middle of the crowded street, not taking a breath before hearing Dav come after him. their feet skid and panic across the ground as they twist their head left and right, before finding an alley way hidden by the unstirred sea of humanoids, immediatley charging through, the collective heat of the biomass drowning them as they frantically push through, leaving behind skid marks by their cheap, rubbery shoes, which get quickly covered by the relentless waves.

Only by virtue of his height was Dav able to keep up with and track the thief. Following the thief into the alley, Dav yelled,"Stop right there. I wish to offer you something better than a handful of credits and a hot meal."

The scoundrel only stops when he's quite a few yards away from the captain. With hesitation, he slows down, one hand kept to a buldge to the side of his waist as he turns his face back some, though still covered by the shadow of his cloak. "And what is that?" He asks, with a supressed Terran-Asian accent.

Dav stopped pursuing, his hands out where the thief could see them. Dav said,"You have talent or some skills with your hands. I'm looking for sentient life forms with skills who have been wronged in their life. I want to hire you. Give you a home. To put your skills to something good. To help you get back something I think you may have lost...or had taken away: your self respect and dignity."

There's almost the small sound of bone snapping as the thief clenches his teeth under his hood. "Kkh. And why should I trust you?" He raises his head, allowing a sliver of the wasteland's sunlight to shine on his face, revealing eyes dark as the void.

Dav replied with a wry smile, "Because I am going to let you keep the credits you took and walk away. I believe you want something better in life. After you get a good meal and a night off the street, come see me at the space port. Ask for Dav and the Black Forge. We will get you settled.

The thief raises an eyebrow. His hand at his waist relaxes a little. "...I'll dwell on that." At the sound of his abdomen protesting loudly, he turns heal, diving into the masses, escaping Dav's sight.


Alex looked around the spaceport, wondering what in the world they were doing on Atraxis IV. He had known that the group was looking for a dropship, but finding intact parts on Atraxis IV seemed like a fool's errand to him. The salvage gangs who tended to work here were always looking for the best parts and new sites were picked clean fast.

A number of large Carry-alls were parked around the star port, great VTOLs with 6 large legs and dozens of grabbing arms dangling from the underbelly. These seemed the way materials were salvaged and transported from the deep desert.

Perhaps it would be possible to follow or charter one of those VTOLs. The pilots would certainly know where some good salvge was. It was something to bring up to Dav later, to be sure.


On day two Xir decides that it wants to go to the Slum club. Xir noticed it the day before while exploring with Steven and Muk. Today Xir wanted to go in some places and actually talk with some people.

Xir walks up to Steven, Muk, Alex and Joshua, to say "I noticed a club in the run down section on the Dome city. Any of you want to join me in checking it out while Captain is out doing business?"

Steven yells really loud at Muk "HEY, MUK DO YOU WANNA COME WITH US TO THE SALVAGEYARD!!!!!!!"

Xir looks at Steven confused. "Ok. You guys go to the salvage yard maybe you guys will find some good stuff for your mecha. Alex and Jashua you want to come with me to the Slum Club?"

"I'm going to stay at the starport for now, I'd rather not take my chances in someplace called the Slum Club. The name alone makes me a bit suspicious of the kinds of people there." Alex said.

"Alex, I understand. I find to understand a people I must see them on thier low places as much as their high." Said Xir.

Joshua stopped to think if thats a good idea and come up to a conclusion and told Xir "sure it might turn out to be fun. In down to go to this slum that you're talking about". This should be fun. Joshua grabed his his knife that was easly concealed on his thigh near the back side or his body just incase things get to dicy for the group . Hoping he does have to use it for any reason.

Muk looked down at Steven from a few steps away. “Muk not deaf humie,” he answered, looking as confused as Xir. “Dis dump is Muk’s home. Slum Club is betta lads. Salvage later, black market now. And weak humie girls for yous.”

Steven quite embarrassed looks at and says "my apologies Muk', and deciding to follow Xir instead wandering what the Slum Club was, fascinated by this new world around him.

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Re: Chapter 2 Prologue: Welcome to the Jungle

Post by Bullroarer4 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:33 am

Atraxis iv
Diej Prime
The Slum Club

Xir goes with the party to the Slum Club as planned. When Xir enters the front door, it takes a detailed look around the room taking special note of the bouncers and the obvious leaders in place. Leaders always have personal guard around or close to them separate from the bouncers.

Of note is the dark and dank air, the sweat of a hundred different species piled upon the dusty, bare earth floors. Dim lighting sconces were bolted into the sandstone walls. round tables with wrought iron chairs dotted the various alcoves, perfect for private dealings and defense, if need be.

