November is National Novel Writing Month!

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November is National Novel Writing Month!

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I know that it's almost September right now but I wanted to mention this since time seems to slip away.

November is National Writing month and NANOWRIMO is a non-profit that offers a method for novelists to track their progress as they work on their novels throughout the months of October to November. It offers tracking and resources to other writers in that community. Plus, if you complete your novel, there are companies looking for novel submissions. Even if you don't complete your novel, you started!

Check out the details on

Plus being a member of this community, you have the benefit of having a bunch of people to bounce ideas off and proof-readers, critics. =) We're in the business of telling stories and some our posts are novel length (I am looking at you, Knights of Kowloon). It's free and it doesn't hurt to have a bench mark to work towards!
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