Joshua has a Run in with CRAZY!

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Joshua has a Run in with CRAZY!

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It had only been a few hours since Joshua had gotten on the Star Traveller, and he had decided, to give Ava and her kids some time to get settled. Walking through the ship to get to know it, it was a little cramped, and the red lights made things dark, but he had heard that the entire crew was once all Vekimen, so given how much the girls, and Daran hated the light at times, it made sense.

Though, one thing he was not expecting, was to bump into a short woman heading around a corner. "Oh for the love of-" She started, looking up and at Joshua. She, was very noticably, a dog. A walking, talking, dog. Pure white hair that went down her back, wearing a rather smart doctors outfit, rather casually. White labcoat, red tee-shirt, and tight jeans. "Do you commonly not look where you are going?" She asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Not usually," Joshua said, looking her up and down before smiling. "Though if I would run into women like you, I think I'd make it more of a habit."

The woman smiled coyly, baring white teeth at him. "Oh, you are cute," She teased, long, fluffy tail swaying behind her. "Do you often hit on dog ladies when you first meet them? You learn so much about a person when you catch them off guard," She added, lidding her eyes a touch.

"Well, its been a while since I went to Kowloon," he replied, shrugging before he leaned against the wall, "But it was quite fun to go clubbing with the rest of the unit."

"Oh? So it is common. Perhaps a continued fetish, or maybe a desire to have unique trophies," The woman said, more to herself than him. "Regardless, my name is Kleo. I'm something of a surgeon on this ship. At least, that is the best vocation to call what I did beforehand," She smiled.

"Fetish, attraction, whatever you want to call it," Joshua said, his eyes narrowing slightly at her coyness. "Something of a surgeon? I hope you mean that you did some ethically questionable things. That'd be better than having someone doing their regency on the ship at any rate."

"Ethically questionable things. Sometimes science doesn't care about morals. They tend to get in the way," She explained, pushing up a pair of glasses. "Anyway, I think I need to continue along my way. Good talking too you, and be careful in the Cargo Hold. There is something of a... Natural Disaster running around down there," Kleo grinned, before stopping. "However, I find it strange you didn't give me your name. We are stuck on this ship together, and I would hate to have you reffer to me as doggy. People sometimes get hurt when that happens..."

"Hmm? Ohh," he said as he chuckled, "Sorry, bad habit. The name's Joshua and I refrain calling people by nicknames until I know them a little bit more. But please," he continued, putting his back against the wall and pointing his thumb back the way he had come, "Go ahead. I'm just learning the layout of the ship."

"Have fun then, Joshua. I look forward to seeing you again," Kleo said, walking past. "And, do be careful in the Cargo Hold. It's just down the hall there," She added, pointing down a hallway before vanishing.

"Will do," he said, waving good bye before looking down at the cargo hold's entrance. Hmm, natural disaster huh? he thought as he started down the hallway. With his curiosity piqued, he pulled the door open and took a few steps inside, just in time for a battered tennis ball to roll into his foot.

"Huh?" Joshua muttered, as he bent over to pick up the ball. Someone's been slobbering all over it. As he looked the ball over, he could hear the sounds of claws scrabbling along the metal deck, turning just in time to see a very large ball of fur slam into him, bringing him right to the ground.

"Ball! Ball!" A woman shouted, wrestling the man and trying to grab the ball with her teeth, growling all the while.

"Fuck," he grunted, pulling his hand away from the anthro's mouth before throwing the ball as hard as he could. "Fetch."

"Ball!" The woman shouted, rushing off him. Before she was even fully off, he heard a loud "BANG" and the woman collapsed onto him. She had just run into a metal box in her excitement. Now she wasn't moving, he could get a better look at her, and what he saw was... Unnerving. It was Kleo, or at least, it was Kleo. The only visual difference was that this one's hair was brown, rather than sheer white, and she looked a touch silly with her tongue hanging out of her muzzle, and the growing bump on her head. That and she tackled him trying to get a ball that clearly spent a LOT of time in her mouth...

"Ehh, I wouldn't say natural disaster," Joshua said, moving her limbs until he could slide out from under her. "More slobber storm," he added, looking at the bump on her head. "You okay?"