Steven trying his best to follow Xir's lead, Steven also looking around taking notice of the place around him, being reminded of scenes much like this. He held tight to his "pen" form of his sword in his pocket. Steven hopes if things got a little screwy his friends and him would have a way out.

Muk walked into the bar and took a deep whiff of the scent. He grinned and slapped Steven on the back. “We’s gonna make a man outta you, boy! Muk’s got ya back.” He said, attempting to guide Steven towards an area of the bar with several scantily clad women of various species.

Joshua looks around and slowly walks past Xir saying "I’m going to get a drink so I’m not standing out like a sore thumb with this crowd". Before leaving the bar, he senses Steven a bit tenser than normal in this atmosphere and tells Steven to loosen up "people here can tell if your tense. Steven, my friend, loosen up a little but keep your head on a swivel". Then turn back to Xir "hopefully this doesn't go south ". "You boys don’t cause to much trouble" he says back to the group as he departs for the entertainment and the boozes.

Nodding at Joshua, Xir then going to the bar as well and asks for some sugar water in a pitcher. Xir kept an eye on the crowd, sitting its hind legs on the floor. There were performers on the laughingly small stage, making the musicians squeeze in practically on top of each other as they performed. played.

In one of the alcoves, sat a cloaked figure. A data pad with the latest adventure/romance serial sat in front the figure along with a half-eaten meal. She was clearly waiting for someone.

Behind the latest group of mixed aliens to walk into the club, Dav walked in. Approaching the club host, Dav inquired to his latest contact here in the club. A lift of the eyebrow as a Werner slid across the bar resulted in a shrug and a glance towards the cloaked figure. Gathering a watered-down fungus ale, Dav boldly strode towards the secluded alcove. Setting his drink down across from the figure, Dav asked in an unfamiliar accent, "Mind if I join you for a moment? I have a proposition that may interest you."

Club's normally weren’t her thing, but she had heard interesting things about this place and her natural curiosity had set in to prompt her to go. Once inside, the young-looking woman had made her way to sit off by herself with just a glass of water- she liked to keep her wits about her in these places, even if she was just relaxing. The sights, sounds, and smells that surrounded her had her head spinning for a moment as she let it soak in before nearly jumping out of her skin when the mug was placed on her table. Bright green eyes looked up at him, her body relaxed for the moment as she tilted her head some, " Please and what sort of proposition Mr.?" Aiyana asked, her head tilting to the side some as she looked the man over some.

Dav spun a chair around, straddling the chair like a small horse. Taking a deep drink while glancing around the club, partially to watch his back and partially to keep an eye on the rest of his lads dispersing into the establishment. "I have heard a few rumors you may be fairly skilled in the medicinal Artes. Seemingly able to bring back the wounded without so much as a piece of technology. I have a group of...shall we say rowdy boys who may need a bit of patching up from time to time. I also need someone I can train to bring additional supplies and armaments who isn't scared easily. From what little I could find out, you may be a person who could fit that description. Interested in learning more?"

Her fingers played with her cup as he spoke, a small blushing to her cheeks as she looked down for a moment before back up at him, " Technology only gets you so far and I've never been the best with it." she said with a bit of a grin. As he continued, she took a sip of her water, unable to help but chuckle at the mention of 'rowdy boys'- it sounded like someone was needed to keep them from killing themselves or each other almost. Her eyes stayed on him as he spoke his piece, the elf biting her lip some as she thought about it, " Well, seems you found out just about enough about me and I do happen to be looking for some sort of work." she told him with a small nod, " Sure, what else is there then? You're not a group of space pirates though, looking to just sell junk around are yah?" she asked, a playful joke in her tone as she took another drink of her water.

Dav chuckled at the thought of Muk trying to sell a bit of junk he found yesterday, but responded with a bit of guffaw, "Ha Ha Ha, no. We aren't anything like a band of pirates. If anything, we are more like the superhero vigilante in your serial you were just reading a moment ago. Unfortunately, we don't have any special powers other than faith in doing what is right and occasionally bringing justice to those above or outside of the law. We do trade in dangerous work. Have I completed scared you off or are you still interested?"

Laughed at that and nodded, " Oh good, because if you were, I'd burn your hand." she said with a playful grin, but he could hear the underlying warning there. As he told her more of what he and his men id, she found it was along the lines of something that she would be willing to stick her neck into, " Hmm, nope. I'm not scared, seems I am oddly interested in your crazy justice." she said with a grin, " Seems all we have is faith in this crazy world. So, what else is there and if I must travel with you lot, well, I just need a half an hour to get my things." Aiyana said simply. She traveled light all the time, ready to go at the drop of a hat and it seems she found that hat.

