Sometimes failure happens.

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Sometimes failure happens.

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Chuan Yates sat on the bridge of the Star Traveler, looking out at space, wondering if she had made the right decision. Since her crew was squeezed from her, she found herself slipping on alcohol, getting plastered the first night, and every night since then. She was trying to figure out everything and anything she could to make this ship money, even if it cost her even more money. She planned to head to Reservoir and have the ship upgraded. Something they didn't have money for. She had her debts. Five million plus interest. That interest piled on every month. She was making the interest payments only right now, and she was still going deeper and deeper into debt.

"We need to talk Chuan. Girl to girl."

It was Zahen, followed by Daran, the only other Vekimen on the ship. Chuan turned, knowing the tone meant this wasn't going to go over well. "What is it Zahen?"

Zahen walked forward, crossing her arms. "I want to know what your plan is. You're currently so far into debt, I would have shot myself by now. You started this far into debt. What do you plan on doing?" The vekimen asked, tilting her head.

"Get this ship fixed, and start making money. Remember?" Chuan asked, placing the bottle down on a monitor.

"With what money?"

Chuan grimaced at that question, turning away from the two lizards. "What is all this huh? You trying to mutiny me? Think I'm not able to run this ship?"

"Not exactly. I'm offering to settle your debt, if you're willing to play a little ball," Zahen said smoothly. "You paid five million credits for a ship that was worth 300,000, and my debt was 500,000. When you bought the ship, I got the rest of the money. Give me back the ship and I'll clear that much of your debt. Simple as that."

Chuan looked at the floor. "Oh? And what about the rest? The interest? Gonna leave me with that?"

This time Daran stepped up. "I believe that is why I am here. I can pay off the remainder of your debts, but, like Zahen, I have a cost. I have an estate that I have left run by... Someone who is not as capable as you are, given what I know of your past. I'll pay off your debts, you serve me until you pay your debt to me. I will have a contract with finer details later, but I have no intentions of... Screwing you, as some might say," The War Priest explained.

Chuan didn't know how to respond to all of this. "You want me to be... A slave? Isn't that rock bottom?"

Daran shrugged. "In a sense, yes. Until you repay me through service I will hold your contract. The more freedoms you want, the longer you will have to serve, as freedoms cost me money. If you so desire, I can even provide you with an allowance. Alternatively, the more you are willing to do, the more your service time is reduced. It's all a matter of give and take when it comes to indentured servitude. It's a more... refined form of slavery. It's a contract. The more you offer, the less you serve for the sum. Don't meet your end of the contract, your term is extended."

Chuan laughed. "The Taianese people started as slaves. What makes you think I'll take your offer?"

Daran shrugged. "You are already a slave. A slave to debt. I understand, you even degraded yourself to sexual favours for the chance to even obtain this debt, and I am sure it will not be the last time you need to do it to even keep your head above water. Or am I mistaken?"

Chuan opened her muzzle, before turning to Zahen. "You bitch! You told him?"

Zahen shrugged. "He isn't wrong. The Ikate Keda Empire is one built off slavery. We can spot it a mile away. We are just far more open about it. Owe someone money, you are a slave to it. You were a slave to the military. Your people are slaved to work. There truly is no such thing as freedom. Just varying degrees of slavery. If anything, we are trying to respect you more by being honest with the agreement. It's your choice. You can take it or leave it."

Chuan narrowed her eyes, the looked away, biting her lip in thought. When explained like that, they weren't wrong. "Fine. I'll accept your offer, but don't expect me to be some common whore!"

Daran nodded. "Consider it done. Anything else you wish to add to the contract that will be provided, simply write on the contract. I will be sure to leave several blank pages for you to add your own terms. I will look over the contract when you have done so, and make a service period offer, with an equivalent yearly salary so you know how much I am paying you.'

Chuan sighed. "Right... Well, I'll pack my things. Can't run an estate on a ship, after all. It was fun while it lasted, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I'm more or less fucked. Either way. So, may as well take the option that uses some lube, am I right?" She chuckled grimly.

Zahen nodded. "I'll get your debts squared away then. Don't worry about it anymore. Really you took the right option. We can pay off your debts today, and you won't incur any more interest debt. You can stop making minimum payments, and start paying off what you owe right now. It's as simple as that."