She didn't move. Then her eyes opened, and she was looking directly at him. Spitting image, were it not for the hair it would be impossible to tell the two apart. Then she was standing, smiling at him, tongue hanging out of her mouth. She tried multiple times to get it to stay in her muzzle, but it flopped out on the other side each time, until she eventually gave up. "Hi Joshua! How're you doing!" She practically shouted, before wrapping her arms around him tightly. "I missed you so much!"

"Say what?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as he patted her back. He was then pushed out to arms reach with shocking strength.

"It's been like... Four minutes! That's like, FOREVER!" The new dog woman groaned, leaning forward into him and holding onto his collar to keep herself up. "I didn't think I would ever see you again!"

"I think I met your sister?" he asked, trying to keep from getting too aroused. Crazy lady be crazy.

"Her? She's such a prude! No no, you completely just met me. Promise, yeah!" She asked, hopping up straight, arms folded infront of her. She wore a blue sweater that had a window in the chest, as well as a plaid skirt at black leggings. She wasn't wearing glasses, and the way her arms were folded certainly brought the eye to her well structured chest. "I'm Cleo!"

"Ahh, you weren't out that long," Joshua said with a chuckle. "You hit your head often?"

"Hmm? My head?" Cleo asked, touching her head then yelping. "OW! Wow, didn't think I did that!," She said, before touching it again. "OW!" The girl frowned, dropping her arms. "I hurt myself again... And now I don't know where my ball is..." She lamented, looking around. "then again, you're more interesting... So, I hear you have a thing for doggies," She almost purred, leaning forward and waving her hips back and forth. "That isn't very common in humans!"

"You were eavesdropping?" he asked with a smirk.

The eavesdropping comment made the girl look really confused. "Eavesdropping? What? No, you just told me... Like, four minutes ago. Five now, maybe six? When we met?" She asked, blinking.

Wait a minute... "Were you playing with your ball while we were talking earlier?" Joshua asked, deciding to take her at her word.

"Uh, yeah? What else would I be doing? Other than chewing on things, smelling things, cleaning myself, I would dig but all the floors are too hard... And the captain didn't like me scratching her floors..." Cleo sighed.

"Yeah, I can see that," he said, nodding as he worked through the details. "So are you a surgeon sometimes as well? In between catching balls?"

"I help my sister. She doesn't like letting me have sharp objects unsupervised..." Cleo frowned. "But it's okay, sometimes she gives me crayons!"

"Crayons are fun," Joshua agreed, before he looked down the hold. "So, want to go look for the ball?"

"You wanna help me find my ball?" Cleo asked, tilting her head. "Most people don't like playing ball with me!"

"I used to have a dog, so it brings back good memories," he said with a shrug, before he started walking down one of the alleys (made by the stacked up goods). "Pretty sure it went this way."

"Yeah?" Cleo asked, following along after Joshua, looking around. Her ears were moving around, and he could hear her sniffing at the air quickly, bending over to get closer to the ground. She was a dog you could talk too. "come out come out..." She muttered, before perking up. "Found it!" She yelled jumping into a crevice head first, getting stuck.

She was still for a moment, before she started to squirm, muffled grunting. The squirming got a little more erratic, her legs kicking uselessly, before she gave up. Muffled talking continued from behind the crates. Joshua, was stuck in the awkward position of having this brilliant view of her rear, though, thankfully, she had a pair of shorts on under her skirt.

"You got it or no?" he asked, before taking a moment to appreciate the view. More muffled yelling and a couple weak kicks was the response. "Hold your horses, Cleo," he said, walking up behind her as he put his hands on her hips. "Three, two, one," he continued, before planting his feet and pulling her free. It took some strength, but she did come free, almost cartoonishly, falling backwards onto Joshua and pulling him to the ground, sitting on him. She had the ball in her mouth, before turning her body and straddling the man.

She opened her mouth and dropped the ball on his chest, then leaned down and gave him a big, sloppery, lick across the face. "Thankee for the help Joshua!" She smiled, not moving and continuing to give him that goofy, tongue lolling look.

"Anytime," he said, snorting as he wiped his cheek with a thumb, before moving the hand back to her hip. "So, you want to do some more fetching or something else?"