"There is one thing," Dav Whispered, his tone almost imperceptible, "You will have to drive a stompy robot about and carry some additional armaments to the boys during the breaks in fighting, that shouldn’t be a problem, if we teach you to at least move from point A to B, will it? I have heard those into healing sometimes have a problem supporting military endeavors." Dav asked in all seriousness. He had resigned himself to the fact that there were few qualified pilots and any new people brought on would likely have to be taught at least the basics of mecha piloting. Gunnery was likely out of the question at this point, but his men used up so much ammo in a fight, especially Muk and his "I gots ta shoot all da dakka" mentality, that having additional stores carried was almost a necessity.

At the mention of driving a robot she nearly laughed, " You mean you- a seemingly sane man- is going to let someone who has never in their life drive one of those crazy things?" she asked but it wasn't in disbelief, it was in excitement. She had always been curious but never had a reason to be in one of those metal death traps, " You teach me how to get from one spot to the other- without killing myself in it, sure. I'll do what I can, I just hope you’re a patient teacher with those things." she said, chuckling still as she took another drink from her glass, " So, any other odd requests or do I finally get to learn your name and maybe hear about how you found me since I only just arrive to this town maybe two days ago."

"My name is Dav SteinBar." Dav said, holding his hand out in the ancient human greeting. "I am the captain of The Black Forge. My previous master has bid me go out into the universe and fight evil in his name. All who have joined me, have done so for their own reasons. But all are taken care of as family. As for how I found you, in this place, a bit of coin in the right hands can locate any with the right talents or reputation. In that, the Diej are particularly useful. Unattached persons arriving to this forsaken mudball are, shall we say, taken notice of and watched closely."

When he held his hand out, it took her a moment, but she would reach out and take his in her own small warm hand and give a squeeze and a shake. " Aiyana Aster, it’s a pleasure to meet you Dav." she told him. As he explained how he came to hear about her, her lips parted into a small O as she nodded, " Ah...yea, I have always traveled alone- least mostly these past couple years but I should have realized that I'd be taken note of." she said with a small shrug, " Well, seems I get to travel with others for a spell. Tell me, is there something already planned or not yet?" she asked curiously, still not wholly sure on the correct lingo to use but trying.

Dav smiled, his roguish hair framing his face just so. "Aiyana Aster, we do indeed have something planned. We are here to secure a home for our family before venturing out into the stars. I think you would make an excellent addition to our growing family. Do you accept, pending review of my terms of employment of course?"

Smiled at that as she leaned back in her seat, her hand moving to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her slightly pointed ear, " Well, I accept. What are the terms then and what sort of home, like a base of some sort?" she asked curiously, wondering if he meant an actual home or a base like home that she had seen.

Remembering an old vid from his training days, Dav slowly pulled out his data pad. He flicked a file to her pad contained the schematics for a large Spheroid as well as a much smaller file emblazoned with a pair of golden hammers over an ancient human anvil. "We are after one of these. This planet is the scrap yard of this region of space, especially the larger powers that would rather toss out the old rather than refurbishing old tech. Despite this being a fairly new design, there are many ancient chassis tossed here. hopefully the natives haven't further damaged any of the recent deposits to this planet and we can recover one for our use. Despite its look, it can be fitted with quite the luxury. Like the others, you will have a permanent home." Dav stood up and signaled Xir. "Let the boys have a little fun, then return to the warehouse. I shall escort our newest member and see to her safety. Shall we go, my lady?"

Xir raised its drink to confirm the captain's order then nodes in the direction of the pointy eared humanoid.

When he showed her the data pad, she looked it over, nodding some as she listened to him. The elf bit her lip some as she looked it over more before back up at him, " It looks interesting and having a home...well, I haven't had that in some time so I do like the sound of it." she said with a small smile before nodding to him, " Yes, lets. " she told him, pulling out a rather large and worn duffel bag that she carried with her from under the table. Hoisting it over her shoulder after she stood up, she smiled, ready and quite eager to start this new adventure in her life.

Xir not only watched the captain leave with the woman but also maintained attention to those in the bar that might be taking unnecessarily focused attention on Xir or anyone in the party. Xir takes note of the behavior of those in the bar. More as an observation of the culture and multitude of different races with how they interact with each other.

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