[Input Requested] Shattered Universe Visual Novel

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[Input Requested] Shattered Universe Visual Novel

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Development is underway for a Shattered Universe Visual Novel/ Dating Sim type of game! This will be set in a new area of Piyapon in a Kowloon Free Company fighting against a mercenary band sponsored by a corporation trying to seize control of the province. I would like some input on what you guys would like to see.

1) Option for a male or female main character?
2) Main Character with established artwork?
3) Male and Female romance options?
4) A card or dice game combat mechanic?
5) Round about how much you would be willing to pay for an all new indie game.

Please keep in mind that I am writing and coding this beast. I will be hiring Nicoy on for the game artwork, so this will take some time! As we progress, I might try to recruit voice actors but for now, this will be unvoiced and using open source sound and music effects. I will be releasing more information and give people a chance to leave their mark on the game as things progress. I will be asking more questions in our Discord's VN-Discussion channel.
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