"I'unno. I've got my ball back, met you, I've eaten... I haven't cleaned up today... but I kinda just wanted to relax and get rubs," She said, wiggling back and forth, smirking. "Seems like you want something though..."

"Only if you're down for it," Joshua replied, running his hand down her thigh. Pretty sure your sister would kill me if I did anything to harm you. Or worse, he thought. "Maybe we can do some of that rubbing first?"

Cleo sighed, thinking about it. "Hmm... I don't know..." She said softly, rocking her hips back and forth. "Sister always gets a little annoyed when I do stuff..." She continued, but she wasn't doing anything to stop him.

"She get distracted or something?" he asked, before throwing his hips to roll both of them over, so he was straddling her.

"She likes doing things toget-EEK!" She shouted, and if she didn't have fur all over her face he could see her blushing brightly. "Uh... Wow... Wow..." She started stammering, wrapping her legs lightly around him.

"So, belly rub or back rub?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Kind of hard to do it when I'm the one lying down."

"B-belly?" She asked hopefully, the tip of her tail flicking back and forth from under her.

"Will do," Joshua said, slowly pulling up her sweater. "So, what were you saying about doing things together?" he asked as he gently rubbed his fingertips around in small circles.

Cleo gave out a soft moan as Joshua started, relaxing into it all. She squirmed, and he could feel soft, small buds under her fur that got her to twitch when he rolled over them. "She... She says we are... the same person..." She huffed, groaning again. "Same person, so we do important things together..."

"I don't see a problem with that," he said, chuckling as he ran a finger around one of the buds. "Are these nipples? You guys went all the way, huh?"

"Not a choice," She sighed, groaning again, then letting out a soft whimper. Before the two could get any furthyer, they heared a voice from behind them. "I am going to have to ask you to stop molesting my sister," Kleo said with a mix of burning fury annoyance and arousal. "It is really hard to focus."

"Molesting?" Joshua asked, raising an eyebrow as he pulled the sweater back down and stood up. "Sorry, thought it was consensual. My bad."

"Yeah, when I'm sitting in the office and suddenly I'm swimming, and no one has asked me how I feel about it, I would say... Nah, wasn't entirely consentual," Kleo muttered. "I see you met Cleo."

"Yep," he replied. "Sorry, your sister was just explaining how you don't like her doing stuff without you, which makes sense now that I'm actually thinking about it." Reaching a hand out to the woman on the floor, he asked, "Need help up?"

Cleo took the hand, looking dejected and robbed. "Thanks..." She mumbled, kicking at the ground a little. "Way to be a party pooper Sister..." Cleo mumbled, which in turn made Kleo roll her eyes.

"You have literally no self control. He could have literally just bent you over and you would have done nothing to stop him. I think I should have a say in the matter don't you?" Kleo snapped, crossing her arms.

"I'll make sure to have both of your consent before I do anything in the future," Joshua said, with a sheepish grin and a shrug. "Sorry for the distraction."

Cleo sighed. "Well, I enjoyed it... Miss stick in the mud always has to ruin my fun..." She grumbled, crossing her arms.

"If you weren't an idiot, I wouldn't have too," Kleo groaned, covering her face. "She always does this. She leads a guy on, and tries to get as far as she can before I show up to physically stop her. Apologize already!"

Cleo turned to Joshua, and gave a slight bow. "Sorry for doing that too you..." She sighed, deflating even more.

"It's okay on my end," he said with a laugh. "You should really listen to your sister though. Sounds like she's had to do this a lot."

"More often than I would like, and failed far mroe times than I want to admit..." Kleo grumbled.

"Not my fault you're no fun! Why can't you just let me be myself!" Cleo shouted, tearing up visibly. Shocking, Kleo lso started tearing up at the same time.

"Because whatever happens to you, happens to me! God damnit Cleo look! You start crying and so do I! Jesus!" She yelled, wiping her eyes. "I'm not even sad!"

"I'll just go ahead and leave," Joshua said, taking a step back. "Unless you guys want me around or something."

"Get out!" The two said in Unison, their voices blending perfectly as they both pointed at a door, their eyes remaining locked onto each other.

"Bye," he said, waving slowly as he backed out of the room and closed the door behind him. No way I'm turning my back to them, he thought, shivering as he resumed his walk through the ship.