[Interest Check] Aegri Somnia

Build onto the existing setting or add new facets to the setting here: new races, factions, technology, etc.
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[Interest Check] Aegri Somnia

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Among the cruelties of existence is the ability for the mind and body to persist, either together or seperate. One may be trapped within their body, mind wide awake as scars and decayed limbs refuse to move. Another may have a body full of health and treasured spirit, but whose mind has rotted into shattered memories and shards of momentary consciousness.

Have you witnessed a body struggle without its thoughts? Have you lain yourself bare to the horror of a mind flashing with contempt as its prison does not move?

The spread of life across the stars was a goal for any species that could turn its gaze, whether physical or mental, upwards to that open space. Even in the ancient days of primitive civilizations, they spoke of people that walked upon other worlds, of ways they could live on the moon that stared back at them. In these talks, they thought little of how far ahead they may be, or how far behind. Rarely did cautious thoughts linger on what may grow and shift beyond the fact that it may exist, rarely did they think of the extreme circumstances that may follow life's cruel direction and gaze.

Years ago, the colony ship Artemis Spirit sought the distant planet of Geherrus, utilizing a system of localized government that was to be free of outside interdiction while the colony found its feet. Early on, reports and signals reported the planet to welcome them, easy growing crops and well mannered weather to welcome the first conscious life that the planet had to offer. Unfortunately, such fortune was not to last.

A number of storms would hit the area they settled, both on the planet as well as electrical storms in space that blocked and confused signals. Days, weeks, and months would pass with nothing but static coming through, but the messages that began to pierce the veil that hid the colony were a strange mixture. Some had taken shelter in the half-dismantled ship, others were waiting out the storm in their new homes. Despite the rough weather, they seemed to be thriving.

Years would pass.

Communications continued, storms were common but none seemed as bad as the first one that split the Colony from the listening Galaxy. For a brief time, an image circulated of the planet’s moon, marveled at by scientists and common folk alike. The large, close, yet low-mass satellite was a sphere that had not yet roughed out its edges, rocky and uneven, broken apart by massive chasms that drove deep into the inky darkness of its depths. It was as if someone had driven a chisel into the satellite’s surface on multiple points, with some deep magma visible on especially dim nights.

While some believed that some primitive, simple life existed on the satellite, no evidence was ever found.

The colony would then face a period of radio silence, months where nothing could break a veil of static and confusion, brief glimpses of half spoken words and whispers, but nothing that could be made sense of. Words in panicked shouts, calm whispers, sobs and cheers, only for the veil to slowly lift, and their context to slowly spread. Hundreds of messages cried out, and few sang the same song.

”-ops! I don’t know what’s in the birds but it kills the soil, I can-”

“-ly sleep during the day, better to-”

“-ave everything under control, change in weather i-”

“-poke to me, I heard it through th-”

“-omething is in the soil. I watched it di-”

Confused officials were hesitant to respond to the seeming growth of hysteria in the distant colony. Unsure of how to respond, a team was collected. People who would investigate the colony, to see what caused the confusion, and to see where the veil of static came from.


This is a horror based plot based in themes of cosmic and psychological horror. Combat is not a high focus, and I would heavily prefer a lack of combat focused characters, as while scenes may resort to combat, it’s not the focus, and characters winning battles is not going to be based on traditional combat themes.

Please let me know if you are interested!
Not a fan of combat oriented RP.
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Re: [Interest Check] Aegri Somnia

Post by LittleWasp »

I am most definitely interested. <3 I'd be happy to bring back Gut-Stripe for this one if she is welcome, though I will have a think about what other characters I might bring along in her stead.
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Re: [Interest Check] Aegri Somnia

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I'm down.
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Re: [Interest Check] Aegri Somnia

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Yes. =)
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