Y-Haul OOC

I haul, You haul, We all haul for fuck’s sake! Come one, come all, see the show, step right up and see how players and characters can drive a plot, into the ground. This Cargo Ship plot is focused on the player's character's interaction, with mild GM direction.
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Y-Haul OOC

Post by Kim »

Any OOC comments, questions, etc go here.
I also write webcomics~
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OOC greetings

Post by DaVinx »

" Kili! Ka Fioz'ari taghen kiv? "

I shall introduce my first, brand-new character named Femsae As Laris, to this plot.
This will be my first time partaking in a story arc and I might be a little rusty, haven't done anything of such in a long time.
Thank you for having me!

https://shattered-universe.com/doku.php ... e_as_laris
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