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Courtly Intrigue | Royal Duties

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:32 pm
by Khamnin
The gnomish king sat at the table. He looked like a toddler compared to this ambassador he was supposed to meet. Sent from the humans of some far off Kingdom he had never heard of before. But despite that, he was asked by the High King himself to host their new guest before the ceremonies, to learn more about him and his people.

The small leader was wearing formal attire in preparation for the upcoming ceremony between the Princess and the Seraph noble. On his almost completely bald head was a mechanized crown made of gold. It had many moving parts with a gear in the middle instead of a traditional gem that some crowns might have. What was not covered by the crown was a shocking blue hair, kept cut short and neat. His skin was very pale compared to most that the ambassador would see due to his immense time spent inside inventing and brainstorming new ideas. He stood as a lowly 3’2.

Guards stood on each side of the room. Gnomish guards of course while an announcer stood on the side of the table which towered over him. They were in a normal elvish meeting chamber due to the King’s desire to accommodate the ambassador. His chair was specially manufactured so he would sit comfortably at the table.

As the doors opened the ambassador entered, the announcer started to speak. “You stand before Zilrug, King of Gnomanity and Chancellor of the Grand Empire of Uyria.”

Zilrug simply tapped his fingers as his introduction happened. He personally did not care much for formalities, but the High Elves certainly did.

Re: Courtly Intrigue | Royal Duties

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:09 pm
by ArsenicJohn
The ambassador walked into the room. As far as humans go his height was average. He was dressed in an elegant red brass-buttoned doublet with intricate patterns embroidered into the fabric in golden thread. His pants were plain brown wool trousers with crossed laces, and his feet were covered by leather boots. On his head, he wore a brown musketeer hat with a red feather in it. He wore a leather belt with a scabbard attached to it, though the sword had been left with the guards.

His face revealed pale skin dotted with freckles. He had neck-length brown hair, a neatly trimmed van dyke style beard, and close-set blue-green eyes. His face was diamond-shaped and he had a slightly curved nose with a sloped tip.

The announcer read his name out loud. “Entering the room is Sir Robert Whitfield, Duke of Thelora, Ambassador from the Kingdom of Ovelia.”

Robert looked at the gnomish king and the others around the room. At first glance the actual size of the gnomish king was surprising. To his credit, he made no visible signs of shock at his stature. Remembering his etiquette, he bowed low to the king.

“Your Majesty,” Richard said, straightening himself up again. “It is an honor. May I approach the table?”

Re: Courtly Intrigue | Royal Duties

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:21 pm
by Khamnin
The gnomish king inspected the human. It was his first time meeting such a being, and thus far, he was unimpressed. Zilrug’s eyes were laser-locked on the ambassador. His hair was supposedly color-coordinated with his eyes, being azure in coloration.

His small, calloused hands waved the human over, “Absolutely! Approach, Sir Whitfield. Even have a seat...we do not have the luxury of time today, with the festivities and all.”

“I have plans to go into more depth with these talks, but I heard that you may need the Empire’s aid in some form? Let us start there!” The King said, his arms moving in extravagant ways as he spoke.

As the duo spoke a buzzer could be heard as neon light started to flash on the wrist of a nearby gnomish guard. The King gave a quick glance but continued his conversation as the guard exited the room.