Wangdiao Colony factions, government structures, and alleigances

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Wangdiao Colony factions, government structures, and alleigances

Post by Ray_Of_Meep » Fri May 03, 2019 9:59 pm

As far as I'm concerned, before the blackout, the main factions of the Wangdiao colony were the Shouwei 8th fleet and the Heise. There was a contention between the monarchy and parliament. The two major players are the prime minister and the missing prince.

What did the conflicting factions' ideologies, and who were there leaders?

How centralized (or decentralized) were the Wangdiao colonies? In general, what was the governmental structure and how did it conduct day to day operations?
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Re: Wangdiao Colony factions, government structures, and alleigances

Post by Kim » Fri May 03, 2019 11:57 pm

The government of the Wangdaio Colonies was headed by the Prime Minister who was voted by majority popular vote.

Prime Minister Ayana Morita, she led the nation and set forward the main body of laws which had to be approved by the Parliament. Since the nation was so new, there was only ever 1 Prime Minister but after 10 years, there was supposed to be a new election on a 10 year cycle.

The Crown Prince was a ceremonial role who served as a tie breaker in most votes within the parliament, with the Prime Minister having overall veto authority.

Each Star system had a seat in the Colony Parliament to be elected by popular vote of their respective colonists. This was by system rather than by planet since not all of the systems necessarily had habitable systems at the time. Within the star systems themselves, the colonists voted for a singular leader to represent them in their various clusters of population - such as each space station or each actual colony on the planet. Ideally, each system had its own democratic hierarchy. There were no particular requirements for leadership roles.

With this set-up there was a high potential for factionalization within each system. I left this open specifically to give people a chance to define this portion of the setting to the story that they wanted to tell.

The main factions of the Wangdaio colonies' military forces were the Shouwei Forces and the Heise.

The Heise were the Prince's personal forces that reported directly to the Crown Prince, Yue Ziyi. The Heise were also the Research and development division; and the Intelligence Branch of the Showuei Forces.

The overall structure of the Wangdaio Colonies military forces from the top:

Prime Minister Ayana Morita - Oversees and gives final approval of force structure and strategic operational planning.

Crown Prince Yue Ziyi - Manages all of the self-defense concerns, strategic operational policies for the Colonies.

Shouwei Forces Commander Rowan Paine - In charge of overall Showei Fleet Operations. reports directly to Crown Prince.
Admiral ??? (Identity Unconfirmed) - In charge of overall Heise Fleet Operations, reports directly to Crown Prince.

The Individual Fleet Admirals report to Admiral Rowan Paine. Due to distance between systems, all of the individual fleets developed their own cultures and traditions based on the attitudes of the system colonies that they were responsible for. There were 33 ships in each fleet. For size of responsibility for forces, it is listed on the Shouwei Rank Page.
  • 1st Fleet - Kowloon System- Damian Castillo
  • 2nd Fleet Kotoku System - Tammy Grue
  • 3rd Fleet Topia - Samuel Andreas
  • 4th Fleet Nepe - Ember Connelly
  • 5th Fleet Romana - Honey Dallas
  • 6th Fleet Saint-Yves - Marianne Chaucer
  • 7th Fleet Leloup - Jeanne Chastel
  • 8th Fleet Alarie - Teresa St. John
  • 9th Fleet Logistics Station 13 - Alexander Bashir - This was a logistics fleet so it was not beholden to a particular star system.
  • 10th Fleet Ehrenzeller- Dante Paradis
  • 11th Fleet Gavreau- Aife Morrigan
Within the fleets after the Admirals responsibility went down the chain of command with the Vice Admiral reporting to the Admiral.

All of the Ship Captains reported to the Fleet Vice Admiral.

The Ship's XO reported to the Ship's Captain.

Only the Topia system colonists were evacuated by Alliance, Tai Pan and Shouwei Forces.

Nepe was evacuated in bits and pieces by the 4th Fleet due to limited resources and some colonists from other systems did manage to limp to Topia for evacuation. Topia was the system farthest North of the Southern cluster (and bulk) of the Wangdaio Colonies.

I would imagine that after the Jamming Array was taken down, those that were left behind would be mighty bitter and had formed their own independent states. These individual colony systems might be seeking re-unification of the Wangdaio Colonies under Yue Ziyi or Ayana Morita. If they could find them. OR they could be content to be on their own as their own Nation under civilian leaders or if their Fleet Admiral did awesome things, they might want their Admiral to be their leader. Or a war hero, etc. There are a lot of possibilities depending on what you want to do.

Let me know if this was enough or if you need more info!
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Re: Wangdiao Colony factions, government structures, and alleigances

Post by Jimmy » Mon May 20, 2019 11:18 pm

Just for completeness and to shill my own product: ... n_freehold The Sheffeldan Freehold is a remnant from the Wangdiao Colonies from the ugly planet in the St Ives system. They're just a minor nation that'll probably never appear on the star map, but whose citizens are designed to turn up in other peoples plots with stompy robots and shit.

The political situation in Sheffeld is not a democracy, ruled by barons, dukes, and a Lord of the Realm. Current head of state Kate Monroe, ironically called "Queen of New Hull" due to her incumbent position since the fall of Wangdiao.

Sheffeldan warriors are currently wandering around in odd places trying to make a payday to avoid tax penalties in Sheffeld so if you need one just drop me a line on discord. As far as relations with other wangdiao colonies, my policy is case by case as they emerge/are created. If you want to talk about their interaction with Alarie feel free to chitchat sometime.
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